Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Writing in Rubber is Such Good Fun

I have spent the past few weeks writing and writing. It feels Sooooo Goooood!
I had several papers I wanted to work on, a  few reviews I wanted to do and, of course, the continuing adventures of my literary creation, Katherine Duane.

I am happy and amazed to say that I have written and uploaded parts 3, 4, and 5 to the Confining Clothing Yahoo group in the past few days. After so very long on the shelf, suddenly Katherine's story is just pouring out.

Actually, this is not just Katherine's story. Rather, I am working out some philosophical and political ideas which, I must confess, were concretized for me by the marriage equality movement and the advances we've seen this year.

Also, I believe Burberry's Fall/Winter 2013 prêt-à-porter collection which features several items in latex. Finally, a true institution, not known for its leading edge design or execution, upholding traditional values in apparel for over 100 years, includes rubber in its catalog.

Somehow, that prompted me to pick up my pen, metaphorically, in my little rubber fingers, and start pounding out this story that has been rattling around my brain for a few years. Of such little things are major decisions made. Not just the decision to write a fun, sexy, interesting story (I hope), but the decision to formulate in my own mind the philosophical and political implications of a society where fetish is normative.

OK, enough silly meanderings. The temperature is still well over 100 degrees outside and I am  almost completely confined to the house to stay cool. We did go out for a few very nice dinners in August and celebrated our wedding anniversary. I received a new skirt and blouse of a sort of grey-green latex and a new vacuum bed.

But mostly I have spent the previous weeks slaving over a keyboard, encased in thin, transparent latex or a simple rubber dress, stockings,  and gloves. Sir has allowed me to wear only one layer, given the heat. I truly miss those cool wet days in Ireland.
Nothing much else is going on. We are well and Sir is busy. He has traveled some and will do so again this month. I shan't be accompanying him on these trips. Not until the weather cools considerably.

I've tried to garden, but the heat is just too much, even under the constant mist. The plants, on the other hand, seem quite happy and have grown out of all proportion to the amount of care and attention I have lavished on them. There is a lesson here, perhaps.

We have been in the pool a bit, Sir allowed me to swim a bit the last few days in just a transparent skinsuit. But the water is still almost 100 degrees and not refreshing. it did feel good to 'skinny dip\ a bit, though. At one point he joined me in his black TE suit and we had all sorts of fun one evening after the sun went down.

Sir wants to acquire some hoods for us with the built in mouth look alikes so we can experience kissing and other oral delights through the intervening layer of rubber lining our cavities. They are expensive although he found some from China that are not as realistic, but much cheaper. Proabbly, we will hold off until the better ones can be had.

Also, I would like to say thank you to my Second Life friend Mai for all the work she did on my new SL House. It is wonderful and she did it around real world chaos and even illness. She is a great friend.

Those of you interested in Second Life and its fetish possibilities would do well to read Dierdre Young and Lelo  Recreant's SL Fetish Fashion Blog. Update Mon-Fri with new stores, products, and occasionally Cats! Another pair of great friends.

I also find I get a lot of my SL News now from Inara Pey's Living in a Modem World blog

So, that has been my past couple weeks. Look for my story as Katherine explores her world of Rubber Society. In the confining clothing group.
for the old style



Anonymous said...

Good to hear your writing muse has returned.

Link to one of the Burberry rubber items:

Nice but pricey!

Enen said...

And a very good story it is. It is also nice to be able to read a story in which the author can actually string a sentence together. I find myself checking daily to see if the next part has been added.

Andrew said...

The color they sell the Burberry coat in would make a great burqa color. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your inventive novel.. I spend a lot of time writing in latex, I truly understand your pleasure. I appreciate your vision of a world where latex would be downstream and where we could perfectly live our desires freely.
I think children should stay out of this until the age of making an informed choice.
I appreciate the idea of long term confinement... I practice it as often as I can do but i would like to go freely to the supermarket in gull latex gear. The society is not yet ready to accept this ! A good friend of mine has problems in wandering in a remote place in latex and gas mask and had to stop this peaceful practice. I hope that Katrine ail love her encasement and choose the most extreme treatment .
Rubberjohn1 (in FetLife)

gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

fantastic story - please continue !

I hope for more descriptions of very heavy and restricted rubber gear on Katherine.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

I don't think that people can ever live their full latex fetish in public (exept for some carnivals, I suppose). Most people are intimidated by hooded or masked strangers.


gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

thank you for the next part - this is most entertaining !

best wishes

enen said...

Thank you for part seven of Rubber Society. In my honest opinion it is one of the best stories I have read on the 'net for a very, very long time. Cannot wait to see what Katherine wears in part eight.

gummitaucher said...

I fully agreed - wonderful stuff ! Thank you !

best regards

Anonymous said...

don't know if anyone noticed - but all those faboulous "latex" items list 98-100% PVC as material..
While this must be the most soft and rubbery plastic I've ever seen, there was no rubber on the runway - no matter what the names claim.

Latex Lady said...

Thank all of you for the kind words about my novel. it is coming along nicely now after sitting on my mental shelf for a long time.

RE: the Burberry 'rubber' apparel. The previous commenter who mentioned the items are 98% PVC and 2% PU is CORRECT! I had NOT noticed this.

They are of Synthetic Rubber, not Natural Rubber made from Latex. Apparently Burberry have not felt it necessary to correct the reviews and news articles on their rubber items when they have been called latex. However, it is true that these are not made with latex...I presume it might be due to the allergenic issues Latex Rubber can pose.

Rubber is actually defined as being made from either natural latex or synthetic polymers. Latex ~Rubber is what this community typically means when we speak of 'rubber'. Thank you, Anonymous commenter.

I do not think it much alters the core of my optimism about rubber entering the public domain, however. The items are still:
- flat smooth rubbery texture
- impermeable to water and such
- semi-transparent
- very avant for Burberry

Given that, i still applaud them for using 'our' material in modern fashion apparel.

I did some more research and it appears that the rubber skirts and blouses being offered at Oscar de la Renta ARE made from Latex rubber. At least they use the term 'Latex' in referring to the material content.

Andrew's comment about the colour used for the trench coat making a good burqa is well taken. I would probably ask for the plum colour, myself, but both are very nice.


Anonymous said...


Why do you never post pictures of what you are wearing under your burka? It would be more interesting than only always your pictures in a burka.



rubbersheep said...

Having just returned to the scene after an enforced break I was catching up on lots of things and reqrganising things when I came across a hard copy of part 1 of your story. Then reading your lastest blogs I find I am so far behind so I visited Confined Clothes only to find they had cancelled for access for no activity and when I tried to set up a new access I find they want a telephone number (never used to) and that I am not prepared to do so after a long ramble I ask respectfully is there somewhere else I can go to read the latest edition of Rubber society.