Saturday, July 18, 2009

a few pointers

I wanted to respond to a comment from a friend and give my friends a few pointers for connecting to me

First, however, let me say the weather here in Texas is hot, but I did have a nice trip to Boston for a few days which ended up in Ireland again for a week or so last month. Theat cooled me off.

I am dressed today in a very thin all encasing transparent lilac tinted skin suit, with, as usual large eyeholes and mouthhole. Over this I am wearing a semi-transparent pink peignoir of ankle length latex with a ruffled closure over the front. I have just got out of bed a while back and not yet bathed or dressed.

My second layer hood is pink today, to match the peignoir and has, as usual, no mouth hole so i am properly silenced for the morning. It also has closed lenses over the eyes and a very tight fitting is a pull over with no zip or other closure.

The inside temperature of our home is at 68 F which makes it possible to be fully sealed like this. The outside temperature, now, at about 7am, is already in the 80 F range.

I have been allowed to dress lightly like this for several days except when Sir wishes to engage in a scene ... and of course a burqa must cover such thin layers when I go out. One does not go out of the house in a peignoir, however, and it is replaced by one of my white or red full length dresses and pairs of gloves, boots, corset, and hood.

we've had no particular adventures this week...the trip to Boston, then Ireland, was a bit of a surprise but went off smoothly. We have kept our house in the West so we had a fully stocked place to stay.

Now a point about connecting to me. A friend recently pointed out that I am rejecting more connections now and I should explain my internal decision process on accepting invites. So here goes.

I receive a great number of friend requests and have had to make some decisions about which services i will connect through...and apply some standards for acceptance.

First, the two services I feel best about are Yahoo Connects and Facebook. The third is MySpace. Please use one of those to send me invites.

I had a bad experience with grouply and will not connect through it ... nothing personal to those who use it, but I had to slice the pie somewhere and I still receive strange requests from grouply form time to time.

I will accept a request only from someone who has a reasonably fleshed out profile on one of the top 3. I can't see this until I connect, but an empty profile will result in me dropping the connection in a non-prejudicial manner...meaning I'll look again if i get another. This also means you must offer a photo. A photo which I feel might be you (not obviously found on the web), and no avatars. They are cute, but I like to see a photo. And a personal invite instead of the system generated one says you are truly interested too. it can still be a one liner, but it lets me know you are intrigued.

The quickest response from me is to a photo of you in fetish. This doesn't have to be rubber, but something where I can recognize that you are interested in fetish like me.
If all you have is a crop of your last office party or you on vacation at Yellowstone, that's OK. But I would prefer to see a fetish dressed photo of you.

Let me hasten to note that, from my point of view, the many friends I have in the muslimah category count as well...a photo of you in your hijab, niqab, or burqa, while not officially 'fetish' will get you accepted onto my links list immediately. Same think for a man visibly committed to his beliefs...immediate accepts on those.

And while it is not a pre-condition of me accepting, the more info on the profile, the better...but everyone has a different comfort level, so I make no real judgement here. I just note that in a community, it is nice to know some details about an individual...we should all flesh out our profiles a bit.

I am the LAST person who feels I have to see your face or kn,ow your legal name...not interested in that...another reason photos of you in a hood veil, or mask are perfect. They scream out that you are committed to your interests.

I truly hope I do not offend anyone with these guidelines. But I now receive up to 200 invites a day sometimes and while I like having a long list of links and friends, a girl has to have some of the day left to process. :-)

Thank you all for continuing to read, for saying hello when we meet in SL, and for giving me your wonderful thoughts.