Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Much Anticipated Bag Blog

Everyone wants to know about my new bag so here is the entry you've been craving.

The bag was made by someone in the US...I do not know by whom, but I think it may be from San Francisco. It is quite severe and has several interesting features which make it wonderful for long term enclosure and restriction.

First, it is very much like wearing a long tight rubber dress. Internally, there is an inflatable sheath skirt the legs go into and this skirt tapers towards the feet and hobbles the legs quite effectively. But, there is plenty of room for my feet and I never have any problem with numbness or pain from them.

Next, there are internal sleeves. These also inflate separately. When I am put into it, my arms go down long sleeves which are bound to the side and just a little bit behind me...I have to throw my chest out and pull my shoulders back to get into it and once it's inflated I am held that way.

The sleeves end in gloves.

The hood is fully externalized. That is, it rises out of the shoulders of the bag and, in fact, Sir puts a posture colar around my neck on the outside of the bag. The hood is very special and I shall get to it in a moment.

Inflation can be in stages as there are multple bladders. The legs can be inflated first which immobilizes them, then the chest can be inflated until breathing is cut off and the subject suffocates from the pressure. Finally, the hood can be inflated.
All inflation connections are at the back of the bag at the feet and tubes carry the air to the different bladders. This makes for a very smooth appearance.

Reinforced attachements at shoulder and hip form a supension harness which makes it possible for me to be suspended from the ceiling during the entire ordeal of inflation and encasement for long far up to 18 hours.

As the hood is inflated, it is assymetric. While the entire hood is double skinned and inflates, this establishes equal pressure all over my face. But a second inflation is possible which inflaes a bladder or pillow behind my head. This pushes my face into the front of the hood. As it does so, the eyeholes and breathing holes at nose and mouth close up so that the more that bladder is inflated, the more I am pushed into a wall of already infalted latex, the more I suffer restricted breathing.

This is the most erotic thing I have experienced in a long time. As he inflates my chest, Sir is usually careful to not over compress me. Of course by that time my legs are numb already from their bladder. If he has over inflated my chest, my breasts are crushed (more so if I am corseted) and I can barely breath anyway. Then, as he inflates my head, my world compresses into a tunnel which ultimately irises shut and seals me in an impenetrable, unbreathable encasement. My climaxes are legendary, let me assure you.

So that is the new bag. I am put into it usually once a week and have spent as much as 18 hours in it at a single stretch so far...suspended from our ceiling with him suffocating me periodically to generate orgasms.

When I am released it is the most relaxed and lethargic I can recall ever being.



Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

Thank you so much, for kindly telling us about your total enclosure body bag. I was waiting in anticipation, for you to share with us about it.

Regards from Canada,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady,
This is as good as it gets! Your description is excellent and I hope that Sir will take some photographs of the bag with and without you in it so we can get an even better picture than you have already painted.

Thanks as always!
Your fan in the ME.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this describtion, I hope see in some time one pictures about your body bag.
What do you thing about this hood for you href=""
This hood have 3 inflatable layers for very pressure on head and some bladders inner. front on eyes, ears and theres is 2 inflatable bag in mouth.

Nadia said...

Dear Lady,
As usual, your Blog is very elegant, always good description and amazing skills to tell a story.
You are some kind of icon for every rubberist.
But, the more i read your blog, the more, i want to have details about your wonderful life style Lady, i am addicted to your blog, but not decided to stop.
well, congratulation Lady
and thank you for everything

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

very exciting to read about your bag and how it is used.

Are you being trained to extend your periods in the bag ?

If you are suffocated is there still breathing space left in the bag ? It sounded like the pressure would be so great that the rubber would enveloped your head to totally and airtight. Are you holding your breath at that point ?

best regards


Anonymous said...

The new bag and hood sound completely overwhelming, and I salute you for desiring so much to get put into them. Yum! Yikes! Thank you for continuing to share of yourself. We are kindred.

unit1421 said...

Is everything ok there? You have not posted in almost 6 weeks...w

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

it would be great to hear from you again - maybe more adventures with other BDSM people.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,

Do you still keep in touch with Maid? Do you still miss her support in your daily life? Do you think at some point you will require live-in help once more in order to keep up your quest for rubber-sealed submissive perfection?

Thanks for your amazing blog. I hope you will continue to amaze and delight your readers for years to come.

Anonymous said...

yes, very good. Considering you say you hold a Phd, your spelling and grammer are appauling

Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for your comments. Yes, I still stay in touch with maid. she is very happily married, stil submissive, and I hope she and her wife come to visit us here in Ireland sometime.

I have been very lax the last two months...time has simply flown. I will blog a new entry soon. sor has had aother bout of pneumonia and tending to him has kept me too busy to write here.

With respect to the latest comment about my spelling and grammar:
1) MANY, MANY PhD's I know have terrible spelling and grammar. There is no real correlation there.
2) Most of what you saw in that post were typos caused by the fact that I am wearing latex gloves when I type and I did not take the time to go back and correct that post as I usually do when blogging. I have done so now.
3) The spelling of the word is 'appalling' ... it has no 'u'.
And the proper abbreviation is PhD.


kevin said...

Dear LL,

Your blog is a gift to your readers and critical comments are ungracious. Thank you for writing. I hope you will post again soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady

Love the blog.

Love reading your new entries.

Hope Sir gets better, being ill isn't nice and is draining.

Thanks for wonderful blog from New Zealand

Anonymous said...

It has been too long between posts as your fans which I will proudly admit to being one, do enjoy hearing about your life even if it does seem day to day for you. Maybe Sir will allow you to use just surgical gloves to type(or work out punishments for misteaks)

Since it appears that Sir got sick and you in all your layers did not, you could tout about the health benfits in total enclosure. Imagine if you started a health kick similar to when you hear a report about the benefits of oatmeal or fish oil!

While I'm sending a note here it would be interesting for you to get in contact with the Radiochick. She has gotten a Burka and goes out around New York testing it to see if she is treated differently.

And as a last note, it would be interesting to hear an occasional post by Sir as well. It is such an unusal sitatuion you have there, it would be nice to hear all sides.


Anonymous said...

Too bad The Radio Chick is now An Unemployed Chick since K-Rock went back to being a rock music station and dumped the ridiculous talk line up that Tom Cheapass-whine-O vomited forth to try to compete with Howard Stern when he went over to Sirius. The shows were horrible, a bunch of aging college radio-style DJs trying to be clones of Howard and all coming off like artards in the process. Good riddance, I say, but maybe she will start wearing latex with her Burqua in her newly abundant spare time.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

I miss your sharing your daily life with us. I eagerly anticipate the next story.

As always, thank you so much for sharing:-)

Respect from Canada,

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady: Your rubber inflatable enclosure bag sounds completely overwhelming and threatening, and therefore totally compelling and alluring ... as you must be when to your Master when you are in it. Totally alluring and yet removed! Yikes! Yum! Here is hoping we will get to see a photo of you in the bag at some point. Thanks as always for sharing.