Friday, April 29, 2005

Four Months - and I can Talk Again

I do apologize to everyone. I have been terribly lax in writing for the last three weeks. My only excuse is laziness, I'm afraid. Well, there were those several days in immobilized bondage, but I should have found the time.

Let me bring you up to date:

1) I am finishing my 4th month, still encased 23/7. Everything is fine and, due to the extended rainy and cool weather here in San Jose, I have had no heat issues. I expected to be encountering warm weather problems by now, but we've been lucky.

2) I have travelled, recently, to Washington, DC with Sir and we had a nice little stay and visited my parents again (they live in Maryland). I am happy to report that they are more comfortable with my lifestyle choice. My father is still a bit leary, but he was very pleasant and seemed much more at ease with my mode of dress. My mother escorted me to Georgetown center for some shopping one day and we had no problems with me being in a burqa.

3) I DID spend a few days in some very severe bondage as Sir wanted to experiment with how long I could tolerate immobility. It was interesting and after a while quite pleasurable. I was left completely encased fo rthose three days, never allowed to remove my skin suit and not bathed. I was fed and watered (rather like a plant) by maid and she also massaged my muscles to keep me from being too stiff.

During that little experiment I was bound to a leather upholstered Coubosier recliner and it was laid back at bedtime for me to sleep. I had some difficulty the first day with cramps after about 6 hours, but maid massaged those away and then after the first night I became very accustomed to not moving. For those of you interested in the plumbing issues, yes I was "medically managed" with regards to waste. When I was released and bathed, I was a bit red in places like my shins and inner elbows, but it cleared right up after a long bath and fresh emoulients.

4) Sir is returning to the UK sometime this summer and may be taking me along, he hasn't decided yet. He will be in Europe in early May and I will be here in SJ, but that is not unusual.

5) I find it very odd to be ungagged when out in public now. As I wrote last time, Sir now allows me to go out ungagged after my hundredth day in total enclosure, unless he decides for me to wear one. So suddenly I can speak to the woman at the bookstore when I purchase something or I can chat with my parents when we are at dinner. But I find it very odd sometimes and I confess, I still gag myself on occassion just because it now feels more natural to do so. Sir laughs and generally allows me to silence myself if I wish.

Nothing much more has happened these last three weeks. The neighbors are used to me now and I actually had a conversation with the woman who lives next door. She was a bit uncomfortable talking to someone covered in a white burqa at first, but after 10 minutes or so, we were pretty much over the shock and awe stage.

I am noticing that people have a bit of trouble talking to someone who is talking to them from beneath a viel lik ethis. They don't seem to know when to start responding...rather the way some telephone conversatiosn are stilted because the parties are not in sync timing wise. I'll speak, then I'll wait for them to respond, but by the time they do I have given up and start to speak again. I suspect it is the lack of visual stimulation they recieve from my burqa. No facial cues to trigger their repsonses from. I wonder if it is an issue in Muslim communities that veil heavily or does everyone adapt after a while.

I ordered a coffee at a cafe the other day and it took twice as long because the man behind the counter couldn't seem to get all the questions out in a timely manner.

Well, must go now. Please sned me comments and questions. I love reading them and I promise to be quicker about posting. It is interesting, but I have received only 1 negative comment on my lifestyle change in the last 4 months. Everyone who has read this blog (and its copy) have been most supportive...even the skeptical ones have urged me to continue. I am very grateful for the support.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My First Hundred Days - A Celebration and a Change

What a weekend. I was going to blog this yesterday, but just couldn't work up the energy for all this typing. The weekend was, to put it mildly, fantastic!

Looking back, I was quite tired and a bit strange in my previous post. Just one of those odd days. But, this past weekend has been glorious.

First, we had a visit from our friends from Zurich and Dallas. This is a very kinky couple we've known for years, but had not seen since we came to California. They are both dominant, very much into latex (although not exclusively), and wonderful friends. They also have a maid and they brought her with them, so there were 6 of us in the house this weekend and it was almost non-stop scenes. By Monday afternoon when they had to leave, I was exhausted...but VERY relaxed !

Secondly, to celebrate 100 days in latex enclosure (yesterday), Sir has decided that I no longer have to be gagged in public. I may wear a gag at my discretion or not unless he has a preference. So Dark, my dear friend, worry not, I will once again be able to communicate with people on the street!

Let me describe our weekend.
Our friends arrived by car as they are touring the Northern California wine country. They showed up Friday evening and joined us for dinner. Marie was dressed in a lovely leather skirt and vest and Kermit (her husband) was already rubbered up in a catsuit beneath his leather slacks and a nice leather bomber jacket.

Their driver and maid is a young girl named Laura or about 24 or 25...I believe she is a little younger than maid) and she was in a rubber military style jacket and skirt (from Libidex or Murray and Vern, I believe) so she was effectively in chaffeur livery.

They arrived in the early evening before dinner and we all went out to dinner leaving the maids at home. M & K are very dominant and Marie in particular is quite sadistic. Let me just say that maid and Laura were left alone, but very decidely attached to each other.

I, of course, was still in my burqa but this was when Sir surprised me with the OK to go out ungagged. Consequently, we were able to have a wonderful conversation and catch up on things as we ate. Yes, I ate too...finger foods that I could bring up under the burqa to my mouth.

After dinner, we went back to the house and Marie played with me and maid in her rather inimitable style. Suffice it to say that breath play, suspension, and riding crops were all in use. The men played with Laura who is quite enthusiastic and submissive and, while bisexual, leans more toward men than women. I think she got the easier ordeal .

Sleeping arrangements were fairly standard, except that maid and Laura were bound together to sleep in maid's bed. Maid is usually not in bondage for bed since she has to be up first. However, it was a special night for both of them.

Saturday morning we traded maids and Laura had the fun job of bathing me while maid tended to Marie's needs. However, Kermit is used to being bathed and dressed and servied by Laura as well, so that job fell to ME! For this duty, I was put into a second catsuit and a condom hood so he could use me orally if he chose while I was washing and dressing him. He so chose!

Later, after breaksfast and another session in the playroom we lounged around until M & K decided they wanted to go shopping. I accompanied them, but Sir and the maids stayed at home. We went out to a mall and to a nice shopping street they have here.

It was VERY strange to be able to go up to the counter at the bookstore and ask the man there about a book I wanted. I haven't spoken outside the house for over 3 months!

He was obviously a little leary of me in burqa and I'm sure he recognized it as latex, but he led me back to the right section and plucked it off the shelf for me. When he handed it to me, he made sure to touch my hand (red gloves that day) and stroked it just a little more than he really needed to.

That evening, Laura made dinner for us with help from maid. I was back in heavy bondage and gag for dinner so I was tube fed liquid by maid while everyon eelse at table enjoyed steak.

After dinner, the Dom(me)s watched a rather hardcore dvd M & K had brought with them from Europe while we three subs were put into service pleasing them. This basically entialed kneeling between their legs and keeping them happy as the DVD played. Kermit took me and Marie took maid while Sir got
Laura. Marie, as I said is more sadistic than Kermit and she used her riding crop extensively on maid during the first half of the movie. Then sh edemanded to trade with Kermit so I was exchanged for maid. That also necessitated a change in hood as a condom hood doesn't work well with her !

Sunday, we again lounged around, went to see Sahara later as a group of 6. This time, however, maid and I were both gagged and burqa'd while Laura was chaffeur girl. I was in white and maid was in black and beneath them we were both in very heavy bondage with our arms bound behind our backs and not allowed to wear dresses over our skinsuits, just a second catsuit.

Sunday lunch was at a restaurant before the movie, but both maids were left in the auto. I sat in my usual manner, close to Sir and gagged while they chatted. Kermit was rather dismissive of the wine country and the vineyards they had visited in Sonoma. But he's used to European wines.

Sunday dinner was similar to Saturday except that maid did the cooking and we all had that grand old dish that nearly destroyed me a few months ago...chicken fried steak! M & K have lived in Dallas long enough to de velop a taste for it and it's not that different from a schnitzel.

Sunday evening was another round of sessions. I was bound into a very interesting position with maid and we re-enacted our gasmask and shared breathing scene where we are running out of air while stimulating each other to orgasm. Sir and Kermit placed bets. Marie was too busy making it more "interesting" for us with her favorite whip. I won which meant that maid and Laura got to be the next contestants. I'm happy to say that maid won that one.

Winning means you're the first to come before blacking out.

Sunday night, I slept with Marie and she was, shall we say, most demanding. Kermit had maid and Sir had Laura. consequently, none of us rose early on Monday. However, M & K had to be on their way and were loaded up and back in their auto by 3pm. Laura and maid had quite a time cleanign and polishing the toys they had brogught and laura was orde3red to help maid make sure the playroom was all in order.

Sir, M & K and I chatted while that was going on, then they piled into the car and headed off to SF for a couple of days and a flight back to Zurich. quite honestly, Sir, maid, and I did absolutely nothing else Sunday evening excpet play a game of scrabble...then bed. We were all completely worn out...but it was a VERY fun weekend.

Just FYI, Yes, I maintained full enclosure and kept th eprotocol during the whole time M & K visited. There were times I was 'naked' menaing only in my skinsuit, but never anything less than that. K & M both brought some wonderful latex outfits with them and she wore a beautiful purple dress, very tight and just above the knee on Saturday when we were out. kermit usually wears latex under leather out in public as does Sir much of the time.

I was gagged a lot, but had plenty of time to sit and chat with them and I wasn't gagged at tall while Marie and I were together Sunday night. In fact, we stayed up late and caught up on a lot of girl talk after the rest of the house was asleep.

This morning, however, I really wanted to be gagegd again for the day, so I have spent the entire day in the house with a closed mouth hood and a mouth covering posture collar on. It just feels so strange to think I can go outside and tal to people. But I'm sure it will come back to riding a bicycle.

That's it for my 100th day blog.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just a Short Note

Nothing very interesting the past few days. We went out to see Sin City the other day. very violent, but it was intersting watching it in several layers of rubber. I must confess that it was quite arousing in some ways.

Other than that, I've been keeping well. I was thinkng the other day that I am becoming subsumed into my new role. That I am sort of dissolving into my covers. I don't think it is soecifically because of the latex, but rather because of the covering, the gagging, and the the fact that my face is hidden for so long.

I have found myself remianing gagged afte we retunr fom an outing for longer and longer periods. It feels right and Sir does not object.

After the movie, we walked aorund a farmer's market and I bought some fruit. Maid will make a liquid smoothie from them. But I was staring at it wondering what it would be like to stop eating altogether, to have all my food pumped in and just remain gagged. Weird thoughts.

It is geting warmer now and walking in the daytime out of th ehouse is a bit more intense. So far I don't mind, but Sir insists that we watch it carefully and particularly has ordered maid to make sure my face does not suffer. He says I may be going out nude under hte burqa. By that he means oinly the transparent skin suit, not a second layer of a dress.

I did have a little girl walk up to me as we were leaving the theater and ask me what I was wearing. Rather than just ignore her I stopped and squatted down and held a fold of the burqa out to her. she touched it and smiled then ran back to a VERY watchful mum yelling, "mommy, she's wearing a balloon!" at the top of her lungs.

We have some friends coming to visit us this weekend. They are very much aware of my situation, so there won't be any issues there.

That's all for now.