Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Parental Visit

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

Actually, I knew when it was going to happen, just not how we would handle it. This past weekend my parents came to visit. This means that I had to let them see me for the first time in all-over latex.

Now, for those of you who haven't seen my Rubberist.Net posts before, I have worn latex dresses and 'street wear' for years in public. My parents have seen me in loose rubber dresses, long rubber coats, tight rubber skirts...however I wanted to dress. And while they think Sir and I are weird, they have accepted it and moved on with no great problems.

I told my sister about our experiment in total enclosure 24/7 a few weeks ago. She is not a rubberist by any stretch of the imagination (sorry), but loving and certainly understands about the existence of fetish and alternative lifestyles. She didn't see any serious issues (yes, I had all the usual health warnings).

But, to meet Mom and Dad at the airport in a ruber burqa and then to be hooded and gloved the entire time they were here was going to be tricky. We debated havin gthem cab to the house so I could meet them there first, or to just DO it and meet them at the airport. They are both in their 70's and Dad has had heart trouble...no desire to startle them too much.

But Sir was adamant and I agreed that, if we were in for a penny, we should be in for a pound on this experiment. I've been encased 24/7, following my protocol, for nearly 2 months now. If I broke out of it just for this, it would seem to be a lack of commitment.

When our son came in for Christmas, I was already into the full enclosure and burqa in public. he accepted it without too much difficulty. We decided that, for the parents, I would be allowed to only have the clear hood from the enclosure suit on. That is, they could see my face with only a single layer of transparent latex on it. I actually dress like this quite a lot around the house...clear suit with only a corset and dress on over it. It's comfortable and meets the requirement that I be encased 24 hours a day.

But how to meet them? Airport and burqa or at home and just hooded??? Finally, Sir decided that meeting them at the airport in the burqa would actually help defuse any tension better than springing things on them as they walked in the door. His logic was that they would be distracted with acquiring luggage and such and it would be easier.

But I am gagged in public and wouldn't be able to speak to them when we met at the airport. My mom would be most unhappy about that. My father is uncertain and quiet around his grown daughters and probably wouldn't be too upset by not being addressed, but I was worried about my mom's reaction.

We compromised. I stayed at bag claim and waited while he went and met them as they exited security. He very quickly told them that I was waiting, but that they needed to understand that I had made some changes in my lifestyle. He explained that I was veiled in the burqa and that I would not speak to them until we were in the car. He didn't mention that I would not be ABLE to speak, just that I would not speak in public.

He had let me wear a rubber balaclava hood that covered the bottom of my face, but that could be pulled down to make speech possible. Once we were back in the car, I would be allowed to do so, so that I could speak to them on the way home. We debated about me not being gagged at all under the burqa or about me waiting in the car for them, but in the end decided on this approach.

I certainly could have kept my vow of silence in public without a gag...but it's not just that. It isn't that I am silent, it is that I am silenced...I agreed to relinquish my ability to speak in public, not just to keep my mouth shut.

I know...perhaps this whole thing has become a bit obssesive to us...to me. But I WANT to comply with these rules. I feel wonderfully fulfilled when I do. To constantly break a little one here and a little one there wouldn't give me the satisfaction of knowing I was able to comply with our designs. At the same time, I was worried my parents would be offended, shocked, hurt, something...just weirded out altogether.

Well, I needn't have worried so much. Sir brought them over to where I was waiting and my mom met me with open arms. We hugged and she told me how good it was to see me and how the flight had been, and what my sister had been doing, and on and on while the menfolk acquired their luggage. My father came over and hugged me and asked, "are you ok under there?" he did look worried, but I nodded and hugged him again. It is odd, hugging someone through the burqa. The layers of latex enclose me, separate me, but I feel very close and comfortable when I hug Sir or my son or my parents.

We walked out to the car and climbed in. As soon as the door was shut, Sir nodded to me and I reached up, under my burqa, and pulled the balaclava down so I could talk. I said, "There, now we can talk" and things began to settle down. I explained that I had adopted this new public style, that I covered and was silent anytime I was out of the house.

My father didn't say much...but he did ask if I had converted to Islam. I explained that I had not, but that I really enjoyed being covered like this while I was out. We didn't even discuss the fact that the burqa (my new white one) was made of latex. It was just all about why I had chosen to veil and all. Mom wanted to know that she would be able to see me when we got home...I was going to take it off, wasn't I? I said yes, but didn't mention the hood...we'd get to that later.

We got home fairly quickly and I went inside and told them I would be back in just a minute, I had to hang up my burqa. When I came back downstairs, Sir had explained about the experiment in total enclosure and that my face would be covered, but that they could see me. I came back down and finally, they could see what I was wearing. I had on my long white rubber dress with the full skirt and long sleeves. They've seen me in this many times. The only unusual thing was that my hands and face were covered with the transparent rubber of my skin suit.

After that, we just chatted and maid prepared dinner for us. They have met maid before as well, and know that she lives with us, wears rubber maid uniforms (long English ones while they were visiting) and she was never hooded or gloved when they were with us before. She was dressed that same way for their visit, so I was the only hooded person in the house for the weekend.

My mom and I got to have a chat and I explained our new lifestyle in a lot more detail. I DID explain that it had a sexual connotation to it, that it is a D/s lifestyle choice (had to explain D/s to her). She said my sister had already given her some of it and she was OK with it as long as I was happy. She didn't and doesn't really understand the "being silenced in public" thing, but she DOES agree that veiling and being modestly covered is a good thing. I made the analogy of a nun taking a vow of silence which she could relate to. And Mom has always dressed demurely and a bit formally in public and taught me to do so as well. Even in her seventies on the plane she wore a tailored suit with a long skirt and jacket over a bow blouse. No stretch pants or sloppy jeans in our house.

Saturday, we just hung around the house. I was, again, hooded and gloved with the transparent lavender suit under a long dress in purple latex. But in the afternoon we decided we would take them out and show them a bit of Silicon Valley. That meant I had to wear the burqa again. I also explained that I would not be speaking to them in public. I said, "It's OK...just ask me yes or no questions if you need to." Once again, Sir let me wear the balaclava hood to gag myself and he let me talk in the car if I wanted. Curiously, though, I pulled the hood over my mouth when we got in and didn't say a word. I LIKE being gagged and the hood doesn't feel comfortable pulled down...it's not meant to fit like that. Sir kept up a running commentary as we drove around and I felt no need to talk at all.

We did a little shopping. Went to a bookstore and browsed and I showed my mom some books I thought she would like. We became quite adept at exchanging info even though I couldn't talk. I COULD tell the sales staff were a bit tense around a veiled woman intheir store, but i think it was because they don't like ANYONE with voluminous clothing on that could hide shoplifted items. Mom actually seemed to get comfortable with me being covered, though. She has always been adaptable...and always known she had a strange daughter on her hands :)

That evening, we went to dinner. That was another challenge as Sir explained that I no longer eat in public. They were probably more uncomfortable with me sitting in the restaurant than anywhere else. My father asked, "you can't even drink?" and I shook my head no. The wait staff didn't seem to have too much issue. Sir ordered me a meal and said that it should be put in a to-go bag. I ate later at home. I do miss being able to drink in public. I wish we could do something about that, but the only way to do that and be gagged at the same time seems to be with a through the mouth tube gag and those are never comfy for me, I tend to choke when I try to swallow anything coming through the tube.

We did all converse at dinner. I was quite impressed. They figured out ways to include me in the conversation with yes/no questions and I even wrote a couple of replies for them on napkins.

Sunday was much the same. My mom and I went out shopping together...me in my black burqa, her in a trim wool suit. I did suggest that mom could wear one of my silk burqas if she wanted to, but she declined...but felt it and looked at it and did say it was beautifully constructed. We had a few stares, but nothing unusual happened. We picked up a couple of patterns for her...she sews as well...and some fabric and some books. We shop for books a lot in my family.

In the evening we took them to see Neverland, the story of how Peter Pan came to be written. I was, by that time, completely comfortable being between Sir and Mom and even my dad seemed to largely forget that his daughter was vieled and silenced two seats down. After the movie we went home and had dinner again. I did eat in front of them at home. They were both fascinated watching me eat in transparent rubber hoods, but I explained that it just means I am more careful and take smaller bites. I had to explain about wearing two pairs of gloves and how that DOES sometimes screw up my typing skills and such.

Yesterday, we went back to the airport and saw them off. They both hugged me again and seemed resigned and content with the changes their daughter has undergone. In other words, they think we're nuts but mostly harmless. Dad was worried about my safety, looking like a muslimah in the US, but during one of our talks I explained that being covered made me feel MORE safe, not less. The last thing my father said to me was, "good luck with all this...you know we love you."

So that was the parental visit. On the way home, I sat in the back seat of the car, snuggled down in my rubber and just about wept with relief. I had been so worried about how they would take it, but they seem OK...not completley sure of what we're up to, but OK nonetheless. I had been afraid they might get angry and storm out of the house or something. But I do have a very understanding pair of parents.

Sir and maid and I had a long slow session of very kinky fun last night...let me relax and just shed the tension and stress of the last few days. Then today, things are back to normal.

Need to close now. More later.


Onij said...

Wow...everytime when I think you and sir couldnt amaze me no further, you two go 2 steps beyond. When I first started reading your diary, I too, began to wonder what kind of experience would it be if you visited your parents but didn;t expect for it to happen so soon. You are truely lucky to have loving and understanding parents. My mom would of jumped out of a window if she only knew half of my latex desires and fantasies. I also see that you are very well devoted to your lifestyle, refusing to go easy on your on your set rules and guidelines. Now thats dedication. I can;t wait until Im in the postition to liveout this latex lifestyle. How was the trip back to the U.S? Are your parents from the U.K or they live here in the U.S? Well please keep up the stellar work, try to get some pics please. Til then, your #1. Onij!!

Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the comment. I still need to write up the trip back from London, but the parental weekend seemed like it more wanted writing yesterday.


gerda said...

I feel so happy for you in your new life in latex 24/7. We have chatted before and I too spend almost all my time in latex but not in such a rigorous fashion as you.

dutchbloke2005 said...

well i indeend know now how it was settled with your parents, sorry for asking about it.

A.J. said...

First I feared your parents would be angry with you, but their reaction was just wonderful. They have my respect.

And my deepest respect to you for adhereing to your lifestyle. It would have been so easy to go unveiled and without gag, but you decided otherwise.

Wearing fully enclosing latex clothing myself from time to time I do understand how you feel inside your outfits. Hopefully you can do this for a long time ...

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