Sunday, May 29, 2005

Five months now...and I am seen

Another milestone in my new lifestyle. Okay, i was bored and I transgressed one of Sir's rules. I will pay for it when he returns from his current trip, I'm sure. But it was fun.
A couple of days ago I went online with a webcam and allowed some folks to see me in chat rooms. I have been receiving many requests for this, but Sir has always disallowed it. At first, he was most concerned for our privacy and did not want anyone being able to identify me. Hence, the fuzzy faced pictures many of you have commented on.
Later, I think it became a matter of discipline. However, a couple of days ago my next door neighbor had asked me to feed her cat while she was away. She has always been most understanding of my wearing the burqa around her, even when I was unable to speak. recently, however, we have struck up several conversations. She is out of town and has asked that I feed her cat.
As it turns out, she left her computer running, connected to the net, and with a webcam attached. I asked her if I could use it the first night she was away when she called to check on her pet (a 14 year old fat tabby cat who does NOT answer to the name "Ms Marple", despite it being the one used by her owner). My neighbor said it was fine for me to use the computer and camera, so two days ago I went online.
As many of you know, I have avoided this because Sir has said no and he is my Dom. The subject has come up several times, and I have asked him to allow me to cam online if I wear the burqa. He has always said no. So, this is a bit of a violation but, after nearly 5 months in total enclosure, doing everything he says and being a good girl, the tempatation was too much to bear. Besides, I was bored (puppy pouts beneath her two rubber hoods).
There were only a few of my usual chat friends online, but I had a nice picture enhanced conversation with them. I wore my black burqa and it was only a little strange to me that they could see me, but it was fun, I must admit. You folks who read my blog understand the appeal of the latex, orf the cover, and of my lifestyle so much more than people I meet on the street from whom I am still keeping a secret.
I went back yesterday and did the same thing, chatting with a couple of IAR friends and a muslimah I converse with from Poland.
I also entered a muslim chat room that I frequent. I have learned a great deal about the burqa, veiling, and Islam in general in here. I do not represent myself as a muslim, but I do mention to the people in the room that I veil completely wearing a burqa. If the subject of my clothing and material comes up, as it sometimes does when chatters check out my profile and pictures, I explain the whole 'Latex thing' completely.
The reactions I got were very interesting. All the people I chatted with identified as male, most from the mid east, a few from India and only one non-muslim, a hindu from India who hangs out in the room as well.
The reactions were 100% friendly. Many were surprised when I allowed them to see me in the burqa. They wanted to know why I covered so extensively and I told them it was a lifestyle choice my husband and I had made. Everyone I chatted with respected this, even if they disagreed intrinsically with the need to veil. This is an interesting and ongoing conversation within the muslim world.
There was some confusion as to why a non-muslim woman would choose to veil, but no outrage or upset. The two women I conversed with applauded (and have applauded in the past) the decision of any woman to cover herself and not show herself to men, regardless of religion. Just as an aside, there are several groups and websites of Christian and Jewish women who want to veil and cover, from their hair to their entore faces and bodies. I can't say if it is in any way a growing trend, but I have become very attuned to it and can definitely say that there is a groundswell of women from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds who do NOT agree with the notion that veiling is oppressive.
Several of the chatters, being male, wanted me to uncover to show my face, but I demured. In the end, they gave up trying to convince me. Frankly, this did not bother me...males are males the world over.
Interestingly, during the several hours I was conversing with muslims (who are fairly comfortable with the general notion of a covered woman), viewed by them in a latex burqa, not a single one asked about the material. In general, the reaction I got was, "oh, you are in hijab" or "Why do you wear a burqa?", or "it is good that you cover".
Never, "What is that material?" I suppose it was not recognized. i doubt many people in the mid east or India are that familiar with latex fetish clothing. When I looked at it in the view window, it did look more like black satin or silk...which is what it is usually mistaken for in public.
So, that was my transgressive foray into webcamming. I hope everyone that I was able to show myself to enjoyed the chats. I'll have to suffer some form of punishment and do penance for my willfulness, I'm sure, but, frankly, those times are usually rather fun anyway :)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Trip to Philly and a Rainy Day in Maryland

Did a little travelling this week. Sir took me to Philadelphia on a business trip this week. Had some fun shopping and went out to dinner a couple of evenings. Then we went down to Washington and I got to see my sister again.

We followed our usual protocol for air travel, with me in an open faced hood under the burqa. we had no problems on the way out.

While in Philadelphia I went out alone (maid did not accompany us on this trip) to go shopping in the mall downtown. Nothing much happened. I bought a new teapot for my collection, had some fun looking at shoes and bought a couple of books. For this outing, after lunch in the hotel, I had gagged myself as usual. It just feels so normal now, I didn't feel right going out of the hotel without it.

Later the first evening, Sir took me out to a Japanese restaurant. I wore my red rubber kimono under the burqa. Of course, no one saw it, but Sir knew I was wearing it. We did cause a few turned heads at the restaurant, but no one seemed overly concerned. I had a very nice Shrimp Teriyaki prepared at a hibachi table.

I spent the second day mostly in the hotel. Went out sightseeing a bit as it has been a while since I have been in Philadelphia. I was approached by a couple of muslimas in the museum but we just nodded at each other and passed by. They were both wearing niqabs and before my trip was over, I saw several other women covering their faces.

We went down to Washington the next day and Sir dropped me off at my sister's house while he attended some meetings. My sister and I got to sit and chat all day. She's doing well and enjoying new duties at her job. She talked with me a bit about my new lifestyle but she is very accepting of it. I didn't keep the burqa on the whole time as she knows I cover in total latex under it. It was a little odd to put a gag on in front of her before I left, but she understands. She actually called the cab and told the driver to take me back to the hotel.

The whole day in DC was wet. It was training cats and dogs and was quite cold. I was quite happy to be in three layers of latex, I can tell you. I wore the black one over my special red dress with hood and gloves to go see my sister. She actually told me my red hood was pretty (if still a bit disturbing to her).

Later, Sir and I left for the return flight from Dulles airport which was an absolute nightmare. Or rather it would have been if I had not been covered in my burqa. Because we had to have my identity checked by a special process, the TSA moved us right on past the huge crowd.

The flight back was long but uneventful. We were in first class and I decided to gag myself in the airport before we took off. Then, I just curled up in my window seat and went to sleep pretty much. Sir declined the meal for me. I did read a little, but didn't bother with the movie.

Spent Saturday reading and resting (and having some fun sessions with Sir and maid) and have just returned this afternoon from going out for a bit of shopping and lunch. The weather here is still lovely for being covered. A bit warm in direct sunshine but the wind is up enough to keep me cool. The white burqa works best for now.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Out and About - In the Hail

What a day!

I was out shopping today at noon with maid. We were wandering up and down a shopping street here in the San Jose area. We were just walking about when suddenly we were being pelted with hail!

The weather has been stormy, wet, blustery, and cool, but this was incredible. Very quickly it looked like a snowstorm had blown through, except everything was marble sized hail stones.

I may now report that three layers of latex DOES protect one well from hail. Maid was only wearing the black burqa (must get her one of her own soon) and no hood underneath it. She could defnitely feel the little stones as they pelted down on us. By the time we reached the shelter of a store we were both laughing. Two women in bulky flowing robes barely able to see, running and dodging hailstones. We caught our fair share of looks of course, but the lady behind the counter n the store said it best. She was very friendly and ushered us in to the store. "Come in, dears, get our of the hail."

We thanked her and she then proceeded to offer us tea while we waited for the hailstorm to pass. We accepted and for 30 minutes we sat and had a wonderful conversation with a very nice woman named Mrs. Marshall, about 70 years old, who runs an antique oriental furniture store in the South Bay.

She was not the least put off when she offered to take our burqas and we politely declined. "I understand. I lived in Yemen and Saudi Arabia 40 years ago with my husband, God rest him, and the women there never took their's off either." Apparently he had worked for Aramco.

She didn't comment at all about the material being latex except to say it looked like it would keep out the rain. I suspect she thought we had simply dressed for the possibility of rain which has become so common here (we are alreayd 50% above our ANNUAL rainfall this year in San Jose).

We chatted for a while and the hail stopped. I acquired a lovely Malaysian teapot and maid and I went on our way. Mrs. marshall invited us back. I think just having someone to talk with for half an hour filled her day and it certainly pleased us. I shall definitely return

I have mentioned in comments that some people have a bit of trouble talking with me when I am so fully covered. They seem to be searching for my eyes beneath the mesh panel. Once they can focus on them, seen dimly through the mesh of latex, they seem more at ease.

I noticed that this woman had no such hesitancy and we actually discussed it a bit more. she said that she had when she first lived on the Saudi peninsula, but had rapidy got over it. "I learned to look at their hands. The hands told me what they were saying." I think I understand.

Maid and I have also noticed that two women in cover are more readily accepted or approached than one. It's as if we are less intimidating by being a group, albeit a small group.

More later