Tuesday, June 28, 2005

UK Trip -- One Week In

Well, I should bring everyone up to date. We have been travelling the past few days in scotland and have had some beautiful if warm weather. I have been concientious about my enclosure, remaining fully encased, but I have taken Sir up on his offer to wear only the skinsuit under the burqa a few times. I don't feel properly dressed when I do this, but it has been far warmer than we expected for Scotland. In the evenings, for dinner, I have dressed properly in corset, dress, hood, gloves, and boots, but a few times during the days i wore only the boots and gloves over the skinsuit under the burqa

We spent some time in Perth and did some shopping there, then spent a bit of time in Dundee. Dundee is rather industrial, but had a nice museum and the RRs Discovery was interesting. I was amazed that maid and I could traipse all over the ship with no docents looking at us or people guiding us. it was amazing.

We were not the only women covered. While we were on theship I looked out on the dock and two niqabi women were approaching and came on board. We nodded at each other as we passed through one of the corridors.

We spent most of yesterday in St Andrews and maid and i explored the little seaside city extensively. It was cooler and we both dressed proeperly. It is a wonderfule town with lovely sea breezes. We walked along the seaside and watched a large group of dolphins playing in the bay.

In the early evening we went to Glasgow and checked into our hotel there. We had a nice dinner inthe hotel restaurant and then spent the evening in our suite. Maid and I both wanted an extra cool bath and Sir allowed us to bather which was wonderful after the warm day. But it cooled off in the evening and we even wound up sleeping with the windows cracked instead of the air on.

As I write this we are on a train from Glasgow and maid and I are both in full latex cover and burqas. I have on my white corset, dress, gloves and hood beneath the red burqa and over the smoke grey transparent suit. Maid is in a victorian maid's uniform, corset, black gloves and hood and boots and is gagged beneath a black burqa. I wanted her to travel unhooded as a maid, but Sir said he wanted us both in burqa for the trip, so we hooded and gagged her.

I am gagged as well for this leg since it just feels better to be so. The gags are inflatable butterfly gags buckled around our heads under our hoods.

I must say that, while this trip has been fun, I am looking forward to getting back to the states. we have a family reunion with Sir's famliy this coming weekend before we return to San Jose. This wil be the first time I have been with them since I became a rubber encased doll and I do not know how they will react. Our son will bethere as well, however, andI am looking forward to seeing him.

Later this week, we will meet with old friends who make some of my latex wardrobe. This couple is intensely kinky, with the woman a very strict domme and the husband a complete slave. He loves to kneel next to her or beneath her and will not even speak until she indicates he may do so.

She used to be a good friend of mine in that we were confidantes and loved having chats. But our relationship has changed in the last few years as I became more involved in submissive behaviour. Now, based on her personality and mine and conversations she had with Sir regarding our lifestle changes, she no longer speaks to me really at all. Rather she ignores me, uses me, and discards me at her whim when I am turned over to her.

She has maintained a completely normal relationship with Sir, but has transformed her point of view about me int that of someone dealing with an object or a slave.

Lest you feel this is a bad thing, let me assure you that I am completely happy with the arrangement. She is one of our oldest friends and the only one that comes to mind who has been able to completely accomodate my desire to be an object. She has explained to Sir that she was willing to forego the friendly relationship we originally had to accomodate my change in lifestyle and to experiment herself with a more formal, strict, dominating lifestyle.

I am looking forward to the session we will undoubtedly have with her and her husband. During our last visit he was used most aggressively by both his wife and by Sir as well as I was. He is a devoted masochist and truly revels in some ver painful experiences.

But her approach is more psychological and bizarre, involving not only domination, but scenarios designed to sublimate the ego while hieghtening the awareness of any subs she uses. I was devastatingly pleased and relaxed after our last session but we don't get to see these folks often. I am looking forward to it.

Not much else to report at this time. The train is experiencing problems and has been delayed for a bit, but it is airconditioned, cool, comfortable and not my problem. I will close here and settle back to read my book or sleep. Maid seems to have drifted off already, across from me, and Sir is working on a presentation to his investors.

The first class section is not very full, but there is a couple sitting across from us and slightly behind us looked somewhat shocked and a bit concerned when we boarded. I am facing them and they keep whispering and looking over at me and maid. It's a bit fun to beable to atch them through the mesh of my burqa and know that they cannot see me at all.


Fred said...

I see that you, maid and sir were having i nice time on your overseas trip to the United Kingdom. I am also glad to see you dress down because of the summer heat.. The main thing i wry the most is dehydration while your in three layers of latex..

Latex Lady said...

Yes, we keep bottles of water with us all the time and we try to keep ourselves well hydrated. But we are used to that being from Texas originally.


gummitaucher said...

It´s great to hear from you again. Yes, it´s finally summer here in Germany. I can very well understand how you may feel now - rubbered up :) As always it´s a great pleasure to hear about your experiences. I translate them for a lady friend of mine who doesn´t speak any English. But she really enjoys reading about your lifestyle and she says that she can fully understand how you would want to be a rubber doll.

Latex Lady said...

Please express my thanks to your friend for reading and enjoying the blog. I would love to hear more about her interests in total enclosure and being objectified into a doll.

And thank YOU very much for translating my maunderings. I do appreciate how much people are interested in my experiment. It is comments like these that keep my committed.


kapybara said...

Dear Lady,
another hugely enjoyable page of your diary made all the more interesting by the familiar details of where you have been. It is a very strange when fantasy (and reading a weblog about an unknown woman travelling with her master in latex is a fantasy to me, however real it is to you) and reality begin to merge, as they did in your account of visiting Fife. I guess you now know all about the history of RRS Discovery, which has been part of my life in various ways.

I suggested to my wife that she should read this diary entry. She is not directly interested in latex, but she has been taking the dominant role for some time now and knows how to use it to very good effect when she wants me to kneel and obey. Anyway she really enjoyed reading it too and was interested in your changing relationship with your girlfriend. Hope you had a great time together again and look forward to the next diary page.
Warm regards, K