Sunday, March 04, 2012

Catching Up with Friends and Family

I am trying this new Google posting interface. I hope it works.

 I suddenly realized I had not posted in months and thought that, with Christmas, a New Year, and now months into 2012, perhaps I should not be so remiss in letting folks know what has been happening in my rubbered life.

 First, Christmas: We had a lovely one. Our son came to visit with his girlfriend. I received a new black rubber dress and a black and white umber that is stunning. I also received a very elaborate hood, in black and red, and some nice new rubber gloves. For Sir, I had acquired some new latex slacks and a very nice shirt.

 After a quiet Christmas, wearing a red rubber dress over two catsuits for the holiday and not having to wear a burqa all day since I could be fully hooded and silenced while Sir, Son, and Girlfriend enjoyed Christmas, I spent the first part of boxing day in bondage, silenced, being tube fed and immobilized on our Corbu recliner. Sir put me into this first thing in the morning, wearing only a catsuit and new hood and decided to play with me most of the morning. This was in our bedroom.

 However, I could hear our son and his girlfriend enjoying themselves in our formal playroom. She is a most enthusiastic sub and it was strange and oddly exciting to listen to their play while I was helpless and at Sir's mercy. The immobilization routine he follows with me on the lounger is designed to remove all control from me and to deliver me to him fully. It involves bodily function control, tubes, breathing management, and electrical and manual stimulation. By noon I was exhausted but very happy.

 For that day I was in the new hood which has a built in gag, fits over the front of the face quite tightly and can have vision obscured if he desires. It's breathing tubes are routed to the back of the neck as well. Once satisfied with the immobilization play, he allowed me to finish dressing with the new black and white rubber bandage dress securing me tightly, then decided we would go out shopping...and so wrapped me in my white burqa and its hood.

 Our son by this time had also released his girlfriend and we all went out for the afternoon shopping. Son decided to have his GF wear my red burqa and its matching silencing hood. It is a very strange thing to watch your progeny pulling a tight rubber hood over the face of his girlfriend, adjusting it well, then zipping it shut over her mouth to silence her.

I stood, already covered in my burqa as he did so and it was thrilling to watch her disappear under the mass of red rubber flowing around her. She wore a red dress tight to the ankles and red gloves as well. This is not her usual rubber attire, but Son had given her the dress for Christmas and it was beautiful and strict and very sleek under the volumes of rubber in the burqa. I seldom get to see someone else being draped in these wonderful rubber burqas. It was quite thrilling.

She and I were told to stay together, hold each other by our rubber gloved hands and to enjoy our shopping trip. Of course, we were both silenced and actually gagged this day so we had nothing to say, but exchanged looks often through the several layers obscuring our features and faces, silencing us totally. It was amazing to wander the mall that day, watching folks returning gifts and buying bargains. We walked hand in rubber hand, red and white burqas flowing around us, flanked by our menfolk in their latex street wear and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Occasionally we would turn to one another as if we could speak or share some comment, but of course, we could not. We could only stare into each other's perforated mesh, centered in the burqa's panel, forming the only faces we would know for the rest of the day. It was bizarre and beautiful and we loved it. We did communicate a bit through hand gestures, but generally just walked between our men, holding hands gently.

 Son and his GF returned to LA a few days later. She wore her more usual rubber manga attire to fly in and we saw them off at the airport. She looks so cute as a rubber manga doll! One is hard pressed to recall her draped and hidden and obscured in yards upon yards of soft flowing rubber burqa. I am so glad Son had her do that so I could see what others see when I am fully encased and enveloped by these shimmering rubbery garments.

  For New Year's we attended an evening play followed by a private party with a couple of friends. I have mentioned our Swiss friends Kermit and Annemarie before. They were here visiting the US for the holiday and we enjoyed a lively New Year's eve with them. We actually stayed the night with them in their hotel suite and I was thus introduced to 2012 in serious bondage and with the attentions of two very kinky friends. It was quite an experience, including severe breath control, bondage, needle play, and finally being allowed to experience multiple people taking pleasure from me simultaneously.

New Years day was spent recuperating, wrapped in rubber in their suite until the late afternoon when I slipped my blue burqa on over the blue dress I had worn for our little party and Sir and I made our way home. I still had some reminders of Annemarie's proclivities after we got home and was quite sore for a few days.

 Since then we have been homebodies, seldom going out in January or even February except to dinner a few times a week. Sir was ill in early `February for a while and did not feel like doing anything but laying wrapped in his rubber cassock and sipping hot tea which I made copiously. He got better and has been working hard the past month. He has also been traveling which leaves me alone, free to follow his dictates by we and by phone. I seem to still spend most of my time in silencing hoods over rubber dresses.

 But then last week I caught his cold or whatever and so, for a few days last week I was the one wrapped in rubber robe, sipping tea and doing nothing for days.

 I occasionally log into Second Life and the fine folks at Darkadia in the Clan of the Latex Web have offered to let me live in their sim. It is all being remodeled and is based on the art and philosophy of Michael Manning's work which I love.

 I hope that brings everyone up to date. We have had an interesting first part of 2012. We hope to travel out to LA to see our son on his home turf sometime soon.