Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dog Days of Summer -- The A/C breaks

It was warm yesterday and our air conditioning failed in the house. Dealing with that is a bit of an artform. I could sweat it out, literally, in skinsuit and dress only, or we could head for the nearest cool mall and shop.

Unfortunately, they do not cool the malls here all that efficiently and I was concerned that with the high temperatures, it would still be uncomfortabe in three layers of rubber (four if you count my corset).

Also, we needed to await the repairman as Sir could not be at home yesterday. So, maid and I adopted plan B. We bathed.

To make it a bit more interesting, I had maid dress me in my most extreme skinsuit. This one has no mouth or eye holes so I can see only smokilly through the grey tinted latex. I made her wear a hoodless suit with matching, but separate hood. Her hood has a small mouth hole for speaking, which we covered with a black lower face and chin gagging harness that fits over such hoods to prevent speech.

We dimmed the lights, closed the drapes to block the sun, lit a few scented candles, then climbed into the big tub which IS built for two people with enough bubble bath to create a wonderful amount of sound deadening foam and proceded to relax as only two women can with a lovely bath and a hand shower to play with. "Calgon, take me away :)"

The issue of the repairman we handled by simply awaiting his call on the intercom. When he arrived and rang the bell, about 90 minutes into our soak, maid took off her gag and answered, telling him she would be down in a moment.

Then she removed her hood, slipped out of the tub, dried quickly, and threw on a tight skirted French maid uniform over her transparent suit. She went downstairs and let him in and explained the trouble.

Yes, he was taken aback by her clothing, but she didn't allow it to distract him. she showed him the defective unit out back, told him to get to work, and in about 2 hours he had repaired it.
I, on the other hand, continued relaxing in my cool tub in the upstairs master suite and never saw him. There is something incredibly decadent about lounging in a cool tub, covered completely in transparent latex, unable to speak and barely able to see while life goes on, bustling about downstairs. I believe I understand the whole concept of Upstairs, Downstairs better now. :-)

I tried to read a bit, but the words were too fuzzy, so I just sank down in the cool water and actually dozed off a bit. It was lovely.

A couple hours later, maid signed off on the work, our AC was functioning again, and she joined me in the tub for another hour or so until the house was cool enough to think about getting out and resuming our usual routine.

I have not spent such a day like that in a long time and it was wonderful. Constant meditation, a certain level of sensory deprivation, listening only to my own breath and watching my chest rise and fall. All in all I spent about 5 hours in that tub and it was one of the most enjoyable times
I've had in a while.

I did not mind being unable to speak, and although I worried at first about the foggy vision, I quickly accepted it and just ignored it as much as possible. the sensation of the latex covering my face and neck and bust as I settled amid bubbles and water was just exquisite.

Must do that again sometime whether the Aircon is dead or not.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Psychology of Total Enclosure -- Part the First?

While we've been vacationing, I have been thinking about how to describe some of the more 'transcendental' experiences I have been having during my total enclosure time. It occurred to me this morning that I have been more contemplative and introspective this past week than usual, so, without goin ginto a lot of explicit sexual detail, let me try to examine some of my reactions and thought processes during thepast week's latex-oriented adventures.
Many of these particular practices I have detailed in earlier posts, but I thought I would go deeper into my emotional and psychological reactions to them.

First and simplest:
My reactions to being fully encased all the time. Now, after more than 7 and one half months, I can say that this sensation has both retained its tittilation appeal and at the same time become exceedingly normal. My reaction has been to both crave and expect it. There is an incredible sense of anticipation and excitement every morning as I awaken (always between latex sheets, even here on the island) and it is often satisfied with sex. I adore early morning sex with Sir or with maid (or with both) and then the long lazy sensations that follow.

I find that the clear latex suits are so thin that every sensation seems to come thorugh without attenuation even though I know this cannot be true. I suspect I now have either adapted and my sense of touch is actually more sensitive or I would find having nothing between myself and the world exceedingly (and perhaps painfully) amplified because my attenuated sense would be bombarded. Actually, I am fairly certain it is the former because I do not notice that water of my bath against truly naked skin being irritating or too hot/too cold. nor is the towel I am dried with too scratchy or rough. What I DO notice, however, is an incessant craving for maid to hurry up and get me back into my suit. I feel outrageously exposed now even for the hour I am out of the skin suit.

I do truly enjoy the intimacy of being shaved by her and particularly find head shaving while covered in latex elsewhere to be outrageously erotic. I have multiple orgasms during this little ritual. There is an incredible sense of well being as she shaves, then dries, then covers me in the rubber. I almost can't find words for it except to say that I always sigh with a tremendous sense of well being and relief when the thin, clear hood covers my face once again.

I do not notice my hoods. They seem like the most normal thing in the world now and even in the heat I generally no longer find them oppressive in the least. Of course, when Sir has me in three or four hoods and they are specifically intended and tightened or inflated to cause me to feel oppressed (in a sexy way) I do feel that. But my reaction to the skinsuit hood is that it is the normal way to BE in an existential sense. The same is true of my hands being gloved and my feet being footed (is that a word?).

I do notice my other clothing in a sense. Corset, dress, second gloves or hood, boots, etc are all very nice and I find I have a rather girlish tendency to twirl in the mirror after maid dresses me each morning. But it is the same sense I had years ago when I dressed in satin or silk. I love the flowing and the feel of the drape of a sensuous fabric and none is more sensuous than latex.

I still have some trouble when I must put on a second pair of gloves. I'm sure most of you know the issues with gloves not sitting just right so they slide up the fingers and such. Well that still happens to me from time to time, but I deal with it. chlorinating the clothes seems to have worked well.

With respect to other psychology around wearing latex all the time:
I find that being in latex for hours and hours does make me more contemplative. I have begun working on papers again, but this time I am thinking about them from the standpoint of theperson who must turn inward.

That is, I believe, because while I am working on them I am encased and often gagged and even restrained around the house. it changes one's perspective.
Being sealed in a vac bed is an absolute wonder. I often have maid put me in mine even when I have not been ordered to. The sensation is, I think I used the word above, transcendental. Very rapidly I drift away on a soft rubbery dream and have even found it annoying for maid to begin stimulating me sexually when what I really wanted was meditation. This sensation of annoyance, for some reason, is always highly transitory :)

I do enjoy meditaitng in latex enclosures...vac bed, suspension bag, even just in heavy bondage. And I find being gagged adds to the pleasure of this. I actually rather enjoy going through an entire day unable to speak to her or to Sir. The sense of being Other, of being an object is heightened for me when I do this.

A few times I have been suspended for over 24 hours and overnight. This sensation is incredible. I find that I drift off into a special 'space' that many submissives talk about achieving only under severe spankings or whippings. I can get there by being suspended in a latex bag and just allowed to drift in my rubber universe.

I am typically put to bed in the skinsuit and a rubber nightgown. sometimes I am in bondage, but most nights I am not. I sleep very soundly between rubber sheets and duvet on rubber pillows and I DO have rubbery dreams. Mostly these are erotic in nature and very private, however, the other night I dreamt of returning to teaching and of walking into my class sealed in latex and covered with a burqa. The funny thing was that when i looked up, all the students were either in burqas or sealed in TE as well, and I was I stood in front of them all and pointed with a laser pointer at a presentation on the screen for 30 minutes without making a sound. Interestingly, all the female students were gagged too, but the male students could ask questions...which I could not answer, of course.

Going out in public: I simply no longer think twice about wearing the burqa to hide my hooded face. When I interact with people in the outside world, I don't even think about the fact that they cannot see me. Of course, THEY do, but I have lost any inhibitions about it. When I am gagged under the burqa, I do remain a bit more all of, but I still buy groceries, books, look at cosmetics, shoes, and clothes, and interact as I have to with staff and others. I love visiting my friend who runs the Antique store and I love being out and about with maid.

I also find it very sexually stimulating to be out with Sir while I am in total enclosure and burqa. I enjoy the submissive sense of myself walking just behind him, keeping my head bowed, and occasionally doing things like kneeling next to his chair at a restaurant. We have been to the Halal restaurant in London that I wrote about a few times as we've passed through and it is SO Sexy to be submitting like that while there are other women submitting that way too.

I have been having a long drawn out email conversation with my parents and have to keep assuring them that my new lifestyle is working and I am happy and healthy. My sister seems to understand, our son applauds us in our choices (as does hif girl friend) and Sir's niece and nephew have given us a lot of encouragement. I know I will never make my parents completely comfortable with this, but one must lead one's own ,life. here's a dilemma though, that i dreamt of recently...what do I do if one of my parents dies and I have to attend the funeral? In my dream I attended in latex, but in the real world that would be tough.

I think that's all I have for the moment. However, if you, my dear readers, have questions please ask them and I will endeavour to answer them.


A Week in Paradise

It has been a most enjoyable week. We (Sir, maid, and I) have been vacationing in Hawaii.

Our usual travel arrangements applied. We passed through security, showing our open faced hoods to a female TSA agent in private (I think htey are getting used to seeing us now). Then, inside security, we put proper full face enclosure hoods back on and re-covered ourselves with our burqas.

Both maid and I stayed in burqas for the duration of the 5-1/2 hour flight from LAX. We were in first class and settled in and slept through most of the flight.

We landed at the airport in Hawaii and maid and I had our first taste of Hawaiian hospitality. There was somone waiting at the airport to place leis on us. The poor girl was shocked when Sir identified us. How do you put a lei on a woman in a burqa? Maid and I chuckled and bent our heads a bit, but we still had to hold them in place while we waited for the luggage.

Once our luggage had been collected we were taken by limo to the harbor where we boarded a launch and were taken by boat to a private villa Sir has rented for us. This house is gorgeous. It has four large bedrooms and overlooks the ocean and an isolated beach. There is a grounds and housekeeping staff that come in everyday. They were a bit surprised by our attire, but we don't see them much. Having a regular housekeeping staff allows maid to take a holiday a bit as well. she is only required to bathe, dress, and attend to my needs as opposed to her usual duties which include cooking and cleaning.

We have spent the week relaxing, playing, and I've even been scuba diving in the ocean which I had not counted on. Sir and I are both certified divers, but I have not been in open water since last summer and certainly not since I started my total enclosure regimen.

But the beach here is so private and secluded that I simply walked out to the water in full gear and still in total enclosure. Sir and I went beach diving several times. We have a fair amount of experience with this because he likes to play games with me in our pool, so I am used to wearing a BC and tank over a black rubber full enclosure suit. Things fit tightly, but that is, of course, the point.

We also went out at night to some very nice performances. There is a wonderful performance here that is like a cirque du soleil show but documents in music, dance, and acrobatics the history of the hawaiian people. We attended the other night. Yes, we had a few stares directed at two ladies in flowing robes in the tropical evening.

I should explain something about heat here. We have been quite careful to stay indoors during the high heat (about 30C or 85F) in the middle of the day. But the island is subject to constant winds and actually cools to as low as 68F during the evening. So it is actually not bad to go out in the evenings or to lay out on a lanai in the morning after we have breakfast.. That, by the way, I have been doing in just the transparent skinsuit, so it is, I suppose, our version of nude sunbathing :)

So, going out in the evening in skinsuit, dress, and burqa has been just fine. The humidity is actually not too high here.

We've done some museums and some dinners out, but for the most part, we've stayed in our wonderful villa, relaxing. I have seldom seen Sir stay away from email and work for so long. He has been spending days in latex enclosure with me and maid and we've been haivng loads of fun.
We return in a couple of days and go back to the 'real world' but much relaxed and rested.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Sleeping and Cooling in Latex

I thought for this entry I would talk about a couple of issues I have received questions about recently. Sleeping and dealing with the summer heat.

Sleeping arrangements in our house are, like many other things, elaborate. I am required to sleep whereever Sir tells me to each evening. Most of the time I sleep with him. Our bed is a king sized waterbed and is made up with latex sheets and a latex duvet. These have now been chlorinated and are as smooth as silk.

My sleeping attire is most boring, I assure you. No skimpy negligee or baby dolls here. I usually wear a long sleeved, ankle length, high collared nightgown. I have some that are over the head and some that are peignor style, that is open fronted.

I sleep in my transparent skin suit, of course. The nightgown goes over this and I usually just wear that for sleeping. But sometimes I am required to sleep in full bondage gear. This will typically be a second catsuit, gloves, boots, and a hood. I am usually corseted during these sessions as well. And I am made to sleep in bondage, arms bound behind my back, hogtie position, or some other form of bondage.

On rare occasions I am required to sleep in my vacuum bed. When this happens I am usually just in my skinsuit.

I had a bit of trouble learning to sleep with a hood on but that was many years ago. When we started the total enclosure I had to learn to sleep everynight in a hooded catsuit. This is a bit different from sleeping in a separate catsuit and hood. The hooded suits have to be made to measure and fitted to not be too tight when I'm sleeping in one.

We are always careful that I can breathe through both mouth and nose. Even the vacuum bed is fitted with a hospital style oxygen mask inside, so I breathe through both mouth and nose.
With respect to summer heat, this year has been a bit of a challenge. I understand from acquaintances that this is one of the hottest summers in recent memory here. However, we have adapted our regimen somewhat.

First, I stay indoors most of the time and as I have explained before we keep th ehouse at 68 degrees. secondly, I have for many years in Texas taught myself to walk slowly when wearing a lot of latex. I still do that now that I am fully enclosed, but of course that would never be enough in full enclosure in the Texas heat.

Sir has allowed me to, if I choose, dispense with the second catsuit and hood I usually wear and even a street dress when it is most hot. I must say that I have never gone out in nothing more than a skinsuit and burqa. But I have gone out wearing just the burqa over a loose dress and skinsuit with no second hood or gloves. We also tend to wear white latex as much as possible during the summer months as well. Or the lighter red or blue colors, although I only have red white and black veils for outdoors.

I hope that answers some of the questions I've been receiving. More later


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Visit from an Old Friend

I had a question recently about how long I was going to remian enclosed. It came from a friend of mine who is a university professor. she came over a few days ago to discuss my collaborating with her on a paper.

She was aware, from some emails we had exchanged, that I was trying this new lifestyle as a fully enclosed rubberist, but she had not visited me since i left Texas. So she had not seen me in full enclosure.

She rang the bell one afternoon last week and as it happened, I was the only one home. Madi was out shopping. So, I had to drop my burqa on over me before I could answer the door...the rule being that I do not show my hooded face to the public. Actually, it porbably wouldn't be a big deal if I answered the door hooded (maid has on occassion), but it has become a bt of a habit now to just duck under the burqa before confronting the real world.

She was a bit taken aback at first, asked if it was 'mme' under there, and when I said yes, she came on in. I pulled the burqa off and left it on its hook by the door.

Julia looked at how I was dressed underneath and let aout a "wow", then, with just a bit of hesitation, reached out and hugged me. We've known each other for many years (more than either of us like to admit) and we've always been good friends. No, there isn't anything kinky or sexual here, we just tend to hug when we see each other, which is notthat often as she lives in a completely different part of the country as I (and sometimes a different part of the world).

I was dressed in a blue dress, ankle length, full skirted, long leg of mutton sleeves, high collar, belted waist, with ruffles at the chest, neck, and sleeve cuffs. I had a pair of lack gloves on under the sleeves, but no hood or stockings over my transparent skinsuit.

The skinsuit was my blue tinted transparent one. so julia got to see my face covered in transparent latex and the fact that I no longer have any hair on my head. Usually, I would have worn a black hood as well, but with the summer heat, I have taken to not putting it on as much, particularly if I am around the house.

Just as well because I had forgotten she was coming and earlier I had been contemplating a mouthless gagging hood before I decided not to put it back on after lunch.

I hugged her back and told her to come on in and we went into the living room. I asked if she wanted tea and she said yes, then followed me into the kitchen. I put a kettle on and she started asking about how I was dressed, how long, how much, etc, etc. Julia has never been known for her shyness.

She commented on how deftly I made tea in two pairs of goves (after I explained that) and I explained how I had been forced to learn whole new ways of doing things after I became encased.

That got us into a whole long discussion about being encased. I explained quite straightforwardly what I was doing and why and tried to answer her questions. Julia is very open minded and came quickly to understand my reasoning and rationale for encasing, for living a D/s lifestyle and even for adopting the burqa in public.

Julia was fascinated adn we talked for quite a while. She watched me very closely as I drank my tea and ate some cookies. Have you ever noticed how crumbs accumulate around the mouthhole of a hood. I found I was much more aware of them eating in front of her than I usually am. I felt like I was constantly wiping my lips and chin.

After a bit more conversation, we got down to the business Julia had originally come to visit for. She wanted some help on a paper she had an idea for. She had several pages of data having to do with my area of specialization and wanted some help with analysis.
As we sat side by side on the sofa going over her data, it very quickly became just like old times. She and I used to do this a lot during our postdoc period. We would sit side by side going over data and papers and computer printouts (this was a LONG time ago) for hours.

Pretty soon we were working just as we always had. The first couple of times her hand brushed my glove she flinched a bit, but very quickly she got over it. After a while she moved even closer as we got more and ore into the work.

When we were done, I got up and went to make us some more tea. About that time maid came in.I had told Julia that maid was out and we had discussed that she wore latex as well, just not always full enclosure. So she was somewhat prepared when maid came in in a pink rubber french maid's uniform with black gloves and boots.

Julia let out a "Whoa!" but maid was the funny one. She stopped when she saw Julia sitting comfortably on the sofa and looked around, her arms full of shopping bags, and just sort of stuttered,"uh...he-he-hello?" while she looked around for me. I swear that she must have thought she walked into the wrong house.

I came out of the kitchen, introduced the two of them and told maid to put the shopping away and bring us more tea. She had recovered her composure by the time tea was ready and Julia had the opportunity to see how maid acts as a real maid, serving tea, cleaning the kitchen, collecting the dishes.

We chatted another half hour and Julia broached the subject of me coming back into the university world. I obviously demurred, explaining that I was quite committed to the full enclosure lifestyle we have chosen.

Julia looked at me and asked, "How long are you going to continue the experiment?"

Almost without thinking about it, I said, "forever." And at that moment I realized that I have essentially made the decision to transform the 'experiment' into a lifestyle choice. After almost 7 and a half months, the latex just seems so natural that I can't imagine returning to to my old mode of dress and life.

Julia sat back for a moment and i saw her studying maid as she cleared the dishes from our last pot of tea. "You know what? You could probably find a nice liberal university that would accept your desire to wear the burqa. Why wouldn't they?"

It might be possile., but i don't think I will be returning to the classroom anytime soon. We'll see.
It is certainly something to think about...a professor teaching in a rubber burqa. Lord, I haven't a thing to wear! :)


Monday, August 01, 2005

Midnight Run for Harry Potter

We went out to a local Barnes and Noble bookstore the other night to acquire the new Harry Potter novel. I have been staying indoors during the past few weeks because of the heat here in San Jose and because Sir felt it might be judicious for me to not appear too much given the recent events in London. However, we have been going out at night, that is, he and I, and we have had no trouble.
I have enjoyed all the previous HP books and Sir decided that we should go to the 12:01 first sale party at our local B & N. I dressed up in my grey victorian latex dress, and black hood, gloves, and boots. I really must see about getting grey gloves and hood to match.
I wore the black burqa, and chose not to wear a gag under it for this excursion. We drove to the store and went inside about 11.30.
By the way, just to re-iterate, and because there was some wuery about this in the comments to a previous posting, the primary reason I wear the burqa now is because to appear in public with a black, full face hood on, would get me stopped, harassed, and possibly arrested. While not officially illegal in the state of California, full face hoods or masks are considered threatening. But burqas and niqabs and such veils are considered acceptable (most of the time) and that is why I wear it in public so that I can be fully hooded underneath.
The store was full with about 250 children and an almost equivalent number of parents. They were boisterous, noisy, and quite wonderful. All were waiting for the magic Harry Potter witching hour.
I willsay we created a sort of bubble of quiet as we walked in. We walked over to the cafe section admidst about 100 open mouths and pairs of eyes. The children were amazed and I think the parents were a bit stunned.
Sir had me sit at a table while he acquired some drinks for us. I picked up a magazine along the way and sat reading it, glancing surreptitiously through my perforations at the people around me.
The mothers were cautiously curious but not too much. Pretty much, they began to ignore me. Not so the kids. The word must have flashed around the store very quickly because within about two minutes I noticed a steady stream of children passing by the cafe entrance lookig at me.
Sir brought our drinks back (an iced tea for me) and we sat for a few minutes enjoying them. I commented to him about the children and he said he had noticed them too. We chuckled about the stir we had made.
A few minutes before midnight we finished up our drinks and wandered over to the place where I got in line to collect my copy of the book. Sir wandered around and then took up a spot in the stacks where he could watch.
I was between two little girls, each about 12, I think. They were obviously intrigued by the black cloaked woman, but it was me that was most surpirased when the girl in front turned around and looked at my face and said, "are you a witch?"
I nearly died laughing. I told her no, I just liked Harry and wanted to get a copy as quickly as possible just like her. She asked why I was dressed "like that" and I told her I was required to cover myself. she said, "oh. Like the sisters at school?"
"Yes", I replied, "something like that." Then she surprised me again by asking which character I liked best in the books.
Suffice it to say that for the next 15 minutes we had a nice conversation about the intricacies of plot and character in the previous 5 books. The girl behind me joined in as well and we were chatting about it quite comfortably.
The service clerk was taken a bit aback when it was my turn to pick up a book. I think he was not expecting a Texan accent when I asked for just one copy (they were letting people buy up to 2).
After that we stood in line again to pay and I once more had to deal with a service clerk and hand over my credit card. The girls were still standing around and they wanted to know if I had to wear gloves all the time too when they saw my hands. I said, "yes, we're not supposed to show any skin."
A few minutes later I wandered over to where Sir was watching, grinnig from ear to ear. A few minutes later, we left the store, wandered out to the car and headed home. Sir just kept laughing all the way home. I was giggling too thinking about how easily the girls and I met on the plane of Harry Potter fandom.