Friday, July 05, 2013

June Adventures in Latex

Was my last post actually entitled "The Coldest Winter"? And about the cold summer weather in San Francisco? That is certainly not the case here.

We have been experiencing record highs here in Texas and I have, consequently, been keeping a record low profile. I have been staying very much around the house, venturing out only a few times in the last month. Sir has even allowed me to not wear anything at all to sleep, having only the latex bedsheets to cover me. They are delightful to snuggle down in, the bedroom kept very cool and the sheets swaddling me as I sleep. On other nights he puts me into the vacuum bed for the night, also without any skinsuit and the sense of being packaged, chilled, and immobilized is amazing as I drift off to sleep, Sir watching, stimulating me from time to time with his hands or other toys.

Our AC bills are outlandish, but such is the cost of keeping cool. We actually shut a third of the house and are not cooling the library and back rooms to conserve.

Even our pool has heated up so much that it is at a tepid 90 degrees most days. Floating about in it is still enjoyable, but not as refreshing as usual. Where I typically wear a skinsuit, bathing suit, and burka to relax in the pool, lately only a skinsuit and burka have been required. In the dark of night, (we actually do a lot of swimming at midnight) Sir has even removed the burka, letting me, effectively, skinny dip with nothing but a transparent full enclosure suit on.

I was out gardening earlier this week with full enclosure enforced beneath my bright white burka, but that was only possible because of the mister we have which showers fine mist all over the garden while I work. It reduces the temperature by about 20 degrees and I do the gardening in the mornings (even before my bath) to catch the lowest temperature and best shade. This week, I was out weeding and replanting some flowers in a transparent purple tinted skinsuit, a purple flared skirt day dress, and my white burka ... I may need a purple one soon .... anniversary coming up!

While my hands were basically free to exit the slits in the burka, they were bound to my waist above the elbow and triple gloved in the rubber of the skinsuit, then black wrist gloves which accompany the dress, and rubber gardening gloves which I wear to work on the flowers and weeds.  No way will the naked flesh of my hands ever be exposed to bug bites, thorny perils, or damaging sun. Even if I managed to puncture the gardening gloves, the other two layers would preserve both my modesty and my flesh.

My legs were bound together above the knee under the dress and I wore black rubber boots with high spike heels. as you may know, I actually wheel around my garden on a little wheeled kneeler made explicitly for tending a garden on your knees without damaging your clothes.

It quite fun to spend a bit of time, perhaps bound, certainly gagged and at least restricted, gardening away ... I love the times I get to perform normal, mundane household chores while in severe restriction. You should see me puttering around the kitchen in three layers of latex preparing dinner for Sir and myself. Many days I am restricted to a liquid diet and so I cook up a meal for him while pureeing one for myself.  Sir has a fantasy of me never again tasting anything by latex lining my mouth, all food being delivered by feeding tube, but we have not realized this fantasy yet. So far, a bit over a week or so is my longest period of latex lining my oral cavity.

Earlier in June we went to Sir's sister's place in San Antonio for a few days. It was much cooler there and I could comfortably wear two catsuits under my dresses. We did some shopping at their local malls, acquired some new electronics and a couple of presents for my sister's and mother's birthdays.

His family is so accepting of my idiosyncratic dress. They no longer even comment on the burkas or the layers of latex. Several of his nieces and nephews and their families were visiting as well. She has quite a large family. We spent evenings watching old movies and days talking, shopping, and went out to a movie one day.

While there his sister threw a bit of a backyard party with her former colleagues as she has recently retired. The folks coming over were certainly taken aback a moment when introduced to me, but once introduced and seeing how Sir's sister accepted me, they were quite pleasant and we had several interesting conversation. For the party I was in blue tint skinsuit, metallic blue hobble dress and metallic blue burka. I was allowed to speak and my hands were unbound, though double gloved in metallic blue rubber. We sat beside her pool and ate and drank for several hours.

We drove down to San Antonio this time rather than fly. Sir was in a mood to drive his new car. So I spent about 7 hours in three layers of rubber in the back seat, wearing rubber ballet boots, hobble dress, gloves, rubber straitjacket, and silenced by a gagging hood under my red burka. The looks from passing drivers, particularly those in big rig trucks, were most humorous.

Needless to say, I did not disembark from the car when Sir stopped for tea and/or to relieve himself. My hood was provided with a drinking tube through the gag and he kept that in a bottle of cold iced tea. My bladder was similarly controlled and I never felt any discomfort, urgency or need to relieve myself. It was, actually, a most enjoyable drive. Sir was decked out in a rubber short sleeved catsuit under latex slacks and wore latex driving gloves which, for some reason, aroused me terribly. There was something so menacing about those gloves when I watched, helpless, from the rear seat as he pulled them on before starting the engine and driving me off to parts unknown...ah, my fantasy subtexts begin to invade my text...forgive me.

Last night we went out to see fireworks, of course. No, I do NOT have a US Flag burka, but wore my white one for coolness.  It is always a treat to sit around with hundreds of other people on Independence day, enjoying the fireworks and eating ice cream or frozen popsicles. Yes, I was ungagged beneath the burka, but in a long flowing white rubber dress. The one I often wear to fly.

Surrounding us were neighborhood people, representing at least a dozen different cultures. Hispanics from Mexico, Central America, and Brazil, Indians, Pakistanis, Middle Eastern families, Japanese and Chinese. And, for some reason, many were in ethnic dress. I saw two Kimono clad women, a Hispanic mother and daughter in typical Mexican flowered pattern celebration dresses, a family of 4 women all in Indian Saris, a couple of Salwar Kameez, several girls and women in Hijab and two fully veiled in Abaya and Niqab.  And one woman in a bright blue Pashtun style burka, similar to mine. It is always wonderful to me to see such diversity in our neighborhood.

Everyone took everyone else's ethnicity and dress in complete stride. No one even asked me about the latex I wore. In this crowd, different was normal. Individuality and 

The fireworks were lovely, a good 40 minute show with a beautiful finale. I was saddened to hear of the 28 people injured in the Simi Valley incident. It does remind one that, as lovely as they are, these are dangerous devices.

So, it has been a busy month. I hope everyone has been having as good a summer as we have and tht yours is a bit cooler than ours.