Saturday, May 21, 2005

Trip to Philly and a Rainy Day in Maryland

Did a little travelling this week. Sir took me to Philadelphia on a business trip this week. Had some fun shopping and went out to dinner a couple of evenings. Then we went down to Washington and I got to see my sister again.

We followed our usual protocol for air travel, with me in an open faced hood under the burqa. we had no problems on the way out.

While in Philadelphia I went out alone (maid did not accompany us on this trip) to go shopping in the mall downtown. Nothing much happened. I bought a new teapot for my collection, had some fun looking at shoes and bought a couple of books. For this outing, after lunch in the hotel, I had gagged myself as usual. It just feels so normal now, I didn't feel right going out of the hotel without it.

Later the first evening, Sir took me out to a Japanese restaurant. I wore my red rubber kimono under the burqa. Of course, no one saw it, but Sir knew I was wearing it. We did cause a few turned heads at the restaurant, but no one seemed overly concerned. I had a very nice Shrimp Teriyaki prepared at a hibachi table.

I spent the second day mostly in the hotel. Went out sightseeing a bit as it has been a while since I have been in Philadelphia. I was approached by a couple of muslimas in the museum but we just nodded at each other and passed by. They were both wearing niqabs and before my trip was over, I saw several other women covering their faces.

We went down to Washington the next day and Sir dropped me off at my sister's house while he attended some meetings. My sister and I got to sit and chat all day. She's doing well and enjoying new duties at her job. She talked with me a bit about my new lifestyle but she is very accepting of it. I didn't keep the burqa on the whole time as she knows I cover in total latex under it. It was a little odd to put a gag on in front of her before I left, but she understands. She actually called the cab and told the driver to take me back to the hotel.

The whole day in DC was wet. It was training cats and dogs and was quite cold. I was quite happy to be in three layers of latex, I can tell you. I wore the black one over my special red dress with hood and gloves to go see my sister. She actually told me my red hood was pretty (if still a bit disturbing to her).

Later, Sir and I left for the return flight from Dulles airport which was an absolute nightmare. Or rather it would have been if I had not been covered in my burqa. Because we had to have my identity checked by a special process, the TSA moved us right on past the huge crowd.

The flight back was long but uneventful. We were in first class and I decided to gag myself in the airport before we took off. Then, I just curled up in my window seat and went to sleep pretty much. Sir declined the meal for me. I did read a little, but didn't bother with the movie.

Spent Saturday reading and resting (and having some fun sessions with Sir and maid) and have just returned this afternoon from going out for a bit of shopping and lunch. The weather here is still lovely for being covered. A bit warm in direct sunshine but the wind is up enough to keep me cool. The white burqa works best for now.



Onij said...

Sounds fun. I bet that red kimono looks great. I remember my first experience to japanese food. Some friends double dog dared me to eat some green styff called wasabi, biggest mistake ever lol. It seems like the parents and sis are really cool with ur latex venture, are you planning on visiting anymore relatives? Do you think they will all take it as cool as everyone else? Til then, take care!

Master Vidar said...

You said, "We were in first class and I decided to gag myself in the airport before we took off. Then, I just curled up in my window seat and went to sleep pretty much."

Do you sleep in a gag and if so often? Do you have problems doing so or adjusting to it for sleeping? Is this a standard ball type gag? Just curious.

Keep the blogs coming. I am taking notes for my ms. latex (evil grin)

Atropos said...

I want a latex kimono soooooo bad - I have several real kimonos, but no latex ones :(

Latex Lady said...

we have a family reunion on Sir's side of the family coming up. THAT should be fun as they are far more conservative than mine. However, our son will be there to support us.

Master Vidar
yes, I do sleep gagged, but usually only with a tight latex covering like a hood with no mouthhole or a posture collar that comes up over the chin and mouth.

I have slept with a blowup gag before, and even with a ball gag, but not well...and the ball gag is just too drooly...although I understand that's the attraction for some people :)

I prefer to think of them as TRADITIONAL and NONTRADITIONAL kimonos. I have a black leather one as well as my red rubber. I DO love the flow and feel of them.