Monday, February 26, 2007

Impressions in Latex II

The loose folds surround and contain me. The rubber is loose, soft, rustling, yet restaining and constricting at the same time. My breath is all I hear under the layers of hoods, the tubes fitted neatly into my nose and mouth, the pressure of inflation sealng all within.

I can't feel my hands or fingers anymore. The gloves are so tight and my arms are gone, lost, disappeared into the smooth tight shiny carapace of thick latex, zipped up and locked to my collar behind my back. My arms have been in such tight red rubber, the third layer, for so long and bound so tightly behind me that they have ceased to exist. Sir has kept me in this pose so long I cease to feel human, I feel disconnected, unattached and disjointed.

My torso and my breasts are tightly bound in layers of latex, pressurized and constraining, breath hard to find. My head held tightly by the collar, my legs held tightly together by the narrow hobble skirt that falls to just below my knees. Rubber boots tight to the calf, with very high spike heels, come to my knees, covering the rest of my legs. The tubes dangling from beneath my skirt fill my orifices. The collection bag is attahced to my right thigh, its bands constricting and cutting off the blood flow slightly. The plugs and the wires Sir has put in me make me tingle and shudder. The plugs both vibrate and electrify me.

As I stand before him, swathed in yards and yards of rubber, both tightly constrained and flowingly loose, restrained to the point of numbness yet free to feel myself soar with pleasure, as I stand before him, I lose myself, sinking, drowning in the rubber he drapes over me. No longer human, unable to eat, feel, move, see, taste, or even hear beyond the sound of my own breath moving in and out of the tubes I am dependent on. I cease to be...I am become latex... I am the smooth, shiny, elastic integuement...I am the tubes, the bag, the inflation, the gag, the plugs...I am the rubber.

This is how I spent my weekend. When I was finally released this morning, I took over an hour to re-align myself with the reality of being merely dressed in lightweight rubber. I felt light headed, literally, without the pressure of an inflated hood worn for over 48 hours and my arms kept moving of their own accord for quite some time, no restraint, no restriction.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend in London

We spent a lovely weekend in London, shopping and just relaxing as a late valentine's celebration.

Sir required me to pack nothing but red rubber..stockings, boots, corset, dresses, gloves, hoods. I brought three red dresses, one of which is in the accompanying picture. This is my red dress from peter leth.

Several people were concerned about me going out in a burqa in London. But let me say there were not only no problems, I fit in quite well, particulalry when we went to two fabric stores in Kilburn on the Edgeware road. I do believe that veiled and fully covered and gloved women were in the majority. I was not given a second glance.

But even in Mayfair and in Harrods I was hardly noticed. Dinner in a very nice restaurant the first night we arrived was, as always, interesting, but I ordered shrimp and scallops which always works as a meal I can eat beneath my burqa.

the hood I was wearing most of the time is very tight, laced in back and then a zipper over the lacing. It is quite thick and restrictive with a round hole over my mouth that I can just berley fit small bites of food through. Sir gagged me sometimes while wearing it, a small red ball gag that fits very neatly in the hole in the hood.

My red boots were a bit tiring to walk in as much as we did, but they look wonderfully sleek. The second dress I brought along is very tight and hobbling and the boots look wonderful under it.

We stopped at several bookstores (the IRISH do not appear to enjoy reading as much as we do if the number and size of bookstores are any measure). And I was able to acquire some lovely fabric inclufding some very fancy lycras with arabesques and a nice black vinyl that I will use to make my sister something kinky i think :)

Sir bought some Starbuck's coffee and other things he can't get here in the west of Ireland. We had a lovely time visiting some of the museums (but the Kylie Costume exhibit at the V & A is overhyped).

In the evenings, I was put into some very nice bondage Sir acquired at a store in islington. A new armbinder and a special harness for my torso and breasts...all pulled tightly over my full enclosure, fully occusive red rubber catsuit. The impact of all that latex is fantastic.

We had a loely suite with a private outdoor terrace which, had it been warmer, would have made for great breakfasts, but he says we will do that again in a few months...but sitting out, even in the cold, wearing three layers of latex was quite enjoyable.

Sir wore his slacks and a latex shirt most of the weekend...he brought three shirts and two pairs of slacks. And he wore a lovely black rubber rain cape that he got a couple years ago.

The flights were uneventful as was the drive to and from the airport. Nothing much going on there except having to show my face to a couple of security women. The usual protocols worked just fine...Sir asked for a private screening for me and they politely accomodated. Of course, given the number of niqabs, burqas, veils, and other fully enclosed women I saw at London airports, they must be very used to private screenings.

So we had a lovely time


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sunday - A Morning's Pleasure and an Afternoon's Delight

We went out driving over the weekend and had a nice little experience in a cafe in a city to the south of us here. Sunday morning i woke feeling very good and wanted to dress especially nice.

Our bed is made up, even here in Ireland, with latex sheets and duvet. they are very soft, very red, and very smooth andslinky when you are also wearing rubber under them. Sir and I wear rubber to bed, either a skinsuit or, for me, a catsuit. Sir usually weas a catsuit or a loose robe over latex underpants.

I slid out of the soft slinky bed and it was quite cold so i grabbed a rubber pegnoir as well and pulled it on as i went to dress. My bathroom is also my vanity so I spent quite a lot of time in their choosing just the right sunday outfit after my bath.

Sir seldom visits me in the bath and did not do so today. he uses a different one and we try to avoid geting in each other's way. Mine has several of my corsets and hoods and gloves in it, setup wheere I can get to them easily, so I do not have to coem out until i am comfortably covered and sealed if that is my goal (or his goal) for the day. nothing annoys more than dashing around looking for the other glove or where I put the lace down hood or missing a posture collar that i really want to wear.

Sunday I put on several layers to be more elaborate and a bit more extreme since I was in the mood to please him and myself. I bathed, then powderedand slid into a transparent grey skinsuit with gloves and hood and feet, then put on a standard red catsuit over that with no hood, hands or feet.

The corset came next and I pulled it as tight as I could, but Sir usually tightens it up more later. Then I choose my victorian walking skirt in red rubber. This skirt has a bustle sort of folded in and consists of yards of latex. very flowing and pretty, but designed to be quite restrictive for walking. Only small steps may be taken and while it appears to be loose, it is actually quite hobbing around the ankles.

I had on two layers of rubber so no stockings were required and I pulled on a pair of red rubber boots that come up over my knees like stockings. They have a four inch heel, spiked.

My blouse was designed to match the skirt. it is ver full, but actually quite tight and restricting, particularly around the neck and wrists. It is zipped on the side so I can do it and long enough t fully tuck into the skirt. It has a high ruffled collar and cuffs and leg of mutton sleeves, but with so much rubber on under it the fit is very tight.

Another pair of gloves, these red, and a red condom hood completed the ensemble. the hood has large eye cutouts so I can see clarly, but i was sucking on a rubber sheath all day long and my mouth would not close completely. Yes, I was in a real mood sunday!

The hood is one of my favorites. love the way it slides on over an inner hood, with such tightnes and a sensation of taking ownership of my face and head. I've cut my hair again recently so it is very short and does not get in the way of hooding at all.

So, properly dressed, i went out of the bath, downstairs to the kitchen and found Sir had dressed and was reading the paper. he was in a nice catsuit with a sheath over his equipment and slacks and shirt, all black latex, over that. We spent a half hour or so exploring ways in which his rubber fitted into my face...while he drank his coffee!

He had me remove the condom hood afterwards and we ate a light breakfast, then I put it back on and he said we were going out. It felt very odd to be chewing on a soft piece of toast 5 minutes after he had been fully inside my mouth, hard as a rock, while i gently chewed on him thorugh the latex...all with no taste of him, no sense of having touched him or been toouched...whcih of course, I had not actually been. The sense of pleasurs coupled with sensory deprivation, followed by the taste of toaast and jam was incredibly bizarre.

Then, of course, after a bit of tea, there was the taste of rubber again, filling my mouth, rippling across my palate, sliding into my throat. So nice and smooth after the coarseness of food. I almost wished he had fed me through the tube instead.

I slid my red burqa on and we went out for our drive. I shall write more of that in a bit, but just now i am being called and must go see to him. He's still in bed this morning and probably wants some attenttion...which I am properly hooded to give him.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thoughts on Dressing

It has been lovely here this last week..sun shining and much less windy. We went out walking today along some footpaths near our house, overlookign the ocean and enjoying the sunshine.

I was thinking about some of the comments DARK made to a recent post when Muslim Lady talked about her perusal of my early blogs. He gets very incensed about what he percieves as a fraud I perpetrate because I dress in a rubber burqa but am not Muslim. Now this whole issue of whether how I dress insults someone's religion is something I want to address a bit.

First, while SIR did tell a TSA agent ONCE that I was muslim and could not unveil in public, he no longer does so. He simply tells them that I cannot unveil in public without any reference to a religion. So, for the record, neither Sir nor I ever actively state that either of us are associated with any religion.

Now, the response to this is typically that I am allowing people to assume that i am a muslim even so because I wear a burqa. However, DARK made the comment that,

"I know some women who wear leather hoods, full face, and when asked give a "medical" excuse and even carry a letter from a doctor stating that they can't have their skin exposed for some medical reason. This is still a fraud in a sense, but I don't find it as offensive and "disrespectful" of a religion."

He was talking about how I COULD wear full ace masks in public if I just explained it when someone asked such as a policeman.

Now, I must ask, which is the greater 'fraud' or 'wrong'? To wear a garment I like and which I think is beautiful which is MOST commonly worn by memebrs of a particular religion or to carry a bogus 'excuse' written by a doctor to support a lie I would tell police that I had a skin condition which required me to wear a hood?

I contend that the second, active, fraud is more of a wrong than the first, passive one. And there are some other considerations.

Many of my Muslim contacts tell me that even if I have not said my Shahadah, dressing and acting as a muslim makes me one. Now I disagree...I do not believe you can become a member of a religion without actually believing in it. But the compliment to me is very kind of these women and men.

I also cannot recall any of my Muslim contacts telling me that I am insulting their religion by wearing a burqa; indeed most of the people who comment on it at all like the fact that I decide to veil completely, act and dress modestly, and submit to my husband. in fact, only people of other or no faith seem to be concerned about whether I am dressing appropriately or not.

Now, there is the question of what I am wearing. Is it even a burqa? And, of course, is it religious?

I COULD make the arguement that it is not even a burqa. It is, rather, a new garment that Sir has created which only slightly resembles a burqa. for example:

A burqa is not made of rubber, it is made silk or polyester
A burqa has a cap made of a cylinder of cloth with a disc of cloth on the top. My garment has a dome shaped top and no separate cap
A burqa does not have arm slits as my garment does
A burqa is not fully closed all around...typically it is open in front, has a long veil and often must be held shut by the wearer
A burqa has embroidered details around the cap and usually around the eye mesh. My garment is completely smooth.

So, I COULD argue that my garment is not a burqa and anyone who mistakes it for such is making the same mistake that one who mistakes a maid's uniform for a nurse's uniform has made or who mistakes a british nurse's uniform for a nun's habit (british hospital 'sisters' wore veils too but were not nuns)

However, I call it a burqa and I think of it as a burqa and I believe it is a burqa. But the 'no it's not' arguement could be made.

Finally, with respect to whether a non muslim woman should wear a burqa, it was an absolute requirement in Afghanistan under the Taliban that, for religious reasons, any woman should wear one. And, in some other muslim countries, non-muslim women must veil to the degree that other muslim women are required to do so. So wearing it can be interpreted as a sign of respect, not of disrespect. And finally, why should such concerns be limited only to the burqa...what if i wore a rubber shalwar khameez, or a rubber abaya...would that be 'better' or 'worse'

The whole arguement seems silly. What one wears neither defines one nor ones religion. How one acts does so.

Well, those are my red rubber burqa'd thoughts on the matter :-) i hope all my readers enjoy them. And just for the fun of it, here is another photo Sir said i could publish. I truly enjoy lazing around in these garments with their incredible sensuousness and lovely shine.