Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Hot Summer with Recovery

I have recently had a comment that I have not posted in 3 months, thereby invalidating the title of my last post.

This is very true. I had meant to post, but was ill for a while, as I mentioned in my previous post, then busy as Sir underwent and recovered from a bit of heart surgery. No sooner did I feel better than Sir had to go into hospital and have robotic heart surgery fix a congenital birth defect he'd never known about.

He is much, much better now, having had what was a minor birth defect surgically corrected 57 years later. He had developed a lot of breathing and exertion problems, but, thankfully, we had it tracked down and fixed. Sir, of course took it as an engineering problem and grilled the surgeon on all the technical aspects. He even requested a DVD of the movie they made as they traversed his heart and zipped it up.

Two months or thereabouts of recovery have meant that he has been here in the house most days, often relaxing and laying about. However, as his strength returned and he began to feel considerably better, he has become much more active and involved. And horny :) It is good that heart surgery not only did not damage his kinky nature, but actually intensified certain aspects. Medical fetish is now very much on the menu! With me as the patient in need of severe invasive and scary medical procedures!

For those of you who will ask, yes, I remained in my full latex clothing and in my burqas during his short hospital stay. The nurses and doctors were most accommodating. Sir allowed me to speak, so I was not silenced and my usual silencing hoods were left for me to wear only during trips to and from the hospital. But I was in a hooded latex skinsuit and a rubber dress over that, then my burqa. I wore the red, the blue and the gold/electrum over the three day stay.

Sir himself brought and wore his rubber pajamas and either his latex dressing gown or his rubber cassock.There was a bit of confusion one day as he wore the cassock over pajamas while walking with an IV pole. At least two other patients said, "hello Father" as he was shambling past them in the hallway on his way to the yogurt and pudding fridge.

Thankfully, he was only in one of those gowns for the day of surgery. I have since searched and cannot find a rubber version of a hospital gown. Perhaps they are so horrid that not even intense, serious medical fetishists are willing to wear even a  rubber version.

Since I was on my own, but needed to come up to the hospital each day, I contemplated driving in the burqa, but as usual sanity prevailed. I contacted the car service we use when Sir is away and our usual driver shuttled me back and forth between home and hospital every day.

Sir was only hospitalized for three days; open heart surgery is, in many cases, not much of a challenge these days for doctor or patient. He had very little pain and took only a few more days lying on the couch to recover enough that he started saying he felt good. But he had 2 months of official recovery time which has meant that we have been on something of a holiday for a while.

It was while he recovered that our visit to the arboretum, which I mentioned in my last post, occurred.
August was hot here, as it always is, but cooler and wetter than usual. The truly outrageous temperatures did not occur until later in the month and consequently, I was able to go out fully sealed while Sir was home.

He and I went out to dinner several times and to the cinema and, of course, the arboretum. Walking was the way to recover his strength and we visited several shopping malls and just walked them for hours, window shopping and picking up a few things here and there. As his strength returned, I was amazed how much he could do so quickly. Heart surgery is not only good for the heart, it is good for the whole man.

Sir, feeling better, has been spending money. I know about the kimono he has commissioned for me, but I suspect so much more. I believe he has been ordering new latex outfits, medical fetish supplies, and breath control devices for himself and for me. I can usually tell by the sudden appearance of a tape measure on his desk.

Other than dinner, cinema, shopping, theater, car buying, and visiting friends, it has been a "quiet" summer. It is so good to have Sir feeling better and stronger than before. By the second week home he had resumed having rubber scenes with me, including some medical fetish play that was most entertaining. I had no idea you could do that with a catheter and a speculum!

I also did have time and energy to get back into second life and see old friends there. There had been some changes while I was gone. But I just never got around to posting to this blog for which I apologize.

Right now we are having work done around the house with windows, doors, air conditioning, trees, and other things required. That means I am fully sealed, silenced and burqa'd in my own home about 12 hours a day, at least. And Sir, feeling better has begun to insist on plugs in all orifices, including gags in my mouth. While he recovered he was quite busy on the internet and several new hoods, gags, binders, and other paraphenalia arrived. Of those, the new hobble skirt and gags and plugs and underwear have been put to significant use while the workmen are here in the house. They are used to me by now, ut do not know, of course, how bound and stimulated I am beneath my flowing burqa.

More of that later. Next post I will write about some of those medical scenes Sir has become enamored with.