Friday, July 29, 2005

Health Issues in Total Enclosure

I have been asked recently to address myself more to day to day life in full enclosure and to answer some questions from readers of my blog about such issues. It is odd, but I seem to forget to do that because day to day life seems so normal to me now. I, to be honest, hardly notice the enclosed and encased aspect of my life, the ritualistic dressing and indressing in multiple layers, and the daily D/s rituals we undertake.

So I shall try to confront some of these more prosaic, yet ultimately, I realize, facinating questions about how one can spend 7 months now in total latex encasement.

A recent query was what about visits to a doctor or what would I do in event of a health emergency. Sir and I have considered this issue carefully and we have certain rules in place for handling the situations that might arise. These rules encompass me, maid, and even Sir.

First, if I should develop a sudden allergic reaction to the rubber. This is a real possibilityas latex sensitivity can come on suddenly after years of wear, but might be more likely in as situation where the wearer has been exposed for extended periods as I am. Sir and I have agreed that, in the event of any indication of severe allergic reaction such as anaphylactic shock or even a precursor such as massive rash or itching poutbreak, I will be immediately stripped to the real skin and paramedics called. The experiment ends there.

Should a minor irritation occur, as happenned early on when maid left me too wet after a bath in one area, we will handle as we did then, leaving me in my skin suit if possible and treating it topically.

Should something like a heart attack occur or a serious burn or other injury, paramedics will be called and we will all simply have to face the embarrassment of being caught in flagrante latexo, as it were. If it is possible to get us into normal street clothes before they arrive, we will, but not at the risk of more injury. And this would also terminate the experiment.

However, for simple things such as a case of bronchitis, flu, or cold where I felt I needed a doctor's advice, we took a slightly different approach. We acquired a regular physician who makes house calls.

Now many poeple will say right here that this clearly means I am writing fiction. Ask most poeple in this country and they will tell you that no doctor has made house calls in 30 years. However, it is still possible to get one to do so...for only money.

If you travel as much as we do (particularly Sir) you learn that a good concierge at a hotel can work miracles. And, interestingly enough, hotels are sensitive to guests who find themselves under the weather. Sir and I have, on occassion, over many years of travel, availed ourselves of a hotel's doctor service.

Hotels will have a service or specific doctor they can call that will come out to the hotel and treat you on site for anything short of appendicitis. Yes, they will charge you a couple of hundred dollars or more for the service, and they don't take insurance, but we have always found that we can file a claim later and the insurance company will reimburse some portion.

When we started our experiment, Sir stopped at a local San Jose hotel and asked the concierge for the number of their doctor. Even though he wasn't a guest (and the concierge may not have known that) he was politely given the nmber. He called and checked to see if they would come to the house as well and the answer was yes.

By the way, hotels are, for all practical purposes, public service centers in many ways. Need a res room? There'll be one in the lobby. Need a taxi, there'll be one at the door, need directions or a restaurant recommendation? Ask the concierge or the doorman. Just need otrest when you've been walking all over London in a rubber burqa? Just walk in and sit in the lobby for a short while.Hotels are not really concerned with who uses their lobby services as long as you look like you might be a guest; if not today, then later in time.

My first cold, which I blogged, we handled ourselves. But a story I have not blogged involved me getting a bit of bronchitis a few months ago. It was annoying, but nowhere near as messy as the sneezing episodes. However, after a week, I was not getting better with over the counter remedies and Sir decided I needed a doctor.

We planned ahead. I was still covered in latex, but in separate hood, gloves, top, tights, and skirt with no skinsuit underneath in case the doctor needed to inject me or otherwise examine me closely. I was also, when he arrived at the house, in my burqa as was maid.

Sir had asked if there was a female doctor, but the service has none probably because women would not feel safe venturing into a stranger's house to perform exams and such.

The doctor who arrived was in his sixties or seventies, carried the traditional doctor's black bag, and was a bit shocked when Sir let him into our living room where two burqa'd women waited. Sir explained that we would need to remain covered unless absolutely necessary. The doctor took it in stride. I assume he thought we were muslim, but he didn't comment.

He said that he had treated women who had these requirements and that I could stay veiled, but he would have to be allowed to touch my chest and back to diagnose me.

So, maid lifted my burqa enough to give him access to my blouse and he had me unsnap it enough for him to slip the stethescope beneath it to listen to my lungs. He pulled on a pair of disposable rubber gloves and to his credit, he warmed the stethescope before putting it to my skin. I hadn't thought about him wearing rubber gloves, but, of course, almost all do now when they do any exam requiring contact.

He listened for a few moments, then asked if I had a fever, sore throat, or the sniffles. Sir said that no, we had just taken my tmp and it was normal as was my throat and nose. He also informed the doctor that my pulse was 72, my blood pressure 120/82, explaining that he had used one of the Omron wrist monitors just before the doctor arrived. I purposely did not speak.

He seemed satisfied with this, pronounced me as suffering bronchitis and wrote a prescription for oral pennicilin after asking if I was allergic to it. Maid helped me pull the burqa back into place. During the entire examination it had not left my face and head, merely been lifted and held, almost like a train, by maid.

He prescribed bed rest for a few days, said to watch for any fever and to call his office if I wasn't better in 10 days and he would return. He cautioned Sir about it developing into pneumonia and then he was ready to go. His office had already billed Sir's credit card for the $225 for a visit.

Should I have another need for a house call we will call him back. He did caution Sir about the possibility of latex allergy as he left and Sir assured him we were well aware of the issue. The dotor's only comment was, "yes, I guess you would be."

I spent a few days in bed, took my medicine and got better. we never filled the second prescription and haven't had a need to call him back.

So that is my doctor story. yes, you can be treated in latex without ever leaving your home. I do not know how we will handle my next pap smear and breast exam, however. But that's a few months away. and yes, maid and I do personal exams every month at least. Actually it's more like every week. And we do her as well as me even though she is in her 20's.

Next I think I will blog our recent foray in the dark of noght to the bookstore to acquire the latest Harry Potter at 12:01AM...amidst a hundred pre-teenage children. That was interesting!

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Family Reunion

I just realized I never actually got around to blogging our Family Reunion with Sir's family. With all the trouble in London, I suppose I forgot that I had not actually detailed our visit to Sir's family.

After we checked into our hotel (and after a very long flight from London) we waited a while until our son and his girlfriend, Wei, checked into the same hotel. So, we met our son and Wei for dinner.

For dinner we went downtown to a very nice restaurant. I wore my white burqa and Sir wore his black latex blazer and slacks. I have mentioned before that our son came out to us at Christmas about his own rubberist predelictions. He wore black rubber slacks and blazer too over a red catsuit. Wei showed up wearing a cute little sailor outfit in latex. She had picked it up in Japan. It has a very short blue skirt and a white top with blue sailor collar, a big red bow, and long gloves, all in latex. She was just gorgeous.

We had fun at dinner and got to know Wei more. she was fascinated with how I have to eat in the burqa and I just loved watching her and the two most important men in my life.
The next day we went to see Sir's family. Wei wore her sailor outfit again so as to make me feel more comfortable with two of us in latex. Sir's family were very shocked when we first showed up and I was afraid they would not be accepting of me in my rubbered state.

Sir and I had decided that, as with my family, I would remove my burqa and let them see me with a transparent faced hood. Once I removed my burqa and we explained that this was smply how I was dressing now, everything pretty quickly got back to normal. Certainly, they think I'm weird now, just as my own family does, but they were already sure of that with respect to Sir. It helped that Wei was with us in her latex skirt and top.

For the first day I was wearing my long white dress and a white hood with transparent face. I was still wearing a transparent skin suit underneath, so I had two layers of transparent latex between me and the world. There were miscellaneous niees, nephews, and cousins and Sir's great nephew whos only 1. His mother was a little leary of handing him over to me until I smiled at her and told her, "it's ok, I'm sterile". I wasn't of course, but it broke the ice.
I had never held a baby while covered in latex. it was just a bit strange feeling his skin under my fingers, but not feeling it, if you take my meaning.

The next day I wore my grey victorian which garnered quite a lot of comments and even compliments from sir's sister who sews like I do and was amazed at the accuracy and detail of the bustle skirt and blouse styling. I must say I missed hte matching hood, but chose no tto wear it that day. I wore a black one with transparent hood. Wei wore a very pretty, short black rubber jumper over a white latex blouse. It was really a kinky english schoolgirl costume, complete with white rubber knee high socks and a little redstriped rubber tie but I don't think anyone in sir's family recognized it as such.

We had a wonderful time and it was great to be able to share our rubberized life with our son and his girl friend. It made things a bit more acceptable to his sister and nieces and nephews that Wei wore rubber too. As we were saying our goodbyes back at the hotel, I thanked her. She seems completely comfortable with being a rubberist. I think her combination of Asian and Manhattan upbringing has something to do with it.

We flew back the next day with, once again, no issues, then Sir had to turn around and fly to London where, of course, the bombings happened. We had started to go out again last week, but since the second round of attacks this week, we have decided maid and i should stay indoors mostly. of course, she can go out in just her maid's uniform with no hood for food shopping and such, but I am to remain indoors until Sir feels it is safer for a burqa'd woman to be seen around San Jose. Right now, i probably WOULD be stopped by cops and forced to show myself.

Everyone take care and I will write again soon


Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Heart Goes Out to London

I wanted to write this as soon as possible after I was up this morning.

I was awakened at 4AM this morning by a call from Sir (who had returned to London yesterday for a few days after our reunion).

Sir and I want all of our UK Rubberist friends and contacts to know that our condolences and best wishes are with you. This is another of these horrible events which are so impossibly difficult to understand.

I hope you have all contacted your families and loved ones and determined that all are OK.


Sir said he was fine but his meetings were, of course, cut short today because so many of the people he was with had to start walking home.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Returning Home

We are back in the US now and I wanted to let everyone know how today's flight went. It was an interesting eway to spend my 180th day in total enclosure. Can you believe, this experiment has been going on 6 months? I must say, that, while there have been some challenges, I almost cannot imagine living unenclosed anymore.

I Was awakened at 7 this morning for our return flight. Maid had already managed our luggage and laid out my travelling costume for the day.

After last night's session with our friends I was, quite hnestly, exhausted and limp as a kitten. Madam has that effect on me since she has assumed a role more of dom and less of confidante. She is most extreme, strict, and quite unrelenting in her kink. Sir had granted her total access to me for whatever scenarios she desired. I shan't go into more detial here, but suffice it to say that she has an excellent imagination for dominance games, a tremendous energy for execution, and no inhibitions about how subs may be treated.

All in all, when we returned to the hotel around midnight, maid and I were both quite ready for a good night's sleep. Sir too was quite relaxed and had enjoyed himself immensely and in ways he seldom has opportunity to explore.

Maid, thank heaven, had prepared for a less than energetic return. She got me ready for bed quickly andI was asleep in skinsuit and nightgown within moments of our arrival. I presume she settled herself shortly thereafter.

Our sleeping arrangements for this last night in the UK were in a joined suite. The rooms were configured with double beds and Sir chose to sleep alone, also encased in latex, as he sometimes does. I was in the bed next to his, as I said, in a nightgown of lavender latex over my lavender skinsuit.

It has been a challenge this trip to get my skinsuits cleaned and dried in time to maintain our protocol as we only packed 4, But she has done well and has kept me in clean, dry sauits and my body well lotioned and shaved smooth.

Maid, with our luggage and hers has been sleeping in an attached set of rooms, also with double beds. she is charged with keeping my clothes ready, cleaning and drying and preparing them and of course bathing and grooming me. In addition, when we have not gone out to dinner, she is in charge of arranging our meals and, if necessary, feeding me.

She had prepared for a late night return by laying out today's travel costumes for both herself and me before we left and insuring that only the minimum packing would have to be done this morning.

Consequently, rising at 7, we were in plenty of time to get me bathed and properly costumed for my return to the states. Maid, as well, was under orders to dress very elaborately for this trip. First she bathed me as usual then I was slid into a transparent catsuit with no hood. This is the same suit I wore going through security to get here. An open faced hood in bright white was used to provide head coverage so that a security person could ID me.

Over this I was put into a long, straight, tight skirted travel dress with high collar and built in gloves at the ends of the sleeves. This is a new dress Sir collected from our friends and it has disctintly Victorian touches all over it. Ruffles at neck, bust, and cuffs, a very tight waist (I am corseted, of course) and the shape of the skirt are all very Victorian. The rubber is colored lovely dove gray with hints of silver. I have never seen anything like it.

It was actually quite hobbling and rather different from my usual travel dresses, which are full skirted, but Sir wanted me to be significantly restrained on the flight. Over the dress, I was wearing a matching latex Victorian bustle skirt. This quite dramatically enhanced my view from the aft as it were, but it was lovely. It draped over my hips in multiple folds and just looked beautiful

My boots were knee high, black rubber with 5 inch heels. The corset underneath was my black rubber one that actually laces over my hips for further hobbling.
Maid was dressed in her classic English maid's uniform with long a-line skirt and white high necked blouse underneath. She was also gloved and was wearing a black open faced hood so her identity check may be perfoemd.

Of course over all this we wore our black burqas. She has her own now as I think I have mentioned.

Once in the terminal we were met at the check in by a representative of the airline who escorted us through security and into the airline first class lounge. At security maid and I had to wait a few minutes with six other fully veiled women who were also being escorted through and checked in private by a female security person. These women were in traditional muslim clothing including niqabs and boushiyas, but we were the only two burqas. Two of the six were children, probably under 16, judging from height. were were all in black and maid and I did not seem to raise any veiled eyebrows in our latex burqas.

Once in the transit lounge, I swear we saw at least 30 other women who were completely vieled including their faces as well as an even larger number of women in hijab and jilbabs. Not to mention about 20 men in white saudi dress.

In the airline lounge maid and i went into a ladies room to redo our enclosure. She put me in a black hood with a small, rubber in-the-mouth gag and no mouthole and only a small pair of eyeholes. In addition, Sir required that I wear a mouth covering posture collar during the flight as well. So I spent the 10 hour flight with a soft rubber balloon in my mouth as well as my more usual mouth covering.

I put maid into a similar hood and collar (we carried these in her carry on luggage as usual) and we both kept the open faced hoods on under these so we were wearing three layers over our heads and four over our mouths for the entire trip.

Maid also placed a waist/arm restraint around me and secured my wrists to my sides so I had no use of my hands or arms from that time until just before we landed. Sir had, again, very arbitrarily decided that I should be heavily restrained on this flight.

We boarded and had an excellent flight. We, of course, had to go to the lavatory to change our hoods before landing, but that went just fine. There were two other women I saw board in niqabs, one up in first class with us and one in business or coach.

I must say the customs people here in the US were not as comfortable this time with handling veiled women, but they gave us a female examiner and handled it in the end.

We are now in a hotel and tomorrow will visit Sir's family for a reunion. It is very warm here in Texas, but maid and I are doing OK. The hotel is very nice and well air conditioned.
That is about all for now.

Friday, July 01, 2005

UK Trip - Leaving

Well, w are finishing our trip now. We've had a wonderful
time, visited many places we've never been to before and
had some disturbingly warm weather.

We were in the leeds area yesterday and I was surprised at
the number of fully veiled muslim women wandering about. I
did not realize there was that lrge a population of
muslims in the Manchester/Leeds area.

I was not the least out of place wandering around in my
burqa and even had a couple of niqabi women in full veils tell me they thought
my rubber burqa was well suited to the rainy weather (the
one day we had a bit of rain).

We took a a nice train to London (with plenty of A/C) then
were met by our limo driver and taken to the airport
where we are staying in a hotel for the night.

However, I did see something very disturbing on the
Cromwell Rd on the way here. I was looking out the window
when I saw a large man and a somewhat smaller man talking.
suddenly the large man struck the other in the face with
his fist. He fell down, nearly in the street.

The man who was hit was dark, Egyptian or Indian, very
well dressed in a brown suit and tie. The hitter was about
twice his size and weight and wearing a casual business
shirt and tie, white and blonde.

I was appalled at the sudden violence and got Sir's
attention, but he had not seen what happened. Maid was
sitting in the jump seat facing backward and also did not
see the evnet, but I motioned her to look out the window
with me. We were both gagged and coould not say anything
to Sir.

The victim of this road rage got to his feet and backed
away and actually tapped on our car's window as we passed,
but our driver either did not see or did not wish to
stop. The man and I stared at each other as the cab
passed, I watching the shock and fear in his eyes and he
seeing two women in burqas in a limo.

I was horrified, but felt terribly helpless. The larger
man climbed back in his car and closed his door and had
his window up. I looked back and the smaller man was
climbing into HIS car. I did not see any damage on the
cars, but presume somenthing like a fender bender must
have set the big man off.

I am totally unused to seeing this kind of violence and
was doubly surprised to see it in a London street. I never
expected to see such a thing and it seems completely at
odds with the patient, tolerant attitudes of most people I
meet in the UK.

The rest of our trip was uneventful, and we have spent the
rest of this evening here and then at our friends' house.
They live not to far from the airport. We had a nice
dinner at their house and a very enjoyable evening after

Yet, I keep wondering about this altercation in the
Cromwell Road. Is this sort of thing becoming commonplace
in Britain? It has, to some degree, in certain US cities,
but I never expected it here.

We fly back to the US tomorrow, first to Texas for a
family reunion and then on the San Jose. It has, overall,
been a wonderful trip.