Monday, August 15, 2005

Sleeping and Cooling in Latex

I thought for this entry I would talk about a couple of issues I have received questions about recently. Sleeping and dealing with the summer heat.

Sleeping arrangements in our house are, like many other things, elaborate. I am required to sleep whereever Sir tells me to each evening. Most of the time I sleep with him. Our bed is a king sized waterbed and is made up with latex sheets and a latex duvet. These have now been chlorinated and are as smooth as silk.

My sleeping attire is most boring, I assure you. No skimpy negligee or baby dolls here. I usually wear a long sleeved, ankle length, high collared nightgown. I have some that are over the head and some that are peignor style, that is open fronted.

I sleep in my transparent skin suit, of course. The nightgown goes over this and I usually just wear that for sleeping. But sometimes I am required to sleep in full bondage gear. This will typically be a second catsuit, gloves, boots, and a hood. I am usually corseted during these sessions as well. And I am made to sleep in bondage, arms bound behind my back, hogtie position, or some other form of bondage.

On rare occasions I am required to sleep in my vacuum bed. When this happens I am usually just in my skinsuit.

I had a bit of trouble learning to sleep with a hood on but that was many years ago. When we started the total enclosure I had to learn to sleep everynight in a hooded catsuit. This is a bit different from sleeping in a separate catsuit and hood. The hooded suits have to be made to measure and fitted to not be too tight when I'm sleeping in one.

We are always careful that I can breathe through both mouth and nose. Even the vacuum bed is fitted with a hospital style oxygen mask inside, so I breathe through both mouth and nose.
With respect to summer heat, this year has been a bit of a challenge. I understand from acquaintances that this is one of the hottest summers in recent memory here. However, we have adapted our regimen somewhat.

First, I stay indoors most of the time and as I have explained before we keep th ehouse at 68 degrees. secondly, I have for many years in Texas taught myself to walk slowly when wearing a lot of latex. I still do that now that I am fully enclosed, but of course that would never be enough in full enclosure in the Texas heat.

Sir has allowed me to, if I choose, dispense with the second catsuit and hood I usually wear and even a street dress when it is most hot. I must say that I have never gone out in nothing more than a skinsuit and burqa. But I have gone out wearing just the burqa over a loose dress and skinsuit with no second hood or gloves. We also tend to wear white latex as much as possible during the summer months as well. Or the lighter red or blue colors, although I only have red white and black veils for outdoors.

I hope that answers some of the questions I've been receiving. More later



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the furthur insight into your lifestyle, can i ask, how does the vacumn bed work? The ones i have seen require the constant suction - and therefore noise - for them to work, is this the case?

M ( green with envy! )

veiled slave said...

Sweet sister, are you sure you mean 98 deg ? Even in Fahrenheit that is very hot for indoors!!! I would have thought maybe 78F or 74F was a normal indoor temperature.

Latex Lady said...

LOL. No, No, I meant 98 degrees KELVIN!

Actually, I did mean 68 degrees Fahrenheit and it has been corrected in the entry now.

Thanks for the several comments! wouldn't want anyone to emulate the previous version of this entry!

With respect to the vac bed; The vacuum cleaner is placed about 40 feet away from our play room in an attic. A pool cleaner hose is used to connect the two. This lessens the sound considerably and I find it now lulls me to sleep (like listening to the sea on a distant reef).

We also have discovered that if you wear an inflatable helmet (inflated) in the vacuum bed, you can't hear the vacuum noise at all. At least none of us can!

Safety tip here: When I am required to sleep the night in the vac bed, even with the big hospital mask for breathing, maid is required to watch over me all night. I am never unattended while in my vacbed although Sir had rigged his for solo operation and never had a problem.


Sir says he has heard of a brand of vacbed with an airtight seal that stays vacuumed with the vacuum cleaner off, but doesn't know which one it is.


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Sealed said...

Temperature control is the key factor for me in comfortably wearing rubber for long periods and there was a moment there when I thought you must be super-human. 98F in rubber and I would explode!!!

68F is about 21C and very much more realistic. I have never been good with getting too hot (in or out of latex) and find that anything much more than 25C (75F?) becomes uncomfortable after a few hours in latex TE, and I have to steadily reduced my levels of exertion. Going past 28/29C (85F) I am probably going to end up getting soggy in my suit, even if I go for the minimum movement. So those, like Lady who live in latex in hotter climes get my admiration.

BTW - For those who cannot afford or justify AC, I have a surprisingly easy solution. I have found that a simple fan is surprisingly effective (when wearing a single layer of latex). It seems to be much more effective than when in vanilla, presumably because of the relatively poor TOG rating of latex.

I think a lot of people who find it uncomfortable (or unbelievable) to wear rubber for longer periods have maybe not taken the issue of keeping their temperature under control seriously enough. Once I found my limits and stuck to them, I have found it surprising how comfortable and dry you can be in latex, even after 24 hours+.

I do find keeping my temperature under control can affect what actions I attempt to do and when I chose to do them. We have very changeable temperature (& weather) here in the UK and sudden increases can be difficult to handle without altering your behaviour somewhat. After a while I have found it becomes second nature, and I often forget I am doing anything differently than normal. Sometimes I think it’s inversely analogous to being a reptile who must seek out the heat in order that they can function.

Do you have any other tips on temperature control, particularly when away from an AC home? Does it effect your planning – like you instinctively arrange things so your are hopping from one AC controlled environment to another? Have you ever been cold in latex – or have multiple layers always kept the chill away?


Latex Lady said...

Yes, 68 degrees (and even a little lower) makes it possible for me to stay enclosed. It is as you said. I find I have now developed reflex actions that prevent me from overheating. I wlak slowly, I take time to cool off after any exertion, I wash my hood and gloves with cold water periodically.

We are very careful to find hotels with AC when we travel. I do get hot in airports and othe rpublic buildings, even with aircon because of all the people. We try to stage our visits to times when the crowds are less, but this is not always possible.

It has become quite instinctive to hop from one ac environment to another. And I find that wearing the loose burqa as an overgarment helps keep my temperature stable when I have to be outdoors. This is understandable because it actually creates a sort of dead air space between me and the sun.

A simple fan will do wonders as does washing the extremities in cold water. Also, it is not unusual for me to step into a cool shower with just my skinsuit on if i get too hot.

I have been cold in latex, but not with the loose burqa on. Again, it stabilizes things considerably.


Rubberjohn said...

Thank you for sharing these very practical issues. I too consider that the heat factor is THE major issue in wearing latex on a permanent basis. I sleep in latex every night on a latex sheet and under a latex duvet cover ( both from "Between the sheets", company I warmly recommand), even in summer... The more layers I put, the most confortable I feel even if Isweat a lot because I manage to keep a constat flow of air around me. It is more difficult to control sweat outside. I remember a sunny day, 25° C outside, where I went to the post office in full rubber gear, catsuit and heavy macintosh, and sweat was pouring from my sleeve on the post office counter, which was rather embarassing even for a slave accustomed to read some surprise and interrogation on the eyes of the passing people ! I need a burka for men !

Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the comments. It has been an interestign few days lately as I have tried to stay cool while we vacation on a tropical island. I'll be writing about that in my next big entry


gummitaucher said...

Hi Latex Lady,

did you get any comments for going bald from the people ?

Usually the thought alone makes most women cringe.

best wishes from Germany

Latex Lady said...

Yes, I had several comments about my bald head under the transparent hood. My parents were appalled, my sister was dubious, but OK and Julia thought it a bit strange, but accepted it.

baldness among young girls is actually becoming fairly common on univeristy campuses and at least one high school has issued 'dress code' regulations prohibiting girls from shavng their heads, even though males can.


Master D said...

Utterly amazing; utterly beautiful - as a lifestyle, a wonderful adventure.

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