Saturday, October 08, 2005

New Photos

Sir has allowed me to post new photos of me dressed for dinner, in my burqa, and relaxing in my sleep sack.

They are in my Yahoo Picture Album

We went out to an art exhibit this evening. It was lovely and I will describe it in more detail in my next post.



Erstes Dienstmädchen Cynetta said...

Thank you very much for sharing your pix with us. :-) Curtsey!

I'd love to see more of you out and about in your various burqas.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the kind comment. I am glad you enjoyed them.

Owner-Operator said...

Very nice of you to post those pictures of yourself. Keep up the great work and be well.

Love Rubber Gloves said...

I was browsing looking for interesting sites and accidentally came across your blog site. It immediately brought back to mind some of the discussions we had a while back. You are now entered on my list of favorite sites. Looking forward to reading about your latest exploits.

Latex Lady said...

LRG: Thank you for the kind comment.

veiled slave said...

At last I have visual image of you, how lovley you look all enclosed. I was so pleased to see your link to your pictures. As always I enjoy your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

Exquisite. It's a huge turn-on to see your blog and your true love of latex enclosure. Especially appreciate the photos. Your sleepsack looks perfect. Didn't think I'd like a rubber burqua, but now I want one.