Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Whole New Blog

OK, so now I run TWO blogs...identical and in parallel. I'll cross link them as well.

My thanks to Ataraxia of http://www.rubberist.net for suggesting this.

I am most happy to be blogging here as well as the International Rubberist Association. At Sir's suggestion (sure...SUGGESTION) I will, for the time being, keep both blogs running with identical postings because the this BlogSpot Blog has a wider, non-membership, audience which make for interesting comments.

There was a comment within the 'All Rubber All the Time' thread on IAR about 24/7 versus 23/7 as a lifestyle choice.

I agree that 23/7 is as 'real' as 24/7 and I remind everyone that I am changing 'skin suits' as I call them, everyday. So, my suit that is removed when I bathe is not the one I put on afterwards...I put on a nice clean one that has had plenty of time to dry and has been siliconed internally as well.

I am also, in order to maintain the concept of all rubber all the time, bathing in a tub lined with a latex sheet. And, if you review the earlier description sof our protocol, you'll see that, since Jan 1, I have not come into contact with anything other than rubber, water, and some lotion. We've even moved to blow drying me instead of using a towel...that has been 'mostly' successful.

Also, recall that our protocol is designed to make it so that I never see myself without a mediating layer of latex between me and the world. I am not allowed to see when I am bathed (hooded) and I am not allowed to use a mirror when I wash my face, brush my teeth, etc.

This isn't perfect...my skin suit hoods have large eye openings and I DO see some of my skin around the eyes and mouth...but you get the picture. BTW, try brushing your teeth in a transparent latex hood for some REAL humiliation

With respect to the idea of this life locking me away, let me say that I have not felt any significant reduction in my outdoor lifestyle. It is not circumscribed in any noticeable way. The only unusual thing (at first) was that I was in the burqa which I had worn outside before over 'normal' rubber clothing. I used to just be out showing my face over rubber clothing and even boots and gloves. Now, I don't do that...not such a big difference after the first few times.

The first few times, there was a frisson of fear that someone would uncover me and see that i wsa hooded and gagged...I was never concerned about them seeing that I was dressed in a latex dress...I've worn those for years in public.

But now, I don't even think about being 'un-burqa'd'. No one dares to approach that close anyway and I've receved nothing but respect from officials and other people. remember, I've already flown twice in this modus.

So, thanks for the welcome and I think I will post this into my blog too.


Dark said...

I know this sounds weird... but... have you contemplated that your wearing a burqa..."extreme" islamic dress... may invite "surveillance" SIMPLY because you appear as an Islamic female. In this day an age it seems almost all moslems are under suspicion.. and even women after the Russian hijack/bombings.

Of course, this may end up as nothing... But one day an FBI agent or some other "authority" might approach you and demand ID and so on. That would be "embarrassing" if nothing else.

Latex Lady said...

This was a concern at first. But Sir has done some research and we are assured that muslim appearing women (ie, dressind in burqas) are NOT being surveiled, singled out, profiled, or otherwise observed any more than any other woman is.

Frankly, right now, after the russian bombing, yes, women in loose clothing are being double screened, but that has nothing to do with the perception they are muslim...sir says he has seen women dressed in long loose dresses who were not obviously muslim or any other denomination or ethnic group being double screened.

Were a police officer or other authority to come up to me and demand to see an ID, I would, after trying to communicate the fact that I cannot speak in public, ultimately remove the burqa, and, if required, remove the gag and the hood to show my face.

As I said, this is a fun experiment, not a political statement.

However, the desire on the part of our officials to appear egalitarian actually works for me. To demand that a woman do something which they no wunderstand to be against that woman's religion, is anathema to our officials. The fact that, in my case, it would not be, doesn't matter...without very extenuating circumstances, they would not ask.

Indeed, I had to go to the airport this evening to pick up Sir. i did so in my burqa, hooded and gagged underneath (also wearing a nice white latex dress and a corset, skin suit, and rubber knee boots, and was not stopped nor accosted as I waited near the arrivals point on the outside of security.

I'll write more about this in a new post, but I'm tired now and haven't been with Sir for 10 days...I'm off to bed.


Dark said...

Lady since you are cross blogging... ie both here and IAR... do you have a preference as to where the comments should be posted?

Latex Lady said...

I think you can post comments in either blog. I think the IAR members would appreciate them there most, though.

Perhaps if they are likely to be of more interest to casual non-rubberist browsers, you might want to put them here in the blogspot blog, but for things pertinent to our rubberist existences, I think the IAR would make the most sense.