Thursday, April 27, 2006

Visiting Ireland again

Well, we are back in Ireland. We were last here in November. Sir has more business and has brought me along for a holiday.

Went out yesterday in the cool blustery wind and did a bit of shopping and siteseeing.

Much more pleasant weather today. Yesterday reminded me more of San Jose.

Not much else going on. Sir has given me a new white burqa with a full face hood built into the inside. The hood has no mouth and the eyes are covered with perforated latex. This means it obscures my vision because i have to look through two layers of perforations. That is actually si very snug and comfortable.

All else is fine.

I shall write again soon about our furhter Irish adventures


Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally a Little Peace

It has been a very hectic and sad couple of weeks but I am finally feeling better now.

First, we heard of the death of a friend of ours in the UK. It was most tragic and unexpected.

On top of that I have been busy with household things and some writing and have not written here for a while. However, things are much better now. I was truly distracted after hearing about our friend, but I am getting my equilibrium back.

Went out yeasterday and had lunch with a colleague. I am considering a return to teaching since I do not have to be completely sealed in latex anymore. That is all startng to take shape. However, I find I still WANT to be covered in public and truly do not feel comfortable on those few occassions when I have ventured out with my head and face uncovered.

For the record, that is still the ONLY part of me that is ever not rubber covered when I go out...and the last time I went out with an uncovered head was in February.

Of course the weather has helped here in the bay area. It has been raining almost non stop throughout March which makes it perfect for rubber burqa wear!

I also had to deal with Sir being gone for a few days and that has always made me restless, particularly since maid is gone. BTW, maid is doing very well and we are expecting to visit her and her partner/mistress sometime this summer.

But the past two days I have spent chatting with friends over the net, wrapped in my dress and hood and burqa all in a wonderful sense of comfort and protection.

Sir and I are getting back to normal after a very busy time. I hope to be writing here again soon. It has been lovely the past two days talking to friends. I hope those of you who were online with me had an enjoyable time too. I truly love chatting and camming with you when I am allowed to do so.