Monday, August 04, 2008

Day at the Races and New Friends

Have had a lovely week or so. The weather has been its usual rainy with patchy sunshine. But Sir did take the opportunity for us to go out to the Galway races one day. It was quite lively and we watched several races from one of the skyboxes.

I was in a very nice red rubber kimono with red thigh high boots with 5 inch heels. I was also hooded and gagged, with a hose to a breathing bag mounted in my obi and with my arms bound tightly to my sides by a rubber harness that forms my obi, then cuffs to my upper arms keeping me restrained the whole day. The bag was my usual 10L rebreather which had to be refreshed every few minutes, but when we were walking in the crowd, Sir opened the intake and allowed me to breathe without his assistance. Once we took our seats, however, he sealed me off completely and had to refresh me whenever i began to get desperate for fresh air.

For those of you who pay attention to such things, I was of course corseted and wearing a transparent red catsuit under the kimono. And my mouth was not the only filled orifice nor did I need to worry about trips to the little red rubber girls room. I was completely sealed and inviolate.

Of course, the whole thing was hidden beneath a bright red rubber burqa and I could hardly see through the mirrored lenses of the hood and the burqa mesh. My normal limited vision and limited life.

In other news, Sir is headed for the US again soon and I will have the house to myself for several days. We've been working out a regimen of restraint and discipline for me while he's gone. I've been spending more time encased and enclosed lately, perhaps in preparation for another round of 24/7 enclosure. At the very least, I expect to be in significantly restrained breathing and movement for the week he is out.

In Second Life, I've been meeting people and making friends. Castle Alisha is run by a lovely woman (Named Alisha) who creates incredible 18th and 19th century gowns and dresses. she also makes Gorean fashions including Burqas. She is working on a latex one for my avatar, latexladyll galicia, and a proper rubber nuns habit as well. She does amazing work.

By now, I hope you've also seen my plug to the left for ruri Muni's shop in second Life as well. She has been a very good friend.

Last night I met several people, including Hurly Burleigh who makes beautiful rubber fashions. I have just about completed a total rubber wardrobe and Sir has filled our SL house with rubber furniture. It is nice to be able to be as completely closed or open in latex as I wish there. Sir has let me show a normal flesh-toned skin as long as it is the transparently rubber covered one. We are going to a live concert soon and I will be in heavy rubber restraint both in real and second life. Should be fun.

We did go to a nice BDSM party put on by the Virtual BDSM group. The people were very nice, the scenes were as well staged as possible for Second Life, but the lag time for the servers was so bad we did not stay long. I did get to kneel next to Sir's avatar in proper position for the entire event. I don't get to do that in public in real life too often.

We have been somewhat surprised at the lack of real world latex companies and design in SL. It would seem to be a perfect vehicle for companies like deMask and Simon O. to advertise their products and let people experiment a bit before they buy. The experience will never replace the reality of being wrapped in a second skin, feeling your owner slowly pull a hood over your face or having yourself brought to screaming orgasm with the last breath you can physically draw, but it does let us see what things will look like. And it prompts the use of the imagination.

Well that's all for now. I shall write again soon with news of my new discipline forth etime Sir is out of town.