Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blog Comment Spam - A Growing Problem

Many thanks to all my readers over the past 9 and a half months. My enclosure experiment continues and I have a nice long entry to add later today. This short entry, is about a minor problem blogs are having and how I hope to alleviate it to some degree.

I have had increasing numbers of spam comments on this blog and the blocking does not seem to help. I suspect this may grow to be a serious problem very soon if something is not done.

I am going to ask my readers for help here. many blog spam comments are of the nature "I saw your blog. It is wonderful. Keep writing."

Un fortunately, a quickly dashed comment from a serious reader can have the same structure and it is hard to determine sometimes whether a comment is blog spam or not. So, in your comments, please make some specific remark to let me know you are not a spambot. for instance, a comment that refers back to my blog's overall theme of living in latex enclosure, or if your user name is identifiably related to our topic here such as "RubberEnclosed" or "LoveLatex"Hose" or some such. These are helpful.

For my part I shall try my best to delete spamming commetns as I see them and to NOT delete serious commetns from interested readers that are a bit generic. And I shall continue to hope that Google and other blog providers give us some strong, perhaps Bayesian, blockers soon.

Again, many to my readers. You have made this a very enjoyable exercise.



Dark said...


How sad that those who have no interest in the subject of rubber enclosure have launched these attacks. I would hope that it is simply a matter of deleting a few offending posts and this does not overwhelm the blog. This would be a loss.

I must admit that as much as love latex I find it more and more amazing that you can carry on for anything like as long as you have and as enclosed as you are. I want to say that seeing is believing, but in this case I would say reading is believing.

Many times I am out doing my normal life... like driving to an appointment or returning from Pet Goods with food for the dogs and I find myself thinking about LadyII and if I could be enclosed and doing anything like my life. The answer is always NO .. impossible!

I could not because of work... and because I don't think I could be comfortable for the long time frame... for you 23 hours a day for 9 months on.

Speaking for my own body, I believe that having my head enclosed and wearing gloves 24/7 would be the hardest thing to pull off ... not to mention gags which I have no experience with and they hold no appeal for me. I do suppose that it might be possible to wear a thin body suit... perhaps even with an open faced hood, but not the gloves 23/7 for some time. This type of garment would certainly permit almost a normal life and if worn under normal clothes could be largely undetectable.

But since you are rather completely enclosed all the time it is even more remarkable and almost unfathomable how you do it. I know your circumstances are unique and if I could even project myself into analogous circumstances... no need to work... a large enough private secluded home, I would still not give up some things which being enclosed would almost forbid.

I like and perhaps need more "normal" contact with people where my "enclosure" would not be a barrier or an issue.... such as attending opera or ballet or sailing. Sailing itself is something which one could do "enclosed"... but getting to the boat, the dinghy, the people at the marina, the gas dock and so on and so on is also part of my sailing experience and something which would be "difficult" to say the least "enclosed".

And so your experiment... which seems to be hardly an experiment at this stage but a complete lifestyle is truly remarkable... because I can't begin to imagine how you do it.. cos I can't imagine how I could possibly do anything close to that!

As you know the only thing about the experiment is the burqa thing... and I would be much happier (I don't count) if you didn't hide inside of or a religious "excuse"... but found a way to be just an enclosed bondage "babe" happily married and 24/7 completely open to the world. Perhaps none day... We can hope!

gummitaucher said...

Hi Lady,

please don´t yourself become unnerved with the spammers. Those are just an annoying minority I am sure.

Yes, I also think that your experiement is more a lifestyle. Your pictures seem to underline that. The setting is so normal - just a nice lady who could live next door only that she is wearing rubber from head to toe (which the real lady from next door probably doesn´t do).

best wishes

x. said...

turn on word verification and allow only registered bloggers to comment.

Cariad's Master said...

We agree with Xevious. For those of us truly interested in hearing about you, Sir and maid, the task of having to be registered/logged in blog users is no problem.

Keep up the great blog!

Master and Cariad

Latex Lady said...

Thank you all

I have turned on word verification (did I just miss that? I had looked for it before.) and we shall see how that works. I understand that registering would be no problem for my regular readers but i always wanted to use this very public blog to attract people who migh totherwise be too casual.

We'll see if this is enoough.

The spam comments are only a minority, but were increasing. Indeed, every post I make it seems a spam comment arrives seconds later so I must be on one of the trackback lists that spammers are using now.

Well I've been meaning to blog the exhibition trip we took the evening before Sir left...I shall do so now and we'll try this new way of things


Anonymous said...

the word verification does not require people to register, witness, me :)

Rebecca said...


Latex Lady said...

The ultimate freedom is the right to live your life as you choose. I am not setting women back 1000 years. I state quite clearly that this lifestyle is not for everyone.

But a rubber-centric fetish D/s lifestyle has worked for ME for 30 years. What is the problem with that?


Rebecca said...


Honestly if you are happy then nothing. But I am forced to wonder how you can be happy slowly running out of air at the bottom of a pool or watching sir eat when you are hungry? I simply pray you are doing this for yourself and not for a man. Are you afraid of losing him if you stop this lifestyle?

Rebecca said...

You say the ultimate freedom is to live life as you choose which I so agree with however you do not do this. You live life as sir feels. Im all for enclosure. Hey sometimes I love to dress as a witch but to put yourself in pain for a man...actually that scares me. I think that maybe you feel you cant do any better. You are a person and you deserve to be treated as one not as an object.

Latex Lady said...

But rebecca, I WANT to be treated as an object...that is my fetish and fantasy. By doing so, Sir fulfills my wishes!


Rebecca said...


You intrest and confuse me in ways Ive never been before. Your story both sexually excites and frightens me. I just hope you are happy.


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