Saturday, December 13, 2008

Travelling Again

Well, we are in transit to the US.
I was online on yahoo messenger a little while ago and even on camera, but saw none of my friends. Oh well, I shall be on again later perhaps.

We intend to have a lovely christmas with Sir's family and will stop and see my family on the way. We shall be gone from Ireland for about 3 weeks.

Nothing much more that we've been doing. We are hoping for some sunny weather while we are away. Sir has been very busy and will be travelling a great deal more next year. He says he will take me sometimes, but I will have to remain home many times as well. We shall plan appropriate regimens for me when he is gone, but I suspect they will be more stringent the more times he is away...and more enjoyable.

I've been in and out of Second Life a bit lately. Alisha Ultsch provided me with three burqas in red, black, and blue latex, so I have been wearing them quite a lot. she has also made several wonderful ball gowns, sleep sacks, and nun's habits, all in latex textures. These are wonderful for the elaborate look.

I have been surprised at the number of residents who are disturbed by not being able to see my eyes when I wear the burqa in second life with the veil at near full opacity. More people mention this to me in SL than ever in RL...perhaps being virtual makes them more uninhibited, but why should they care at avatar's eyes are certainly not mine either.

I have had many comments on how lovely the burqas look, how elaborate they are and how striking they are. I would love to meet other burqa'd residents, but have not done so.

Sir has promised me some new latex for Christmas and we've acwuired some very nice presents for our son and his GF. Christmas should be fun. We are looking forward to it.

Everyone have a happy holiday