Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a day!
Sir and I arrived at the airport for our flight to the US about 3 hours ahead of departure only to find the flight was delayed by an hour. The line of people checking in wrapped nearly all the way around the line of ticket agents booths and the wait for economy class checkin was at least 2 hours. These airlines are absolutely ridiculous about how they check people in.

Fortunately, the first class check in was much shorter and we only had to stand in line about 20 minutes. The airport was incredibly busy, but we managed to get the process out of the way fairly quickly. For international checkin I have to ask for a female checker and we retire to a private room where I raise my burqa and show her my face. I wear an open faced hood that looks very much like one of the new 'sport hijabs' that are being sold so devout girls can participate in sports at schools.

I was not alone in being veiled and having to go through these procedures, however. I saw at least a dozen niqabis and three more burqas going through the security lines with me. I was the only one in a 'rubber rain burqa', but they were there.

Today I am travelling in white which means the white burqa with its builtin hood. Usually I leave the interior hood off when I wear the white for travelling until after the security inspection, or put it on backwards and unzipped just to hold it and the burqa in place. But I am in a restless and somewhat mischievious mood today, so I decided to go ahead and wear the hood this morning, sealing my face beneath two layers of latex and my head under three.

I find I am wanting to be 'OUT' more and more with regard to my rubberization. I recognize that we can't quite go out hooded and gagged in public yet, that the burqa is still a socially necessary garment to cover the fact that I am in rubber encasement and silencing enclosure, but I do like the idea of more people knowing that I am in head to toe rubber benath my burqa. Put it down to latent exhibitionism.

I would probably still wear the burqa anyway because there is no more beautiful and useful garment to my way of thinking. It swirls dramatically, drapes mysteriously, warms me and protects me from the outer world.

Thus, when I had to lift my burqa to show my face, the security checker got a long look at my totally rubbered face, pepperpot eyes and mouthless face. Those of you who were with me on camera in yahoo chat last night will recall that face when I lifted the burqa for your viewing pleasure :)

She was astounded at first and about to get touchy about seeing my face when I reached up and unzipped the hood and slid it off showing her my naked face peering out of the smooth whiteness of my open faced hood, all hair hidden beneath rubber that covers my forehead, my ears, and my chin and neck like a nun's white rubber wimple. At that she calmed down, but asked what the hood was all about.

I explained that my husband and I believed women should be fully covered in public and this was our way. She shook her head but stamped my boarding pass as 'DOCS OK' and told me to get dressed. As she watched, I slid the excessively tight burqa hood back over my face and head, pulling it into total enclosing shape with one white gloved hand while groping for the zipper with the other. I always have trouble with that zipper and was about to ask her to pull it down for me to seal me in and gag me properly when it slipped down perfectly and I was once again properly sealed away. I let out a relieved breath which made the nostril holes flutter and took a moment to adjust the position and fit of the silencing hood properly so I could see her clearly through the pepperpot eyes. I then slowly draped the burqa over my rubbered face, watching her reaction. She was fascinated, but I have to say it was fascination in something she did not care for. Ah well, different strokes and all that.

I should describe my ensemble for travelling today. I am in a white latex dress with leg of mutton sleeves that are very tight from just above the elbow to the wrist. These are covering opera length white rubber gloves so the tightness over my arms is incredible. The skirt of this dress is ankle length and quite tight and hobbles my steps effectively. I usually wear loose dresses to travel in, but Sir has been insisting on more restriction in my dress and pencil skirts are back in. Of course, most designers are not thinking about this much 'pencil' :)

I am corseted, of course, in a matching white rubber corset and stockings which are held up under the dress by the corset suspenders. White latex knee boots with 5 inch spike heels that zip up the back complete the picture.

The dress has a high collar but is very plain and unadorned. However, there are contrasting coloured ruffles in black at the throat and wrists.

I wear a matching hood which covers the entire face and has fairly small eye cutouts and an exceedingly small mouth. I can barely speak even with just this and eating is through a straw. The hood zips down the back and the neck of the hood fits under the collar of the dress so my head appears to be floating on a wave of black ruffled rubber.

The flight was bumpy and not very comfortable, but I just sat strapped in my seat and slept andread a bit. There wwas one of the niqabis I had seen in the airport up in firstclass and I nodded at another who went back into coach as we were boarding. We veiled ladies are becoming as common as dirt! :)

We've landed and made it back through customs into the US. Our connecting flight has been cancelled, though, and we are waiting for a later one. So we have just come from a light dinner...liquid for me, and I am very tired. I'll write more later.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dinner in Dublin

Well that previous post certainly prompted some nice comments. That is what I particularly enjoy; when many of you comment and ask questions or engage me in conversation about the motivations and mechanisms of rubber life.

Recently, Sir took me out to dinner in Dublin with our Swiss friends Kermit and Anne-Marie. They had found a very nice little restaurant, not far off Henry Street that was fetish friendly. We all went out, dressed for the evening, in latex.

The men were both in black catsuits with gloves and feet and slacks and blazers over that all in lovely latex. They each wore a rubber trenchcoat as well which I just love. Trench coat styling in shiny, intimidating black rubber is gorgeous.

Anne-Marie was in a dark blue rubber evening gown over a slate grey catsuit complete with hood and gloves. The dress has the new elbow length sleeves, loose, so her gloved arms came out in the current style of long gloves into short sleeves. Her jacket over all that matched her catsuit and also had the short sleeves. Very stylish looking. I never got around to asking where it was from though.

I was in my white burqa with its hood over a white gown with a matching neck corset with hood integrated. So I actually had two hoods on under the burqa. I was in white rubber thigh boots as well and a white corset. But Sir had already told me I would be allowed to remove the burqa since I was hooded underneath and we were in a private room with close friends. This is how we usually are when K & A visit us or we them.

The maitre d' showed us to a private dining room in the back of the restaurant where we had a lovely surprise. A young girl waited, dressed totally in rubber and rubber hooded, to serve us dinner. I was amazed. She couldn't have been more than about 20, very petite, in a black and white rubber french maid's costume with full gloves, stockings, high heels, corset and hood. She stood by the wall as the maitre d' showed us the dining room and asked to take our coats and be seated. The maid came over and helped me remove my burqa, waiting as I unzipped the inner hood and extracted my slickly covered head. I had the chance to look her over carefully, particularly her hooded face, as she accepted my burqa.

Her hood was totally enclosing and smooth, with no mouth or nose openings. The eyes were mirror lenses, reflecting my own rubbered image back at me. The hood made her look totally alien, animatronic, unhuman as she held my burqa, then helped me sit. She went around the table seating the others and then hung our coats and cloaks on a rack in the corner.

She then went to Kermit and Sir and helped them put on full face hoods. Kermit's was a wonderfully fitted inflatable with ribs to force the pressure back onto his face and head but which still had an open mouth so he could eat. She zipped it down in back and then inflated it precisely. Sir and Anne-Marie and I were in more traditional hoods with open mouths and eyes. I was the only one with a restrictive neck corset built in, however.

Kermit explained. The maid is there new live in rubber maid. They arranged for her to be our waitress in the restaurant that evening and had her show up an hour early to be sure the room and our dinner was in order. We did not have to order as dinner was a fixed menu. It was also delightful. A roasted fish and light vegetables, very continental, served with a delicious slightly sweet white wine. Dessert was a chocolate gateau that was to die for.

We chatted while we ate, the maid moving around the table serving us and keeping our wineglasses filled. She was in ballet boots which made it wonderful to watch her walk and I must confess, I was aroused tremendously by her gracefulness and slick rubbered beauty.

Anne-Marie explained that her hood had no nose holes because tubes in it run from her nose to the back of her neck and she was breathing through small holes there. when I looked I could see them.

Apparently they met her in Austria at a party about a year ago and had several meetings with her and scenes and they were all so compatible that K & A decided to have her become a full time possession. She agreed and dropped out of university and moved to their house in Zurich.

They travel extensively and will be meeting us in Dallas at Christmas. She will accompany them. This all is wonderful but makes me a little sad. I miss maid. Perhaps we can arrange to meet her and her wife when we are in the US.

We had a lovely dinner and some D/s fun as well, K&A demonstrating the submissiveness of their maid (whom they called Laurel). She and I were brought together and had a lovely time submitting to our dominant friends for about an hour after dessert.

Ultimately it was time to head for our hotel. K & A had arranged a limo for the five of us, and we summoned the maitre d' and put on our coats. Laurel helped me with my burqa and reached inside it to pull my hood tightly over my head and then zip it closed, silencing me for the rest of the evening.

We passed out through the nearly empty restaurant, the men in heavy latex trench coats, Anne-Marie in her jacket, me in the burqa and the maid in a short transparent rubber coat that covered and showed her maid's uniform at the same time. All of us were still hooded.

Yes, that caused quite a lot of staring, but the late diners were merely surprised by our outlandish looks. We piled into the waiting car and headed back to the hotel. The men removed their hoods before we arrived (hooded men are much more threatening than hooded women) and we went upstairs to our respective suites. Anne-Marie kissed me lovingly through my burqa and hood before we parted and promised to see us again in Texas.

So that was our lovely dinner in Dublin. Now I am off packing to travel to the US. We will meet the three of them again soon and I am looking forward to a wonderful rubbery Christmas in our home in Dallas. Seven rubber fetishists (our son and his cute little g/f are coming too) living for a week in our home will be tremendous fun.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blogging from the Train

As I write I am actually on the train to dublin. Sir and I are going there for the day as he has a meeting and I have Christmas shopping to do. I am sitting across from a very shy young man in a suit who keeps eyeing me in my bright red rubber burqa and staring at my hands (in red rubber gloves, of course) as I type.

I must confess, I am giggling a bit under my burqa. But I am wearing a very nice gagging hood so no sound emerges.

This ability to access the web while on the train is wonderful. The signal is good and the speed is quite acceptable for text and small images. We were served a nice breakfast just after we boarded...no, I did not eat, but Sir did...i will be fed later in our hotel room.

I am looking forward to shopping. I plan to take the LUAS to DunDrum, the large covered shopping mall here.

Sitting on the train in red rubber is always fun. The huge folds of the burqa have to be wrapped around me to fit in these narrow seats as this is an old first class carriage, not the newer one with only three seats in a row. This burqa has arm slits for my hands...a fact that is not lost on the young man sittin gstaring at me furtively. I am all in red under the burqa and am a bit restrained in that my arms are secured to my body just above the elbow so i have very limited range of motion. I am also wearing a favorite neck corset (fully integrated with the hood) today which severely limits my ability to move my head. for those of you who are always interested, my knee boots are 5 inch spike heeled red rubber as well. My dress is ankle length but full skirted so i am wearing about 20 yards of ruber and it weighs about 40 pounds all told. The hood/corset is number two over a thin transparent one (part of my usual skinsuit) that fully covers my face and mouth as well...no speech for Lady today! the sleeves of the dress are very tight and end in gloves that barely fit over the clear ones of the suit...so my fingers are nearly numb as i try to type this. Abslutely wonderful feelings.

I was asked recently about how i felt in normal materials, not rubber. and I have to say that on the few occassions over the past two years when I have felt ordicnary cloth, even satin made from silk felt rough. Cotton and polyesters are terrible once your skin has become addicted to latex. Mine is very smooth and white now and almost anything touchng it is an irritant. PVC and leather are notable exceptions, but the back side of leather it too rough.

Even being without a hood or gloves as I am around the house on occassion makes me uncomfortable. I no longer even notice a hood unles it is missing and I find myself unconciously slipping one or two on during the day only to discover that I have gagged myself when it is dinnertime and I must change.

I've been wearing more ankle length tight hobble skirts lately as sir has upped the level of restraint i live in day to day. This limits my steps, but, because my heels are so high, often ballet height, i am still able to walk in very tiny steps. Someone asked about that ... small steps are easier to take when you are very close to being en pointe and thus higher heels and vamps are beter when your stride is limited to 6 inches by the hem of your skirt.

Sir is reading over my shoulder and nodding.

I twill be a lot of fun to wander DunDrum again by myself covered in red rubber. people just sort of part like the waters of the red sea to let me pass.I have to get clothes for our son and books for Sir and somehting for my sister and parents. I am thinking about a portrait.

More later

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cold and Rainy Sunday

The wind is incredible this morning. It was yesterday as well. One minute the sky is clear and the next a huge cloud bank has moved in from the bay and the rain is blasting down or blasting sideways. yesterday we went out for a while and it was fantastic! My burqa swept around me and only the fact that it was tightly attached to the bultin gag hood kept its latex viewing mesh aligned with my perforated eyeholes.

My arms were bound to my sides by the inside zips of my new suit. The zippers extend from under my armpits to the wrists on the inside of the sleeves and from the armpit down the side of my suit to below the waitline. thsi allows my arms to be zipped to my sides either to the elbow which leaves me with a little mobility or all the way to the wrist which means i can't even bend over at the waist much less move my arms. I have to stand, rigidly straight like one of the irsh dancers Sir admires. I look like a little rubber covered doll fresh from the plastics factory.

Sir had only zipped me to the elbow so I had a bit of mobility, but not much. I held the inside folds of my burqa tightly as it whipped about. The feel around my face of three layers of latex (skinsuuit, hooded dress, and burqa gagging hood) was incfredible as the wind caused it to press and then suck away from my face and body.

Latex flows so wonderfully as I walk and try to make my way against the wind. It slides over my body so sensually and the sense of the rubber protecting me and caressign me simulataneously is just fantastic.

Our trip back from the US was simple and comfortable. We passed through security and at heathrow i almost felt completely at home as I saw many veiled and niqab wearing women. I was hardly remarkable at all except that my veiling was soft shiny flowing white rubber instead of the satin and cotton around me.

I think we'll go out for a walk in the mountains today. Perfect weather for it.