Saturday, December 13, 2008

Travelling Again

Well, we are in transit to the US.
I was online on yahoo messenger a little while ago and even on camera, but saw none of my friends. Oh well, I shall be on again later perhaps.

We intend to have a lovely christmas with Sir's family and will stop and see my family on the way. We shall be gone from Ireland for about 3 weeks.

Nothing much more that we've been doing. We are hoping for some sunny weather while we are away. Sir has been very busy and will be travelling a great deal more next year. He says he will take me sometimes, but I will have to remain home many times as well. We shall plan appropriate regimens for me when he is gone, but I suspect they will be more stringent the more times he is away...and more enjoyable.

I've been in and out of Second Life a bit lately. Alisha Ultsch provided me with three burqas in red, black, and blue latex, so I have been wearing them quite a lot. she has also made several wonderful ball gowns, sleep sacks, and nun's habits, all in latex textures. These are wonderful for the elaborate look.

I have been surprised at the number of residents who are disturbed by not being able to see my eyes when I wear the burqa in second life with the veil at near full opacity. More people mention this to me in SL than ever in RL...perhaps being virtual makes them more uninhibited, but why should they care at avatar's eyes are certainly not mine either.

I have had many comments on how lovely the burqas look, how elaborate they are and how striking they are. I would love to meet other burqa'd residents, but have not done so.

Sir has promised me some new latex for Christmas and we've acwuired some very nice presents for our son and his GF. Christmas should be fun. We are looking forward to it.

Everyone have a happy holiday

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A weekend with friends

It has been quite some time since I blogged last. We have had tons of very bad weather (it is hailing and blowing a gale right now) and we have had a most historic election in my home country. Sir and I stayed up the whole night watching the results come in and were absolutely overjoyed. In celebration I got to wear a red white and blue bondage ensemble for the next couple days :-)

It was a red catsuit with bright blue hood, gloves, and boots and a white rubber corset, posture collar, and monoglove harness. The hood had a big blow up gag in it and pepperpot eyes to limit my vision.

We were saddened to hear that California passed proposition 8 defining marriage as solely heterosexual even after the State Supreme court had ruled it legal. We hope the ludicrousness of denying the full enjoyment and benefits of marriage to any people who love each other comes home to the people of California soon.

We spent this past weekend in Dublin and met our friends there. We had quite a nice dinner the other night at a very exclusive restaurant. My lovely friend Annemarie wore a dark purple rubber evening gown over a very dramatic matching catsuit with open faced hood and a bizarre high collared corset. Kermit, her husband wore a black latex pair of slacks and red shirt under a black blazer. Sir wore a similar outfit, but a full body catsuit under the pants and blazer. I was in a bright red dress over a red transparent catsuit. The dress was complemented with a corset, hood, gloves, and boots in black. the hood was full face, gagging with pepperpot eyes.

Of course I was in all that under my red burqa. We ate a nice meal and then went back to our hotel for an after dinner where Annemarie and Kermit put me through my paces in a very long scene that lasted most of the evening and into the next day. it involved severe bondage and breath control.

At one point, I found myself hogtied, in an inflatable bag with my breath being provided from Kermit's gas mask as he was being stimulated by both Annemarie and Sir simultaneously. That meant I was trying to breathe (while orgasming) on his exhalations as he became more and more excited by the two of them both pleasuring and torturing him.

The elaborate gear they brought was almost all from Studio Gum who make some of the most astounding and heavy rubber wear in the world.

None of us rose until after noon the next day and enjoyed a long sunday brunch with me on the floor beneath the table, dining on liquid nourishment provided by the three of them through a funnel hood.

We drove back home from Dublin and I was able to completely wrap up in my black burqa beneath which I was still in heavy gasmask gear and bondage. It was a wonderful weekend, the slashing and driving rain notwithstanding.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Spoke too Soon

Well, the lovely weather has gone away ... we had two days or so of sunshine followed by interminable rain. I am most definitely not typing these words while sitting on my balcony overlooking the bay. It has turned cold, rainy, and stormy. Even wrapped in multiple layers of rubber, it is miserable weather and we have been staying in our house.

We did go out a few days ago and went into town to do a bit of shopping and have dinner. we had not been out since dinner with my sister. The weather was not too bad that evening and there was a bit of life on the street. We had a nice dinner at one of the restaurants participating in the Oyster festival here. Sir even allowed me to eat oysters under my burqa. This was an interesting exercise, involving me wearing two hoods, one very tight with a small mouth opening and an outer hood with a wider mouth opening. This allowed the slippery oysters to get pulled into my mouth through a tight hole without getting a lot of juice on my masks.

Nonetheless, it was a challenge!

Not much else has been happening out here in the real world. In second life, I was visiting alisha's castle and met a new friend, Mayi. The three of us all dressed in Alisha's elaborate white nun habits (me in my white latex one of course) and went wandering around.
While at the welcome center I was IM'd by a person named Ballet who is a reader of this blog. alsiha took us to a very nice church sim and Ballet joined us, then also donned one of these 1000 prim habits and we were four identical ultea nuns. It was a wonderful sight and We have some pictures.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New friends and the return of the Sun

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post (and I had been doing so well, too). but much has happened and I wish to mention it all.

First, the sun has returned. After 90+ days of rain, everyday during the summer, essentially, The sun has returned and we've had beautiful weather here in the west since about September 16. The temperature is warmer, the wind lighter, and the sky bluer. I am sitting outside as I write this, my blue rubber burqa wrapped around me, the internal hood fitted toghtly against my face and the attached bondage body suit hugging me sensuously. The burqa is draped around my body, the chair I am in and flows over the small table.
I have a very tight blue hobble skirt on as well and black ballet ankle boots of soft rubber. corset and stockings of black and blue latex respectively, complete my undergarments over the bodysuit built into the burqa. Consequently, the burqa is unremovable without fully undressing me.

My arms in the body suit are only restrained to the elbows making typing possible (The sleeves can be zipped to my torso). My hands are, of course, gloved with a pair of matching blue gloves which extend under the sleeves of the bodysuit to my shoulders.

All of this is over a blue tinted transparent skinsuit which also has no mouth. it is, of course, gloved, footed, and fully sealed as well. And for those of you interested, I am fully cath'd and plugged as well in all appropriate orifices.

There is only a light breeze, so the burqa gently stirs and rubs sensuously against my other garments. It is only a bit distracting. The sun is shining brightly on the bay below and the tide is out just now.

I have not spoken to Sir for almost a week, being kept gagged in what he has taken to calling my Doll Mode. However, last week I was allowd to speak as we met my sister who is visiting Ireland and went out and around with her a bit. We went up to Sligo and down to Cork and I was able to chat with her almost all the time except in the mornings when Sir decided I needed to be silent during breakfast.

My sister is most understanding and accepting of our weird (as she sees it) lifestyle and even tried on my red and my black burqas. She did not have the courage to venture out with me to the local cafe, but we did sit around fully veiled for one entire day having coffee and tea and chatting about things while she learned how to live in a burqa. She and her husband traveled to KSA and Dubai last year and she learned to be veiled in the Saudi manner but not, I think, to embrace it fully. She is now, however, much more sanguine with my veiling and no longer feels at all uncomfortable about it. She even remained veiled all evening when Sir came home and we ate dinner sitting on the floor, the two of us swathed in latex burqa with our only view of the world the one as seen through our mesh. We played scrabble unusual exercise through a mesh.

Aside from that, I have been spending a lot of time in Second Life and meeting wonderful people there. Of course I have mentioned Ruri Muni and Alisha Ultsch before and I spent some wonderful time chatting and visiting with them. Sir has not been on much as he has been very busy, but SL makes for a very nice way to meet him and see him when he is travelling, particularly to the US which he did a couple of weeks ago.

A new friend, introduced to me by Ruri, is Asudem who has a latex doll fetish blog here on blogspot. Her blog is at

Asudem has a very comprehensive latex sighting in the real world blog, lots of interesting posts about doll fetish, and writes very nicely. Her blog is much more newsy than mine and is a delight to read...sort of the New York Times of latex fetish. I have, consequently, been spending some time on Doll Island in SL and finding it interesting and entertaining. it is frequented by people who enjoy being dolls, owning dolls, and who, like me, seek objectification and the reduction of my humanity to nothingness.

Many of them also like busty plastic bodies with improbably waists and the name Barbie :-)

But what I have found most interesting is the desire to be boxed, sealed, put on display, and largely kept as a collectible. The island attracts Banes and heavy fetishdolls as well and everyone is very accepting.

Yesterday I also acquired the steampunk lady avatar skin and gown. I had been looking at this for a while. Although I love the bettie paige looking avatar sir got for me, and the rubber one I got early on, there is something wonderful ablout looking so robotic and still immaculately turned out..and it goes well with my runcible steam powered horse!

Alsiha, who has been recovering from an injury in RL and I hope she is feeling better, made me an incredible pair of outfits. The first is an elaborate 500 prim (SL'ers will understand) nun's habit in black rubber. It is so extreme and floaty and billowing, it feels as though I am wearing it. In real life this outfit would probably weigh 60 or 70 pounds...what I would not give to find someone in RL who could make such a thing.

It is, of course, veiled and it is interesting the number of people I meet in SL who ask or demand that I remove the veil to see the face of my avatar beneath it. She also gave me a beautiful blue burqa (not latex) which engenders some odd reactions. I visited Mysteria island in it and was welcomed into the group, but one of the security people made a point of telling me that if anyone gave me any grief over my burqa I should report it to her. In truth the exact opposite has happened and everyone I've met has been lovely and accepting.

Alisha also gave me a venus corset in latex and it is incredible. it forces my arms into a reverse prayer position, reduces my waist far below what is possible with avatar adjustment and looks as kinky as can be. Sir likes me to wear it around the SL house, particularly when I am wearing my RL version as well. A venus corset, for those who are not familiar, forces the wearer's arms behind their back and binds them there so that she appears like the venus de Milo statue, to have no arms.

Such corsets are only, as far as we can tell, custom made and ours was made for me several years ago. it does not force the reverse prayer pose, but it does lock my arms and hands in a rubber monoglove attached to the corset in the back.

Alisha ia working on a rubber burqa for me in SL (but has been slowed by her recovery and I am in no tremendous hurry) and once it is finished, Sir says I will have to wear it often, particularly in his presence. But he has also allowed me to wear mostly any other latex outfit I like and even some non-latex ones. I've just acquired a beautiful red kimono from Milky House. It is an Oiran Kimono, not a Geisha (subtle historical differences...look it up if you want to know) and is very elaborate (and expensive by SL standards).

Finding Oiran hair for it was a day's work, but i did in the end although not as elaborate as I would like. Sir lets me wear it as long as I wear latex benath it ...I visit a teahouse in Yoshiwara sometimes for the Geisha dances.

So that is how I have been spending my time. Sir is most kind and allows me to have this outlet. When he is aroound, however, i am spending more and more of my time gagged and sealed not just in skinsuit and dresses, but benath a rubber burqa or in serious bondage or both. We have been extending my gagged time and my enclosure time more andmore to see if perhaps I could return to the 24/7 total enclosure and take it a step further this time, with breaks only twice a week and less and less contact with the outside world or even with my senses. Not sure where those experiments will lead, but if you don't hear from me for a year .....


Monday, August 04, 2008

Day at the Races and New Friends

Have had a lovely week or so. The weather has been its usual rainy with patchy sunshine. But Sir did take the opportunity for us to go out to the Galway races one day. It was quite lively and we watched several races from one of the skyboxes.

I was in a very nice red rubber kimono with red thigh high boots with 5 inch heels. I was also hooded and gagged, with a hose to a breathing bag mounted in my obi and with my arms bound tightly to my sides by a rubber harness that forms my obi, then cuffs to my upper arms keeping me restrained the whole day. The bag was my usual 10L rebreather which had to be refreshed every few minutes, but when we were walking in the crowd, Sir opened the intake and allowed me to breathe without his assistance. Once we took our seats, however, he sealed me off completely and had to refresh me whenever i began to get desperate for fresh air.

For those of you who pay attention to such things, I was of course corseted and wearing a transparent red catsuit under the kimono. And my mouth was not the only filled orifice nor did I need to worry about trips to the little red rubber girls room. I was completely sealed and inviolate.

Of course, the whole thing was hidden beneath a bright red rubber burqa and I could hardly see through the mirrored lenses of the hood and the burqa mesh. My normal limited vision and limited life.

In other news, Sir is headed for the US again soon and I will have the house to myself for several days. We've been working out a regimen of restraint and discipline for me while he's gone. I've been spending more time encased and enclosed lately, perhaps in preparation for another round of 24/7 enclosure. At the very least, I expect to be in significantly restrained breathing and movement for the week he is out.

In Second Life, I've been meeting people and making friends. Castle Alisha is run by a lovely woman (Named Alisha) who creates incredible 18th and 19th century gowns and dresses. she also makes Gorean fashions including Burqas. She is working on a latex one for my avatar, latexladyll galicia, and a proper rubber nuns habit as well. She does amazing work.

By now, I hope you've also seen my plug to the left for ruri Muni's shop in second Life as well. She has been a very good friend.

Last night I met several people, including Hurly Burleigh who makes beautiful rubber fashions. I have just about completed a total rubber wardrobe and Sir has filled our SL house with rubber furniture. It is nice to be able to be as completely closed or open in latex as I wish there. Sir has let me show a normal flesh-toned skin as long as it is the transparently rubber covered one. We are going to a live concert soon and I will be in heavy rubber restraint both in real and second life. Should be fun.

We did go to a nice BDSM party put on by the Virtual BDSM group. The people were very nice, the scenes were as well staged as possible for Second Life, but the lag time for the servers was so bad we did not stay long. I did get to kneel next to Sir's avatar in proper position for the entire event. I don't get to do that in public in real life too often.

We have been somewhat surprised at the lack of real world latex companies and design in SL. It would seem to be a perfect vehicle for companies like deMask and Simon O. to advertise their products and let people experiment a bit before they buy. The experience will never replace the reality of being wrapped in a second skin, feeling your owner slowly pull a hood over your face or having yourself brought to screaming orgasm with the last breath you can physically draw, but it does let us see what things will look like. And it prompts the use of the imagination.

Well that's all for now. I shall write again soon with news of my new discipline forth etime Sir is out of town.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Catching up And censorship in the West

Well, first, let me say this has been an interesting and exciting week. i have been exploring Second life, had the opportunity to spend a huge amount of money on clothes, and made several new friends. This blog entry is to play catch up.

I am over my cold...thank you all for your kind wishes

We went to dublin for a few days and had a nice time there. Those trips are becoming very normal to me now...3 hours on the train, bundled up in folds of latex, sealed underneath in layers of tight restraining rubber and usually typing on my laptop.

There have been several people telling me they cannot get to my photos on flickr. Blame your governments is what I have learned.

When I moved my photos from yahoo to flickr, Yahoo in their great wisdom, declared my account as a loose cannon. I do not know why since none of my pictures are pornographic or even terribly suggestive. Apparently, people in rubber, however, are not to be seen by normal human, so Flickr made the account one of restricted content in its safesearch settings. I do not know why because I would have put it on moderate. But they will not change it.

People in certain countries cannot access flickr restricted content accounts. it seems some of your governments are enforcing this. It is terriby unfortunate, but I do not know what to do about it. We may try to copy the pictures to an account for Sir and see if we start it off at a moderate level with restrictions if Flickr will leave it alone.

This all happened when yahoo made us migrate to flickr.

On other fronts, I have met a very nice lady on Second Life, named Ruri Muni. She has a store selling gestures and sounds and you can find a SLURL to her store in my sidebar. She has great taste in clothes and her avatar is a lovely elf (with curly horns). She also takes a mean picture and helped me start decorating our house.

While wandering around second life, Sir and i were at the Latexia store, a big, fully stocked latex mall run by the Latex dolls sisterhood, and a couple of other shoppers recognized my name (latexladyll galicia) as being related to this blog. So that was fun. I seem to have a bit of celebrity there...a bit daunting actually.

I've met many other people, including Alysha who runs an incredible clothing store making gorean fashions, victorian fashions and other amazing clothes. I am sending her some latex textures as she makes burqas and perhaps can make me one or several in latex. her designs are amazingly authentic and I find that even though I can dress anyway I like in SL, I miss my veiling burqa even though my avatar is not allowed to have a face (her skin is rubber at all times)

I am finding SL quite compelling and Sir is as well. He has started scripting and is experimenting with things he can do. We shall have to see where that all goes.

I look forward to seeing some of you in SL and shall post again here soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Latex Life - A Second Life

So yes, I now have a second life avatar. Sir had me create a presence out there on the second life grid. it is fascinating and very nice to be able to dress in so many cool latex outfits. I was amazed at how much is out there and how much variation there is.

My name is latexladyll galicia and Sir's is latexgentlg skytower . i suspect that you can find us just by searching for the usual first name.

It is a very different place, but much fun. sir and I are looking for a good place to build a house. We have actually talked about building the convent we have fantasized about for years but building it in second life. i must say I have not found a really authentic nun's habit in rubber yet in SL and I would love to find a rubber bburqa...perhaps someone who knows how will make one for me.

I've included a few pics of my avatar as sir has dressed me. I love the outfits from rubber kittens in red and purple and the black latex kimono i found in a japanese clothing store is great.

I am learning to use animations and all the other bits and pieces in SL and sir has already given me a collar to control me. he can now tke complete control of my avatar as well as my RL body.

Look me up in SL the next time you are there.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Cold in Rubber

I have a cold today. BLEAHH
Woke up with a sore throat and stuff nose. Sir is traveling and I am alone this weekend. Had to take care of it myself.

I was chatting earlier and, of course, everyone wanted to know if I was hooded with a cold. The answer is yes. I started the day with an open faced hood (after a LOOOONG hot bath) and slipped into a black rubber dressing gown, gloves, and the open faced hood. Took some strong medicine (which makes me sleepy) and went out to the living room and spent most of the day on the sofa with a nice hot cup of tea and the telly.

After a while my throat cleared, my nose stopped running and I felt good enough to go get a nicer, full face hood with built in gag and pull that on over my face, covering it tightly. The tight rubber against my sinuses actually felt good. The hood has very small eyes and an inflatable gag with a breathe through pipe so I could still breathe through my mouth and I could gently sip my tea.

I felt good enough to change my dressing gown for a corset and dress...a high necked victorian style dress in black rubber but with a tight hobble underskirt so it is more restrictive than the usual victorian dress with loose skirt.

I went back to my sofa and rested the rest of the day. I finally fell asleep on the sofa late in the evening, woke up about 2am and went to bed. Slept well, though and woke up with only a bit of a stuffy nose.

Today I am feeling better, but I think I will stay in my dressing gown for a while. I did put a full face hood on again today over an open faced hood, but it doesn't have a built in gag. So today I shall probably not put on a gag unless I feel well enough to go out later.

My dressing gown (or robe) is black and full length, actually dragging on the floor as it has a bit of a train. Sir had it made for me several years ago and I love it. It wraps around me and snaps closed on the side, mandarin style, as well as being belted. It is different from my peignoirs in that it is a heavier weight of latex, and designed to keep me warm, not arouse my husband...although it does :-). it has fairly loose sleeves as opposed to most of my dresses and my gloves fit under it quite easily. It makes a very nice garment to lounge in.

The weather has been nothing but rain since we returned from the US, but it has been good weather for rubberwear, that's for sure.

I put a few more photos up on the flickr account the other day, including the one above which I think is an excellent picture of me. The day was so pretty as I came down those steps from the balcony outside our bedroom to our private pool.

Well, I am tired now from my medicine and I think I'll drop off for a little nap. I shall write more later

Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Photos from Our Time in the US and a Birthday

Sir has allowed me to post a few more photos from our time spent in the US last month. They are on my flickr account

Not much happening here in Ireland. It has rained everyday since we returned, which has made for nice rubber weather. We've been out shopping a bit. Sir gave me a lovely dress and a new hood and collar for my birthday and took me out to a lovely dinner at one of the local hotel restaurants. I wore my red burqa over the new latex dress. I was allowed to eat from a small plate of food under my burqa.

The new dress is medium green rubber with ruffled cascades of rubber around the neck, bodice and hem. it is of a Victorian design with a bit of a bustle on the rear because it has two skirts, an under-skirt and an over-skirt. The underskirt is white rubber and makes the green over-skirt stand out nicely.

My hood for the evening was a heavy red hood with tubes running from my nose to a small valved casket on the back of my neck. It has an open mouth for feeding but very tiny eyeholes which meant I could see almost nothing behind the occluding mesh of my burqa. Sir led me in and sat me in a chair and ordered for me. Although I was ungagged for the evening I still had no reason to speak.

I had little bites of chocolate cake for my birthday desert. all served on a plate I brought in under my burqa so I could eat comfortably, although with almost no vision.

more later

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back in Ireland

Well, our time in the US is at an end. We headed for New York day before yesterday and came back to Ireland today after Sir completed some business in NYC

It has been very nice in Texas, but I must say, the cooler temperatures in New York were much easier to bear and the rainy weather here in Ireland is even more so.

The night before we left NYC we took in a show. I was blending in quite well since we saw Lion King and all the cast members were masked as well. :-). And in Mew York hardly anyone even noticed when I walked by.

The flight back to Ireland was uneventful, filled with families on vacation. We landed in rain, then made our way back home to the west.I have just uploaded some new pictures to my flickr account latexladyll .

These are from the house in Dallas and I hope everyone enjoys them.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Lazy Saturday Morning - I'm Blue

I am just up a while this morning. Bathed earlier and then went for a swim. it is so nice to have the pool available. The temperature is only in the 80's at the moment, so being in a full enclosure black latex catsuit, then hooded with a very tight, low profile gas mask over that is not bad at all. The red burqa then covers all of that, of course.

You didn't think I was in some revealing rubber bikini did you? :-)

I can swim in that outfit quite effectively and I love the way a gas mask feels under water. Mine is a full hood with limited vision goggle eyes and no air canisters so it still fits close to the face. The burqa is, of course, required to meet our lifestyle requirement of covering my body completely when out of doors. It drags a bit, but I am not really trying to swim laps or anything, I am just paddling around.

Rubber is an incredible material for getting wet in. it is impermeable, but of course water seeps in, crawling over my skin and making the latex slide and stick in interesting ways. Sir and I actually like to swim in loose rubber like my burqa or his cassock. the swirling flowing mass of rubber is something you can easily imagine getting lost in, drowning in, then drifting to the bottom in a beautiful lowing rubber cloak or dress, all consciousness gone, the epitome of a rubber doll.

After a while Sir joined me and we had some nice fun in the pool this morning. Then we climbed out and relaxed in the shade on the deck allowing our second skins to dry. I love getting just a little sun and a lot of warm air on me in these situations. i feel like a rubber covered lizard. i know the sun is not good for the latex, but we don't do it often and it feels so snug and warm.

Afterwards, we went back in and changed into day wear. For me this was a transparent blue skinsuit with open eyes and mouth, but with front and rear plugs of soft pliable rubber. The skinsuit is tight enough to hold them in place. Then I put on a white rubber corset, white latex stockings, white rubber gloves, and white rubber ankle boots.

Sir inserted an inflated full mouth gag and then pulled on a second hood, also white, with no mouth, pepper pot eyes, and a built in neck corset which Sir tightened for me. This holds my head up and is quite severe, particularly as a second hood, but is very comfortable if one succumbs to its discipline and sits straight and does not attempt to move the head much. The mouth presses so tightly that nothing in my mouth can move and the little balloon gag is secure but somewhat chewable too.

Then stepped into a blue, ankle length, a-line rubber skirt and a matching blue rubber blouse with high collar, a very tight bodice and long sleeves over the shoulder length latex gloves.

I went back out to the living room, all blue and white, and was just settling down to watch some telly and to enjoy being plugged in all three orifices, when the doorbell rang.

When we have visitors, I must pull a burqa on so that is all they ever see of me. It is a solid rule even if the visitors are close friends or family. Only my blue rubber burqa was hanging on a hook by the door, so I tossed it on while sir answered the door.

Well, one does not toss this blue burqa on. It is the one with a built in body suit which is supposed to be snapped between the legs and with long sleeves, gloves, and a hood attached. I had to lower my skirt, step into the body suit and pull it up, pull the hood over my head and zip it down, fit the eyes (a second layer of perforations), slide my arms into the sleeves and gloves (thankfully lubricated well), then zip the back of the body suit up to my neck and lock the two zips together (they have a folio locking tab on them), then pull the skirt back up and into place.

All done in about 3 I could go greet our guests. Who turned out to be out next door neighbors stopping in to say hi. They are used to me in my weird coverings and not speaking, and only stayed a few minutes, chatting with Sir while I knelt next to Sir in silence.

He chatted with them a few minutes and they asked me if I was OK and some other yes/no questions like was I still liking Ireland...then they left.

So here I am fully dressed to go out into the world. Sir told he to stay burqa'd, we would go out soon. I have been so now for a couple of hours and he shows no hurry to go. but we'll get out sometime. In the meantime i am typing slowly as i have three layer of perforated vision and three pairs of gloves on...thank heaven the house is cool.

So much for the morning.
more later

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shopping in the Heat

We went out shopping today. It was very hot outside and even reached 100 degrees f. Just walking from the house to the car in the heat was a bit of a trial. Particularly as I was severely encased today.

Sir had me wear my white skinsuit...all white, fully encasing with a mouthless hood and made of medium weight latex. it is thicker than my usual transparent skinsuits. Over this I wore black boots, a black corset, a pair of black shoulder length gloves, and a second hood in black with plastic lenses built-in over the eyes. Lastly I wore a very tight ankle length black pencil skirt and a very strict looking white rubber blouse with tight sleeves and very tight cuffs, particularly over the two layers of gloves.

This outfit is very striking looking, particularly as the skirt is hard to walk in and the hood is quite intimidating looking. it is a bit different from my usual looser skirted dresses and is severely restricting to my movements. The second hood is very smooth, not really anatomical, and the lenses are mirrored so my eyes cannot be seen. The smooth panel that covers the mouth section seems to remove any semblance of facial features.

I was lounging around the house this morning in this outfit, reading a book and doing some embroidery, when Sir announced we were going out to shop. He handed me my white burqa and helped me put it on over the layers of rubber I was already wearing. He very kindly pulled the hood with its pepper pot eyes tightly over my other two hoods, making it even more impossible for me to speak.

Then he draped he body of the burqa over my head and adjusted the mesh so i could see through the two layers of perforations. The lenses make things darker as they act like sunglasses and the double layer perforations give things moire patterns.

Hitting the hot outside air, fully encased as I was, was like walking through a wall of heat. But I was safely handed into the car soon enough and then we were off. The air conditioning in the car cooled me off fairly quickly and I always love the way the burqa drapes and wraps around me when I am riding. The softness of the folds of rubber flowing over me and the cool air from the vents blowing through my eye mesh always calms me and makes me feel very relaxed.

We arrived at the mall and Sir handed te car off to the valet. A very nice young man held the door open for me and offered me his hand as I stepped out of the car. he did not seem the least surprised or taken aback by the presence of a burqa'd woman stepping out of a car. He did run his fingers over the black rubber gloved hand I held out for him to receive and I saw his eyes widen a bit, but he seemed to find nothing unusual about a veiled woman.

In the mall we walked slowly around, looking at jewelry, books, clothes, and electronics as we passed from store to store. At one point, though, I walked slowly (never fast in hot weather and certainly not fast in that skirt) over to the rail and looked down onto the levels below. There I saw a woman in a white walking with her family, two other women in fancily embroidered black abayas and niqab and an older man who appeared to be her husband. one thing I could see was that they were all wearing very stylish high heeled pumps under their veils. They were walking around shopping just as we were. her burqa was flowing behind her like a cloud. he was in a white caftan as well and I assume they were visiting from the emirates or the KSA.

Later, I saw another woman in a blue burqa walking through the mall as well, with her husband. The mall we were at is a very high end mall and it is an attraction for many foreign visitors. But I have never seen two women in burqa on the same day.

No wonder the valet was comfortable with a veiled woman stepping out of a car...
We had a wonderful time shopping. I was unable to communicate with Sir, of course. And when he stopped for a coffee I had to stand behind his chair the whole time looking conspicuous...I love being put in that position...demonstrating my submission to Sir in public. Sometimes it takes the form of me kneeling while he sits, but standing while he sits and enjoys a coffee, not moving, being unable to speak, and draped in is one of the most arousing things he makes me do.

This afternoon when we returned home, Sir ordered me to remain in my burqa and fully restrictive clothing and hoods. he allowed me to login to chat with friends but I had to stay sealed. I am still sealed this way as I write. The skirt is so restrictive in its movements I can barely walk and I can hardly feel the keyboard through the layers of gloves.

What a wonderful day!

Friday, June 06, 2008

At Home in the Heat


We flew in last evening from SF to DFW to spend a few weeks here at our house. Stepping off the plane, fully covered, of course, I have a much greater appreciation for living in Ireland!

And a much greater appreciation for veiled women in hot countries. Committing and sticking to such a lifestyle of total cover is dedication indeed.

It was 95 when we stepped off the plane here. And about 80% humidity

The plane flight was uneventful, First class was not very full and Sir and I sat side by side with me by a window. I did some reading and window watching while we flew rather than my usual napping routine.

I was in white, anticipating the heat on landing somewhat. And we dispensed with my usual third layer of a transparent skinsuit as Sir was concerned the heat would be too great for me initially. It has been a while since we were here in Texas in the high summer. So I only had on two layers:

Boots - but thigh high rubber, laced up the back, with 5 inch heels
Stockings - almost completely covered by the boots but with enough of a top to attach to the corset
Corset - overbust corset laced to my usual 20 inches or so
Gloves - new pair from SF, white and opera length (to the elbow)
Dress - loose ankle length skirt, tight bodice, puffed sleeves, tight at the wrist over the gloves, high collar, with a wide rubber belt that can be used to restrain wrists to waist.
Hood - built into the white burqa, no mouthole and very very tight to prevent speech, with pepper pot eyes
All under the burqa. Seeing was a bit difficult as usual, but I am used to it.

I was not restrained until after security, but spent the whole flight with arms restrained to my waist. For reading, Sir was quite clever. I was reading a book on my computer, the text blown up to a minimum of 14 point for reading ease, with a little notebook mouse attached to my gloved finger. These mice are designed for single hand cramped space use and if that's not my situation, i do not know what is.

But when we stepped off the plane onto the jetway I was taken aback by the sudden wash of heat. Once inside the terminal it was OK and I have long since learned to walk slowly and not build up too much heat from exertion when fully encased and shrouded in heavy latex.

The driver collected our luggage and we proceeded to our waiting limo. He is Jordanian and Sir requests him when we come back to DFW because he understands the issues of a fully veiled woman traveling in this area and weather. The true blast of warm June air hit me when I stepped out of the terminal into the late afternoon sun.

But the limo was cool and we had time to relax on the drive to our house which takes about 45 minutes in the North Dallas traffic. The house AC can be controlled over the internet and Sir had already started cooling it down so it was quite comfortable when we arrived.

Today, as I write, the house is cool and I have even been out relaxing by the pool a bit (under the porch roof, in the shade). The weather is warm but there is a nice breeze and I am quite comfortable now, having begun to adapt to the warmth. The few days in the Bay area did not prepare me though. It is much much cooler in SF in June than here...indeed it was cooler than in Ireland.

Today I am in a loose blue dress and black boots, gloves, corset, and hood. When we go out I shall wear my blue burqa, I think. We do not have much planned for tonight, but may go out to a show in Dallas. later, next week, we have a dinner party planned for some friends, once the house is back in full function.

More later

Monday, June 02, 2008

In-Flight Entertainment

Flying to the US now and the flight is going well. It is 10 straight hours and Sir and I are two of only 4 people in the first class section of this plane. The other two are an elderly couple. He is tall and thin, white haired, in his 70's I should think, and dressed in a grey tweed jacket and khaki slacks. She is also thin, also white haired, still very good looking however and in a black suit with a skirt at mid-calf length and knee high black boots with good heels. she is even wearing the obligatory strand of pearls.

Sir is sitting beside me. This plane is a 1 - 2 - 1 configuration so we are in the center section. However, the seats are designed to be very private and to be sleeper seats, so I am separated from Sir by a panel between the chairs. It means that I must actually deal with the flight attendants myself rather than huddling next to the window with Sir as a buffer as I usually do.

The couple was sitting behind us also in the center section, but after takeoff, the woman moved across the aisle from me and is staring at me almost without shame. She does not even flinch when I turn to look at her through teh mesh of my burqa.

I am all in red today with a new hood sir gave me this morning just for this flight. for those of you who keep careful track of such things I am, from the ground up, wearing the following:
red knee high, lace up the back rubber boots with 5 inch stiletto heels
red rubber stockings that have a black seam up the back
a pair of red rubber double dildo panties
a red foley catheter and red collection bag attached to my left inner thigh

A red rubber corset which covers my hips and provides 8 suspenders for the stockings
The corset is an overbust, covering my breasts while forcing them together and up
There are soft rubber knobs on the inside of the breast cups to keep my nipples happy
I wear a matching neck corset that buckles to the top of the corset between my breasts and to the back of the corset down my back
Shoulder length red rubber gloves which are very slim and quite tight

Over all this is a red rubber dress with tight fitted bodice, short, stand up band collar, tight fitting waist, straight ankle length skirt, and long tight sleeves with tight cuffs covering the gloves

The new hood is also red with pepperpot eyes similar to those in my white burqa's hood
It is a zip down the back hood, medium weight, and very tight. fitting my face and shaven head perfectly
The hood has a semi-rigid sheath gag with a rubber ring fitteed behind my mouth.
It holds my mouth open continuously in a gentle 'O' shape
The sheath is double walled and filled with a jell...i suspect KY

All of this is worn beneath the red rubber burqa, freshly polished and gleaming

The new hood was not given to me until after we cleared security. Sir handed it to me and told me to replace the usual open faced hood I was wearing for the security check. I did so, as usual, in the ladies room, but I must confess that afterwards i stared at myself for some time in the mirror until another woman walked in.

My newly shaven head brought some questions from the security agent today. She required that I pull the hood back to see if my passport picture which ahs me with a bald head matched my current appearance. She asked me what the whole "getup" was about and I just told her "personal preference". She seemed mollified with that. To be honest, she is the first security agent in several months to ask me anything about my dress mode.

I discovered the interesting aspect of the new hood's sheath gag when I first put it on. with the ring behind my teeth I cannot close my mouth. However, the jell filled sheath gives me the sensation that there is always something filling my mouth and I can gently masticate it. The result for me is a very comfortable but completely filling gag. The result for Sir, when the opportunity arises, will be delightful i suspect. He has filled my other sheath gags with a variety of foams or jells before. Then, when he uses me orally the foam not only lubricates but squirts out all over him and all over my face in a pie in the face sort of way. This will most likely provide the sensation without the mess! We'll try it soon, I have no doubt.

I am sitting in my seat, belted in with the seatbelt across the burqa, and quite comfortable. I cannot eat or drink orally, of course, silenced and gagged as I am, but I have a red rubber feeding tube which I discretely inserted through my nose when I first put on the hood in the ladies room.

I have a large 60cc syringe under my burqa that Sir gave me. With that I can suck up water or tea and irrigate my stomach with it. I also used it to eat a tub of strawberry yogurt which, of course, tasted just like rubber. I even managed to communicate to the flight attendant that I wanted a second tub of yogurt which she brought me. She apologized that there was no more strawberry and asked if raspberry was OK. I nodded and then slipped it uner my burqa and proceeded to inject its contents as well. it also tasted just like rubber for some reason :) I do not know what she made of the perfectly clean, untouched spoon on my was still wrapped in the napkin I did not need.

I was impressed with the flight attendant's aplomb when dealing with my cover. She was surprised when she first saw us (Sir is in rubber too...slacks and a very tight rubber shirt all in high gloss black...yum!!), but directed us up to our seats and did not seem too surprised at my silence. Sometimes on these flights, the attendants try to ask if I need this or that and take a while to get the message that I am not going to respond vocally. but they've all had sensitivity training and quickly adjust to the presence of a silent, veiled, glossy, rubbery passenger.

This is a long flight but at least I will not have to use the lavatory. i can already feel that my collection bag is slightly fuller than it was before lunch. It is a nice rubber balloon between my thighs. And I love the feeling of being catheterized. It is so intensely objectifying and pleasurable at the same time.

I can barely see through the double mesh of pepper pot mask eye holes and burqa but whenever I look at the woman now sitting directly across from me, she is staring at me, watching intently. I drifted off to sleep a while ago and when I awoke i found her standing above me, looking down at me. Of course, she may not have noticed me transitioning from sleep to wakefulness as the burqa shows virtually nothing.

Speaking of showing nothing, we were wandering the streets of downtown here in Ireland the other day. I was in my newly repaired blue burqa and the wind was very light so it was not billowing too greatly. we waled down a side street and turned a corner and nearly ran into a couple of fully veiled niqabi.

This is a fairly rare sight where we live, and we all stopped for a moment, stunned by the sight of each other. one woman was in traditional black abaya, hijab, and niqab and the other was tall, thin, and in a beautiful blue and metallic tunic over black satin trousers forming a very modern looking Salwar Kameez. Her hijab was also blue with dangling crystals embroidered at the hem and she had wrapped it so that it covered her entire head and forehead and then draped across her nose and mouth leaving only a very narrow slit for her eyes...which were also a deep bright blue.

But even her eyes were almost impossible to see because of the crystals dangling from the hijab's hem where it crossed her forehead. The lower part, covering her nose and mouth, also dripped crystals so they seemed to float in front of her face, obscuring her from sight and reminding her not to speak.

The overall effect was of incredible beauty and sophistication. She was just lovely.
Her companion, shorter, but young looking and slender, was very traditionally invisible by comparison, but the woman in the blue and silver and crystal outfit was going to be noticed.

We nodded at each other and Sir and as we passed they turned and watched me carefully. I know because I turned and watched them. The crystals showering and sheltering the woman's face were just Sooo alluring!

More later

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Preparing for a trip to US

Well, we are off to the US again soon for about 3 weeks. We will be in San Francisco, Dallas, and New York. The time in Dallas, Sir promises, will be vacation. We will say at our house there and see many old friends. And while we are in new York, we plan

Lately, here in Ireland, the weather has been lovely and sunny if a little hot for total rubber wear. But I persevere. We've been out site seeing, shopping, and even walking along the beach.

My blue burqa has been repaired and I shall be taking it with me to the us. It will certainly be hotter there than here and I am trying to pack accordingly. However, Sir insists on a large part of my wardrobe being black, particularly evening dresses to wear after dark when in scenes with Sir or friends who are using me.

We already have one dinner party we are attending in San Francisco where I will be in severe bondage for the evening as will the other subs (3 other couples, I believe). That should be fun. And San Francisco is always cool in June. I expect my burqas will get a workout there. We hope to see some of our neighbors and friends from San Jose as well. They were quite used to seeing us and dining with us with me in full silent mode, covered by my red or white or black burqas. but they haven't seen my blue one yet. Sir also intends for us to go out to some BDSM venues in New York as well and I am looking forward to shopping on Madison avenue fully veiled and silenced in flowing white rubber...I probably won't be the only one in burqa given the folks we saw the last time we passed through NYC.

Sir has discussed a yellow or gold rubber burqa for me...I am not sure how serious he is. That would be nice as I like yellow, but never wore it in my old pre-rubbered life because I thought it made my skin look sallow. If, however, I am fully enclosed with no skin showing...well, it would be gorgeous, wouldn't it?

Not too much new on the gear or clothing front these past few weeks. Sir HAS been having me wear stricter and more stringent hoods as i wrote before. The one that is most severe is two layered with a valved breathing system attached to the nose mask. The intake tube can be connected to an aroma casket or a liquid inhalation bottle for very severe breath/aroma control.

I did get a nice black rubber skirt and blouse for mother's day from my son. It is quite severe, the skirt requiring that I be significantly corseted before I can wear it and very tight at the hem, hobbling me quite effectively. The blouse also has gloves attached inside the puff sleeves. I plan on wearing the ensemble when we meet him in SF, with a very strict hood.

We were watching Tin Man the other night and I must admit I was lusting after the very sexy clothes Askedelia was wearing, but the latex uniforms of the technicians were very seductive as well even if the men wearing them were not particularly. But I may just buy a rubber skirt and a transparent top for Sir sometime.

Sir has recently made the decision to return me to total, smooth, baldness. I am now completely shaved including eyebrows (painfully plucked, actually). i was already keeping my hair very short so that hoods were easy to wear, but now we have returned me to the state I was in in 2005.

Interestingly enough, my passport picture was taken in 2006 while I was still hairless, so now I more closely match it once again. I just wish they would have allowed me to wear at least a transparent full face hood for the picture since I consider that my 'true face' now more than that of my exposed skin, but, as you can imagine, that is considered a no-no. I did read a predictive article recently where the authors felt that we would be able to completely cover our faces in the near future, even for governmental checks, as identity will be verified through dna or retinal scan and traditional facial features will no longer be considered valid for ID.

These authors actually predict an increase in the acceptance of facial occlusion in public as a consequence of the increased surveillance by CCTV cameras. They see the rise in surveillance coupled with an increasing growth of middle-eastern style religious conservatism as leading to a greater tolerance of veiled women and even veiled men in the next two decades. Their analysis is particularly looking at the migration of far more conservative cultures into Western and Asian cultures and concludes that a new conservative attitude will emerge in the west, particularly if the economy continues to falter for a significant length of time.

For myself, I have returned more and more to the notion that I am most myself when beneath a shielding layer of lovely latex. I much prefer the look of my features constrained and smoothed, blurred or opaqued completely beneath a layer of thin, constricting, and reassuring rubber. My hands, as well, look better to me, covered in rubber. My neck surrounded by a tight corset collar and my figure controlled and enclosed in a seamless latex skin, changing my flesh with its texture into something perfectly smooth, homogeneous, and undifferentiated.

Sir agrees with me on this and is quite willing for me to return more and more to a fully latexed state. We expect that the month of June, spent in the US will allow me to explore this while we also have the opportunity to meet with friends who are sympathetic to the idea of my descending back into a rubber cocooned existence.

More later, and I promise to write more often.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quiet Spring and a Little Journey

I have not written anything here for several weeks and i thought I should post a little something.

The spring is going well here but the weather is still cool and a bit wet. We have had more dry days, however. We went back to the US for a couple of weeks in early April, though, and it was much warmer. Our house is in good condition and we spent some time there just relaxing. It was considerably warmer than here in Ireland.

My blue and white outfits saw a lot of Texas weather while we were there. We also went down to San Antonio for a couple of days to see Sir's family. Very nice and once again they were most accepting of their strange in law with her silent rubbery ways :). So the first part of April was most enjoyable.

Except that when we returned I discovered some significant damage to my blue burqa. It has a significant rip in the body suit and I do not know how it happened. Sir is investigating repair, but I suspect it is beyond help.

We went down to SW Ireland last weekend and spent some time site seeing. Sir had been down before but not I. I was in all white for the day...catsuit, dress, and burqa. We wandered around for about 12 hours seeing some hill forts, and small towns and a waterfall. It was all quite nice and I shall post some of the pictures if Sir allows it.

Sir has been experimenting with longer periods of enclosure for me, having me wear more layers during the day and for longer periods. It has been most strenuous but enjoyable particularly experimenting with heavy hoods and inflatable restriction devices.

Other than all that, I am sitting here on our back balcony, enjoying the nice Irish spring we are having, wrapped in several layers of rubber including a transparent skinsuit and an inflatable dress which barely allows me to move. The hoods are very tight and the gag I inserted into my mouth this morning is stretching my mouth as I inflated it a bit more before I started writing. My red burqa covers all and keeps me modest.

I was online a little while ago and on camera and will be again later tonight I think. But first I think I shall take a little nap lying here on my deck chair, wrapped in rubber.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Windy Hill, Whipping Latex

We went on a site seeing trip yesterday to the north and wandered around some megalithic monuments and tombs on a hill. it was quite nice, very cold and windy. We had a lovely time and I was in very heavy rubber under my blue burqa.

The wind was so strong I had to hold onto the folds quite tightly to keep from being blown off the ridge. The weather was lovely, but quite cold and I was glad of my total enclosure transparent skinsuit, second white catsuit and inflatable hood, full blue leotard with hood and gloves attached to the inside of the burqa. In addition, i was in thigh high rubber boots with 4 inch heels...thankfully, there were gravel paths around the monuments, not just wet grass. I am, however, quite good at walking in soft soil even in spikes by balancing on my toes.

While we were driving my arms were fully zipped to the side of the leotard and the inside hood was inflated to the point where I could barely tolerate it and it interfered somewhat with my breathing. When we stopped, Sir released me and deflated the hood somewhat although it was still inflated. It has a gag bladder inside it which is inflated separately that presses tightly against my mouth to silence most of my hoods do. My arms were left partially restrained to my sides, but I had some mobility.

A very nice way to drive around for about 6 hours and wander around fields and tombs and other places for about 4 hours. Not to mention a bit of shopping in Sligo as well. All in all, a nice way to spend Easter Saturday


Friday, March 14, 2008

Rubber smoke

I do not think I realized just how badly latex absorbs cigarette smoke until yesterday. Sir has taken me to Dublin for a few days and we had a very nice dinner party with friends here the other night in their gorgeous home.

But last night as we were walking back to our hotel we passed through a crowd of people hanging outside a pub, puffing away. This is always a bit of a problem for me in burqa (I was in my red one last night) because the smoke drifts up under the hem and collects for a while in the burqa itself.

Last night it was so bad (and Sir apologized later for not noticing them as we walked or he would have crossed the street) the smoke could be seen exiting through the mesh of my burqa. Fortunately for me, I was in a fully sealed hood with lenses and nose tubes leading to a 10L rebreather bag filled so I did not get much of the odor.

But when we got back to the hotel, I had to wash the stink from my burqa and my dress twice before it cleared out. There was just so much (and some of it cigar) that it had absorbed into the latex horribly. I even had to wash Sir's catsuit and slacks, it had seeped into them that quickly.

I know some of you enjoy a smoking fetish, but I must say that is absolutely NOT on my list of pleasures or kinks!!!

And yes, we did get some comments, rude ones, from the yobos in front of the pub, but Sir just took my arm through the burqa and walked us on through. we were not exposed to the smoke or the commentary for more than 15 second...but the smoke stayed with us much longer!

Fortunately, today, things smelled better as I packed. I am in my blue burqa this morning and comfortably shielded from the world (even the smokey one).


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stormy Weather

It has been very stormy here in Ireland for the past two months. Great rubber weather and sir and I have bene taking advantage of it.

There is something amazingly exciting about wandering the hills near our home in blowing rain and even sleet and hail while sheathed in multiple layers of latex. Sir had me wear a slew of layers last week while we went out.

I know many of my readers enjoy full descriptions of my attire when we have our special sessions, so please read on and I shall try to be as precise as I can.

I was put into a thin transparent full body skinsuit with a silencing hood with no mouthole that even covered my eyes with lenses, so I was completely cut off from the environment. Breathing tubes issued from the hood, permamnently attached, and these would ultimately be fed to an aroma casket that i wore slung on my back.

Before that, however, another catsuit, with hood, gloves and feet, similar to the first, was stretched over me. This suit is white and also has no mouthhole. Sir has become very adamant about me being silenced most of the time, even in and around the house. This is perfectly acceptable to me because I have found that as I grow older and more involved with my submissive nature, more comfortable with my desire for objectification and submission, I find less and less need for speech and more and more desire to exist for longer periods with a gagged mouth filled with latex plugs, dildos, or, my favorite, sheaths.

My third layer last weekend was a long, tight skirt and corset, in black, with distinct bondage and hobbling traits. The skirt is ankle length and very tight providing me with a very short stride. Sir likes me to wear it around the house as he enjoys my hobbled gate. The corset is long and covers my breasts, completing yet another layer. Sir cinched it down comfortably tight over all the rubber layers. and I pulled on another

Over all this, sir had me wear a long full skirted black rubber dress. its waist and bodice were quite tight over the layers and corset, but it fits well and felt very strange with the hobble skirt underneath acting as a restraining slip. A third hood and neck corset was fastened over this and the breathig tubes, fed through ech hood's airholes, were connected to a smalla roma casket slung from my back.

With that (and a third pair of gloves) I was ready for our little jaunt. Sir had me wear my white burqa over all this and we went out walking. The wind and rain were tremendoous and the senasations as my layers fluttered in the wind were astonishingly exciting. I wasn't cold...the heavy and too insulating for that.

The hoods severely limited my sight and of course there was no direct contact between me and the outside world, not even on my eyes. The aroma casket filtered all my air and I can honestly say that i could not smell anything of the sea or the fileds we were walking by.

We wandered along the coast for a while, saw several people who must have been startled by this vision in fluttering white latex, bits of black showing underneath as the wind whipped my rubber garments back and forth. The slithering of rubber on rubber, coupled with the immense restriction of my hobble skirt, made every step a challenge. It took us a good 10 minutes to walk even one block.
finally, we stepped into a small italian restaurant for Sir to have lunch. i sat quietly as sir ate and, yes, we did attract several stares, but no comments. of course, with three moouthless hoods and no feeding tube, i could not eat or drink, but i was quite comfortable for the time we were there.

Once we made our way back to the car, a slow walk wit me so completely hobbled, we headed home. I removed my burqa, but kept the rest of the outfit on for several hours at sir's requirment.

So that was our weekend. I hope my readers enjoyed my description as much as I did my experience.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Holidays at Home with Family and Friends

Well, we are back in Ireland now, but had a wonderful tenday at our home in Dallas.

We were joined for Christmas by our friends from Switzerland and our son and his girlfriend. We all had a nice 10 day holiday and a fine Christmas. And we had a couple of very nice outings. We went shopping at several of the malls and I was not the only one in a burqa. At the Dallas Galleria I saw four niqabis in traditional all black and one other blue burqa as well as a large number of hijabis. Hijabis are as common as can be in the DFW area with several new mosques in the suburbs.

I've mentioned before that our son's girlfriend likes to wear latex anime outfits. When they flew in she was in a rubber goth loli dress complete with latex petticoat and rubber gloves and stockings. She looked most elegant and incredibly sexy. She continued to dress like that for our whole stay and complementing Anne-Marie and myself quite nicely as we wore Victorian fashions in rubber many times.

Our friends Kermit and Anne-Marie and their new maid Laurel all showed up as well. We all spent the entire holiday in latex, we ladies in catsuits under dresses or skirts and blouses and the gentlemen in catsuits under slacks and jackets. Around the house we mostly stayed hooded and all of us were in hoods on Christmas morning when we opened packages. Laurel and I were even gagged for pressies!

Sir got me a lovely dress and two new rubber blouses but the most impressive gift from him was a new stainless steel Jennings gag which forces the mouth open. He gave one to Wei as well, our son's girlfriend. I am sure I'll get lots of use out of that. Wei looked quite beautiful with her mouth spread open during one of their scenes.

I gave him some books and a nice rubber hood I found out on the web. Our son got a new pair of rubber trousers and some noise cancelling headphones.

We have a playroom in our home, fully fitted as a domination dungeon. We had a wonderful fun scene on Christmas eve with our friends while our boy took his g/f to a movie. It lasted about three hours and I was utterly satisfied and exhausted when it was over. I had to be taken up to our room and put into a nice vacuum bed for an hour to calm down and recover. I was in a sort of convulsive fugue state, crying uncontrollably, not from fear or pain but from a quivering, never-ending wave of pleasure.

I had to service Anne-Marie orally for what seemed like forever while I was stimulated by her husband with a violet wand. I was dressed in a total enclosure black catsuit for the scene but the sparks from the wand easily penetrated the thin rubber as he played the electroes over nipples and genitals. IThe suit has anal and vaginal sheaths as well and he used one of the wands probes as an excrutiatingly pleasurable dildo on me.

That was followed by a long luxurious whipping by Sir which is always a delight. But in this case, as I was tied over a spanking bench for the whipping, I was also available for Anne-Marie to take her revenge with her rubber gloved fist in my just recently stimulated orifice. It was amazing but left me utterly out of control of myself. An hour of total encapsulation, still hooded and re-gagged but now in my vacuum bed and quivering from both physical and psychological pleasure and pain was just what I needed. By the time Ian and Wei returned I had borrowed Laurel and had her dress me in a lovely long white rubber dress and extremely tight corset. Matchng hood, gloves, and stockings were, of course, de rigeur.

We did actually have to schedule the playroom as the three groups of us had private desires and needs. But the times when we all participated in some nice D/s play, me, Laurel, and Wei in bizarre bondage and suspension or trussed up and used as living rubber furniture for an evening that were the most fun. I love being made to kneel beside Sir, hooded and gagged while he discussed business or literature with Kermit, Ian, and Anne-Marie or being made to wear my burqa all evening and bow with my head touching the floor before Anne-Marie while she used me as a footstool. Knowing that Wei was similarly engaged, licking Ian's or Kermit's boots only made me the more excited.

Throughout the pleasurable pursuits, laurel, our friends' new maid, appeared hooded, gloved, and corseted in rubber french maid's uniforms of differing colours and served as maid, housekeeper, and cook. It was wonderful. She even made turkey dinner for Christmas day. She also was available to any of us for play and I confess we all made use of her lovely body. She is a little younger than Wei and not as experienced in submission but trying very hard to be the best maid she can. Her willingness to suffer our somewhat more sophisticated attentions and to take pleasure from her ordeals was very well appreciated and she was generously rewarded by her owners.

We all went to see the new National Treasure movie at a midnight showing and wore full rubber regalia to it, including hoods and with me in burqa. We got a lot of stares, but nobody bothered us, not even the local police who were monitoring the cinema.

All such fun must ultimately come to an end, however, and we all parted company at the airport, each to fly back to thier specific destinations. We stayed in latex although the hoods came off.

We have arrived back in Ireland safely and our friends and family have made it to their respective destinations as well. So, as I write this on the first day of 2008, the new year looks to be interesting and intriguing. Sir is feeling fine after his illness of last year, I am committed to my lovely rubber life, our family is happy and our friends prosperous. All is well.