Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a Summer

Well, it has certainly been a while since I wrote. I want to thank everyone who has been sending in comments asking when I wo9uld blog again.

To make a long story short, Sir wound up in hospital two weeks after my last post and was there for some time. He has been recovering for the past two months and is just about back to normal now. He had a massive infection which just got out of hand.

So, as you can imagine, I have been most busy and worried. And I have just not felt like writing for the last three months. In the middle of all that, as he has regained his strength, we have relocated back to Ireland for a couple of months.

However, things are getting back to normal now. Sir is home and his strength is back. I have had some time to rest and to enjoy my latest gift from him. So I decided it was time to write a bit more.

The challenge with Sir in the hospital was, as it was a few years ago, in staying fully covered as per our desired lifestyle. I must say, however, that the hospital was understanding and helpful. I was able to wear my burqas, with dress and gloves and even my inner hoods but , of course, I had to be able to communicate a bit so I was not gagged as I usually am when I go out in public.

I mentioned my latest gift. Sir has had a new metallic blue burqa made for me by our usual designer in Denmark, Peter Leth. It replaces my previous blue one, made by some friends, which had recently worn out. The new one has some interesting features including arm slits and a built-in hood like the white burqa.

The internal hood, however, is snapped to the outer burqa which means it can be easily separated and worn by itself if Sir wishes me to. The eyes are different as well. The hood has pepperpot eyes just like my white burqa hood, and no mouth, of course, but the outer burqa does not have the traditional mesh viewport. rather, it has goggle eyes with pepperpot perforations as well. This gives the wearer a much more limited view and the look is very bizarre.

The burqa is metallic blue latex. It shimmers and reflects the light beautifully. and, while I will miss my original blue burqa that wwas made by friends, this one is even nicer and more elaborate. The cap is nicely shaped and it fits perfectly. Peter does wonderful work.

The blue looks wonderful against the water in our pool and probably attracts more looks than even my red one. The metallic look is somehow more provocative. We have acquired matching gloves of course and I love the monochromatic look. I think a nice metallic blue catsuit or ankle length dress might be next on the acquisition list.

Sir says we can post some pictures of me in it soon.

Well, that's about all for now. we are here in Ireland for another couple of weeks before returning to Texas. The weather is clod, wet, and blustery...perfect rubber wearing weather and we have seen several pairs of real latex leggings on the shopping streets in the city centre.

Dallas is cooler now as well, so when we return in a couple of weeks it should be enjoyable to dress in total rubber as well. I am very happy to be back in my standard two layers plus burqa layer.