Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Blue Burqa

It is amazing to me how time passes so quickly. Finally, I have posted some photos Sir just took of me in my new blue burqa to my flickr account

Nothing much has been happening of late. We visited Sir's sister for Thanksgiving and had a great time. We went out shopping at one of the outdoor malls on Friday and I got some presents for Sir. It was fun shopping in the burqa with its silencing hood on underneath. The two eye hole design limits my peripheral vision more than the single large mesh, but the view ahead is quite clear.

We have been back to Ireland a few times over the past few months and the new pictures are from the Irish house. they are not great quality, just snapshots Sir took in passing. I hope to get some in the sunlight soon.

I've had some questions about the burqa and I thought I would add the answers to this post.

The material is metallic blue latex from radical rubber and is a wonderful reflective blue that seems to glow in the right light. The burqa is sewn atthe seams. Peter always makes his goods this way and it adds a true touch of class and sophistication to the look (at least in my opinion).

Along with the burqa with its goggle eyes look, Sir had Peter make a matching hood of the same color. The hood has goggle eyes with perforated openings as well. This actually does not change my ability to see much at all. I was concerned that the double perforations with smaller openings would make vision much more limited, but it does not. However, the burqa's goggle eyes limit peripheral vision much more than my other burqas with their wider meshes.

The hood is a silencing hood just like my others. It has no mouth hole and I cannot speak when it is installed on my face and tightly zipped into place. For extra care in making me silent Sir has occasionally inserted a gag into my mouth as well, before sealing the hood around my face and head.

The other feature of the hood is that is attaches to the inside of the burqa with a popper at the crown of my head. Which means it can be removed and the burqa worn without it if Sir so desires. I sometimes wander around the house wearing just the hood under a matching ankle length dress, then I can pop the burqa on in about 5 seconds.

This hood is amazingly tight and totally restrictive and silencing. Once it is fully zipped shut, I find I cannot open my mouth to talk against the pressure of the latex. At the same time it fits perfectly so I do not get that jaw pain even when wearing it continuously for a couple of days. It is multi-panel and sewn just as the burqa is.

When Sir took the pictures I just uploaded to Flickr and the one above, I was was wearing a matching metallic blue dress and gloves. My boots were black rubber knee high with 5 inch heels. We looked at a pair of metallic blue latex thigh boots on eBay, but did not think they would fit me properly and have not acquired them yet.

Sir acquired metallic blue gloves to go with the burqa, but we were sad to see the colors do not quite match. He is searching for some that are made from RR's latex. They are quite nice, though.

My previous blue burqa (made by a friend) was made with an internal leotard with bondage sleeves that were closed and wrapped around behind me like a straitjacket. unfortunately, it was badly damaged sometime back and was beyond repair. This new one is fantastic and the goggle eyes are amazing. I hope Sir has others made for me with this look. I look alien and different and somehow more restricted and isolated in this one than the others. I understand why they are so popular in areas where burqas are worn routinely.

We went shopping in an open air mall after Thanksgiving and I had many stares and reactions, but was able to go into some shops alone, buy gifts for Sir, and manage to complete the sales even silenced. The clerks were only interested in my credit cards, not my veil - :-) Shopping for books or other items WITH Sir present was as much fun as usual. We did not see anyone else veiled that day, but the shops were full and busy, yet I only garnered a few looks (maybe one or two shaken heads).

The weather was comfortable with a bit of a breeze blowing and the burqa billowed out behind me a couple of times. In my red burqa this could be a problem because it would shift around and the mesh would no longer line up with my eyes. My white burqa with the hood firmly attached inside corrects this and the new blue one does as well. I wasn't sure if the use of the snap would be as effective, but it works like a charm. the goggle eyes of the hood and the goggle eyes of the burqa stayed lined up even in a heavy breeze.

i was wearing the same blue dress (ankle length) and gloves as in the photo above, but of course, what I am wearing beneath my blue latex veil is irrelevant. The dress has a high ruffled collar which fits over the neck of the hood making the hood seem to emerge from inside the dress. The look is quite nice. The same happens at the cuffs of the sleeves as they engulf my gloves. The bodice is tight and slightly ruffled too making the overall look quite conservative and school marmish...just what Sir likes. It goes well with my figure too, even with my corset. I guess I need a blue rubber corset now...hint to Sir!

Well, that should explain what I was wearing and how the burqa works. Thank you all for being patient with me and I hope this answers some of the questions. The pictures are on


Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a Summer

Well, it has certainly been a while since I wrote. I want to thank everyone who has been sending in comments asking when I wo9uld blog again.

To make a long story short, Sir wound up in hospital two weeks after my last post and was there for some time. He has been recovering for the past two months and is just about back to normal now. He had a massive infection which just got out of hand.

So, as you can imagine, I have been most busy and worried. And I have just not felt like writing for the last three months. In the middle of all that, as he has regained his strength, we have relocated back to Ireland for a couple of months.

However, things are getting back to normal now. Sir is home and his strength is back. I have had some time to rest and to enjoy my latest gift from him. So I decided it was time to write a bit more.

The challenge with Sir in the hospital was, as it was a few years ago, in staying fully covered as per our desired lifestyle. I must say, however, that the hospital was understanding and helpful. I was able to wear my burqas, with dress and gloves and even my inner hoods but , of course, I had to be able to communicate a bit so I was not gagged as I usually am when I go out in public.

I mentioned my latest gift. Sir has had a new metallic blue burqa made for me by our usual designer in Denmark, Peter Leth. It replaces my previous blue one, made by some friends, which had recently worn out. The new one has some interesting features including arm slits and a built-in hood like the white burqa.

The internal hood, however, is snapped to the outer burqa which means it can be easily separated and worn by itself if Sir wishes me to. The eyes are different as well. The hood has pepperpot eyes just like my white burqa hood, and no mouth, of course, but the outer burqa does not have the traditional mesh viewport. rather, it has goggle eyes with pepperpot perforations as well. This gives the wearer a much more limited view and the look is very bizarre.

The burqa is metallic blue latex. It shimmers and reflects the light beautifully. and, while I will miss my original blue burqa that wwas made by friends, this one is even nicer and more elaborate. The cap is nicely shaped and it fits perfectly. Peter does wonderful work.

The blue looks wonderful against the water in our pool and probably attracts more looks than even my red one. The metallic look is somehow more provocative. We have acquired matching gloves of course and I love the monochromatic look. I think a nice metallic blue catsuit or ankle length dress might be next on the acquisition list.

Sir says we can post some pictures of me in it soon.

Well, that's about all for now. we are here in Ireland for another couple of weeks before returning to Texas. The weather is clod, wet, and blustery...perfect rubber wearing weather and we have seen several pairs of real latex leggings on the shopping streets in the city centre.

Dallas is cooler now as well, so when we return in a couple of weeks it should be enjoyable to dress in total rubber as well. I am very happy to be back in my standard two layers plus burqa layer.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

a few pointers

I wanted to respond to a comment from a friend and give my friends a few pointers for connecting to me

First, however, let me say the weather here in Texas is hot, but I did have a nice trip to Boston for a few days which ended up in Ireland again for a week or so last month. Theat cooled me off.

I am dressed today in a very thin all encasing transparent lilac tinted skin suit, with, as usual large eyeholes and mouthhole. Over this I am wearing a semi-transparent pink peignoir of ankle length latex with a ruffled closure over the front. I have just got out of bed a while back and not yet bathed or dressed.

My second layer hood is pink today, to match the peignoir and has, as usual, no mouth hole so i am properly silenced for the morning. It also has closed lenses over the eyes and a very tight fitting is a pull over with no zip or other closure.

The inside temperature of our home is at 68 F which makes it possible to be fully sealed like this. The outside temperature, now, at about 7am, is already in the 80 F range.

I have been allowed to dress lightly like this for several days except when Sir wishes to engage in a scene ... and of course a burqa must cover such thin layers when I go out. One does not go out of the house in a peignoir, however, and it is replaced by one of my white or red full length dresses and pairs of gloves, boots, corset, and hood.

we've had no particular adventures this week...the trip to Boston, then Ireland, was a bit of a surprise but went off smoothly. We have kept our house in the West so we had a fully stocked place to stay.

Now a point about connecting to me. A friend recently pointed out that I am rejecting more connections now and I should explain my internal decision process on accepting invites. So here goes.

I receive a great number of friend requests and have had to make some decisions about which services i will connect through...and apply some standards for acceptance.

First, the two services I feel best about are Yahoo Connects and Facebook. The third is MySpace. Please use one of those to send me invites.

I had a bad experience with grouply and will not connect through it ... nothing personal to those who use it, but I had to slice the pie somewhere and I still receive strange requests from grouply form time to time.

I will accept a request only from someone who has a reasonably fleshed out profile on one of the top 3. I can't see this until I connect, but an empty profile will result in me dropping the connection in a non-prejudicial manner...meaning I'll look again if i get another. This also means you must offer a photo. A photo which I feel might be you (not obviously found on the web), and no avatars. They are cute, but I like to see a photo. And a personal invite instead of the system generated one says you are truly interested too. it can still be a one liner, but it lets me know you are intrigued.

The quickest response from me is to a photo of you in fetish. This doesn't have to be rubber, but something where I can recognize that you are interested in fetish like me.
If all you have is a crop of your last office party or you on vacation at Yellowstone, that's OK. But I would prefer to see a fetish dressed photo of you.

Let me hasten to note that, from my point of view, the many friends I have in the muslimah category count as well...a photo of you in your hijab, niqab, or burqa, while not officially 'fetish' will get you accepted onto my links list immediately. Same think for a man visibly committed to his beliefs...immediate accepts on those.

And while it is not a pre-condition of me accepting, the more info on the profile, the better...but everyone has a different comfort level, so I make no real judgement here. I just note that in a community, it is nice to know some details about an individual...we should all flesh out our profiles a bit.

I am the LAST person who feels I have to see your face or kn,ow your legal name...not interested in that...another reason photos of you in a hood veil, or mask are perfect. They scream out that you are committed to your interests.

I truly hope I do not offend anyone with these guidelines. But I now receive up to 200 invites a day sometimes and while I like having a long list of links and friends, a girl has to have some of the day left to process. :-)

Thank you all for continuing to read, for saying hello when we meet in SL, and for giving me your wonderful thoughts.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Point of View

It is so nice to see other people wearing the clothes now. The fashion show we recently attended was delightful with wonderful fashions for the cognoscenti. The sheen on the material is stunning, making the models look like they are walking while wrapped in liquid.

The drape across their breasts and the intensely high necks give the definite impression that these fashions are intended to retrain and control the wearer. The hoods are black, covering the heads and letting only the faces show through and the restraints over the shoulders keep the arms straight and close to thebody in a sensual fashion.

Shoulders have returned, many of the blouses and tops reminiscent of Gibson girl fashions from the early 20th century. Other designers capitalize on the stern, rigid 1950's fashion of Dior's new Look, the shiny dresses made stiff over bullet bras with heavy boning.

The skirts and dresses are cut so tight to the hip and the leg that they enforce a certain gait, small steps, one foot before the other. beneath the skirts shiny leggings or thigh high boots enhance and control the legs of the models.

Every model is gloved and the gloves are so tight they must be cutting circulation. They rise up to the shoulder, often under three quarter or even short sleeves...presenting that fetishistic look of a woman from the 1930's with a light colored evening gown with short sleeves matched with contrasting black gloves to remind their partners of their presence and phallic power.

One designer un-apologetically poses and displays his models as lesbians, two per runway walk, stroking each others shiny black hoods with slickly gloved hands that move down to caress breasts and slither around each others tightly corseted waists and hips.

The footwear was almost exclusively boots over amazingly shiny leggings. The heels were never less than 5 inches and often more. Looking at boots which seemed to crawl up a model's legs, disappearing woith promise beneath her skirt, lent an intensely erotic frizon to the fashions. Some of the models unzipped long slits showing that even with ankle length hobble skirts, thigh high boots of the tightest and slickest variety were the order of the day.

The whole show, with many designers, concentrated on clothes which restrain, control, limit, and encase their wearer. The models seemed pleased with fashions that limited their mobility, forced them to walk in small mincing steps, and had them teetering on heels that approached heaven. All while having much of their faces covered and absolutely no hair showing beneath their tight shiny black hoods, some of which covered their eyes with just small slits for viewing while others came slithering up their necks and over their chins to cover the lower part of the face and mouth.

Simply wonderful!

Sir and I had the opportunity to attend a fashion show here in Dallas recently. The fashions were NOT latex and the show was NOT a fetish event. The fabrics were silk, satin, leather, and vinyl in an incredibly diverse combination. The leggings were PVC or leather or shiny liquid looking plastic bonded to stretch lycra.

I was just struck by how these 'NORMAL' fabrics were being used to craft very beautiful, couture clothing with lots of built in kink...the exact sort ofthings we see in our latex and leather fashion shows, but executed in other materials and not so blatant about the erotic aspects.

Sir and I, in latex suit and burqa, got quite a lot of attention and looks and several compliments from some of the designers. It was much fun


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in the US of A

Well, time has passed and things have happened and we are back

That is, we are back in the US of A

We arrived a couple weeks ago but I have just been too busy to blog lately.

It is very nice to be back in our house and in our usual town...and in warm sunshine (sometimes too warm) and near our friends.

I say too warm because it is considerably sunnier, warmer, and drier here than Ireland. However, lounging by our pool yesterday in full latex enclosure was quite nice. I waited until the sun was going down and the heat of the day was off, then went out and sat on the chase.

It has taken a bit of getting used to. We went out to a mall the other evening shopping for some presents and i was very aware of how many stares I was getting in my flowing white burqa.

But my most enjoyable moment was a few weeks ago when we came back into the US. We were debarking at Chicago O'Hare airport after our flight from Dublin. I was in my white burqa as is usual these days for traveling. Suddenly we encountered a large family with three women (two very tall and thin and a third more matronly) all in black abaya and full niqab and gloves, their daughters also niqab'd (but in grey) and three men traveling with them. They preceded us through customs, then Sir and I followed. Suddenly we were all clustered at the exit from customs. Sir and I stepped around them and headed for the escalator. As I rose up on the steps, I looked back and the whole family were watching me and Sir. I waved a white gloved hand at them and one of the girls waved a little grey gloved hand back.

It just brought home to me that more and more being veiled in public in the US s accepted. No one else n the airport paid any attention to me or to them, crowds of passengers hurrying around them and us.

Here at home, I do get some stare3s in the mall, but frankly, the sight of veiled and even niqab'd women is becoming common enough around our place that I raise no eyebrows particularly.

We have settled back into the house, made sure the playroom is properly furnished (some things had been packed away) and finally moved all of our artworks back onto their proper shelves. We have not yet had an opportunity for entertaining any friends, but have been out to dinner with friends a couple of times.

Sir is very pleased to be back and has taken a few weeks off...which means he's lounging around the house in a full enclosure suit and long rubber cassock all day and night. I find I am wearing a single total enclosure skinsuit and a dress .. with corset of course, but a layer less than my usual in Ireland. It is warm enough here that this feels more comfortable right now. mostly, I am dressing in white rubber these days, sometimes changing to black for evenings with Sir.

Frankly, though, I really adore the way the white dresses and burqa look...and they way they gleam in the Texas sunshine. Ireland just has not had enough sunshine these past few years.

Not much else to say just now. But it is fun to be back


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cold Weather, Warm Rubber

Well it has, I notice, been some time since I wrote...where does the time go?

I have been packing those things we are taking back to the States but we will probably not leave Ireland for another Month or so...perhaps around Easter, Sir says.

Lifestyle wise, I have found three layers of latex, at a minimum, keep me pretty warm in this cold and damp. There were some pretty days with freezing temps recently, but the rains seem to have returned now. Even as I write this sleet is pounding on our patio door. but it will be followed, probably, by a period of clear sunshine.

It is Sunday morning and I am wearing a lavender tinted transparent catsuit under a very cute little short latex nightie in transparent pink and a lovely lavender tinted transparent pegnoir. These three layers or those of a catsuit, dress, and burqa keep me fairly warm in this cold climate.

Many people have been asking about my new suit and I thought I would describe it a bit more. Sir has me wear it a few times a week and I have worn it for a long time (over three days).

There is nothing particularly unusual about it...just a white total enclosure suit with feet, gloves, and hood all attached. It zips up the back and down from the crown and the two zip tabs can be locked at the base of the neck. The back zip only comes to my waist which means sliding into the suit is tight and requires sir to help. it wraps my hips and buttocks with an incredible tightness.

The mods are that at the crotch there is a urethral catheter passing through a small whole in the front and a rectal catheter passing through a small hole in the back. The back tube passes through a butt plug so that I have both a plug and a catheter in me during wear. The cath protrudes beyond the end of the plug and is inflated by sir once inside me.

The plug is glued to the suit and to the cath. There is also a vaginal plug glued to the inside of the suit as well. This goes in which presses against my urethra as the cath is passing into me too. the plug has a tube passing through it so I can be douched or a cath with a bulb on it can be inserted, the bulb inflated, and I Sir can move it back and forth pleasing me. Very strange sensation.

Next the hood has a nasal stomach tube glued into the left nostril and a short breathing tube in the right that keeps that nostril open for breathing. It just goes up my nose a bit.

There is also an inflatable gag built in with an inflation tube that ends just at the surface of the hood. Sir can inflate it with a pump and then seal the inflator and the effect is still a smooth hood.

The eyes are pepperpot perforated like my burqas, but Sir can decide when he puts me in it if an internal shield is folded up or down to blind me.

Once inside I can be kept in it for quite some time. i can be given enemas, douches, feeds, and stimulation. I have to completely surrender myself to the rubber sensations and all my bodily functions are out of my control and in the hands of my master.

It is an extreme suit...Sir fully restrains me and likes to stimulate me while I am strapped down, secured in a lounger, or suspended from the ceiling. The suit is hard to get into and not comfortable at first, but after about ten minutes I love it. And the image of me in a mirror is amazing. I become a glistening white form, inhuman and unfeeling, sealed forever and kept alive only by my owner filling and flushing me. I feel like I could be stored in a time capsule for millenia when I am fully installed into this suit.

Sir seems to like it too :-)

I hope that description answers all the questions I've been getting.

Finally, let me suggest to everyone that they go see Watchmen. We braved the rain and cold yesterday to go see this and it is a wonderful movie. Very complex plot, film noir elements, fascinating characters, great costuming and the perfect soundtrack. Silk Spectre's latex costume didn't hurt Sir's or my eyes either :)

Rather nice to spend three hours in the cinema, fully rubbered and burqa'd (and gagged and restrained under the burqa) with Sir in latex slacks and T and blazer sitting next to me, watching a great movie.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Busy days

Well it has been a busy few days

Sir returned form a long trip to the US and annoounced that we are going to be moving back to the US very soon. His business here in Ireland is sufferieng from the recession just as everyone else is and he feels it is more advantageous for himself to work from the US even while leaving his developers here.

So we will be going back to our house in Dallas soon for a relatively long time. however, Sir thinks wew may keep our house here in Ireland as well.

Nothing much on the fetish front. I spend most of my days in the house, going out very little. Sir has been wearing his full enclosure suits a lot around the house and has had me wearing my new white tube suit a fair amount.

Many people have asked about my suit and where it came from. Sir tells me the base suit is from Simon O but he had friends add the catheters afterwards. It is lovely and fits like a dream. I have spent up to three days straight in it without removing it while Sir was travelling. It is an experience to be treasured.

The red blouse he gave me has a nice high collar with a little band around it to make it even tighter. I love how it fits smoothly over my hoods. and it blends very nicely with my red rubber skirt. It is a bit different from the one I have from Peter Leth, but the color matches his skirt very well.

I've been wearing my hobble skirts a, black, and white sometimes. They are very nice, but I would like to see one with a walking pleat instead of just the zipped hems. I have been doing some research on 50's fashions and the popular mid calf ankle skirts were just great looking. In rubber they would be incredibly sexy. Also, those incredible 50's bras which gave such definition to the breast. Of course, we get that same thing now from rubber corsets with overbust design.

We've not had any opportunity for meeting with friends since Christmas, but I expect we will have later after we get back to the US.

I guess that's all for now

Will write again later

Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Lovely Holiday

Back in Ireland now. We had a wonderful three weeks in the US.

Our son visited us for a few days and brought his girl friend. She received a pretty blue catsuit that is a bondage suit as well. It locks on and has hood gloves and feet, but also has attached straps to bind hands and feet. It came with a matching blue arm binder too.

I received a nice white total enclosure suit that has catheters builtin so it cannot be worn unless I am tubed.

Sir also gave me a new red rubber blouse and we gave our son a very nice latex top in black.

Nothing much else happened. We went out to a nice New Years Eve party and my red burqa attracted quite a lot of attention, most of it positive...I was actually dancing with Sir while wearing it as the ball dropped surrounded by hundreds of people. Underneath I was wearing my red condom hood and a very tight red dress down to the floor.

Our travels were relatively uneventful. The flight back today was not very comfortable as it was very bumpy and quite hot in the plane. The flight attendant did not seem able to get it adjusted to a comfortable level.

I was online and on camera a couple of times while we were in the US but I think the time change was such that most of my acquaitances were not onlie.

I am very tired and jetlagged, so I will close this now. I have been wearing my white burqa over a black dress and hood all day (the whole trip), including now as I write. But I think it is time to go change into a nice rubber night gown and head for bed.