Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cool Winter and a Second Life

Well, it has been a while between postings. We are having a very nice winter with rather more cold, ice, and snow than usual this month. But not the foot of snow we had in february last year.

We have done very little in the way of shopping or outings. The cold certainly makes latex dressing a bit of a challenge and I am routinely wearing three layers around the house...a total enclosure skin-suit in transparent rubber, a catsuit over that, and a dress over it all.

We did go see Tron: Legacy at the cinema...a fun flick with better story I think than the original. I was in my blue burqa with the two eyes which limits my vision a bit. We did not partake of 3D ... Not sure how that would work for me. I was able, however, to follow the story and the visuals are quite stunning. I love some of the costumes ... very dramatic and fetishy...I wonder how much the rest of the audience recognized that aspect. beneath my burqa I was in a long blue dress and a very tight, full enclosure blue tinted transparent skin-suit. AndI was, of course, silenced by the burqa's metallic blue latex hood which also has pepper-pot eyes to limit my vision further.

The new burqa which I have mentioned in other posts is more of a bronze electrum colour than platinum and Sir thinks it will be more interesting as a springtime outfit. So I hope to have some photos of it in a few weeks when the temperature starts back up.

I have been spending a lot of time in Second Life and have made some new friends. However, I mentioned Deirdre Young in my previous post and she and I met up again the other day at the Powers of Creation store. I was contemplating several new transparent latex full enclosure suits they are offering for avatars. I had just found a gorgeous latex kimono at Latex Web, inc. and was wearing it with a very nice Oiran hair. Deirdre suggested I model for her.

One thing led to another and a few minutes later (with Sir's enthusiastic permission) I was in her studio space and being posed on a wonderful stand crafted by Lelo. I have included some of the photos she let me have here.

I believe she will publish some others in her Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog soon. I think the kimono is one of the best in SL and the inclusion of Geta really completes the outfit. The hairpins are an extra item, but they were from Latex Web as well.

Not much else has been happening, as I said earlier. We have been resting up after Christmas and had absolutely no intention of getting out in the Ice this past week. Nor did we go to the SuperBowl, an event which has no attraction for Sir, whatsoever. I have been working on a gift for my sister, a new embroidery project. Doing needlework in gloves is challenging, let me state categorically!

And so I shall close this little posting. I hope everyone enjoys the images of my Second Life Avatar, latexladyll galicia.