Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Morning ... with Goo

Well it is about 9am on a sunny Sunday morning and we are just finishing breakfast. We have been enjoying a delicious plate of sugary, sticky cinnamon rolls and crispy bacon. Sir got up early this morning and made me breakfast in bed! I was allowed to sleep late, wrapped in rubber duvet and hooded nightgown.

Any idea how messy eating cinnamon rolls is when your face is encased in tight latex? Yes, I had an open mouthed hood on, but nonetheless, gooey, sticky icing was all over my mouth and cheeks before I was done. It was wonderful.

Sir ensured that icing went other places as well. His rubber undergarments and cassock will need a good wash as well :-) It is a good thing that our bed covers are latex...even so they will require quite a cleaning this afternoon.

Now, we are finishing up, I have cleaned myself up a bit and must shortly head for my bath. A nice soak in warm water with jacuzzi jets and bubble bath is just what I am looking forward to. Then a nice clean skinsuit and my prettiest red dress, hood and gloves for a Sunday outing. Sir wants us to go to a movie and do some book shopping this afternoon.

And I hope we get more cinnamon rolls!

Eating in latex enclosure is always a bit of a challenge (unless it is piped into one - but that's not really eating...just being force fed like a machine being fueled or lubed) but I usually manage it with small bites which I can guide to my mouth without staining my hood much...just a bit of juice or grease which cleans away neatly with a serviette. And of course, when we are out in public, under a burqa no one can see even that little bit of mess.

But there are some foods that are just messy no matter what one does ... and a few that are intrinsically fun as well! mmmmmm