Sunday, October 16, 2005

When Art Imitates Life

I have been meaning to describe the rest of the evening we had when we went to an art exhibit the other night. We went out to dinner first and this time, as my hood has a zip closure over the mouth for convenient gagging, I was able toactually have dinner with Sir.

We enjoyed a nice chinese meal (no shortage of asian restaurants in San Jose) and chatted a bit about his upcoming trip, my requirements for discipline and ritual bondage while he was gone, and other household topics like having the yard people in to clear some dead brush and trees.

I brought him up to date on some of the research I've been helping my friend with and then we talked about what wardrobe he would pack for a trip to Europe in October (catsuit, two hoods, pair gloves, slacks, boots, and blazer for the curious). he always overpacks and this time took his long rubber trench coat which he tells me he has not needed as it has been beautiful weather.

You must be aware by this time, that I sitting in the restaurant, covered in the burqa, wearing the dress, hood, gloves, etc you see above (yes, I DO wear some jewelry under the burqa...I just do not feel dressed without pearls sometimes), I have reached a point where this feels the most normal and comfortable.

Thinking back, I did not even notice the act of bringing my bowl up under the burqa to eat, the looks from other diners (which were actualy very few despite a full restaurant), or any 'difficulties' with the act of eating and drinking.

Dark mentioned in a comment to an earlier post about the difficulty of living in gloves. I just do not find it anymore. I recall isues when I first started, but now, having two pairs on (visciously tight, I should point gloves are very thin and tight like surgeon's) seems the proper and normal way to touch things.

I have developed a whole set of reflexes regarding picking things up, holding them, placing them, all geared around being unable to actually touch with my skin. It took a while (I have never blogged some of the silly accidents I had in my very early days of rubbering...years before the total enclosure regimen), but now I do not even notice when I am blinded as I was for much of dinner.

The hood has zip-shut eyes as you can see. Sir allowed me to be blind on the way to the restaurant, sighted as we went in and sat, blind through dinner while we chatted, and on the way to the exhibit, then sighted while we wandered the gallery. He placed my hands on each bowl and plate of dinner and I actually managed chopsticks blinded with two pairs of gloves. My friend who is both seriously sight impaired AND a rubberist will be quite proud when she reads this. I oened and closed the zippers as he told me to.

The hood has a double zip over the mouth and I carried an inflatable gag with me, placing it in my mouth and zipping the hood shut over my lips. The only time i was able to speak was during dinner. I do find it terribly erotic to actually, in public, reach up and gag myself. It feels like the deepest sort of total surrender to Sir and to the rubber enclosure.

The most remarkable thing, however, was that I, for one, simply do not recall noticing anything strange. Being blind or bound for dinner is normal now.having myself fed by maid while strapped to a chair and sealed in several layers of latex is normal now. So many aspects of rubber fetishism which seem so extreme when seen in photos or described in posts seem compeltely normal after this much time.

After dinner, we rose and exited the restaurant, then drove over to the gallery. I was allowed to open my eye zips once we were inside, but had to leave myself gagged. Of course the burqa covered all.

The art was nothing spectacular. Dark, dreary paintings by a young artist who thinks he has experienced life's pain and has something to say about it.

Mostly an earth toned pallette and absolutely nothing I should want hanging on my walls. But the artist himself was shocked by the appearance of a black burqa clad woman in his exhibit. I, on the other hand, was happily surprised to see two muslim women wandering the gallery, one tall in full veil (wearing heels), the other, a shorter, older looking woman, in hijab and following a man I presume was older woman's husband from the look of him. I suspect the veiled girl of being the daughter, but it is hard to tell. You do not often see fully veiled muslimahs in San Jose, although hijab is quite common.

The artist came over as I was looking at one of his larger pieces, a triptych all in black brown and grey. He stood beside me a moment, then asked me what I thought. I put my hand up in front of my burqas mouth and shook my head. It took him a moment to understand that I would not or could not answer him.

Sir was watchig from the sidelines as he often does. he said later that the real show was watching everyone watch the artist. And the Gallery owner, sensing a disaster, virtually running over to intercept him before something horrendoous occurred in her space. All of this is speculation on Sir's part, but I do not doubt she was concerned as she came rushing up beside him rather out of breath.

He explained that he was just asking my opinion, and she started to relax visibly, when Sir walked over. "She can't answer you, I'm afraid. It is not alllowed. But I'll bet she thinks the piece is interesting but too large for our living room."

I (starting to giggle into my gag...has anyone else ever had a case of the giggles while gagged?) nodded vigourously under the burqa. The artist, sensing a commission, asked if a smaller version might interest us and he and Sir started chatting about sizes while I wandered on to the next piece. By this time I was nearly doubled over giggling and found a bench to sit on for a moment.

Now, San Jose certainly has its colorful nightlife and I am relatively drab all swathed in black rubber cloak compared to the goths who were also wandering the gallery. A girl standing over 6 feet tall, thin to the point of anorexia, hair three shades of henna and purple, black flowing dress straight from a gothic vampire novel with makeup to match wandered by accompanied by a Sid Vicious look alike (not a very good one). It is nice to know that punk isn't dead, it's just embalmed.

I watched as they looked at pieces, looked at me, looked at the patrons, all the while effecting very bored expressions. but then she started whining (and I DO mean whining!) about wanting a smoke and they quickly wandered outdoors, she first with him in tow. Ah wonderful to see young people forming bonds.

A little while later, Sir collected me and asked if i had seen enough and was I ready to go. I nodded and we headed for the door. But on the way he directed me over to the where the artist was talking with one of the few willowy blondes in the place (SJ is NOT LA and brunettes abound here). he broke off a moment and said, "I'll call in a few weeks and we'll arrange the sitting?"

Sir responded, "Yes, I'll expect to hear from you." Then he turned to me and said, "You're having your portrait done...sort of." He and the artist laughed and Sir said goodnight (I bowed as I usually do) and we headed for the car.

On the way home, Sir explained that the artist wants to paint my picture, but in burqa. Sir explained some of our lifestyle to him and he wants to have me sit for him. Not sure why, but it should be interesting.

All in all a pleasant evening. and a good way to send Sir off on a long trip. I am missing him terribly what with the cat being gone as well, but maid keeps me company and we are keeping busy. I need to do some shopping tomorrow, just to get out of the house.

More later


Blog Comment Spam - A Growing Problem

Many thanks to all my readers over the past 9 and a half months. My enclosure experiment continues and I have a nice long entry to add later today. This short entry, is about a minor problem blogs are having and how I hope to alleviate it to some degree.

I have had increasing numbers of spam comments on this blog and the blocking does not seem to help. I suspect this may grow to be a serious problem very soon if something is not done.

I am going to ask my readers for help here. many blog spam comments are of the nature "I saw your blog. It is wonderful. Keep writing."

Un fortunately, a quickly dashed comment from a serious reader can have the same structure and it is hard to determine sometimes whether a comment is blog spam or not. So, in your comments, please make some specific remark to let me know you are not a spambot. for instance, a comment that refers back to my blog's overall theme of living in latex enclosure, or if your user name is identifiably related to our topic here such as "RubberEnclosed" or "LoveLatex"Hose" or some such. These are helpful.

For my part I shall try my best to delete spamming commetns as I see them and to NOT delete serious commetns from interested readers that are a bit generic. And I shall continue to hope that Google and other blog providers give us some strong, perhaps Bayesian, blockers soon.

Again, many to my readers. You have made this a very enjoyable exercise.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Photos

Sir has allowed me to post new photos of me dressed for dinner, in my burqa, and relaxing in my sleep sack.

They are in my Yahoo Picture Album

We went out to an art exhibit this evening. It was lovely and I will describe it in more detail in my next post.


A Night at the Cinema

Wallace and Gromit make me laugh. We went to see the new movie last night. Very funny.

I needed a bit of cheering up as, by the end of the day, I was a bit sniffly again over the cat. So when Sir told me we were going to go see the movie when he got home I got dressed up in shades of tint skinsuit, red corset, gloves, catsuit, and hood with built in gag. Then red burqa over all that. maid also bound my arms to my sides with a waist/wrist belt on the outside of my dress.

I have been feeling the need for a lot of restrictive bondage since kitty passed...i think it just makes me more comfortable to be encased and secured.

He got home just as I finished getting dressed and I was waiting for him in the living room. we were very short of time, so he just changed quickly into a catsuit with slacks and blazer over it, then we hustled into the car and headed for the cinema. I should mention, He likes to wear a gloved catsuit when we go out so he is almost as sealed as I am.

It felt a bit weird to be going into a G-rated film all sealed, gagged, and bound. The audience was predominantly junior high and college age as far as I could tell with my limited vision. We garnered a lot of looks, particularly as Sir was obviously in latex too. I do not think anyone confused my burqa for red silk last night!

We made our way to a seat high in the cinema, and moved into the center of the aisle. Watching kids scramble to let the weird flowing woman pass was fun...I know how nuns felt in the 60's now!

The cinema was full. After we were settled, Sir on my left and a girl of about 16 and her boyfriend to my right, a little girl of about 12 was heading for her seat when she tripped over my burqa as it filled the aisle in front of me somewhat.

I, of course, could do nothing being restrained beneath the red rubber, but Sir reached out a gloved hand and caught her. I saw her eyes widen as she felt the strange material and knew she would be gossiping to her friends down the aisle when she returned.

Sure enough, when she came back from the snack bar, Pepsi in hand, she surreptitously (but not very) managed to brush her hand on Sir's knees and then on mine, through the rubber. Fortunatley, she was sitting at the other end ofthe aisle so we did not have to listen to the chattering that i feel sure occurred.

I was glad that the female half of the couple next to me was sitting directly to my right...I am certain the 'feeling' incidents would have been much higher throughout the evenng if her boyfriend had been there.

The movie was fun. Wallace and Gromit are cute and Gromit is always a delight as he plans things out and communicates his emotions and intents without the aid of dialog (perhaps that is why I like him so much).

The story was silly and the scenes were ludicrous and I found myself laughing behind my gag so much I was in danger of choking :) is a very cute movie.

We ALWAYS wait for the credits to play out and this was no exception. This is our way of shoig respect to all the people who make a film atually happen. So much of the aisle's inhabitants passed in front of us as we watched the credits with their cute floating bunnies (I shan't say more for fear of spoiling it).

But I do swear, my burqa must have been brushed against by naked hands 3 dozen times! For a moment, I though some of the kids were circling back to the other end of the aisle so they could pass by us again.

We made our way out and then went to a quiet restaurant for a light supper for Sir. I did not eat, of course. I was fed later when we arrived home.
sir and I had a good laugh over the movie and the reactions. I felt much better after that, but did request to be allowed to sleep in my laceup bondage bag. He agreed, so i spent the evening immobilized in heavy rubber, hanging from two hooks in the playroom...hammock fashion.

I feel much better this morning and do not feel any impulse to the sniffles or tears...which is good...crying in a rubber hood is less than perfect.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Nine Months in Latex - and we lose a loved one

It has been a long week. And we have lost a long time family
member. Our pet cat of 20 years has finally passed on this

First, let me say that my total latex enclosure continues. We
have just completed 9 months of the 23/7 regimen and I am still
quite comfortable and healthy.

It feels very strange now to contemplate going back to less
than full enclosure. Even going out in latex hood and gag felt
strange in Tokyo a couple weeks ago. The idea of only wearing a
dress in public, with uncovered hands and face and no skinsuit
covering me completely is completely foriegn now.

September was a good month. Even Sir's allergies were not as
bad as usual and, of course, the trip to Tokyo was a very
pleasant surprise. I also received some new hoods from sir and
a new nightgown that has a hood and gloves attached for more
complete restriction while I sleep.

But last week our kitty, a plain little black domestic
shorthair, finally began to sucumb to old age. He was 20 in
march and has always been very healthy. But this last year he
has lost a lot of weight, and developed a thyroid tumor.

We've been treating him, but finally, his kidneys failed and he
started to become seriously dehydrated. For the past week, we
have been visitng the vet routinely and even starting
subcutaneous fluids by inserting a line into his skin.

Maid and Sir and I have been doing everything we can to make
his last couple of days comfortable. He's always been such a
good, friendly cat. He's never even been put off by the latex
on my face...still rubbed and marked me all the time.

It is a different kind of torture to have a heavy black cat
jump on your chest and tickle you with his whiskers while you
are encased in head to toe rubber and bound to a bondage table.
Maid used to delight in teasing me with him.

He was, for some reason, always attracted to the sound of our
vibrators. Anytime we turned them on he would come running and
often insert himself in the middle of our play by nuzzling and
rubbing our chins :)

I was amazed that he made the trip to california from our home
in Texas with no trouble. And at first he seemed to get
stronger and more healthy for the last part of last year. But
time gets us all in the end and he began to get weak a while

This morning I held him for about 2 hours as his last breaths
came. He was in no pain, and still nuzzled my face a couple of
times before he just lost all strength to move. Finally, about
8am, he let out one last little mew and died.

I am, admittedly, devastated. But he had a good long life and
was much loved by all of us here. We took him to be buried and
this afternoon we will clean out his things. But I will do so
with tears in my eyes. He will be missed by all of us.