Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Holidays at Home with Family and Friends

Well, we are back in Ireland now, but had a wonderful tenday at our home in Dallas.

We were joined for Christmas by our friends from Switzerland and our son and his girlfriend. We all had a nice 10 day holiday and a fine Christmas. And we had a couple of very nice outings. We went shopping at several of the malls and I was not the only one in a burqa. At the Dallas Galleria I saw four niqabis in traditional all black and one other blue burqa as well as a large number of hijabis. Hijabis are as common as can be in the DFW area with several new mosques in the suburbs.

I've mentioned before that our son's girlfriend likes to wear latex anime outfits. When they flew in she was in a rubber goth loli dress complete with latex petticoat and rubber gloves and stockings. She looked most elegant and incredibly sexy. She continued to dress like that for our whole stay and complementing Anne-Marie and myself quite nicely as we wore Victorian fashions in rubber many times.

Our friends Kermit and Anne-Marie and their new maid Laurel all showed up as well. We all spent the entire holiday in latex, we ladies in catsuits under dresses or skirts and blouses and the gentlemen in catsuits under slacks and jackets. Around the house we mostly stayed hooded and all of us were in hoods on Christmas morning when we opened packages. Laurel and I were even gagged for pressies!

Sir got me a lovely dress and two new rubber blouses but the most impressive gift from him was a new stainless steel Jennings gag which forces the mouth open. He gave one to Wei as well, our son's girlfriend. I am sure I'll get lots of use out of that. Wei looked quite beautiful with her mouth spread open during one of their scenes.

I gave him some books and a nice rubber hood I found out on the web. Our son got a new pair of rubber trousers and some noise cancelling headphones.

We have a playroom in our home, fully fitted as a domination dungeon. We had a wonderful fun scene on Christmas eve with our friends while our boy took his g/f to a movie. It lasted about three hours and I was utterly satisfied and exhausted when it was over. I had to be taken up to our room and put into a nice vacuum bed for an hour to calm down and recover. I was in a sort of convulsive fugue state, crying uncontrollably, not from fear or pain but from a quivering, never-ending wave of pleasure.

I had to service Anne-Marie orally for what seemed like forever while I was stimulated by her husband with a violet wand. I was dressed in a total enclosure black catsuit for the scene but the sparks from the wand easily penetrated the thin rubber as he played the electroes over nipples and genitals. IThe suit has anal and vaginal sheaths as well and he used one of the wands probes as an excrutiatingly pleasurable dildo on me.

That was followed by a long luxurious whipping by Sir which is always a delight. But in this case, as I was tied over a spanking bench for the whipping, I was also available for Anne-Marie to take her revenge with her rubber gloved fist in my just recently stimulated orifice. It was amazing but left me utterly out of control of myself. An hour of total encapsulation, still hooded and re-gagged but now in my vacuum bed and quivering from both physical and psychological pleasure and pain was just what I needed. By the time Ian and Wei returned I had borrowed Laurel and had her dress me in a lovely long white rubber dress and extremely tight corset. Matchng hood, gloves, and stockings were, of course, de rigeur.

We did actually have to schedule the playroom as the three groups of us had private desires and needs. But the times when we all participated in some nice D/s play, me, Laurel, and Wei in bizarre bondage and suspension or trussed up and used as living rubber furniture for an evening that were the most fun. I love being made to kneel beside Sir, hooded and gagged while he discussed business or literature with Kermit, Ian, and Anne-Marie or being made to wear my burqa all evening and bow with my head touching the floor before Anne-Marie while she used me as a footstool. Knowing that Wei was similarly engaged, licking Ian's or Kermit's boots only made me the more excited.

Throughout the pleasurable pursuits, laurel, our friends' new maid, appeared hooded, gloved, and corseted in rubber french maid's uniforms of differing colours and served as maid, housekeeper, and cook. It was wonderful. She even made turkey dinner for Christmas day. She also was available to any of us for play and I confess we all made use of her lovely body. She is a little younger than Wei and not as experienced in submission but trying very hard to be the best maid she can. Her willingness to suffer our somewhat more sophisticated attentions and to take pleasure from her ordeals was very well appreciated and she was generously rewarded by her owners.

We all went to see the new National Treasure movie at a midnight showing and wore full rubber regalia to it, including hoods and with me in burqa. We got a lot of stares, but nobody bothered us, not even the local police who were monitoring the cinema.

All such fun must ultimately come to an end, however, and we all parted company at the airport, each to fly back to thier specific destinations. We stayed in latex although the hoods came off.

We have arrived back in Ireland safely and our friends and family have made it to their respective destinations as well. So, as I write this on the first day of 2008, the new year looks to be interesting and intriguing. Sir is feeling fine after his illness of last year, I am committed to my lovely rubber life, our family is happy and our friends prosperous. All is well.