Monday, November 08, 2010

Out and About in Cool November Weather - with pics

Well, by now, many people will have seen the new batch of pictures Sir took and let me put up on my flickr account. We were out for lunch at Cheesesteak Factory in the local town square the other day. We had a very nice afternoon, not doing much, but enjoying the day.

We do this quite often, but on this day, Sir took some photos and, with only a little begging, I was allowed to post them up on my Flickr account

We had lunch first...I was allowed to speak and to eat...bringing my small bites under the burqa. I wore my bright red one which looks very nice in the sun. He took some pics around the house and garden first, then took me over to Cheesecake Factory for some broccoli and fries. I was wearing a full face hood as usual under the burqa, but this one had a mouth opening so I could speak and eat normally.

After, we went window shopping...this is an unenclosed shopping center, a town square for the suburb really. I posed with a woman in surgical scrubs who saw us and popped out of a White House/Black Market clothing store. She wanted to know what we were up to and then I asked her if she would like Sir to take a picture with us both and she said yes.

Nice jackets in WH/BM, if you are into wool and do not require a hood. :-)

After that we wandered over to the Apple store and I got to play with an iPad a bit and look at the Mac Air...very nice and light. And I can report that the iPad works even with my gloves on!

Then off to the bookstore (a big box B&N ... love these places) and some browsing, some pictures (Sir took a couple of me from the escalator as he was going up) and then some as we got a drink at the coffee bar.

All in all a nice quiet afternoon as usual...not unlike how we spend our time quite often, but I was so happy he let me publish the pics. He usually does not even think to take any photos.

Everyone was very polite, some staring, but no comments. Cheesesteak Factory staff were wonderful and very helpful and most friendly. The Apple people were helpful and nice and the B&N folks are always completely accepting of the woman in the burqa!

Hope everyone enjoys the pics...everyone should be able to see them, even in places like German!