Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UK Trip -- One Week In

Well, I should bring everyone up to date. We have been travelling the past few days in scotland and have had some beautiful if warm weather. I have been concientious about my enclosure, remaining fully encased, but I have taken Sir up on his offer to wear only the skinsuit under the burqa a few times. I don't feel properly dressed when I do this, but it has been far warmer than we expected for Scotland. In the evenings, for dinner, I have dressed properly in corset, dress, hood, gloves, and boots, but a few times during the days i wore only the boots and gloves over the skinsuit under the burqa

We spent some time in Perth and did some shopping there, then spent a bit of time in Dundee. Dundee is rather industrial, but had a nice museum and the RRs Discovery was interesting. I was amazed that maid and I could traipse all over the ship with no docents looking at us or people guiding us. it was amazing.

We were not the only women covered. While we were on theship I looked out on the dock and two niqabi women were approaching and came on board. We nodded at each other as we passed through one of the corridors.

We spent most of yesterday in St Andrews and maid and i explored the little seaside city extensively. It was cooler and we both dressed proeperly. It is a wonderfule town with lovely sea breezes. We walked along the seaside and watched a large group of dolphins playing in the bay.

In the early evening we went to Glasgow and checked into our hotel there. We had a nice dinner inthe hotel restaurant and then spent the evening in our suite. Maid and I both wanted an extra cool bath and Sir allowed us to bather which was wonderful after the warm day. But it cooled off in the evening and we even wound up sleeping with the windows cracked instead of the air on.

As I write this we are on a train from Glasgow and maid and I are both in full latex cover and burqas. I have on my white corset, dress, gloves and hood beneath the red burqa and over the smoke grey transparent suit. Maid is in a victorian maid's uniform, corset, black gloves and hood and boots and is gagged beneath a black burqa. I wanted her to travel unhooded as a maid, but Sir said he wanted us both in burqa for the trip, so we hooded and gagged her.

I am gagged as well for this leg since it just feels better to be so. The gags are inflatable butterfly gags buckled around our heads under our hoods.

I must say that, while this trip has been fun, I am looking forward to getting back to the states. we have a family reunion with Sir's famliy this coming weekend before we return to San Jose. This wil be the first time I have been with them since I became a rubber encased doll and I do not know how they will react. Our son will bethere as well, however, andI am looking forward to seeing him.

Later this week, we will meet with old friends who make some of my latex wardrobe. This couple is intensely kinky, with the woman a very strict domme and the husband a complete slave. He loves to kneel next to her or beneath her and will not even speak until she indicates he may do so.

She used to be a good friend of mine in that we were confidantes and loved having chats. But our relationship has changed in the last few years as I became more involved in submissive behaviour. Now, based on her personality and mine and conversations she had with Sir regarding our lifestle changes, she no longer speaks to me really at all. Rather she ignores me, uses me, and discards me at her whim when I am turned over to her.

She has maintained a completely normal relationship with Sir, but has transformed her point of view about me int that of someone dealing with an object or a slave.

Lest you feel this is a bad thing, let me assure you that I am completely happy with the arrangement. She is one of our oldest friends and the only one that comes to mind who has been able to completely accomodate my desire to be an object. She has explained to Sir that she was willing to forego the friendly relationship we originally had to accomodate my change in lifestyle and to experiment herself with a more formal, strict, dominating lifestyle.

I am looking forward to the session we will undoubtedly have with her and her husband. During our last visit he was used most aggressively by both his wife and by Sir as well as I was. He is a devoted masochist and truly revels in some ver painful experiences.

But her approach is more psychological and bizarre, involving not only domination, but scenarios designed to sublimate the ego while hieghtening the awareness of any subs she uses. I was devastatingly pleased and relaxed after our last session but we don't get to see these folks often. I am looking forward to it.

Not much else to report at this time. The train is experiencing problems and has been delayed for a bit, but it is airconditioned, cool, comfortable and not my problem. I will close here and settle back to read my book or sleep. Maid seems to have drifted off already, across from me, and Sir is working on a presentation to his investors.

The first class section is not very full, but there is a couple sitting across from us and slightly behind us looked somewhat shocked and a bit concerned when we boarded. I am facing them and they keep whispering and looking over at me and maid. It's a bit fun to beable to atch them through the mesh of my burqa and know that they cannot see me at all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

UK Trip -- Blogging on the Fly

I am blogging this while on the plane to London. I decided to write this as much in real time as I could.

This morning we got up early, I was washed and cleaned and lotioned as usual, but put into a smoky grey transparent skinsuit with no hood. Maid was wearing a similar suit. She does not usually, but Sir required it for this trip. She had already been up an hour before me to bathe and had bathed and dressed herself for the trip.

She dried me off and then put a black corset, knee high boots, and elbow length gloves on me, as well as a black, open faced hood. Over this, she put a long black rubber dress, ankle length, 3/4 length sleeves, and high collar with a bit of ruffle on the bust. The waist is small and tight, but the dress is one of my most comfortable ones. The skirt is loose and flared.

Maid covered her own hoodless skinsuit with a black corset, knee high boots, shoulder length gloves and a black victorian maid's uniform with a long straight skirt. It is a jumper and she donned a white latex blouse under it with ruffled collar and cuffs. Her black gloves looked pretty coming out from under the sleeves. She also put a black open faced hood on as well and it tucked in nicely under the ruffle of the blouse.

We made sure our proper full face hoods were in our carryon and then pulled our burqas on. We both wore black ones. I now have a red rubber burqa, like my nun's habit, but I don't think it would be a good idea to wear it for travel...far too attention gathering. However, I intend to wear it while we are on holiday.

Sir had arranged a limo to drive us to the airport rather than leaving our car there, so we all piled in. The driver was mid eastern and was, I think, pleasantly surprised to see two burqa'd ladies emerge from the house.

He held the door for us as if it were no unusual thing to him to see two women in voluminous veils climbing into his limousine. He did not speak to us, but only to Sir. For fun, maid and I did not sit on the rear facing bench seat. Rather we knelt between the seats, in front of Sir and prostrated ourselves for the whole ride to the airport. Sir didn't act surprised and the driver said nothing at all. When we arrived, though, and maid and I sat up on our heels seza fashion, we could see he had a big grin on his face.

We exited the limousine after Sir and it was interesting to see the stir we caused on the curb. People stared, but no one said anything. A skycap came over and took our luggage and we went inside to check in.

I had been taken through San Francisco security in my burqa, so we were a little unsure of the procedure. Quite honestly, the San Francisco ticket agent was a little unsure as well.

Sir explained that he had two women who did not show their faces in public and would need to be escorted through security and Id'd in private. The young man behind the counter seemed non-plussed and started by saying that he couldn't help. He kept asking to see our passports, which we had already given him. He literally checked my passport against my burqa five times before it seemed to dawn on him that there wasn't going to be a match.
Sir explained that we travelled all the time and that usually a female airline employee was called on to verify our identities in a private room. That we would uncover for an ID check for her as long as it was in private. He sort of looked lost and finally figured out he needed to ask a supervisor to come down. to his station.

It was amazing, suddenly everything changed. A dark, somewhat matronly woman in her fifties came down and said hello. The ticket agent said we wanted private screening and she said she thought we ight and would we follow her. Maid and i did so, while Sir handled the rest of checkin, checking luggage, getting boarding passes and what not.

The woman took us to a door behind the ticket counters and asked us to step in. she had collected our passports and said, "all I need is a moment to see your faces." Maid and I were both wearing black, latex pull on open face hoods which we wear under the burqas for this purpose. We lifted the burqas, the woman checked our passports and smiled and said, "that's fine, sisters. You're all set." She waited until our burqas were in place again and then ushered us back to the front of the ticket line and told the agent we were good to go.
Sir thanked her and she said, "I will escort you to security and they will walk you through there as well.You're going to the UK?"

Sir said yes, by way of Chicago. She smiled at maid and me and said, "well, you're dressed for it. It's getting rainy there today." Then as we were walking over to security, she made the comment, "I wish I could cover like you two. I miss it." sir asked her where she was from and she said "Saudi Arabia".

Sir thanked her and she handed us over to a TSA agent with a "These two need private screening". Tha agent was NOT non-plussed and she took us sraight through without even asking us to unveil.

Once on the other side of security, maid and I went to the ladies room and entered a handicapped stall together. I took my burqa off while she pulled out our full face, black hoods with no mouth holes. We decided to put these hoods on over the open faced ones. That will make it easier to change back for security upon arrival.

She helped me with mine and then I put hers on. maid and I are about the same height, but she is lighter and thinner than I am now. But with the hoods covering our faces we are almost identical twins. These hoods are special too as they have an eye veil which we can pull down and zip closed in place. Once done, we are blind as well as silent.

We put our burqas back and left the ladies room, now properly covered and gagged. Sir was waiting outside sitting in a chair. We came out and he stood up and escorted us to the first class lounge as we had some time to wait. We went into the lounge, Sir handing over his id card and escorting us back to the seats. The attendants said nothing about our attire. But we had a bit more fun. Sir sat in a chair and maid and I knelt on either side of him again sitting seza, on our heels. We prostrated ourselves for just a moment, but Sir said to rise and we both assumed seza again, just sort of staring at each other.

That raised a few eyebrows, let me say. Particularly from the business women passing by and the lounge was busy. This was all sort of planned. Sir had told us he wanted us to be as publicly submissive as possible this trip. Maid and I discussed it this morning and came up with the 'let's kneel and bow' approach.

I should also point out that Sir is travelling in black latex as well. he chose to wear a catsuit but with no feet, gloves, or hood. over that he is wearing a pair of very nice latex pleated trousers and a button down long sleeved latex shirt. He's wearing his latex blazer as a jacket. So, while he's not as obscured and intense as we are, he is still pretty much a rubber man at the moment.
We stayed in the lounge for about 45 minutes till our flight was boarding.We got on and settled in, no worries at boarding. We had seats together for me and maid and Sir was across the aisle. A blonde girl with very large, shall I say, augmented breasts, tee shirt, jeans, and sunglasses sat in the window seat next to him. It was amazing. Her mouth dropped open when she got on. We got seated quickly as we had no carryon. Sir stood up and allowed her to get to her seat, but she could not take her eyes off the two burqas across the aisle.

Sir has decided that all plane travelwe are to sit, belt ourselves in, then blind ourselves and sit quietly in meditation the whole flight. FOr this first leg, that was foour and a half hours to Chicago, followed by 8 hours to Gatwick. So as soon as we got settled, maid reached up and a moment later I heard the zip of her eyeveil shutting down. I watched the rest of the plane board, just to see the fun, then, as the flight attendants were asking people to shut off electronics, I zipped my veil shut too.

I just sat back and maid and I held hands under our overlapping cloaks as the plane took off. After we were up, we leaned our seats back and just dozed off.

Until the flight attendant started her rounds! She kept asking us questions and did we need this and did we need that and I kept shaking my head no, but finally Sir had to tell her that we were both dead tired and were going to sleep. After that she left us alone. Sir said later that his seatmate just sort of moved away from him as close to the window as she could get. he had a laugh out of it.

After we touched down, maid and I unzipped our face veils under the burqas and folded them back, so we could see. I glanced over and, again, the buxom little thing sitting next to Sir was watching us like a hawk. Sir, on the other hand had what can only be described as a feces consuming grin on his face.

In Chicago, we made our way to the ladies to relieve ourselves and then followed him to the lounge again. We did the whole stay 3 paces behind and he really got into it as well. We did the kneel and prostrate ourselves thing again and he left us there for abot 5 minutes with our heads on the ground before he said we could sit back up. An airline representative did come by and ask him at one point if we would not be more comfortable sitting in the chairs. Sir simply said, "No, they would be very uncomfortable sitting in a chair. They're fine." The woman left. I think she was trying to suggest that other passwnengers might be more comfortable if we were sitting, but Sir refused to take the bait.

About 20 minites before we boarded, another representative came up and she introduced herself as our International First Class Ambassador. I have to say, this woman had an incredible figure and looked fantastic dressed in her uniform, with her gorgeous blonde hair in a very tight bun and high heels. She was impeccable with a lovely soft british accent. She asked very politely if there was anything we needed, Sir said no, and she said that she would come collect us when it was time to board.

So there we sat (knelt) for another 15 minutes. We were probably prostrated for 5 minutes and sitting on our heels for 30 before she came to take us to the plane. Sir was exceptionally well pleased with himself. Truth be told, maid and I were having trouble not giggling into our gags.
The woman took us past the line for boarding, and down the jetway. We weren't the only ones with such treatment. There were thwo others in first who received this treatment as well. It has to do with how many miles you fly and how much you pay for the ticket.

Once again, we are in seats next to each other, maid and I together and Sir across the aisle. These are the very nice sleeper seats as this is an overnight flight. Nothing much has happened. Sir has refused dinner for us and maid has already covered her yees and gone to sleep. I am about to, but wanted to blog this first.

Some passengers have looked at us, but there are two other women in traditional veils up here in First Class with their husbands (presumably) and quite honestly, we hardly stand out if you ignore the latex. Sir says that it has been common on the last several international flights he was on to see women in niqab or khimar. he flew through Detroit the other day and said it looked like Morocco because there were som many muslimahs in all manner of veiling wandering the airport. Apparently Detroit Michigan has the highest muslim immigrant population of any US city.

I am closing now. I will publish this as soon as I can after we land. we havea day in London and then we make our way to The North.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fascinating story here

Just came across this link. It is fascinating story about a young woman's experiment in veiling. I have to say I have not experienced as MUCH discrimination as she, but I have not been as analytical about it either.

Here is a recent photgraph. I thought the camera caught the light very well in this one.

Swathed in latex burqa
Interesting event occurred earlier today I was shopping in a bookstore when a woman woalked up and began explaining that I should not be wearing a burqa as it symbolized oppression of women. She went at some length about how should not let a man do this to me, etc, etc.

She was polite, but firm. However, as I was gagged underneath I could only shrug my shoulders and walk away. Then it occurred to me that I was actually 'oppressed' in much the manner she meant...allowing a man to control my actions and dress...

But she thought I was rude...

I doubt she ever considered the possibility that I was gagged...much less that I might be pleased with the situation.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rubber Enclosure for Sir

Several people have asked about Sir and his interests aside from being my Dom and maid's. He has suggested I document the last few days here where he has largely been at my disposal.

Sir has had a bad flu for the last week. no stomach issues and not even a headcold, but he's been feeling bad and wanted to stay home. This means he has been staying home all week. We decided that, as long as he was going to be home, he could be in Latex 24/7 like me (if he could take it)

The idea was his and we started about 4 days ago. Sir has a very elaborate suit with black and red stripes and a very alien style helmet. He often wears it around the house and he decided to see if he could keep it on for 4 days.

We started by me undressing down to my transparent skinsuit and bathing him. I shaved him and then dried him and lotioned his body that way is done by maid each morning.

We then slid him into the suit and hood. They are actually one piece when properly attached as the hood goes on to the suit with a zipped enclosure. It is possible for him to drink in the helmet, but there is no mouth and even the eyes are covered by mirrored goggle like lenses. The only air comes through hoses that curve around the head. But inside the hood he can breathe quite comfortably.

The suit can be locked on and I did so, then put him to rest on the couch watching TV for the day. He was fine for several hours, and even responded well when I played with him with a high power vibrator through his suit. Even though he was 'being ill' he was quite easily aroused.

We both had a nice liquid dinner. That is, we had milk shakes for dinner while we were both fully encased. Usually, SIR has something solid while I get to have the liquid dinner, but it worked out well this way.

Afterwards, I knelt on the floor beside him on the couch while he used me orally the way we like.
Then we went off to bed. He stayed in the suit all night without any trouble. In the morning I left him locked in and he asked to be put in the vacuum bed while I was bathed. But he got to watch through the clear latex when maid undressed me from my latex nightie and then when she brought me back to the bedroom and dried and dressed me.

Sir almost never watches this ritual for the last six months. He usually just lets me and maid do our thing as it were. But, since he was in double layers of latex bondage that morning, maid and I decided to give him a bit of a show.

So we played around a bit while maid dressed me in my most vistorian outfit. Heavy body corset, bloack shoulder length latex gloves, high necked ruffled white blouse with 3/4 length sleeves to show the gloves off more. She pulled smoky latex stockings over my legs and attached them to the corset's garters, then knelt down and put my nicest pair of knee high black rubber spike heeled boots on.

Finally, she slid a very tight ankle length skirt over my hips and knelt behind me to zip it down to the hem so I could barely move. Finally, she put one of my most restrictive hoods that has a condom gag, long nose tubes behind my head and straps and buckles.

With some strategically placed mirrors we made sure Sir, in his rubber bondage, got to see everything. maid was in a short french maid's outfit and we could both watch Sir respond to the show. It was loads of fun. We kissed and played and generally made him very anxious while pleasing ourselves more than usual.

I was supposed to free Sir for the morning, but insttead we girls decided to let him stew. Sir was in the vacbed sweating out his illness for about 3 more hours. Then, we let him out and maid took him to the bath and cleaned him and put him in another suit.

So the past couple of days have been like that. Sir has stayed in latex 23/7 just like me and is feeling much better now. We went out to a movie this evening ans he wore a catsuit under latex trousers and jacket ...just no hood. He even wore gloves out.

It has been a bit different with him encased almost as much as I, but the last few days have been lots of fun.


A Bit of an Adventure

I was out shopping today and stopped by the shop where I met the very nice lady a few weeks ago in the rain. We (maid and I) had a nice chat with her. I was in a long white dress and hood under my white burqa (it's been warm). maid was in her victorian uniform and a black hood under a black burqa.

We chatted for a while and drank tea. I bought a couple of pieces for the house. We talked about her time in Yemen and she asked about why we wore latex for our burqas.

We explained about wearing latex because Sir wants us to and how we enjoy it. She seemed quite comfortable with the notion of us being submissive. remember this is a lady in her 70's at least. She didn't seem surprised at the idea of two women submitting to a man.

After we chatted with her we went over to a local mall and did some more shopping. In one store we were trying some different perfumes and I am afraid we confused the shop girl by spraying colognes on our black and white latex gloves, then pulling them under our burqas to sniff them.

she was quite curious and asked why we were wearing burqas, why they were latex, and wanted to know what we wore underneath...we talked with her a bit and she let slip that she and her boyfriend like to get into some kinky rubber gear.

She told us she wore latex out clubbing sometimes, like a skirt or a top, but she was truly shocked when I told her that we were both in latex dresses and catsuits under the burqas.

And yes, I know cologne is not good for latex, but it wasn't much and we went and washed our gloves in the ladies room as soon as we had finished.

later, we left the mall and went to a cafe for a couple of coffees. Maid and I just sat at a table talking about some new latex clothing and some ideas I've had recently for restraining her during sessions. We attracted a fair amount of stares, but no comments. The waitress asked if we wanted refills. I suppose we did look a little odd, laughing and slipping our demitasse under our burqas to drink.

I tend to forget that we look odd to people now. The burqas look perfectly natural to me and I found myself the other day looking at a woman walking down the street and asking myself why she looked so odd. Then it struck me that I expected her to be more covered than she was. I have greown so used to the fact that maid and I (and even Sir) are covered in latex almost all the time that I am begining to find it odd to see flesh.

maid and I were talking about some new dresses Sir wants me to wear that are tighter and a bit more hobbling than my usual loose ones. Maid likes hers that are tiht and just below her knees. I like the look of them, but haven't worn them in public in years.

One of the things I want her to get used to is being tube fed and gagged for days at a time. I figure if I can do it, she should be able to as well, but she has never been comfortable with long term gagging and sleeping while gagged. But I was explaining to her over our coffees that I want her to be able to tolerate that and days of hooding and very long term encapsulation in the vac bed. I am certain that at least the couple next to us was listening in...people don't realize how closely you can watch them when you are the one in the burqa.

So we had a nice day out. Monday, we all leave for the UK for 2 weeks. We'll be touring the North and Scotland while Sir talks with money people. We have dinner scheduled with one of them. That should be interesting.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summer Days in Latex

It's been a while since I made an entry. Things have been quiet and not much has been happening. We are preparing to travel again next week. Two weeks in the UK as Sir goes on a list of meetings raising capital for his new company.
The weather has definitely warmed here in San Jose, which has prompted me to stay indoors a lot. Sir has told me I may wear only the Burqa over my skinsuit if I wish, reducing the layers to only two. I have not felt comfortable with this, however. It feels like I am undressed if I just pull the Burqa on over my naked 'skin'. I am hoping for nice cool, wet weather next week in England.

Sir caught the cold this time. He has been suffering from a bad cold for almost two weeks now. He caught it on his last trip, I think. He is getting better now and is much more fun to be around

He did feel it necessary to punish me (a bit) for borrowing the neighbor's camera, but has said that, with his permission in advance, I may go online with a webcam. So, from time to time I shall. And we should have more pictures soon too. As many of you have mentioned, however, Sir is NOT a very good photographer. However, I intend to capture some photos of him as well.

Went out to see the new movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith last weekend. It was hilarious and I love Ms. Jolie's latex outfit, but her leather coat was amazing too. And there is a lovely scene where she is meeting a bunch of other New York wives, but hasn't had a chance to pull off her kinky over the knee boots and fishnets.

We went to dinner after the movie the other night and that was nice. I have taken to wearing a gag that I can easily remove under the burqa. It is either a small ball gaga that fills my mouth or a short collar that wraps over my mouth and is zippered.

This way, I can go out in public gagged as I enjoy, then remove it at dinner. I was asked recently how I eat in the burqa. I have adopted a practice of taking a small plate or bowl under my burqa and just eating from inside. It is easier than trying to get each fork or spoon ful up under there.

I usually eat a little steak and vegetables precut into small bites. Teppanyaki restaurants work well for this. We do get a few stares, particulalry when my hands, gloved in tight latex, come out from under the burqa and pick up a bowl or a fork. People stare, but no one ever says anything.

I think that's about all for now. Hope to hear from everyone.