Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas ... With Family

While we are not religious, Sir and i do keep Christmas. We enjoy a tree and having family come in and presents and lights and all the trimmings. I suppose we are celebrating the solstice as much as anything...the turning of the year and the return of longer days.

After my little adventure shopping at the mall, I had finished wrapping sir's presents and those for our son. He was visiting us in our new California home for the holiday. I was a little trepidatious about his visit, since he hadn't been told about our new experiment. But he was used ot seeing me in latex street wear, so I didn't think we would have too much toruble.

Our son is a rubberist as well. He's 25 now and came out to us a few years ago after he graduated university. As I said, Sir and I have worn street rubber for decades, never saying anything about it as a fetish. he was used to what he used to call my "shiny" clothes that I wore on weekends and in the evening. so, when he showed up for a visit a few years ago in latex jeans and t shirt and explained that he was into it as well, we all just shrugged and moved on. We didn't discuss his sexual proclivities or ours ... just our respective fahion sense.

We had to collect him at the airport on Christmas eve, which ment another burqa-bound outing for me. I had not been to an airport in full enclosure before and I was quite concerned about security people being weirded outr by it. Sir told me it would be no problem as we were not going behind security, but I was still nervous. He had me wear a full enclosure catsuit of thin, clear rubber, with open eyes and a black hood with no mouth, so I was gagged, but only while out in public.

Over that I was corseted, booted, gloved, and dressed in a long, straight dress with high collar and long sleeves in black's not one of my favorite, full skirted dresses, but still, quite normal for wearing on the street. While straight, it is not slinky tight, but fairly loose and it stops mid calf. I've worn it many times in public in the past...just never hooded and covered by my shroud.

I have actually started to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror when i wear the burqa. It is a quite a nice garment, loose and flowing as the rubber is very light. It falls all the way to the floor of course...and even drags a little to cover my feet. My boots all have at least four inch heels, so it is quite long to keep even them from being seen. I had a little trouble at fist learnign to walk in it without tripping, but it's better now.

We drove to the airport with me sittting in the front seat. I haven't tried to drive in the burqa, but I understand Saudi women do sometimes, so I suppose I could learn. Of course, Sir's attitude at the moment is that I am not allowed to. vision is quite peripheral vision at all, but I don't really feel limited in sight when I wear it. not sure what a cop would do if he stopped a burqa-d woman and had to ask for ID only to discover she couldn't speak!

Several people in the parking garage and the ticket area stared at us as we walked in, but no one said anything. There was a large crowd of folks waiting for family to arrive and they were certainly multi-cultural. I saw several muslima in hajib and jilbab coats and no one paid them much attentiton. As I said, we took a few stares, but no one made a big deal of the burqa'd woman awaiting her son.

Sir wore his latex jeans over his catsuit. he's been wearing rubber almost as much as I have since we started this little venture. it was cool and he slipped his leather bomber over that, but made no attempt to hide the rubber top portion of the catsuit. He decided ai would be comfortable enough in three layers and I didn't have any other coat on. I think, if I had to wear a coat, I would wear it under the burqa, not over.

We didn't have long to wait. Our son walked out of security after we'd been there only a few minutes. he was dressed in a pair of latex jeans and a white cotton tee-shirt. I DID see a look of surprise on his face as he saw his father, then realized I was the one next to him. He walked up and said, "what's this?" and Sir just told him it was something new...he would explain as we headed for the car.

I couldn't say anything, but I reached up and kissed him through the burqa. He seemed Ok with that and we headed for the car. Sir explained that we had entered a new stage of our rubber life and that I was going to be encased for the entire time of his visit. he laid out the ground rules...full enclosure, gagged when in public, no showing my face and no contact with anything on my skin except rubber. Son's reaction was, "cool!"

He had some questions, about things like shopping, going out, what would I wear around the house...but seemed to quickly click to the fact that I couldn't answer until we got home and that other than that, things would be pretty normal.

Once we got home I removed the burqa and the black hood. Son actually said I looked good in the clear rubber hood of the catsuit and was complimentary about my dress.

That evening, he and Sir both changed into catsuits and Sir put his Priest's frock on over that. He had me change into my red nun's habit, with wimple and veil over the clear enclosure suit. We had a simple dinner, which is normal for Christmas Eve at our house. It WAS weird because it was so mundane. During dinner I knelt next to Sir and he fed me bites off his plate. But we talked about Son's career, his car, his girlfriend and other things while we ate dinner.

Later, in the living room, I curled up on the floor, next to Sir's chair which is my usual place now. Son didn't seem concerned about this either. We talked a bit about his girlfriend. She is into his fetish as well, but had to go home to New York for the holidays. We talked about the two of them coming up to see us later, maybe around Easter or so. He said she would be cool with our lifestyle as well and talked about the hooded dress he got her for Christmas. He had already given it to her before she caught her plane for NY. We laughed about the fact that she took it with her and thought she might get to a fetish club over the holiday...sans parental units, though.

We were all tired, so about 11 or so, Sir sent me up to get ready for bed. He and Son talked a bit more, then came up as well. By that time, I was undressed and in bed, but still in the enclosure suit...that's about as naked as I get now. Son said goodnight through the door and Sir joined me for the night. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that it was an enjoyable Christmas eve with Sir!

Christmas morning we all slept late. About 9am we were all up and had Christmas. I got a lovely new dress, a very tight hobble skirt, two Studio Gum heavy duty hoods and a thinner condom eyeholes and a thin rubber sheath in my mouth so I can be used orally and can't speak. This one is from Austria, I gather.

I also got books and other things. Son got me several books and we gave him DVDs, CDs, a couple of video games, and gift certificates. Usual sort of Christmas. Again, weird only because it was so mundane, while I was completely encased in a red catsuit with red hood and a red rubber kimono. After presents, Sir put me in the new thin condom helmet which is red too. he then had me kneel facing him for about 2 hours while he and Son watched TV and talked.

This was disconcerting because I was all positioned for him to use me orally (which is NOT uncommon when we are home alone) and yet, our son was there as well. I had some concern that I was about to be introduced to family sex in a most bizarre way, but Sir has never been interested in that at ALL, so I calmed down pretty quickly.

After a few hours, they decided we should go see a movie. the condom hood was removed and I was sent upstairs to change out of the kimono. I put on my corset and a pair of black boots, then a simple red rubber dress with short sleeves. It is a mini-dress and comes to just above my knees. I picked up my black mouthless hood and a pair of black gloves and went back downstairs.

Sir and Son were ready...dressed alike in rubber jeans and t-shirts. Sir put my black mouthless hood on me, explaining to our son that this is how he enforces my silence in public. Son actually helped, zipping the hood shut and smoothing it over my neck and head. Then Sir handed Son a black posture collar for me. It felt very strange to have my son putting a posture collar around my throat, holding my head back slightly to get it to fit, then lacing it closed in back. This collar is one of my is the Demask collar that covers the lower half of my face but doesn't force my head back to much. So, with the burqa on, I had four layers of rubber covering my face. It felt so comfy! And knowing that I could share this with my son as well as with Sir was exhilarating.

When he was done, he made the comment that he wants to get one of these collars for his girlfriend.

We went out to a multi-cinema and watched the movie (Lemonny Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events) without incident. There were some people who saw me and whispered to themselve, but no one said anything about our little family group. We had quite a nice afternoon.
So that's how I spent Christmas and how we made our son aware of what we are doing with our latex lifestyle. Boxing day was just spent lazing around the house, all three of us in rubber and Sir showed Son some of the more elaborate bondage he puts me in, like my arm binder and my vacuum bed. Finally, on monday, we took him to the airport and sent him home. By this time we had been out to after christmas sales, movies and dinner and I was getting completely comfortable being out in the burqa. I understand why some women choose to cover like this. It is actually very comfortable to be covered, but able to see. to be isolated in the middle of crowds...theydo seem to part like the red sea when we walk down a crowded aisle at the mall.

I'll write more about the next stage in my next article. Up to this point I had been taking my skin suits off and bathing and spending some time unencased. I was sleeping in loose nightgowns under rubber sheets after Sir undressed me at night. But that changed after Christmas. More about that later.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Reply to Dark's Questions

Dark posted some queries to my last article. I thought I would answer them here rather than in another comment to that article.

Very nice questions, Dark.

Sir and I have found that very thin latex is the least reactive. My transparent latex is very thin (and fragile) and for this new experiment in 24/7 enclosure, I am taken out of my full enclosure suits and bathed at least once, sometimes twice a day.

We lubricate the suits with a silicone spray or lotion, sometimes, but I find that I can usually slip into even tight latex with no lubricant. I have never had much skin reaction to rubber and I don't generally develop rashes or redness. Just lucky, I guess.

We have found that washing new latex items in a mild soap before we wear them helps a great deal to make them more wearable. Sir develops sweat rashes when he wears too heavy an outfit for too long or in too hot a weather.

I am a bit concerned that in the summer, when I go our fully encased, I may develop some heat-based reaction, but Sir assures me I won't be out that much in the sun. the weather here in Northern California is far more conducive to this experiement than that of Texas.

The biggest problem I've had in the last week is learning to sleep in my hoods. At first, I found that as soon as I drifted off to sleep I would wake up feeling that I couldn't breathe. But, after a few nights, I was much better. I have learned that sleeping on my stomach or on my side is better than on my back.

We haven't moved on to sleeping in the vac bed for full nights yet. I have dropped off to sleep in it or in my inflatable body suit on occassion after a heavy bondage session, but never for a full night.

I do not miss 'normal' clothes. Sir has had me dress formally for years...that is, no slacks or pants...always skirts, dresses, and suits. I enjoyed wearing my nice suits and dresses, but since I began wearing latex undergarments several years ago, I have become very used to the feel of latex against my skin. So, dressing in it all the time doesn't raise any nostalgia for wool, cotton, silk, or leather. I actually wore leather in my former life a lot. I have several very nice leather business suits and outfits because Sir and I both enjoyed the look of it.

Wearing rubber is not mundane, but it is normal. Of course, I have just begun to wear it exclusively and there is still a definite frisson of fear and excitement when I have to go outside. I don't have a problem being fully enclosed in the house. It just feels comfortable. I've been wearing full enclosure suits for many hours most evenings for the past couple of years, so the extended time has not been that hard to get used to.

I DO wear a lot of transparent clothing around the house. Enclosure suits, dresses, and catsuits and hoods. Sir enjoys the look of very thin transparent latex with color tints, so one of my favorite items is a thin, transparent lavender rubber nightgown.

I would have to ask sir about writing any sort of biography. He has ordered me to publish our latest experiences on this blog, though, so who knows. As far as pictures go, there will be some on this blog and there are some at my yahoo profile (latexladyll).

Whenever we go out, with me gagged and in full enclosure under the burqa, Sir has been with me so far. I do not know if or when he will require me to venture forth totally on my own. The other day in the mall, he told me to go shop for his Christmas gifts, but he was always nearby in case i had any trouble. In fact, he was just about to come help me out with the adamant clerk when i remembered I had cash enough for the purchase.

I DO wear the burqa out to dinner...I just am not allowed to eat!

I can't eat because I am gagged under the burqa when we go out in public. I will write about our experiences at a resaturant in my next article.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Shopping

We went shopping several times last weekend and this week. During all of these trips, I was in full enclosure and covered by the latex burqa.

On the first trip on the weekend before Christmas, I was dressed in the following:

Black latex corset...with bust cups
Stockings, and panties in clear latex
Black, full length skirt...Not a hobble skirt, but straight and narrow
Black long sleeved blouse with high collar
Black elbow length gloves under the sleeves of the blouse
Black full face hood with no mouth hole
Black, knee high latex boots with 4" spike heels
Black latex burqa

The first place we went to was a Christmas tree lot. Sir and I wandered the lot, looking for a good tree. There were lots of stares, of course, but he picked one out and I went to stand by our car while he paid for the tree. Watching people watch me was hilarious, but no one approached or said anything to me. I noticed a few people talking to each other and looking our way as Sir loaded the tree onto the car roof. I wonder what would have happened if I had slipped into the driver's seat

After dropping the tree at home and getting it set up (during which I was not allowed to change clothes, just to take off the burqa), we went shopping at a large mall. Sir valet parked the car and I did get a "wow" from the valet as he opened my door to let me out. I was riding in the back seat and the windows are tinted, so he didn't see what I had on until I got out of the car.

Nothing much happened while shopping with Sir. I actually saw two other women dressed in Muslim dress (but not in burqas) and they gave me some odd looks, but we just passed each other by. Sir would steer me into a shop, hold up an item or two or I would point something out and he would finally take it up and pay for it. I just stood a few feet behind him and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. The clerks in the department stores gave me some curious glances, but the clerks in the more upscale boutiques seemed to hardly notice I was there.

I did run into a bit of trouble when Sir sent me off alone to shop for him. I went into a large bookstore and located the books I wanted to buy for him, but the lady behind the counter was unhappy with me paying by credit card. She wanted to see a photo ID, which I presented, but she couldn't verify it against my face. She was quite polite, but also adamant that she needed to see my face and I don't think she understood why I was not speaking to her.

I could not speak and I couldn't see Sir anywhere nearby. Ultimately, I pulled out cash and paid for the books that way. Sir had made me carry a small purse under the burqa for cash and credit cards. So the lesson I learned was that I will most likely be limited to cash for shopping. EVERYONE is likely to want to verify my face against my photo ID and that's just not going to be happening.

When the clerk had bagged my books and handed them to me, I turned around and saw Sir on the other side of the store. He was laughing to himself because he had seen me having to deal with the woman (who was not particularly amused, I must say). But afterwards, he told me I had done well, and he was quite proud.

More later...We went to dinner one evening after shopping! And then there was Christmas with family!

Latex Lady

Monday, December 20, 2004

New Requirements

This is my first real entry. Sir has had me start blogging this to document my experiences in very heavy latex-centric restriction and submission now that I can stay at home and in rubber all the time.

By very heavy I mean the following:
  • I am dressed completely in latex every day...
  • undergarments, dress or skirt and blouse, gloves and shoes
  • When at home, at his whim, I may be in bondage much of the day...
  • armbinder, gagged, even tied to a bench or bed...whatever he wants.
  • I have to learn to sleep in full enclosure including hood
  • I have to learn to sleep in a vacuum bed.
  • When we go out I am to be in full latex enclosure including head, hands, and feet
  • I am forbidden to show my face or any part of my body in public
  • I am forbidden to speak in public
  • Unless told to do so, I am forbidden to sit in public

Around the house, it's not too bad. I wear full enclosure catsuits a lot, or just a full latex ensemble such as I used to wear out in the evenings. Dress or blouse and skirt, latex undergarments. I have learned to spend up to 8 hours in an inflatable hood as well.

Sir prefers me to be in a catsuit under clothes or to wear one of the full enclosure suits, but he doesn't require it all the time or all day...he knows my limits and doesn't want me to ruin my skin or develop an allergy.

To meet the outdoor requirements is harder. Used to be, I would just wear a nice full length latex dress and not think about it. I have even worn full skirted, long sleeved latex dresses while flying.

But now, I can't show my face or body in public. To facilitate this, Sir has me wear a burqa in public. The first one he got me was an authentic, Afghani blue georgette burqa with all the pleats and the little perforated panel in front. I got used to wearing it with normal clothes under neath, then with latex underneath. I had to learn how to keep it closed around me while walking. It's actually a hoot. Poeple stare, but they don't say anything. it makes me feel very protected and safe.

Then he had one made in thin black latex. It is very thin, but I don't have to hold it closed as it is fully closed all the way round. It drapes over me and has a form fitted sort of hat like the cloth one does. There is a panel in it that is perforated so I can see a bit.

When we go out now, I have to wear it over my other latex clothing. Now I had done this a few times in Dallas and it's one ever really looks at you that much even though the burqa is latex, not silk. But now I am to be hooded and gagged under it as well. That ups the ante a bit on scary. I don't know what will happen if someone soemhow figures out how bound and restricted i am underneath.

He has also said that since I'm a stay at home slave now, I will be encased for up to a week at a time in the same suit to build endurance. We've tried before where nothing but Latex touched my body for a week, but that included me being naked between rubber sheets.

Finally, he wants to test intubing endurance and I am to be cathetered for up to a month if I can tolerate it, with the catheter being changed every two days. I love the feel of being cath'd, but I don't know if I can take it for a month..and I worry about infections.

I am agreeing to all this for the usual reasons...I love him, I'm his sub and I love to please him. We've just never had the opportunity to push the endurance and lifestyle this much, but since I am no longer employed and can just stay at home, it makes for a great opportunity. Also, I am setting an example for maid.

Maid wears a rubber uniform around the house but she has never been required to be encased and sealed for more than a few hours during a play scene. She doesn't know if she can take it. So I intend to show her that her mistress can take it, there fore she should be able to.

More later...we are going out this weekend shopping for the first time.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Let's come up to date

Sir has ordered me to create this blog to document my latest changes in our long lifestyle. But I think it makes sense to explain a bit of who I am and why we live the way we do.

I discovered I was submissive when I had my first sexual relationship at 16. My lover was a senior girl and she took my virginity. She also introduced me to BDSM games and D/s. But after high school we went to different Universities.

In 1973 I met my Dom, Latex Gent, at university. He introduced me to latex-centric BDSM. We married in 1975 and I have been living in a D/s relationship ever since. While I am bisexual with a preference for female lovers, Sir has been the perfect Dom for me and I have been quite happily married for almost 30 years.

What this has meant is that I am fully trained in just about every rubber ritual imaginable. Sir is very willing to experiement with me. And I am very willing to participate.

We've lived in the Dallas area for many years, but moved to the UK for a few years in the 80's. While there, we became much more involved in the emerging rubber scene and even had the opportunity to meet and learn from John Sutcliffe.

For years I have been an educator. First pre-school and elementary education, then corporate software training. But recently, Sir has had me quit my job and I am now a 24/7 stay-at-home sub.

I have, for the past 25 years, worn SOME latex every day. For the last 10 years I have slept in latex night gowns and and under latex sheets. For the last 6 years we have owned a vacuum bed and I occassionally sleep all night in it.

Two and a half years ago, we acquired a live-in 24 hour rubber maid. She lives with us and is my personal maid. She bathes and dresses me and cooks and cleans for us. She also participates in our scenes.

We play medical scenes, breath control scenes, heavy enclosure, suspension and bondage and lots of BDSM scenes and other scenarios. Sir has an active imagination and has, for 30+ years, kept upping the ante on our experimentation and games. We enjoy a lot of inflatable and hood games. I love hoods and gags and I particularly enjoy full enclosure and restrictive clothing.

I have typically worn rubber streetwear for years whenever I could. Sir has always encouraged me to be open about our fetish and so I have worn rubber to dinner, theater, family gatherings, even on airplanes when I travel. Until I quit my job, I even wore rubber stockings, panties, and corset under my business suits at work.

Sir and I have always been interested in ethnic costume and the fetish possibilities in them. For example, I have a red rubber kimono, a rubber karmeez, and a rubber burqa. Recently he had me adopt a very strict discipline with respect to public dress. I am now required to completely cover my body, face and hands in public and I am not allowed to speak in public anymore. To accomplish this, I wear the rubber burqa over my usual rubbber dress or suit and I am gagged under it.

I always dress somewhat formally as we lead a somewhat formal lifestyle. For example, I am not allowed to wear slacks or pants. I must always be dressed in dresses, skirt suits, or evening gowns, even around the house.

These changes have come on since Sir and I moved to Northern California. The more diverse and tolerant environment here makes it possible for us to explore our fetishes more publicly than we have been able to in all our years of living in Texas. He wants me to document the next several months as I adapt to total 24/7 submission discipline. We'll see how this goes. I don't know how often I will be able to update the blog here, but I will make as many entries as I can.

A Latex Lady

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