Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dublin Shopping

We went to Dublin last weekend for some shopping. Wonderful time we had.

Sir had me in my red burqa on the train. red dress underneath with builtin hood and gloves. I wore a transparent skinsuit under that so I was in three layers for all the time on the train. Comfortably warm, but not too bad. This dress has a very slim skirt making walking a bit of a challenge, but mostly I just had to sit quietly.

I was gagged, of course, with an inflatable that strapped on under the dress' hood. the inflation bulb wentthrough the small mouthhole in the hood and dangled between my breasts for the trip, under the burqa. A waist belt with arm restraints completed my restriction so that my hands could not emerge from beneath the burqa.

Once more I was impressed by how much freedom the burqa provides. here i could be a bound and gagged rubber slave, multiple encased and enclosed in layers of soft tight latex, hobbled and controlled but fully in public while all my bondage was invisible. the high was enormous.

The feel of each layer going on as he dressed me was sumptious. The skin suit cleaving to my body, the pull of its hood over my face and feelig him sip and lock the body and the hood together...all while staring at my newly rubbered image in a mirror.

Then the red corset, collar and boots all folding and tying me tighter. The boots have a four inch heel, not too high, and are soft red rubber with pointed toe and stilleto heels. They zip up the back and present a smooth red rubber front and side to the viewer.

The inflatable gag went on next, black, not red, covering the lower portion of my glossily rubbered face and silencing me for what I kknew would be hours. He inflated it gently, but fully so my cheeks were slightly distended.

Finally the dress with its built in hood and gloves, covering what was already a fully enclosed rubber object for his pleasure. The dress' hood zips down from the crown and meets the back zip rising from the waist. the skirt is stretch zip and quite restrictive. It hobbles me below the knees, stoppping mid claf...very tough to climb stairs in it. the hood has perforated eyes, two small breathing holes, and a small hole at the mouth which I can talk through unless, as this day, I am gagged.

Once dressed, I could see fairly well, could navigate and walk with care. the hobble skirt on this dress is not too restrictive, but definitely caused me to stretch the latex with every step as it pulled back and held my legs tightly together in tehir rubber covered encasement. The waist belt is black, thick latex with adjustable cuffs rivetted on at the sides. These can accomodate either my upper or lower arms or my wrists. For this trip he chose the most restrictive, wrist cuffing. The black rubber bands encircled and buckled, I was unable to move my arms or hands with any effectiveness at all. The only comfortable position when seated is arms bent at right angles at the elbow and the hands loosely folded across my waist.

When we were ready to leave for the train, Sir put my red burqa on my head and settled it so I could see. We walked out and caught a cab to the station surprising the driver, but not too much.

The train ride was uneventful, a nice first class coach, no breakfast service. Sir was dressed in rubber slacks and shirt and blazer, looking very nice. I longed to touch his arm or chest and to lean on his shoulder and smell the wonderful aroma of his rubber, but I was unable to indulge such desires. i sat in a window seat, in my restrictive bondage, and stared straight ahead at the woman who sat across the table from me. She watched my veil for a while, looking for signs of life, I guess, then looked away and read a newspaper the rest of the trip.

Sir left me for a few minutes to get a coffee, causing me some nervousness as usual when i am tightly bound and left alone, but no one approached or said anything to me.

When we arrived a few hours later we took a cab to our hotel where we were greeted by the manager while Sir was checking into our room. we were only staying for a night, so we did not have a suite, but the room was large with two full size beds so I could be put to bed separately from Sir if he chose.

I was allowed to have my arms unbound and my gag removed (a significant operation invovling the removal of two hoods) and then was re-hooded so that, while i could just manage to speak, a straw was the extent of my alimentary abilities. I was, re-burqa'd and we went downstairs to the hotel restaurant for lunch. My arms were freed from their restraint so I could feed myself.

Sir had a nice fish and chips lunch while i took a glass of milk under my burqa and sipped it through a straw. I was tempted to see if I could force a thin french fry through the 1/4" hole in my hood but decided not to make the attempt. I am very well accustomed to only one meal a day...I would not miss lunch.

After lunch we went back upstairs where I was re-gagged and my arms were restrained, this time at the forearm so i had some slight freedom with my gloved hands. This would allow my red rubber hands to extend through the arm slits in my burqa so i could grasp items while shopping. then we went back downstairs to begin our shopping excursion. Sir had arranged a limo and driver for the day so we did not have to worry with taxis. I must say that London cabs are MUCH MUCH easier to get into when veiled in a flowing burqa than Irish cabs. I feel sympathy for muslimahs dedicated to full veiling here in Ireland if they have to use taxis. We went to Henry Street and walked up and down shopping.

I have more to tell of our shopping excursion, our visit to Dundrum Town Centre, and Sunday in Dublin, but must close now. i shall post more later.


Monday, December 04, 2006

What a Storm

The last few days here in Ireland have been incredibly stormy. Here where we live, gale force winds have pounded the island for hours and hours on end.

Saturday was rainy and windy, but tolerable as we went about some Christmas Shopping, but Sunday was incredible. from about 10pm Saturday until midnight Sunday the wind was near 60 mph at all times. There was no possibility of going out except for a few short moments when Sir led me out, bound and sealed in four layers of rubber onto our balcony and posed me, like some ship's figurehead, facing into the wind.

Fortunately, I was sealed in two helmets, two catsuits, corset, gloves, boots and a tight ankle length hobble dress. When he first took me out and bound me to a pole on the balcony I was able to see, but shortly after that he covered me with a third hood with no eyes or mouth and I was blind for the next period of bondage. He left me like that for a time, the cold seeping into my rubbered body as the wind buffetted me with a tremendous force...very scary, but exhilarating and exciting too.

Then I felt him drape my burqa over my head, pull the hood so very tight insuring the gag already filling my mouth went deeper into my throat. Finally, the posture collar held my face at an angle directly into the wind and the burqa fell over my face and breasts and began its wild fluttering.

All of this was, I must admit, sufficient to arouse me to climax after 15 or 20 minutes. At first I was cold and unhappy, then I began to feel warmer and warmer and realize the loose burqa was creating an airspace around me. Sir was using a patio heater as well to help offset the cold although the actual temperature was only down to fifty.

I could not see, speak, or hear anything except the roar of wind and rain pelting the rubber engulfing me. Breathing was not a problem as my tubes led away to an air bottle which provided calm air, but no sound could penetrate my rubber except that of the elements.

It felt as though I had taken flight and was tethered to a mast, a giant rubber kite tossed by the wind. It was about this time I experienced my first explosion of sexual pleasure from this new ordeal.

Sir let me remain for about 30 mnutes of such torture before bringing me inside. He left me sealed for another long time like that and even took me out again after having first encased me for a time in our vac bed, fully sealed as I was.

There was something chaotic and primal about his play yesterday, leaving me with no doubt as to my status as object for his enjoyment and experimentation. I do not believe he spoke to me for over ten hours as he manipulated me and controlled me and sacrificed me to the elements of nature and of his passion over and over again.

What a wonderful weekend


Saturday, November 18, 2006

November is a cold month

The temperature has finally dropped here. We've had frezzing rain, hail, sleet and wind...LOTS of wind.

thsi has meant, of course, that I can wear several layers of latex when I get dressed now. I have returned to my full body enclosure suits in transparent latex, covered by rubber undergarments such as my corset and stockings, second hood and gloves. Then a long full dress with long sleeves and finally, if going out, a burqa in black red or white.

In other words, it is wonderful to have the temeratures so low and the weather so wonderfully foul :)

Sir has been very attentive lately, pulling my corsets excedingly tight, pulling my gloves on up to my shoulders and particularly inserting gags and pulling hoods over my head and face most gently and tenderly.

It is such an arousing sensation to have him slowly wrap me in a stiff corset that extends from neck to knees, lacing it and pulling it tighter an tighter while whispering in my ear that I CAN endure its fullest embrace. Then to pull a soft full face hood over me, with nose tubes wrapping around to the rear and no mouth hole so the perviously inserted inflatable gag has no place to go. These are such incredible sensations...and then to spend the day or an evening or even all night in such wonderful encasement and enclosure is almost more than I can bear.

We were in the US last week for aabout 10 days and visitied our friends in Atlanta. We were delightfully treated and I had the enjoyment of spending two full days in exceedingly tight rubber bondage and restraint while being a play toy for Annemarie and Kermit. All five if us spent the entire three day visit in total latex, never removing suits or or hoods and hteir maid an di were gagged the entire time as well. It was most difficult to endure and most satisfying to have done if I had any real choice.

We WERE quite rank after 72 hours of enclosure with no chance to wash or air out, but had a lovely group bath later in their hot tub to rinse and wash all the accumulated sweat and sludge off.

Then i went back into full enclosure to fly on to DFW for a few days...but I was able to wear street clothes under my burqa while there.

We are off to London for a few days next month to shop then our son will visit us here for Christmas. we are looking forward to seeing he and his girlfriend again.

Well that is all for now. I look forward to your comments as usual, and I am glad to have received so many compliments on the new template.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back in the USA

Well, here we are, back in the USA for a week or so. Sir has business to attend to and brought me along again for the fun of it. We are in Orlando just now, then a short trip to Atlanta and finally a few days in Dallas to take care of some business around our house there.

It will be good to see the house again. I do miss it, even though we have a lovely one in Ireland now as well.

The weather here in Orlando is gorgeous, about 65 degrees and a light breeze under blue skies. I always love this part of the world during November.

I am not sure what we'll be doing...perhaps some Disney wandering, perhaps some dining in downtown Disney or downtown Orlando. We shall see.

In Atlanta we plan on meeting our friends Kermit and Annemarie whom we have not seen simce we left the Bay Area. They have relocated to Atlanta after their home in New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina. They still spend most of their time in Vienna but have just finished building a new home in Atlanta, which we shall see for the first time. Annemarie tells me it has a "wonderfully kinky" playroom (her description) which I am looking forward to.

Have no fear, dear readers, I shall describe it, and my experiences in it, in great detail in the days to come.

I suppose that is all for now. I believe we are aboout to venture out to lunch in a little bit, so I shall write again soon.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Nice Holiday Weekend

We had a very nice quiet weekend here. I had some time to chat with online friends and spend some time with Sir. we wnet up north for a day, exploring new parts of Ireland. The weather was not conducive to siteseeing exactly; it was windy and rainy and cold, but the scenery was beautiful and there is nothing better for such weather than multiple layers of latex.

I was actually quite comfortable in a whole body catsuit (one of my thin transparent ones), a corset,and stockings, then a dress, gloves, and boots all under a burqa. I was in the white burqa, silenced by the hood, for the entire day we were out and never felt the cold.

Some people have taken me to task saying that rubber does not insulate well, but let me say that when you are wearing three layers of all encompassing latex, and you have air space under them as i do under the burqa, then they become quite warm, particularly when you are walking around in them even in a windy, cold rain.

We wandered a bit seeing some old churches and a castle. (a side comment here: A badly decomposed body was just found hanging from a tree not 50 yards from the main road leading to a popular castle near us. It is a castle Sir and I visited just a couple of weeks ago. My skin crawls to think how close we passed to this poor person's body as we drove and walked about the castle grounds).

The buildings and towns up north were quite interesting. We had several people show a considerable amount of interest in a silent, white rubbered burqa'd woman. We saw several muslim women in one town (Ireland's muslim population has risen 500% in the last few years, I am told). They were quite interested in me as well, but did not approach. These were mostly women wearing hijab, but with a few niqabis in their number.

Yesterday we spent most of the day at home, with just a few hours out shopping. I was in my red burqa most of the day and then wore it again today. I still wear the black one from time to time, but do not find it as enjoyable as the red and white ones. I do not know when my blue one will be ready...I hope Sir has ordered it, but he won't tell me.

Today i spent the day at home, but went out later in the afternoon. Sir had flown to Dublin for the day and he wanted me to meet him at the airport when he returned this evening. Since I was on my own and needed to catch a cab, i did not wear a complete gag under my burqa, just a black open faced hood that has a lower half that covers my nose and mouth. It keeps me from talking, but I can pull it down when I have to speak and it still fits well.

I spent the afternoon in an internet cafe, sipping espresso and chatting with friends online, then cauht a cab to th eairport. There I met sir as he returned from Dublin and we went out to the parking lot where he had parked his car this morning.

let me tell you, a woman in a bright red burqa gets quite a lot of stares at the tiny little airport here. I also garnered a fair amount of attention from a pair of ladies in the cafe. They could not take their eyes off me and kept looking at me as I typed on the computer with my red gloved hands, emerging from the arm slits. The dress I wore was black, but I wore red elbow length gloves over the sleeves so they would match the burqa when I used my hands.

So that was the long weekend and today (Tuesday). Very restful and fun. I hope everyone else had as nice a weekend.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Impressions in Latex

The smooth folds of my dress engulf me and enfold me in a soft latex embrace. The black, full length dress floats around me as I twirl in front of my mirror.

Next, the gloves...I pull elbow length gloves up my arms and under the sleeves of my dress. \they are very tight and i stare at the black shiny hands as I flex my fingers.

After that, my boots...knee high with slender heels 4 inches tall. the rubber they are made from is shiny and slick, thicker than my dress rubber.

Lastly, my hood. I pull it on, its wide, open eyes and mouth fitting nicely over my face and lips. I reach back to zip it down, but suddenly I feel sir's hands pulling the edges of the hood together and zipping tightly into my soft black headgear.

Finally, we are ready to depart. This means I have to put the white burqa with its integrated hood on. First I turn the burqa inside out, revealing the hood. then i put it over my black hood and smooth it into place. The perforated eyes fall into place, the nose holes line up with the ones in the inner hood and the closed mouth area slips into place over my lips, covering them in tight white latex.

Sir drapes the bulk of the burqa over my face and begins to pull the edges of the zio together. He slowly slodes the zipper down from the crown of the hood to its base. The tightness of the hood over my mouth is astounding. It surprises me everytime i wear it. It will settle in just a little while and be most comfortable, but I am always amazed at how effective a gag just a thin piece of latex stretched over my mouth is.

I lift and drape the burqa over my head, positioning its perforated panel over my hood's eyes. I can see and I check that I can breathe comfrotably, then signal to Sir that I am ready.

As we walk out of the house, I catch site of myself in our hallway mirror. The soft white folds of my burqa swirl as I turn and the mesh over my face adds mystery to the look. I feel my gloved hands and the press of hoods aainst my face and know that i am safe and secure, submissive and obedient...and happy.

here are a couple of new pictures since everyone wanted to see the inside hood.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope's Speech

J in San Jose has commented below with the link to the pope's actual speech. it is

As J says, it is quite academic although very readable, and discusses the role of reason in faith. The reference to the byzantine emperor was, indeed, merely hisorical and taken completely out of context by the press and presumably by others who used the quote to start a controversy.

This is a fine example of the dangers of a non-analytical, attention deficit press who are more interested in finding and reporting a controversy than in educaing and informing the public. Nowhere have I heard any coverage of WHO first took umbrage at the statement, HOW it propogated from the pope's presentation to the world outside the university, whether there was a a deliberate desire to fan flames of controversy or if it was accidentally misunderstood by someone, etc, effect, the press has completely abdicated itself worldwide of any responsibility for informing the public of the underlying reality and has decided, rather, to merely pander to the controversy by 'truthfully' mentioning that there is a controversy.

I recommend everyone read the speech...I do NOT agree with much of it, but it is informative about Benedict's mindset and can provide insights into what we can expect from the Vatican over the next few years.

This question of reason and faith should be examined by religious leaders of all faiths and specific statements about its validity made. If reason is considered anathema to faith by a particular religion then just knowing this can aid in attempts to communicate and coexist even though the points of view may be divergent.


Day to Day

Nothing too amazing to report this month. We went out to the far west of Ireland into the Connemara region last week. Beautiful mountains and very rocky shores.

Had a nice experience in the town of Castlebar where I met a very nice woman in a shop and we talked for about twenty minutes. I have had no problems with being covered in public. The woman I was talking with thought my red rubber burqa was quite nice and very useful in thewindy wet weather we had that day.

I am a bit concerned right now over these reports about the Pope's comments. I suspect the actual event has been completely misrepresented by the news media since I have been unable to gather the context in which he quoted a 14th century emperor.

The news media, even when carefully told what the speech was about, insisted on using the most negative terms and connotations without ever delving into the actual text of the speech beyond the one quote.

I would say, of course, that without more information it is impossible to understand what he was trying to convey.

Today we are off to do a bit of shopping and siteseeing at some nearby museums, then a movie later I will wear my white burqaa with the hood and be silent for the day. Sir does not expect any issues from the current tension. The people here in Ireland are quite rational and very accepting.

The white burqa is becoming my favorite. The sensuous feel of having the hood pulled tight across my face, zipped shut and then locked on with a collar (something new he has started recently) is just amazing. Then, when he drapes the burqa over me, cutting my vision even further, I shiver in excitement.

I've worn my black burqa a bit, but frankly it has become less my favorite over time. Sir is talking about having a blue one made now with a straightjacket leotard built in. \this would have a hood and body suit through the crotch along with arms that were wrapped around and bound in back to provide full restriction. I can only imagine what wandering around in such a garment will feel like.

The rest of our latex lifestyle continues. When at home I am wearing rubber all the time as is Sir. he has taken to wearing a full catsuit under his street clothes most of the time. At home he is wearing his 'alien' suit as I call it quite often as well.

So, we are settled in our new life and I am having plenty of fun while we afre here. I shall write again later and hope everyone is well.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

A month in Ireland

We have finished out first month in Ireland and I must say it has been wonderful.

Nothing very noteworthy has occurred. We have not had a chance to do much siteseeing yet. I have wanderd around our village and gone into the city centre a few times. Mostly, however, I have been busy unpacking our goods (which only arrived a few days ago) and setting up the new house.

Sir has not decided to buy property here yet, so we are leasing a large 4 bedroom house. It is a bit smaller than we are used to, but we judiciously chose to store many of our books and collectibles.

Finally, after many requests, here is a snapshot of me in my newest white burqa. It has an internal hood that zips very tightly around my face and head. The hood has perforations for each eye, and no mouth hole. Wearing it is an intense exoperience because the hood is very tight against my face, I am completely silenced (even if Sir has not inserted a gag in my mouth) and trying to see things through the double perforations is difficult to say the least.

Below is a shot of what the hood attached to the top of theburqa looks like.
Everything appears sort of fuzzy and hazy when i wear this one. The two layers of perforations in front of my eyes make things seem unreal and soft around the edges.

I shall write more later.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Busy Month

My apologies for taking so long to write here again. It has been a most busy month or so.

Sir has started his new company and, in the intervening time, we have migrated to Ireland as I mentioned in earlier posts.

It is quite lovely here. Very cool and windy and rainy much of the time, but when the sun comes out we have lovely afternoons. We are learning our way around and seeking a new house to purchase.

Last night we visited one of Sir's investors at a dinner party he gave. I was allowed to speak and to actually remove my burqa when we visited his home. I had worn my white burqa with its builtin hood while we were out, so i was silenced on the way there, but i took it off once we were in the house.

These investors were mostly people we had already met on previous trips and they were familiar with my particular dress habits.

Getting ready for the party had been most enjoyable. I decided that a long slinky black dinner dress would be most appropriate. I wore it over a grey transparent skinsuit with an open faced hood attached as well as the usual gloves and feet.

Over that I wore a corset in black latex with it laced comfortably. Sir laced me in as he has been doing, but for some reason last night the sensations were heightened. Feeling the rubber tighten slowly over my latex skinsuit was somehoe more erotic and compelling this night.

I pulled the dress on over all this and it fits wonderfully. ankle length and straight all the way down, it is a bit different from my usual loose skirted dresses. Very formal looking which is how Sir said everyone would be dressed. I pulled on a second pair of gloves as well which went nicely under the 3/4 length sleeves of the dress.

Although I was going to remain open faced, I had intended to pull on a second, black hood that would have covered my transparent hood. This was open faced as well, but matches the dress nicely and provides a hat like effect. I have never really cared for the look of hair plastered under the transparent hoods so I tend to cover it even though mine is very short.

Sir however, nixed that idea and had me slick my thin, short blond hair back tightly before putting the transparent skinsuit hood on. I must say that, perfectly laid flat and seerely slicked first, it looked quite nice all evening under my hood.

As we were leaving I put on the white burqa with its internal hood. This hood has perforations at the eyes and no mouthhole so I am silenced while wearing it.

The hood zips in back which means I pull it on with the burqa thrown over my back. It is very heavy feeling and i adjust it carefully, then Sir reached up under the folds of white latex and zipped it shut. The sense of it tightenting agains my face is always wonderfully powerful, but this night it was even more so.

Perhaps the fact that the burqa's hood was touching my face for the first time was why it felt so sensuous and stimulating. When Sir tossed the front of the burqa over my hood and I straightened it, making sure the perforations in the hood and the perforated panel in the burqa lined up to provide as much vision as possible. For some reason the action was more erotic than i usually find it. A distinct frisson of sexual arousal and anticipation flooded over me as Sir helped me straighten the burqa.

Our trip to the dinner party was quiet and uneventful, but I was growing more excited all the time. I was quietly aroused the entire evening. Sir took care of that later when we got back home, but I swear, putting my burqa back on as we were leaving was nearly orgasmic!

Well, that'senough for now. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are both well and living in Ireland now. Sir's business is shaping up quickly and we are settling in quite well.

I shall write more later


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Things Getting Back to Normal

Today we seem to be getting back to normal. Sir is feeling much better, has more energy and his vitals are back to normal. He is still a bit weak and tires quickly as we walk around, but that improves everytime we go out.

Today we went out looking at new sewing machines for me, did some shopping and started thinking about our upcoming move to Ireland. We need to start planning it in earnest soon. We will be going over there again soon to look at living accomodations. We must decide what to do about our home here as well.

We also went to see the new X-Men movie which was enjoyable for its costumes, but I found the story a bit weak. It was nice to see Famke Jansenn in her red dress, but she almost had no lines. The young actress Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde did a wonderful job and truly caught the essence of the character.

We are off on travels again next week...Sir has some business and he is bringing me along. I shall be with him in the capacity of his private rubber nurse, I suppose :-)

Take care everyone (and thank you for all the nice thoughts during Sir's illness)


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


What a couple of weeks!
As soon as we returned from Ireland, Sir came down with pneumonia and spent a week in hospital. It was most distressing. However, he is better now, although still recovering somewhat. He's weak and tires easily.

So it has been a slow fortnight. First he was in hospital and I was spending a great deal of time at the hospital, then when he came home, he has been resting and I have been playing nursemaid.

Ok, so there HAS been a bit of fun in the past week, playing nursemaid..:-)

Aside from that, Sir has received his new priest's cassock in long black latex. I love the way it looks on him and he's been wearing it this past week as a robe while resting. I've been tending him mostly in my nun's habit.

We have not been out much, but I did get a few comments on my latex dresses when I visited Sir in hospital. I typically wore an ankle length loose fitting dress, stockings, and gloves. Of course I corseted, but I did not cover my face or wear my burqa because that would have probably caused too much consternation for the nurses.

Overall, the nurses were too shy to ask me much about my clothing, but a couple asked what it was made of and commented that it looked nice. I wore white, red, and black on different days.

So we are slowly getting back to normal. Sir is feeling better and breathing easier. We're not sure WHY he contracted pneumonia so suddenly...I had no problems at all, but I was covered in my burqa and hood as we flew back. Perhaps he contracted something on the plane.

Take care everyone

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Visiting Ireland again

Well, we are back in Ireland. We were last here in November. Sir has more business and has brought me along for a holiday.

Went out yesterday in the cool blustery wind and did a bit of shopping and siteseeing.

Much more pleasant weather today. Yesterday reminded me more of San Jose.

Not much else going on. Sir has given me a new white burqa with a full face hood built into the inside. The hood has no mouth and the eyes are covered with perforated latex. This means it obscures my vision because i have to look through two layers of perforations. That is actually si very snug and comfortable.

All else is fine.

I shall write again soon about our furhter Irish adventures


Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally a Little Peace

It has been a very hectic and sad couple of weeks but I am finally feeling better now.

First, we heard of the death of a friend of ours in the UK. It was most tragic and unexpected.

On top of that I have been busy with household things and some writing and have not written here for a while. However, things are much better now. I was truly distracted after hearing about our friend, but I am getting my equilibrium back.

Went out yeasterday and had lunch with a colleague. I am considering a return to teaching since I do not have to be completely sealed in latex anymore. That is all startng to take shape. However, I find I still WANT to be covered in public and truly do not feel comfortable on those few occassions when I have ventured out with my head and face uncovered.

For the record, that is still the ONLY part of me that is ever not rubber covered when I go out...and the last time I went out with an uncovered head was in February.

Of course the weather has helped here in the bay area. It has been raining almost non stop throughout March which makes it perfect for rubber burqa wear!

I also had to deal with Sir being gone for a few days and that has always made me restless, particularly since maid is gone. BTW, maid is doing very well and we are expecting to visit her and her partner/mistress sometime this summer.

But the past two days I have spent chatting with friends over the net, wrapped in my dress and hood and burqa all in a wonderful sense of comfort and protection.

Sir and I are getting back to normal after a very busy time. I hope to be writing here again soon. It has been lovely the past two days talking to friends. I hope those of you who were online with me had an enjoyable time too. I truly love chatting and camming with you when I am allowed to do so.


Monday, March 13, 2006

An Interesting Evening

I do not usually discuss Sir's and my sexual practices here. I do not have any desire to describe in explicit terms the sexual adventures Sir and I get up to. Suffice it to say they are very enjoyable, rather more involved than missionary, and deeply latex centric.

This log is more about my internal feelings and a look at my day to day life living in latex. However, the other night I had such an intriguing evening which I can discuss in non-explicit terms that I thought i would share. The most intriguing aspect of the evening turned out to be the very lack of anything to writehome about (or blog about).

As a submissive I no longer think in terms of what sexual practices please me. I have almost completely sublimated such reactions into thinking about what pleases Sir. Pleasing HIM pleases me. Fortunately for me, usually, Sir gains pleasure by making me feel pleasure. It is a symbiotic relationship in many ways.

I often refer to the fact that Sir uses me in one way or another for his gratification. As my particular fetish is to be oibjectified, please understand that nothing pleases me more than for him to do this. It is deeply comforting and highly arousing for him to manipulate me in a physical manner as though I were a toy.

Sir has, for many years, preferred oral gratification to genital. That is, he enjoys using my mouth and I find it a wonderful way to be used. But, as usual with Sir, there is a twist.

The other night, as on many other evenings, he came home and found me in a long black rubber dress, corset, boots, gloves, and hood. Sir wen tupstairs to change into some latex for dinner and came down a while later in the catsuit he had worn under his street clothes that day.

I made dinner for us (really miss maid sometiems!) and set it out on the table. However, just as I called him to the table, he came in and put a second hood over my face. This one has no eyeholes, and has a condom sheath that goes in my mouth. He also slipped a rubber armbinder over my arms behind my back and placed an ankle binder around my boots.

He led me over to his chair at the end of the table and had me kneel beside it. A short chain passed from the tip of the armbinder to the ankle binder.

I knew what this meant. He does this from time to time and it always means that he will be using me from time to time over the course of dinner and the rest of the evening to satisfy his sexual needs. By using my mouth which is filled with a rubber sheath, I am made to be his toy, his object, his rubber doll, but I myself and denied even the fleeting gratification of tasting him.

It is hard to explain just how incredibly erotic and arousing I find this. The overwhelming sense of losing my identity, losing control over my body, losing control over my emotions and even my sexuality is explosively exciting and arousing. And, feeling him satisfy himself is quite capable of prompting a climax in me when I have successfully migrated to the headspace that such objectification typically sends me to.

But this night Sir did not use me. He knelt me beside his chair, and, as far as I could tell, ate the dinner I had prepared with gusto. Usually, he would stop sometime during the meal and unzip his suit and utilize me. However, that evening he never touched me, not even to pat my head as he often does.

After his dinner, he moved me into our TV viewing room and knelt me in my usual place next to his chair. Again, I usually am placed facing him so that, as he relaxes, watching a movie, he can use me at a moment's notice. It is not unusual for me to remain like this, rubbered, blinded, silenced, chained, disposable to his whims and urges, for an entire evening, serving as a receptacle to his lust and urges several times through the evening.

On this ocassion however, he did nothing. For the entire evening (over 6 hours I later learned), he never once touched my rubbered body, never gratified himself, never acknowledged my existence.

At the end of his evening of TV, he turned off the set (I could hear it click off when the sound died) then, as far as I could tell, left the room.

I did not know whether to be devastated or overjoyed. I was so confused. On the one hand he had not touched me, had almost acted as if I had displeased him. I had taken a mental inventory of my dress and demeanor several times since he bound me, but I was certain I had not dressed inappropriately. No skin was showing, my corset was tight, my boots high, my gloves in perfect order (a split glove is a VERY bad offense in our household).

On the other hand, he had treated me as the ultimate object; one he simply owned but felt no interest in, did not have any use for that night. There was such an aspect of total abnegation of my being that I found myself breathing fast and hard when I consodered what I must look like to him. I was an end table, a small decoration, a nothing.

I knelt there, vacillating between elation and despair, between fear I would be left there until I died of thirst and excitement at having been transofrmed into the objectified creation I wished.

I do not know how long I kenlt there...five minutes, and hour, two...I simply have no idea. But at some point, I suddenly felt Sir's rubber gloved hands reach around me from behind and squeeze my breasts and nipples (which were quite hard at that moment).

I absolutely exploded. The climax I achieved in that moment was among the strongest in my life. I tried to scream, but the rubber sheath in my mouth prevented evena good scream as I felt my whole rubbered body flowing with hot lust and the followon explosion of pleasure.

I collapsed...After kneeling for hours it was too much to bear and I felt all my muscles go limp with quivering delight. I vaguely recall starting to keel over to my left, then nothing.

I slowly cames awake and discovered myself, still encased, gagged, booted, gloved, bound, and very stiff. I laid there, unmoving. I still could not see, and I felt the post-coital lassitude but I had a sense I had been there for a while. Then, I heard and felt Sir come in, and he sat me upright, un fashioned the chain and the binders. He stood e up on very wobbly legs and undid my condom hood. I was quivering again to feel his hands on me, hoping he would finally use me, but all he did was remove the hood.

I blinked my eyes as they adjusted to light. He did not say a word, but led me out of the home theater room and I was astounded...there was daylight coming in the windows. I had been in there all night long.

Sir took me upstairs, undressed me, and put me to bed again in our bed under the latex sheets and comforter. I drfited back to sleep and didn't wake up until after noon.

What an incredible evening. No psychotropic drug could be more dramatic in its effects.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Quiet Days

Nothing much has been happening. Sir is travellign an I travelled with him a bit recently. Different and somewhat disconcerting to travel without the burqa on. I think I may continue to wear it in public. sir says that's OK, if I wish. I was out yesterday and the day before fully covered with it.

I find not wearing a hood when I am outside feels weird. My hair is growing back excellently, although I shall keep it short..I have something in common with Ms Portland, I suppose...saw her picture on Vogue yesterday and thought, "oh yes, I KNOW how that feels"

Had a chance to chat with maid last week. Her new partner is very strict with her time and she does not have much freedom of choice about her life now. She's loving it. She said her partner is very structured and organized and it is her duty to help maintain the organized lifestyle. She's in heaven, I think !

Might be visiting my sister and parents later next month ... and they want me to be there for Easter. That could be fun.

Well, I am off to get lunch. I'm wearing all black today as it is cold and wet here. A simple corset, stockings, dress, gloves, and hood under my black burqa

Take care everyone

Monday, February 27, 2006

Adjusting to Air

That seems a bit pretentious title, but this marks about 2 full weeks now that I have been unencased. I am pretty much fully adjusted to being touched by air, fabric, and people.

My days and my habits have changed littel. Today we are travelling and I am at the airport in a long white dress like I used to wear. I still enjoy wearing the burqa in public, but am no longer ordered to do so by Sir.

Sir loaned several of his latex hoods and outfits along with some of mine to apriest who was lecturing at a seminary. The idea was to shake the seminarian's world view a bit and make sure they understood that people with alternative lifestyles are just a sspiritual, and just as much deserving of their acceptance and tolerance as anyone. He reported to Sir that the presentation he made (in Sir's elaborate ALIEN suit) was quite successful

All else is well. We were hoping to make the SF Fetish Fair this year, but I think we will be out of town. Sir continues to travel a lot and I shall probably be doing a lot myself.

Now that I am unhooded and unencased, I have begun to think about going back into teaching. I had a chat with my friend about it and she encouraged me to find a university that would be interested. It would be nice. More to follow.

I think that's all for the moment...for the trackers, today i am in all white stockings, corset, and gloves under my white long sleeved full skirted dress ... no hood or gag.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Day 1 -- Unencased

Today is my first day in 13 and a half months to be spent uneclosed and unencased in latex. And it is weird. I have not felt air move across my face nor the feeling of a porcelain sink, a granite countertop, a wooden spoon, or a leather chair under my hand in over a year.

I find myself running my hands over things I have not had true contact with in a year. These include Sir's face and the sensation is...disturbing.

Not unpleasant...but the sensation is SO very different from my experience over the past 13 months. not the smooth, muted slickness of my rubbered hands touching his face, or his mask. Not the sensation of soft rubber under my fingers. Not the sensation of being separate from everything, protected and isolated in a smooth integuement of rubber.

I actually find it a bit painful when I feel the wind on my face through the open window. My skin on my cheeks is hypersensitive and tender. BUt I suppose that will pass.

I miss being covered head to toe. I dressed in lovely smoky grey transparent stockings, latex panties and corset (I have not worn panties for a year...the skinsuits served) and my favorite blak rubber dress. Sir wanted me to not wear gloves or a hood today around the house. He wants me to get used to being unrubbered.

The weirdest feeling so far is the breeze moving over my head. My hair has not been trimmed in almost two weeks (since he decided to cease the total enclosure) so I have a bit of fuzz on my head. The feel of his hands holding my naked head and running over my head stubble is bizarre.

Went out for a little this evening. I will still wear my burqa at least for a while. It is comfortable and covered my baldness. But it felt odd having it over my face directly, not covering a hood or two. I was allowed to wear my gloves, of course, but then had to remove them when we got home.

Tonight, Sir says I can not sleep in my vac bed because he has to sleep too. But he says I can sleep in my lavender rubber nightgown at least.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

The experiment is ending

Well, 13 months and 2 weeks after I first encased myself totally in latex 24/7. the experiment, the project, the protocol, whatever we decide to call it, is coming to an end.

Sir has decided that it is just too difficult for me to continue the regimen without maid's help. And neither of us are looking to replace our dear friend and love just yet.

I tried to continue for the past 2 weeks since she left, but there is just too many parts to the regimen that I need help with. From cleaning skinsuits, to making sure I am dry and lotioned properly, to corsetting and dressing it is a lot. Of course I do it when we travel but in those cases I have Sir to help me.These past two weeks have just become too time consuming a burden

And I let myself stay wet on my back and had a slight rash develop. Sir decided then tht it is time relax the 24/7 regiemen.

Now, this does not mean I will not be in rubber most of the time. I will still wear latex dresses, gloves, hoods, my corsets and my burqa. I shall even wear my skinsuits much of the time, but, like most fetishists, I shall take everything off and shall not try to maintain total enclosure, particularly over my face.

I shall blog here to let everyone know how the re-entry into the world goes. And Sir has said that it is quite acceptable for me to veil in public in my burqa if I wish. I think I shall continue to do that. I hae grown quite accustomed to viewing the world from behind my perforated screens and feeling the gentle weight of rustling rubber swirling around me as I walk.

Speaking of which, I wish to describe a bit more about my own reactions and feelings to enclosure. I realize, I have not delved too deeply into the physical sensations I experience while sealed.

I was thinking about this today as we walked around the mall shopping. Perhaps because I will soon no longer be experiencing it all the time, I was sensitive to that gentle 'plick, plick' sensation of the latex skinsuit moving against my skin as I walked. I became very aware of the sensations of latex rubbing between my thighs and along my back and the back of my knees.

There is that subtle, constant, restriction and resistance that tells me I am slave to the rubber, that I am constrained and restrained and encased and stimulated. The sesnation of my gloves holding myhands in their tight embrace, the feel of the gag in my mouth and the4 tightness of my hood against my face.

There is that sensation, known to those who wear catsuits, of a bit of air trravelling up the leg over the buttocks and on up the back. There is an occassional sound asdn the faint whiff of latex.

Certainly no one could hear any of the squelching of my skinsuit, corset, black dress or gloves in the noise of the mall. But I could hear it all under the burqa and the sounds of it made a sort of ambient music as I wandered the busy corridors of shops and shoppers.

The feelings of latex gliding over me, whether at the mall beneath my burqa, a home beneath my dresses or in bed benath my sheets always arouses and excites me. There is, of course, a sexual component to that, but more, thee is an anticipation of the great 'drifting off' sensation that I get when latex finally swallows me from my feet to my chin, then my face, then my whole head. I suspect that only those of us into total enclosure can really understand this sensation of surrendering our identities to the rubber as it seems to crawl all over us and we wish it could flow into our orifices and slide down our throats.

I shall still enjoy these sensations, of course. But after tomorrow, they will once again become special occassions, not everyday ones.


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maid Takes Flight

Well, we put maid on a plane today to her new partner and lover. I miss her terribly already, but I am very happy for her to have found her true love. They are going to live together, then, later, they will have a bonding ceremony...perhaps someday a formal weding.

Many have asked...maid's new lover IS into rubber and IS a domme. But she is not as intense as Sir and I and maid indicates she will not be a full time maid or even a full time sub as she has been for us. Theirs will most likely be a much more 'traditional' D/s lifestyle :-)

I cried on the way, cried at the airport, and cried on the way back to our house. Then spent most of the day im'ing with friends. I told Sir I wanted to be allowed to stay in my burqa all day and he said yes...It's a very nice garment to hide from the world in.

Well, tomorrow I must get up and bathe and dress myself, make sure I have a clean skinsuit and am very dry and properly lotioned. I do this in hotels sometimes, but now I have the future to look forward to without her to help, without her to love.

Damn, I thought I was through crying.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Big Change

We have had a major announcement in our rubber household.

Maid is leaving us. She has met a girl and is leaving us to be with her. I am devastaed and elated at the same time. When she went home at Thanksgiving she met this young lady, about the same age as she is, and they have been corresponding a lot since. When she went back recently to see her family, they hooked up aagin and she has just told us she wants to leave our service and be with this young lady.

I gather that this new lover is interested in fetish and is dominant and maid has fallen in love with her and wants to serve her, but also wants to share their lives together.

So, at the end of this month she is moving out. I have been crying and hugging her for two days since she told us. Crying because I will miss her and her wonderful style and sense of humor. Hugging her because I am very very happy she has found someone. I guess I always knew she could not stay with us forever. She has been with us almost three years now and has been a wonderful maid

Of course, those of you who read this blog regularly knw that she has also been a member of the family too. She and I have had a wonderful loving relationship and she is deeply submissive to me and to my needs.

I do not know what we will do without her, but I guess we will find out.

I have to go cry some more now...and you know what it is lke to have the sniffles in a full face hood.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wonderful Weekend in San Francisco

I apologize for having failed to make an entry over the last couple of weeks. I have been rather busy and involved over the past 2 weeks.

first, let me thank everyone for the lovely comments to my last post. The comments and encouragements were delighttful.

Sir and I have just returned from a few days in San Francisco which was fun. We went up there to let him attend a business meeting mid week, then to attend a party with some friends.

In particular, the last couple of days we have spent wandering the streets of San Francisco (A very fun old TV show ...Michael DOuglas' forst) shopping and siteseeing. Today we went to the new de Young museum (a disappointment) and spent time in art and photography galleries.

The weather was fine until late last night when we were returning from our firends' house in Pacific Heights. The rain was actually quite nice for being covered in a latex burqa.

We visited our friends and I was subjected to a wonderful session by the very dominant woman we visited. She had me selaed in an inflatable bag, suspended form her ceiling, able to see bu tnot speak as she severely dominated two male slaves in total latex enclosure. She did some very heavy things to them (and to me for that matter) and Sir, enjoyed himself watching, and participating.

It was a lovely time.

Maid has been away for the last week visiting her family. She asked for the opportunity to do so andwe allowed it. However, I am misisng her incredibly. The little trip to SF was a wonderful distraction although bathing and dressing by myself in our hotel suite was a challenge.

Things should get back to normal this next week.

My encasement remains total and the friends we visited were very impressed with Sir's training of me. Of course I was subjected to her commands and attentions as she felt were best, but I have to say that watching how she dommed her two male slaves (one her hsuband) while I was immobilized, silenced and with my breathing controlled was amazingly exciting. Sir agreed and he stood behind me while I was supended, whipping me through the bag and watcing what she did to her males.

While we were in SF, we also had the enjoyment of meeting a very nice young lady at the hotel bar. She was dressed in beautiful red rubber...a corsage dress, tight around her bust and down to just above the knee. We chatted and shared a drink. She was just waiting for her boyfriend after work. She was a little tentative about my burqa, but I was ungagged and was able to join in the chat.

So 'street rubber' is coming...slowly, but surely.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day and A Year in Latex Enclosure

Well, it is Jan 1, 2006 and I have now been fully encased in latex, 23/7, head to toe, for one full year. I never really expected to make it this long. I thought that some skin problem would develop, or I would become unable to remain rubbered, or Sir would lose interest in me as a rubber enclosed sub. However, the opposite has emerged as the truth.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I thought I would want ever more extreme bondage and restriction, more encasement and deeper dissolution into the latex. Well, while I willalways want those things from time to time as my desires and needs fluctuate, I think I have now found precisely the level of total submission to the discipline of latex and to my Sir.

I certainly look forward to days spent in total immobilization, bodily functions controlled and managed by others such as Sir and maid, but for day to day life, I am happy with the skinsuits, catsuit, hood, gloves, corset, and boots covered by dress and maybe a neck corset, then the burqa to protect me from prying eyes when in public.

Sir seems to agree. He has explained to me today that I will continue my usual protocol for the time being. He understands and agrees with my desires for more extreme restriction, encasement, breath and bodily function surrender, and assures me that I will be allowed to experience and endure such extreme sessions. However, he wants me to remain communicative, involved with the outside world, and generally compos mentis for a while longer.

The mode of thought I achieve when totally encased and isolated, suspended and ignored, like a garment hung on a hanger, is almost transcendental. I am sure many of my readers will understand the absolute zen-like drfiting of the mind that one undergoes after a few hours sealed, gagged, tubed, suspended, and ignored. Then, the shock of being stimulated comes so much more intensely that there becomes nothing in the universe except the stimulation that is happening right then. Talk about living in the now!

Sir is probably right. I could probably not withstand the onslaught of non-consciouness that would engulf my ego and my self if I were to dissolve myslef into latex encapsulation at the level I intended. I would, most likely, simply cease to be as a human being separate from the latex that compels me. of course, that is what I want in some respects, but perhaps not yet. It is a one way journey I think and Sir has deisres for me as me yet.

But can you imagine, an old crone in her 80's or 90's, still encased and sealed, completely without mind, perfectly sculpted figure (since all is held in place by rubber), enjoying one melting orgasm after another as she continuously dangles from a ceiling suspension rig, on full life support, no thought or substance in her mind, just drifting on a pleasant raft of sensation to her ultimate end? mmmmm...yummy, do you not agree, dear readers?

We had a lovely new years eve, went to a play and a kinky after party and I had a great deal of fun. I remained gagged and burqa'd throughout and had the opportunity at the party to submit to several folks. Interestingly, the most common form of submission my temporary owners wanted was for me to kneel, bow my head to the floor and then crawl to them until my head touched their feet. After the first time I did this for Sir, just after we arrived, there were three women who wanted me to show such obiesance to them. It was hilariously funny to them, lusciously humiliating to me and incredibly arousing to Sir.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful new year's eve and are looking forward to a great 2006. Certainly, I am!