Monday, March 13, 2006

An Interesting Evening

I do not usually discuss Sir's and my sexual practices here. I do not have any desire to describe in explicit terms the sexual adventures Sir and I get up to. Suffice it to say they are very enjoyable, rather more involved than missionary, and deeply latex centric.

This log is more about my internal feelings and a look at my day to day life living in latex. However, the other night I had such an intriguing evening which I can discuss in non-explicit terms that I thought i would share. The most intriguing aspect of the evening turned out to be the very lack of anything to writehome about (or blog about).

As a submissive I no longer think in terms of what sexual practices please me. I have almost completely sublimated such reactions into thinking about what pleases Sir. Pleasing HIM pleases me. Fortunately for me, usually, Sir gains pleasure by making me feel pleasure. It is a symbiotic relationship in many ways.

I often refer to the fact that Sir uses me in one way or another for his gratification. As my particular fetish is to be oibjectified, please understand that nothing pleases me more than for him to do this. It is deeply comforting and highly arousing for him to manipulate me in a physical manner as though I were a toy.

Sir has, for many years, preferred oral gratification to genital. That is, he enjoys using my mouth and I find it a wonderful way to be used. But, as usual with Sir, there is a twist.

The other night, as on many other evenings, he came home and found me in a long black rubber dress, corset, boots, gloves, and hood. Sir wen tupstairs to change into some latex for dinner and came down a while later in the catsuit he had worn under his street clothes that day.

I made dinner for us (really miss maid sometiems!) and set it out on the table. However, just as I called him to the table, he came in and put a second hood over my face. This one has no eyeholes, and has a condom sheath that goes in my mouth. He also slipped a rubber armbinder over my arms behind my back and placed an ankle binder around my boots.

He led me over to his chair at the end of the table and had me kneel beside it. A short chain passed from the tip of the armbinder to the ankle binder.

I knew what this meant. He does this from time to time and it always means that he will be using me from time to time over the course of dinner and the rest of the evening to satisfy his sexual needs. By using my mouth which is filled with a rubber sheath, I am made to be his toy, his object, his rubber doll, but I myself and denied even the fleeting gratification of tasting him.

It is hard to explain just how incredibly erotic and arousing I find this. The overwhelming sense of losing my identity, losing control over my body, losing control over my emotions and even my sexuality is explosively exciting and arousing. And, feeling him satisfy himself is quite capable of prompting a climax in me when I have successfully migrated to the headspace that such objectification typically sends me to.

But this night Sir did not use me. He knelt me beside his chair, and, as far as I could tell, ate the dinner I had prepared with gusto. Usually, he would stop sometime during the meal and unzip his suit and utilize me. However, that evening he never touched me, not even to pat my head as he often does.

After his dinner, he moved me into our TV viewing room and knelt me in my usual place next to his chair. Again, I usually am placed facing him so that, as he relaxes, watching a movie, he can use me at a moment's notice. It is not unusual for me to remain like this, rubbered, blinded, silenced, chained, disposable to his whims and urges, for an entire evening, serving as a receptacle to his lust and urges several times through the evening.

On this ocassion however, he did nothing. For the entire evening (over 6 hours I later learned), he never once touched my rubbered body, never gratified himself, never acknowledged my existence.

At the end of his evening of TV, he turned off the set (I could hear it click off when the sound died) then, as far as I could tell, left the room.

I did not know whether to be devastated or overjoyed. I was so confused. On the one hand he had not touched me, had almost acted as if I had displeased him. I had taken a mental inventory of my dress and demeanor several times since he bound me, but I was certain I had not dressed inappropriately. No skin was showing, my corset was tight, my boots high, my gloves in perfect order (a split glove is a VERY bad offense in our household).

On the other hand, he had treated me as the ultimate object; one he simply owned but felt no interest in, did not have any use for that night. There was such an aspect of total abnegation of my being that I found myself breathing fast and hard when I consodered what I must look like to him. I was an end table, a small decoration, a nothing.

I knelt there, vacillating between elation and despair, between fear I would be left there until I died of thirst and excitement at having been transofrmed into the objectified creation I wished.

I do not know how long I kenlt there...five minutes, and hour, two...I simply have no idea. But at some point, I suddenly felt Sir's rubber gloved hands reach around me from behind and squeeze my breasts and nipples (which were quite hard at that moment).

I absolutely exploded. The climax I achieved in that moment was among the strongest in my life. I tried to scream, but the rubber sheath in my mouth prevented evena good scream as I felt my whole rubbered body flowing with hot lust and the followon explosion of pleasure.

I collapsed...After kneeling for hours it was too much to bear and I felt all my muscles go limp with quivering delight. I vaguely recall starting to keel over to my left, then nothing.

I slowly cames awake and discovered myself, still encased, gagged, booted, gloved, bound, and very stiff. I laid there, unmoving. I still could not see, and I felt the post-coital lassitude but I had a sense I had been there for a while. Then, I heard and felt Sir come in, and he sat me upright, un fashioned the chain and the binders. He stood e up on very wobbly legs and undid my condom hood. I was quivering again to feel his hands on me, hoping he would finally use me, but all he did was remove the hood.

I blinked my eyes as they adjusted to light. He did not say a word, but led me out of the home theater room and I was astounded...there was daylight coming in the windows. I had been in there all night long.

Sir took me upstairs, undressed me, and put me to bed again in our bed under the latex sheets and comforter. I drfited back to sleep and didn't wake up until after noon.

What an incredible evening. No psychotropic drug could be more dramatic in its effects.



Ghost said...

Sounds like a most mind blowing occasion! lol

RubberRonin said...

Oh. My. God. This tale had ME going off. Although I'm male, I have the same reaction as you do, Latex Lady. I love being fully encased and objectified. I have long known that the uncertainty of whether I will be totally ignored (serving as furniture, or at least an erotic art object) or used to gratify the sexual and other needs of my Mistress is very exciting, in and of itself. And the fact She makes these decisions is very exciting, too. Thank you for sharing!

Rubberjohn said...

Beinf a latex object is an ultimate fantasy... No longer existing as a human being, with feelings, fear, expectations, desires... Only a thing, encased in latex, a furniture, an object existing only by the will of the mistress (or master...). With no indication of what she/he expects. Staying alone, without any motion, any freedom, a mass of latex without any soul. Being played with, or purely abandoned, totally discardable.

Anonymous said...


Peter Rook said...

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Alessandro said...

This tale makes me horny. i hope to find a girl like you for a life in latex.

Anonymous said...

What a load of male-centred crap. A woman who can climax just by having her tits squeezed? Please!! This story convinces me that "Latex Lady" is a sad, single man living in fantasy land.

Latex Lady said...

LOL! I must saqy, Anonymous, that I laughed quite a lot at your comment. I assure you (and my female readers are invited to comment) that many if not most women are fully capable of achieving climax just from having their breasts touched if the conditions are right.

I have been able to do so since college when Sir felt me up in the student lounge at our university! :)

Women's sexuality is much more diffuse and internalized than men's and not all focused on one particular organ or spot. My nipples and breasts are highly erogenous as are my ear lobes, my neck, and my back.

Everyone else, Thank you very much for the kind comments.

veiled slave said...

Yes I agree. Especialy those of us who endure prolonged isolation & sensory deprivation, your whole body becomes an erogenous zone.
I am glad you are still finding pleasure in rubber & was pleased to hear you are wearing your burqa to go out. I continue to be forced to wear a gag & burqa all day long & still get a buzz from being veiled on the street.

Leader-Phil said...

Lady you very right about your body becoming very highly erogenous while encased in latex.
I enjoy reading your post very much
I have started my own blog as well

Ghost said...

When other sense are lost, dulled or removed from the equation it is quite natural for the body to adapt the other sense to a higher focus. IN this case, almost all sense were removed save touch so it should be no surprise that someone in such a predicament could climax almost spontaneously from even a slight stimulation to a normally sensative portion of the body

Dark said...

I don't buy the notion that if some of your senses are cut off, others become more sensitive.

So if you are lying in a darkened room on a comfortable bed and the temperature is perfect and everything is very peaceful... what are your senses feeling? If you were doing the same enclosed in a complete rubber suit... what are your senses feeling?

It seems to me that in the second example, probably your entire skin is being stimulated.. so why would your genitals become more sensitive and trigger an orgasm? From the little I know about how the nervous system works this theory of sens dep leading to spontaneous orgasm does not hold water.

Popess Lilith said...

A little late, I know, but I wanted to reiterate what others have said: You have a lucky master, and I for one hope someday to find a slave that has an objectification fetish and a willingness to try out some of my more perverse fantasies....

Anonymous said...

Dear Latex Lady:
I'll quote an old post of yours
"But can you imagine, an old crone in her 80's or 90's, still encased and sealed, completely without mind, perfectly sculpted figure (since all is held in place by rubber), enjoying one melting orgasm after another as she continuously dangles from a ceiling suspension rig, on full life support, no thought or substance in her mind, just drifting on a pleasant raft of sensation to her ultimate end?"

Somehow you have exactly written my deepest fantasy in a short text. Amazingly summarizing the esence of my fetish.
My surprise is grand, and I really envy your lifestyle, thanks for being there, please keep on writing.


Anonymous said...

Hello Latex Lady,
Lady your post was very good. Lady i am finding slaves which likes to be bound in latex no matter weather they are owned or not. Lady i am a owned slave. I have 5 Mistresses and all are great WOMEN. Lady my MISTRESS decided to encased me in the latex. Lady i am i male and before encasing me in latex, first they give me a breast therapy in order to give me 2 big and nice tits. They will be approx. 10 inch in diameter. Lady and many alteration will happen to my body before encasing me in latex. Lady first i had to wear a leather hood which will soak in water to make it more small then put latex on all body only tits, my cock and balls and ass will leave free so to torture and use them. And rest all body will be encasing in the latex.lady then 10 inch high heel boots that will become permanent part of my body. After encasing me latex, sevral coats of silicon paint will be applied on my body to make it unremovable untill death. Lady also my hands will be bind in revese prayer position that makes them completely useless and in the latex and silicon paint. Lady my two senses sight and hearing will cut off permentaly. Lady i want to know what it feel to be in that condition. Lady i want to do it, want to become my Mistress toy. Lady as much as i think about it as much as aroused i become. Please tell me what i feel in that because u have experience.
Please send ur answer on my email id-
Other who are in this can please if u like to talk to me and want to help me can send me mails. Thank you Lady.

Hugh said...

LOL poor lad!

You might want to see what it's like to wear a hood that's too tight for a short period, and slow down on the "until death" stuff - who knows, someone might do it, and you'll find yourself in a world of unpleasantness as your body festers and rots like a corpse, while you remain able to feel it. You might enjoy the sensation of the right amount of pain on the surface of your skin, but you really need to think about the health consequences before entering into anything too long.

Lady - when spending 24/7 in rubber (are you doing that again? I'm afraid I lost touch) - washed daily, and we're following suit for a week, later this year.

I know of dominants with multiple submissives (or slaves - but let's not get into semantics here) but it seems to break the scheme somewhat if a submissive has multiple dominants. It sounds to me like you need to take a few deep breaths and review your lifestyle, and your outlook on life in general. You are a human being, and we humans operate best in relationships of two or more consenting individuals. Hierarchy is present in almost all relationships - those who don't have such a hierarchy often refer to one another as partners. So what you could really do with is a relationship with someone with the same (or at least very similar) interests. If you're a *very* lucky boy, and that way inclined, you might possibly be able to find yourself two people to have a relationship with, together. And then you can do it all and live to do something else the next day.

Good luck.