Sunday, September 21, 2014

Changes, Changes

Well, dear readers, my life has drastically changed.

Sir has been stricken with illness and paralysis. We are coming to terms with an emerging normal which will certainly not involve as much of our preferred lifestyle and material and dress.

Early this month Sir suddenly had a backache which evolved, over the course of a few hours, into paralysis below the waist. This is from a tumor pressing on his spine.

I have spent much of the following time thinking about things and what to do, how to cope, how to progress.

One thing I believe we will have to do is to see how much of what I do can become entrepreneurial, how can I contribute to the financial stability of our life. I have not had to do much of that, and I retired well, but this will impact Sir for monthsor years until he can adjust and I must think ahead and to some degree for him.

Any ideas from my reader base would be appreciated.

I love my lifestyle of submission. Being pro active about our latex - centric BDSM life is fun and fascinating. I have never thought of it in a financial I wonder if there is a serious market for rubber-centered erotic writing...I could do that.

I still want to bring the joy of rubber bdsm to my readers. I want to educate, inspire, explore, reassure, and encourage readers. I believe I may transform a lot of my writing time to this, to publishable books and stories.

Look for more, but not right away. I am busy working into a new normal.