Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Week in Paradise

It has been a most enjoyable week. We (Sir, maid, and I) have been vacationing in Hawaii.

Our usual travel arrangements applied. We passed through security, showing our open faced hoods to a female TSA agent in private (I think htey are getting used to seeing us now). Then, inside security, we put proper full face enclosure hoods back on and re-covered ourselves with our burqas.

Both maid and I stayed in burqas for the duration of the 5-1/2 hour flight from LAX. We were in first class and settled in and slept through most of the flight.

We landed at the airport in Hawaii and maid and I had our first taste of Hawaiian hospitality. There was somone waiting at the airport to place leis on us. The poor girl was shocked when Sir identified us. How do you put a lei on a woman in a burqa? Maid and I chuckled and bent our heads a bit, but we still had to hold them in place while we waited for the luggage.

Once our luggage had been collected we were taken by limo to the harbor where we boarded a launch and were taken by boat to a private villa Sir has rented for us. This house is gorgeous. It has four large bedrooms and overlooks the ocean and an isolated beach. There is a grounds and housekeeping staff that come in everyday. They were a bit surprised by our attire, but we don't see them much. Having a regular housekeeping staff allows maid to take a holiday a bit as well. she is only required to bathe, dress, and attend to my needs as opposed to her usual duties which include cooking and cleaning.

We have spent the week relaxing, playing, and I've even been scuba diving in the ocean which I had not counted on. Sir and I are both certified divers, but I have not been in open water since last summer and certainly not since I started my total enclosure regimen.

But the beach here is so private and secluded that I simply walked out to the water in full gear and still in total enclosure. Sir and I went beach diving several times. We have a fair amount of experience with this because he likes to play games with me in our pool, so I am used to wearing a BC and tank over a black rubber full enclosure suit. Things fit tightly, but that is, of course, the point.

We also went out at night to some very nice performances. There is a wonderful performance here that is like a cirque du soleil show but documents in music, dance, and acrobatics the history of the hawaiian people. We attended the other night. Yes, we had a few stares directed at two ladies in flowing robes in the tropical evening.

I should explain something about heat here. We have been quite careful to stay indoors during the high heat (about 30C or 85F) in the middle of the day. But the island is subject to constant winds and actually cools to as low as 68F during the evening. So it is actually not bad to go out in the evenings or to lay out on a lanai in the morning after we have breakfast.. That, by the way, I have been doing in just the transparent skinsuit, so it is, I suppose, our version of nude sunbathing :)

So, going out in the evening in skinsuit, dress, and burqa has been just fine. The humidity is actually not too high here.

We've done some museums and some dinners out, but for the most part, we've stayed in our wonderful villa, relaxing. I have seldom seen Sir stay away from email and work for so long. He has been spending days in latex enclosure with me and maid and we've been haivng loads of fun.
We return in a couple of days and go back to the 'real world' but much relaxed and rested.



gummitaucher said...

Hi Latexlady,

now you getting me very curious again. Would you mind telling us what kind of games your husband likes to play with you in your private pool ?

I am active scuba and freediver myself. My rubber Lady friend is not a diver herself but she likes to play games which involve putting on diving gear.

best wishes to you

Latex Lady said...


We play breath control games with scuba in our pool. Sir likes to fit me into full gear, then tether me to the drain while I am immobilized. Typically, I am about three feet below the surface and am left to float there as my air runs out.

I get a wonderful rush when the air gets thin and my regulator won't crack anymore because there's nothing in the tank. Sir let's me flutter and struggle for a while (which I find to be extremely arousing and erotic) then releases me and lets me get fresh air.

On occasion he has simply swapped my tank and made me undergo the experience again forty minutes later, but usually one session is sufficient for both our kinky needs.


Anonymous said...

Does you body NOT like any dildo or butplugg inside while sleeping in rubber?
I love to sleep in a scubasuit with a large dildo inside me.