Saturday, November 18, 2006

November is a cold month

The temperature has finally dropped here. We've had frezzing rain, hail, sleet and wind...LOTS of wind.

thsi has meant, of course, that I can wear several layers of latex when I get dressed now. I have returned to my full body enclosure suits in transparent latex, covered by rubber undergarments such as my corset and stockings, second hood and gloves. Then a long full dress with long sleeves and finally, if going out, a burqa in black red or white.

In other words, it is wonderful to have the temeratures so low and the weather so wonderfully foul :)

Sir has been very attentive lately, pulling my corsets excedingly tight, pulling my gloves on up to my shoulders and particularly inserting gags and pulling hoods over my head and face most gently and tenderly.

It is such an arousing sensation to have him slowly wrap me in a stiff corset that extends from neck to knees, lacing it and pulling it tighter an tighter while whispering in my ear that I CAN endure its fullest embrace. Then to pull a soft full face hood over me, with nose tubes wrapping around to the rear and no mouth hole so the perviously inserted inflatable gag has no place to go. These are such incredible sensations...and then to spend the day or an evening or even all night in such wonderful encasement and enclosure is almost more than I can bear.

We were in the US last week for aabout 10 days and visitied our friends in Atlanta. We were delightfully treated and I had the enjoyment of spending two full days in exceedingly tight rubber bondage and restraint while being a play toy for Annemarie and Kermit. All five if us spent the entire three day visit in total latex, never removing suits or or hoods and hteir maid an di were gagged the entire time as well. It was most difficult to endure and most satisfying to have done if I had any real choice.

We WERE quite rank after 72 hours of enclosure with no chance to wash or air out, but had a lovely group bath later in their hot tub to rinse and wash all the accumulated sweat and sludge off.

Then i went back into full enclosure to fly on to DFW for a few days...but I was able to wear street clothes under my burqa while there.

We are off to London for a few days next month to shop then our son will visit us here for Christmas. we are looking forward to seeing he and his girlfriend again.

Well that is all for now. I look forward to your comments as usual, and I am glad to have received so many compliments on the new template.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back in the USA

Well, here we are, back in the USA for a week or so. Sir has business to attend to and brought me along again for the fun of it. We are in Orlando just now, then a short trip to Atlanta and finally a few days in Dallas to take care of some business around our house there.

It will be good to see the house again. I do miss it, even though we have a lovely one in Ireland now as well.

The weather here in Orlando is gorgeous, about 65 degrees and a light breeze under blue skies. I always love this part of the world during November.

I am not sure what we'll be doing...perhaps some Disney wandering, perhaps some dining in downtown Disney or downtown Orlando. We shall see.

In Atlanta we plan on meeting our friends Kermit and Annemarie whom we have not seen simce we left the Bay Area. They have relocated to Atlanta after their home in New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina. They still spend most of their time in Vienna but have just finished building a new home in Atlanta, which we shall see for the first time. Annemarie tells me it has a "wonderfully kinky" playroom (her description) which I am looking forward to.

Have no fear, dear readers, I shall describe it, and my experiences in it, in great detail in the days to come.

I suppose that is all for now. I believe we are aboout to venture out to lunch in a little bit, so I shall write again soon.