Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maid Takes Flight

Well, we put maid on a plane today to her new partner and lover. I miss her terribly already, but I am very happy for her to have found her true love. They are going to live together, then, later, they will have a bonding ceremony...perhaps someday a formal weding.

Many have asked...maid's new lover IS into rubber and IS a domme. But she is not as intense as Sir and I and maid indicates she will not be a full time maid or even a full time sub as she has been for us. Theirs will most likely be a much more 'traditional' D/s lifestyle :-)

I cried on the way, cried at the airport, and cried on the way back to our house. Then spent most of the day im'ing with friends. I told Sir I wanted to be allowed to stay in my burqa all day and he said yes...It's a very nice garment to hide from the world in.

Well, tomorrow I must get up and bathe and dress myself, make sure I have a clean skinsuit and am very dry and properly lotioned. I do this in hotels sometimes, but now I have the future to look forward to without her to help, without her to love.

Damn, I thought I was through crying.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Big Change

We have had a major announcement in our rubber household.

Maid is leaving us. She has met a girl and is leaving us to be with her. I am devastaed and elated at the same time. When she went home at Thanksgiving she met this young lady, about the same age as she is, and they have been corresponding a lot since. When she went back recently to see her family, they hooked up aagin and she has just told us she wants to leave our service and be with this young lady.

I gather that this new lover is interested in fetish and is dominant and maid has fallen in love with her and wants to serve her, but also wants to share their lives together.

So, at the end of this month she is moving out. I have been crying and hugging her for two days since she told us. Crying because I will miss her and her wonderful style and sense of humor. Hugging her because I am very very happy she has found someone. I guess I always knew she could not stay with us forever. She has been with us almost three years now and has been a wonderful maid

Of course, those of you who read this blog regularly knw that she has also been a member of the family too. She and I have had a wonderful loving relationship and she is deeply submissive to me and to my needs.

I do not know what we will do without her, but I guess we will find out.

I have to go cry some more now...and you know what it is lke to have the sniffles in a full face hood.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wonderful Weekend in San Francisco

I apologize for having failed to make an entry over the last couple of weeks. I have been rather busy and involved over the past 2 weeks.

first, let me thank everyone for the lovely comments to my last post. The comments and encouragements were delighttful.

Sir and I have just returned from a few days in San Francisco which was fun. We went up there to let him attend a business meeting mid week, then to attend a party with some friends.

In particular, the last couple of days we have spent wandering the streets of San Francisco (A very fun old TV show ...Michael DOuglas' forst) shopping and siteseeing. Today we went to the new de Young museum (a disappointment) and spent time in art and photography galleries.

The weather was fine until late last night when we were returning from our firends' house in Pacific Heights. The rain was actually quite nice for being covered in a latex burqa.

We visited our friends and I was subjected to a wonderful session by the very dominant woman we visited. She had me selaed in an inflatable bag, suspended form her ceiling, able to see bu tnot speak as she severely dominated two male slaves in total latex enclosure. She did some very heavy things to them (and to me for that matter) and Sir, enjoyed himself watching, and participating.

It was a lovely time.

Maid has been away for the last week visiting her family. She asked for the opportunity to do so andwe allowed it. However, I am misisng her incredibly. The little trip to SF was a wonderful distraction although bathing and dressing by myself in our hotel suite was a challenge.

Things should get back to normal this next week.

My encasement remains total and the friends we visited were very impressed with Sir's training of me. Of course I was subjected to her commands and attentions as she felt were best, but I have to say that watching how she dommed her two male slaves (one her hsuband) while I was immobilized, silenced and with my breathing controlled was amazingly exciting. Sir agreed and he stood behind me while I was supended, whipping me through the bag and watcing what she did to her males.

While we were in SF, we also had the enjoyment of meeting a very nice young lady at the hotel bar. She was dressed in beautiful red rubber...a corsage dress, tight around her bust and down to just above the knee. We chatted and shared a drink. She was just waiting for her boyfriend after work. She was a little tentative about my burqa, but I was ungagged and was able to join in the chat.

So 'street rubber' is coming...slowly, but surely.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day and A Year in Latex Enclosure

Well, it is Jan 1, 2006 and I have now been fully encased in latex, 23/7, head to toe, for one full year. I never really expected to make it this long. I thought that some skin problem would develop, or I would become unable to remain rubbered, or Sir would lose interest in me as a rubber enclosed sub. However, the opposite has emerged as the truth.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I thought I would want ever more extreme bondage and restriction, more encasement and deeper dissolution into the latex. Well, while I willalways want those things from time to time as my desires and needs fluctuate, I think I have now found precisely the level of total submission to the discipline of latex and to my Sir.

I certainly look forward to days spent in total immobilization, bodily functions controlled and managed by others such as Sir and maid, but for day to day life, I am happy with the skinsuits, catsuit, hood, gloves, corset, and boots covered by dress and maybe a neck corset, then the burqa to protect me from prying eyes when in public.

Sir seems to agree. He has explained to me today that I will continue my usual protocol for the time being. He understands and agrees with my desires for more extreme restriction, encasement, breath and bodily function surrender, and assures me that I will be allowed to experience and endure such extreme sessions. However, he wants me to remain communicative, involved with the outside world, and generally compos mentis for a while longer.

The mode of thought I achieve when totally encased and isolated, suspended and ignored, like a garment hung on a hanger, is almost transcendental. I am sure many of my readers will understand the absolute zen-like drfiting of the mind that one undergoes after a few hours sealed, gagged, tubed, suspended, and ignored. Then, the shock of being stimulated comes so much more intensely that there becomes nothing in the universe except the stimulation that is happening right then. Talk about living in the now!

Sir is probably right. I could probably not withstand the onslaught of non-consciouness that would engulf my ego and my self if I were to dissolve myslef into latex encapsulation at the level I intended. I would, most likely, simply cease to be as a human being separate from the latex that compels me. of course, that is what I want in some respects, but perhaps not yet. It is a one way journey I think and Sir has deisres for me as me yet.

But can you imagine, an old crone in her 80's or 90's, still encased and sealed, completely without mind, perfectly sculpted figure (since all is held in place by rubber), enjoying one melting orgasm after another as she continuously dangles from a ceiling suspension rig, on full life support, no thought or substance in her mind, just drifting on a pleasant raft of sensation to her ultimate end? mmmmm...yummy, do you not agree, dear readers?

We had a lovely new years eve, went to a play and a kinky after party and I had a great deal of fun. I remained gagged and burqa'd throughout and had the opportunity at the party to submit to several folks. Interestingly, the most common form of submission my temporary owners wanted was for me to kneel, bow my head to the floor and then crawl to them until my head touched their feet. After the first time I did this for Sir, just after we arrived, there were three women who wanted me to show such obiesance to them. It was hilariously funny to them, lusciously humiliating to me and incredibly arousing to Sir.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful new year's eve and are looking forward to a great 2006. Certainly, I am!