Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cool Winter and a Second Life

Well, it has been a while between postings. We are having a very nice winter with rather more cold, ice, and snow than usual this month. But not the foot of snow we had in february last year.

We have done very little in the way of shopping or outings. The cold certainly makes latex dressing a bit of a challenge and I am routinely wearing three layers around the house...a total enclosure skin-suit in transparent rubber, a catsuit over that, and a dress over it all.

We did go see Tron: Legacy at the cinema...a fun flick with better story I think than the original. I was in my blue burqa with the two eyes which limits my vision a bit. We did not partake of 3D ... Not sure how that would work for me. I was able, however, to follow the story and the visuals are quite stunning. I love some of the costumes ... very dramatic and fetishy...I wonder how much the rest of the audience recognized that aspect. beneath my burqa I was in a long blue dress and a very tight, full enclosure blue tinted transparent skin-suit. AndI was, of course, silenced by the burqa's metallic blue latex hood which also has pepper-pot eyes to limit my vision further.

The new burqa which I have mentioned in other posts is more of a bronze electrum colour than platinum and Sir thinks it will be more interesting as a springtime outfit. So I hope to have some photos of it in a few weeks when the temperature starts back up.

I have been spending a lot of time in Second Life and have made some new friends. However, I mentioned Deirdre Young in my previous post and she and I met up again the other day at the Powers of Creation store. I was contemplating several new transparent latex full enclosure suits they are offering for avatars. I had just found a gorgeous latex kimono at Latex Web, inc. and was wearing it with a very nice Oiran hair. Deirdre suggested I model for her.

One thing led to another and a few minutes later (with Sir's enthusiastic permission) I was in her studio space and being posed on a wonderful stand crafted by Lelo. I have included some of the photos she let me have here.

I believe she will publish some others in her Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog soon. I think the kimono is one of the best in SL and the inclusion of Geta really completes the outfit. The hairpins are an extra item, but they were from Latex Web as well.

Not much else has been happening, as I said earlier. We have been resting up after Christmas and had absolutely no intention of getting out in the Ice this past week. Nor did we go to the SuperBowl, an event which has no attraction for Sir, whatsoever. I have been working on a gift for my sister, a new embroidery project. Doing needlework in gloves is challenging, let me state categorically!

And so I shall close this little posting. I hope everyone enjoys the images of my Second Life Avatar, latexladyll galicia.



Alex said...

I love that suit , great choice !

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.

What is you opinion of the presence of latex and rubber now in the mainstream media?

I personally think it is very exciting... perhaps one day we could all dress like u and no one would think twice of it.

All the best to you and Sir.

Anonymous said...

I really pity you... not enjoying a movie in its full splendor, not to even mention 3D, but just through restricted vision of latex hoods.
It's sad, really.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Nice to have you back.

Hope your break was nice.

Your new Burqa sounds wonderful, and I know a lot of us look forward in anticipation at some photos once it warms up.

Latex Lady said...

Oh heavens! Please do not feel sorry for ME! I do not feel in the least deprived because I go see a movie, or choose to see the world, through perforated eyeholes when I am enveloped in my favorite material, living my ideal life.

Also, with respect to the splendor of 3D, let me state that I for one do not care for 3D movies. I HAVE watched them as it is quite possible for me to wear the glasses under my burqa or to hold them up to the outside if I choose.

3D imagery adds nothing to the story telling of any movie that i have seen it used in so far. It is a nice gimmick for some movies, such as UP!, but irrelevant to the plot or theme. In many movies, such as Avatar, I found it intrusive and annoying.

I do not think filmmakers know how to use 3D yet in such a way that it is integral and necessary to the story. I believe they will learn how and that 3D will no longer require glasses at some time in the near future. Then 3D will fade into the background and become ubiquitous as color did in TV in the 70's. Up until then, however, every show shot in color had to use the brightest, boldest, most eye-popping color to show it off. It was distracting to the stories and added little to the image. Ultimately, as it became more ubiquitous, filmmakers learned how to use it properly. #D is still in that infancy from the standpoint of telling the story.

When it finally calms down and filmmakers learn to use it wisely, I will probably find it enjoyable, with or without burqa!

WRT latex in the mainstream, I am exceedingly well pleased to see it emerging; as is SIr. We both feel that more latex in shows, fashion, clubs, and on the street will slowly erode the prejudice against this lovely, exotic material and the people who wear it fetishistically as well as those who choose it for style and fashion only.

In the 1980's leather was considered terribly risque for a woman to wear to work or on the street. Now, it is completely accepted and fashionable. I see the same happening with latex as more and more top end designers learn how to incorporate it into their designs.

The empasis on it in pret-a-porter will also lower the cost and produce new rubbers which are better suited for clothing. Imagine a rubber that could breathe but was still watertight and shiny!

I believe that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have done much for showing latex in both an artistic, costume light and in a more domesticated, day to day light. I believe this is a wonderful thing. Some people do not like seeing their fetish material subsumed into popular culture, but I believe it eases the acceptance for all.

I can imagine a time when a woman in a tight catsuit, thigh high boots, hooded and wearing pony tackle into the office is seen as just another fashion statement and raises no particular eyebrows...just as even now my burqas arouse less and less reaction when I go out.

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree that 3D movie effects are a crappy gimmick that actually make movies worse. Here's a good critique from someone in the industry: boingboing.net/2011/01/24/ebert-3d-movies-suck.html

Regarding the positives of fetish attire migrating into popular culture, that depends on one's individual attitude to fetish attire and the object of one's fetish. There are many who develop fetishes for clothing that is already streetwear, so the question never arises. Personally I struggle to see total rubber enclosure becoming mainstream due to the practicalities. I suspect takes a very special physiology and mental attitude to cope with the impermeability of the material for more than short periods.
Warmest wishes, RollyMo

Anonymous said...

Hooded women in offices in the future? I do not think so. People willalways like to see who they work with, not to mention the communication aspect Most people will always find hooded oeople menacing, they have jsut seen many bank robbery films and terrorists on tv :)
Lady, you forgot to mention Rihanna and Perez Hilton :)

mrslickiv6 said...

Sorry, to bring a problem to you.
I've found an EBAY seller from china whom looks like is using your photos... in USA EBAY under costumes tag, BURQA item 120691553803 looks like two of your photos being used maybe more
P.S. I love your blog hope the future is filled with happiness!

Anonymous said...

Shame you blog so infrequently these days. I used to look forward to hearing about your lifestyle, but sadly you talk more about the virtual world of Second life than you do of reality. It is real life that interests more of us followers.
Do you ever hear from your old Maid?

Anonymous said...

"I really pity you... not enjoying a movie in its full splendor, not to even mention 3D, but just through restricted vision of latex hoods.
It's sad, really."

Same opinion here, you really miss a lot.

Lilith said...

Dear Lady Latex,
The last month I’ve been reading your blog from soup to nuts. I’ve noticed that people admire or criticize you to wear a burqa, though you aren’t Muslim.
So I wanted to ask you if you could ask the “world” why they wear a burqa?

Kind regards, Lilith

Latex Lady said...

Let me respond to a couple of these comments, then go on to make a new post.
First, thank you to mrslickiv6 for bringing the illegal use of Sir's photos of me to our attention. This site, supposedly selling latex burqas and using pictures of me is doing so without my permission and neither I nor Sir have any connection with them.

Regarding women never wearing hoods or face coverings in the office. I respectfully disagree. many women in certain parts of the world do wear face coverings, niqab, burqa, and other forms in school, at work, in hospitals, and in public. Our western attitudes about such coverings are actually rather new. In the 17th and 18th century many western women wore veils in all aspects of life...often to hide smallpox scars. In Victorian England and America, widows would wear a veil for up to a year or more as they went through all day to day routines.

Never say never.

Again, i must say to all those who pity me, please do not. My life is incredibly full and i lack for nothing. If I have made a choice to wear this material and these garments, to cover my face in aid of pursuing a fantastic existence, then I would hope readers everywhere can respect and accept that. The 'loss' of anything is relative and surely in the eye of the beholder, i.e, myself.

It is as if you are saying you pity a person driving across the US because they could have flown...or that you pity the transcontinental flyer because they could have experienced the wonders of traveling the open road. The point, of course, is to choose the journey that you wish and to experience it in all its glory.

I have seen the 'full splendor' of cinema...many hundreds of times. and I now experience it in a different way which actually enhances my perception, my attention, my focus. An experience such as cinema, to take it as an example since it was mentioned twice in this thread, is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. Do not think it visual-centric experience. You would be surprised at how many blind people love attending cinema.

Now, with respect to Lilith's comment, please see my next blog post where I wish to address her idea at the top level.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

I have been reading a lot of your writings. I always felt that i would love to live like that but i have not found parner for it. I do have a girlfried and she does know something about my fetish but she always says that i will grow out this things, i will forget and stop thinking about it. But i cannot. I do sometimes i do not think of it a few days, but it always come back to my mind that i do not live a life as i would like to. But i love her and i want to have this love with her. How can i drive her attention to that how important it is to me? Could you give me some suggestions some sort of ways i could explain to her what it means for me. I can feel that something is missing from my life. I need to hide my feelings. That would be enough just have some days in a week when we could have let our fetish to come alive. Then i could go back to the life we have to live. We need to work and do things and behave as our community require us. But at least we could switch off sometimes, like in second life, but i want to feel i need to experience it in real life to give me to power to run the life what we need to. Or should i just run away and try to find my life somwhere else, with somebody else who has the same gap in her life?
Thank you for your answer in advance.

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