Thursday, May 01, 2014

April Showers

It is the end of April and temperatures here in North Texas have dropped again for a few days. The past week or so has been quite warm and sunny, however. The tornadic weather front passed us by and we have had little rain in the past couple weeks.

All of which made our Easter visit with friends from out of the country quite pleasant. I have written before of Kermit and Annemarie who visit from time to time. They have been living in Austria for a while now but came over for Easter and invited us to their new house here in the US near Paris, Texas, about 2 hours by car Northeast of us. We left on Good Friday morning and returned Easer Monday night giving us a very long four day weekend to spend with our friends.

Paris is a pretty little city and their new home is outside the ring road, near a lake. They have purchased a farm house on several acres of land in what are known as the Piney Woods. They are quite isolated and the house is huge, even by Texas standards, with one of the few cellars in Texas.

The upper house is two story plus a bit of a tower/widow's walk attached to the master suite. There is actually a lift extending from the tower to the cellar with stops at the master suite, the ground floor, and the cellar. The original owner was elderly and had difficulty with stairs. Add to that the house is actually on a hill overlooking its own property with a view of the nearby lake as well from the upper floor and the tower balcony. It is placed on the highest point in the surrounding area (which, in Texas means that it is at an elevation of about 600 ft (183 m) above sea level. Our house near Dallas is at the same elevation).

There are nine bedrooms, five on the ground floor and four on the second, each with an en suite bath. The master suite actually has three separate rooms in it, a bedroom, a dressing room and a waiting room or parlor, plus its own en suite.

There are two dining rooms, two living rooms a large kitchen, walk-in pantry, stair to the cellar,  and a smaller kitchen on the upper floor, and three powder baths for visitors. The place is an absolute palace of rooms.

The back garden includes a patio that runs the whole length of the house with a large rectangular swimming pool running alongside it. The rear, which faces North, not South, is lined with windows so people in the house can view the pool and swimmers easily. The house cradles the pool on two sides.

The widow's walk goes almost completely around the tower and offers stunning views of the garden and the whole property which is surrounded by old pine and oak trees. From the road the house cannot even be seen, but from the house one can see quite a ways.

Kermit and Annemarie are turning it into a fetishist's dream home. They only plan on occupying it in the Spring or Fall each year when the weather here is at its most comfortable. But they have started to think of it as a fetish B&B in the future. Since they only occupy two of the bedrooms and plan on using some of the living spaces as fetish dungeons (not to mention the cellar) the remaining 7 bedrooms could be rented out.

I say they occupy two of the bedrooms since they still have and travel with Laurel, their live in rubber maid. She was present too when we arrived although Sir and I did not see her for the first half hour of our visit. It was only when we were shown the cellar by K&A that we found Laurel. She was in a very tight, hobbling black and white maid's costume, more English than French with ankle length skirt, strict corset, long sleeved blouse with black gloves up to her elbows and a rigid neck corset and silencing hood. She was bound to a steel bondage cross in the cellar.

K&A have kept a part of the cellar, at the foot of the stairs from the kitchen, as a wine cellar with two floor to ceiling racks of wines from all over he world. But the rest of the cellar, which is essentially the same size as the ground floor, is being transformed into a dungeon specifically reflecting their dominant rubber-centric predilections for fetish play.  Very modern and crisp with lots of steel, latex, black, white and red furniture, slick tables, medical gear, mirrors, bondage poles and slings. The cellar looks like a high tech nightclub of the damned. Absolutely beautiful. Kermit secured a few medical operating room lights which he used for detailed illumination. The rest of the space was lit by indirect lighting, very brightly in some places and less so in others.

The dungeon is divided into separate play areas based around themes. The medical fetish section, the isolation section, inflation and suspension section, etc. In each these K&A have started setting up equipment, storage, displays, and accessories for their play. I knew their collection of toys was extensive and Sir and I have been to their European home which is kitted out in the same style, but we never knew they had such extensive amounts of gear, furniture and equipment.

There is a small section of the room divided away and given over to more traditional, wood, leather, and medieval decor, but 90% of the space is high tech heavy rubber. And the elevator opens right in the middle of it all. The stainless steel doors are in the center of a long wall which is, I believe, one of the outside walls. It is an hydraulic lift and hence, very slow as it rises to the top floor, the tower walkway. The cab is not overly large but enough that the four of us fit comfortably, me in my flowing burqa, Annemarie in a Victorian gown of shiny black rubber and Sir and Kermit in heavy rubber catsuits with tubes, masks, and Kermit even wearing an aroma bag on his back.

We had arrived mid-morning (Sir tortured me into getting up and being on the road early so as not to miss much time with our friends) and K&A had met us at the door already fully kitted out. She was in a gorgeous Victorian style dress of black rubber, swirling full skirt, and very tight blouse with a ruffle around her neck from which a matching black hood rose to cove her face and head. Not a single square inch of skin showed, only her eyes and lips. Kermit was in a full enclosure heavy rubber suit with his breathing equipment passing from the aroma bag to the front of his hood and a tight catsuit of black rubber covering the rest of him from head to toe. They looked stunning but we were a bit surprised as we arrived around 10 in the morning. Kermit later explained they had been dressed since 7am!

I was in two catsuits, a dress, and my burqa, as usual. The catsuits were my usual skin suit in blue tinted transparent rubber under a second suit in nightshade blue and those were under a long, hobbling dress in the same nightshade blue. Then came my metallic blue burqa. I wore black 5 inch spike heeled knee boots and was silenced by the burqa's internal hood. Sir was in his alien suit and was only missing the elaborate helmet that goes over it. Kermit helped him put that on and zip it tight to his head as soon as we arrived.

The way they have laid out the cellar the lift doors open and you are staring at a steel suspension rig directly across from you. This is the cross laurel was attached to. off to either side are the alcoves with the various styled play area, the medieval one being to the far right behind a fake or pony wall that is shiny metal on the lift side and dungeon stone on the other. This provides a nice visual continuity of ultra modern BDSM scenery only giving way to the stone look of the medieval alcove if you specifically angle toward it.

One of the alcoves is actually the staircase to the kitchen, the wine racks lining it.

The cellar temperature was cool and remained so even as the day warmed up. Annemarie took my silent burqa'd form over to the medical alcove and showed me some of the very strange and scary looking toys gleaming on a surgical tray there. One of these was, however, a fairly recognizable dildo, anther was a stainless butt plug, and some were urethral sounds. She explained that she was looking forward to using the sounds and plugs specifically on me later. unable to respond as I was still silenced, I just shivered a bit and sighed as I leaned into an embrace from her. This was going to be a fun Easter!

We were shown to our bedroom suite which was on the same floor as the master suite and had two rooms, a dressing room and a bedroom along with an en suite. The closet space in this room could have easily housed a small family. The closet in their master suite was even larger.

We were still in full latex and I was quite severely bound and gagged under my burqa as we entered our suite. Laurel had been released while we were in the cellar and resumed her duties, fetching our luggage and getting us situated. She has a small bedroom on the upper floor so she can always be available to her Master and Mistress.

Our room was already fitted with a California King bed made up with bright red latex sheets and duvet. A black rubber vacuum bed had also been set up for me, K&A knowing I often sleep in one.

The drapes in the tall windows were rubber on the inside with light blocking fabric lining the window side to protect against sun damage. Our room overlooked the pool and patio and was at right angles to the master suite.

In the dressing room there was a steel bondage rack, a set of steel manacles and spreaders, steel dildos and even a sex machine designed for dual penetration. There was a chest filled with straps, harnesses, ropes, and such and several items were laid out including bondage and breath control toys. The closet held a few outfits that were from Kermit's collection but would probably fit Sir, but most of the space was free for my wardrobe (yes, we were only there three nights, but I had been packed up with quite a wardrobe).

Several hoods, gas masks, breather bags, and other rubber toys were available, all from K&A's private collection but shared with us.

I shall go into more detail of our four day stay in a subsequent post. But let it suffice to say that our visit was memorable and very pleasant!

More Later