Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Much Anticipated Bag Blog

Everyone wants to know about my new bag so here is the entry you've been craving.

The bag was made by someone in the US...I do not know by whom, but I think it may be from San Francisco. It is quite severe and has several interesting features which make it wonderful for long term enclosure and restriction.

First, it is very much like wearing a long tight rubber dress. Internally, there is an inflatable sheath skirt the legs go into and this skirt tapers towards the feet and hobbles the legs quite effectively. But, there is plenty of room for my feet and I never have any problem with numbness or pain from them.

Next, there are internal sleeves. These also inflate separately. When I am put into it, my arms go down long sleeves which are bound to the side and just a little bit behind me...I have to throw my chest out and pull my shoulders back to get into it and once it's inflated I am held that way.

The sleeves end in gloves.

The hood is fully externalized. That is, it rises out of the shoulders of the bag and, in fact, Sir puts a posture colar around my neck on the outside of the bag. The hood is very special and I shall get to it in a moment.

Inflation can be in stages as there are multple bladders. The legs can be inflated first which immobilizes them, then the chest can be inflated until breathing is cut off and the subject suffocates from the pressure. Finally, the hood can be inflated.
All inflation connections are at the back of the bag at the feet and tubes carry the air to the different bladders. This makes for a very smooth appearance.

Reinforced attachements at shoulder and hip form a supension harness which makes it possible for me to be suspended from the ceiling during the entire ordeal of inflation and encasement for long far up to 18 hours.

As the hood is inflated, it is assymetric. While the entire hood is double skinned and inflates, this establishes equal pressure all over my face. But a second inflation is possible which inflaes a bladder or pillow behind my head. This pushes my face into the front of the hood. As it does so, the eyeholes and breathing holes at nose and mouth close up so that the more that bladder is inflated, the more I am pushed into a wall of already infalted latex, the more I suffer restricted breathing.

This is the most erotic thing I have experienced in a long time. As he inflates my chest, Sir is usually careful to not over compress me. Of course by that time my legs are numb already from their bladder. If he has over inflated my chest, my breasts are crushed (more so if I am corseted) and I can barely breath anyway. Then, as he inflates my head, my world compresses into a tunnel which ultimately irises shut and seals me in an impenetrable, unbreathable encasement. My climaxes are legendary, let me assure you.

So that is the new bag. I am put into it usually once a week and have spent as much as 18 hours in it at a single stretch so far...suspended from our ceiling with him suffocating me periodically to generate orgasms.

When I am released it is the most relaxed and lethargic I can recall ever being.