Monday, November 08, 2010

Out and About in Cool November Weather - with pics

Well, by now, many people will have seen the new batch of pictures Sir took and let me put up on my flickr account. We were out for lunch at Cheesesteak Factory in the local town square the other day. We had a very nice afternoon, not doing much, but enjoying the day.

We do this quite often, but on this day, Sir took some photos and, with only a little begging, I was allowed to post them up on my Flickr account

We had lunch first...I was allowed to speak and to eat...bringing my small bites under the burqa. I wore my bright red one which looks very nice in the sun. He took some pics around the house and garden first, then took me over to Cheesecake Factory for some broccoli and fries. I was wearing a full face hood as usual under the burqa, but this one had a mouth opening so I could speak and eat normally.

After, we went window shopping...this is an unenclosed shopping center, a town square for the suburb really. I posed with a woman in surgical scrubs who saw us and popped out of a White House/Black Market clothing store. She wanted to know what we were up to and then I asked her if she would like Sir to take a picture with us both and she said yes.

Nice jackets in WH/BM, if you are into wool and do not require a hood. :-)

After that we wandered over to the Apple store and I got to play with an iPad a bit and look at the Mac Air...very nice and light. And I can report that the iPad works even with my gloves on!

Then off to the bookstore (a big box B&N ... love these places) and some browsing, some pictures (Sir took a couple of me from the escalator as he was going up) and then some as we got a drink at the coffee bar.

All in all a nice quiet afternoon as usual...not unlike how we spend our time quite often, but I was so happy he let me publish the pics. He usually does not even think to take any photos.

Everyone was very polite, some staring, but no comments. Cheesesteak Factory staff were wonderful and very helpful and most friendly. The Apple people were helpful and nice and the B&N folks are always completely accepting of the woman in the burqa!

Hope everyone enjoys the pics...everyone should be able to see them, even in places like German!



Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, but why not just one or two with the two of you together to lay all the suspicion of fakery to rest once and for all? Anyone can go to an upscale strip mall and get people to snap a pic of them. All someone has to do is call one of those stores and ask if you were alone or not. I've run into you on Second Life and you sound like a man.

Latex Lady said...

I must be having a very emotional day because I am near to tears from this comment and ordinarily I shed these things like water of a duck's back. Or of a latex lovers catsuit.

I must say that I cannot decide whether I am more distressed by Anon's comment that a photo of the two of us is required to dispel rumours (to lay all the suspicion) of 'fakery' or that Anon thinks I 'sound' like a man when we have chatted in Second Life. How do men 'sound' when they type?
A picture of me with a man would not prove any more than the pictures of me in a shopping center did...perhaps 'Sir' is the woman in scrubs who posed with me. If there was a picture of me and a man, I could easily say he was Sir...there is no way to prove otherwise.

Feel free to contact the stores I mentioned and ask if last wednesday a man and a woman in a red latex burqa wandered in or around. I am certain Sir made an impression...indeed, he had a long chat with the man selling Nooks at the B&N. I can't imagine that anyone noticed me.

I take exception to calling the town square of this particular suburb a strip mall. While you cannot see it all from the photos, it is several blocks square, contains the city hall and a theatre, hilton hotel, and over 100 very upscale shops. It is one of the nicest new style shopping, eating, and city centre spaces in the area.

And, yes, anyone could go to a place and ask someone to take a picture of them. Does this somehow detract from the fact that I was in my burqa, in public, in stores and a restaurant, doing all the things I write about? I fail to see the possible fakery Anon alludes to.

Of course I would have to find someone at Cheesecake Factory to take several pics of me, find someone on the street to snap more, then find someone in Apple to take those and lastly someone to follow me around B&N snapping there. My goodness, I would have had to hire a professional photographer (or asked maid to do so as I would have when she was with us).

Oh, Anon, may I ask your second life identity? For those of you who missed it on my blogs about second life mine is latexladyll galicia ... that latexladyll moniker is almost a dead giveaway.

Sir is known, by the way, as latexgentlg skytower ... you can often catch the two of us at Bogart's Jazz club dancing, or at latexia station shopping

But that could all be 'fakery' ... and of course, we would not know if Anon did come see us in Second Life because we do not know the name Anon uses in world.

I was so excited when Sir let me publish photos of our recent lunch and shopping trip. Now, the first comment back is suspicious, and derogatory.

Well, I hope the rest of you who read my blog and see my pics enjoy them. Somehow, they will not provide as much pleasure to me when I look at them in the future as they did when I posted them.

Andrew said...

Don't let the bastard Doubting Thomases get you down, Lady. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture of rubber total enclosure ! Congratulations for this ! Just go on living your passion together!

Anonymous said...

You two are both awesome. You don't need to prove anything to anyone -- remember that even if one person's being rude, you have thousands of friendly folks quietly reading your blog and viewing your photos, enjoying their glimpse into your fun and exciting life! I wish I were in a relationship even half as interesting as what the two of you have...

-- an anonymous (and hopefully typical) admirer

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about going out in public in full catsuit - do you think I may have some run ins with the law or do you think it might be just met with curiosity.

Wouldn't it be great if we could wear just what we want to without any stigma....

Dosman! said...

Thank you for sharing your photos and blog posts with us. You're enjoying an adventure that most are jealous of!


Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the encouraging comments. They certainly lifted my spirit. I believe the phrase is nil carborundum a illegitemis ... my Latin is rusty.

With respect to another anonymous query, I should certainly recommend that one wear one's catsuit in public. Provided it is not obscene with private parts hanging out where they would not be in 'mundane' clothing, the police will say nothing. If it is hooded I might avoid banks ... but as you can see, shops etc have no problem with a woman with her face (and body) fully covered in latex.

Everyone, please enjoy

Anonymous said...

I know you probably don't think the little white lie you carry on here is really harming anyone, but it does and you've wasted a lot of people's time and energy. The temper tantrum you threw with me screams "MALE" in the sudden change of syntax and pacing. You're a laughing stock on every site that the rubber scene congregates on, and shame on anyone who feeds you attention. A teacher would never be able to stomach such a disingenuous fraud, so either come clean or just stop it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I wrote the anon comment about wearing my catsuit in public.

A few years ago I wore it to a club that I used to frequent - with the hood attached as well. We took a cab down to the club and the cab driver looked at me weird and I told him it was a dress up party and he laughed it off. A couple of people gave me some rather weird looks but for the most part everyone thought it looked pretty sexy and were very curious.

I was so anxious the whole time I was out - but it was a totally liberating feeling.

Nowadays, I really want to wear it in public with the hood attached. I might try it this weekend. i will probably try it out at night again.

I would feel safer if more people did the same - however, people do find that it looks pretty exotic.

Thanks for all of your posts of the years it has inspired me to wear rubber more frequently inmy public life - often to the point where I have received some nice compliments...
All the best.

Deity said...

Dear Lady,
Thank you for posting those pics. They are fantastic. It reminded me of the other wonderful photos in your Flickr account.

I wondered what, if any at this point, effect the smell of latex has on you. You spend so much time encased in it, i'm sure it doesn't quite matter anymore, but that is precisely the reason why i ask because of your length of regular wear.

Please keep doing what you're doing, and disregard any horribly off-target comments. My suggestion would be to make your comments either non-anonymous or moderated by yourself (or Sir).

My best,

Anonymous said...

Thank you lady and Sir for posting these photos.

I like many others appreciate and enjoy your photos and experiences.

I Agree. Please keep doing what you are. There are a greater number of us that take pleasure from what you provide us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, those photos are great, I loved they a lot.

One thing I wish to see, if possible, is pics of your hood with feeding tube attached, I'm very curious to see that!!!!

Isra said...

Dear Lady,
I just want to add my support here. As one of your long time admirers, I have heard or rather, read, the doubters before. They will always be there.sadly, theirs is the problem - not yours, not Sir's and not ours.

Stay the way you are. Those of us who believe will continue to do so. The skeptics will probably remain that way and you owe nobody except Sir, anything.

I hope that while you were shedding your tears, Sir was holding you very close and hugging you for all he is worth.

That's the only reason I would want to be giving any credit to the sad guy who felt he needed to question your reality.

Most of us out here who follow your blog are happy not to question your credibility. I am proud to be counted as one of them and send you rubber hugs and kisses!
As always, with immense appreciation.

Anonymous said...

I could only dream of being fully encased all of the time.

As I have written earlier - I have gone out myself in a catsuit and hood and have found it to be an amazing/scary experience. Thank god nothing happened to me...

I am interested in the genesis of your fetish.

I had first bought leather pants about 16 years while I was in university. That graduated to PVC pants and outfits. A couple of years after that I bought my first rubber skirt - then after that I have amassed a small collection of latex,pvc and leather clothing that I am happy to say keeps building.
It was sort of a natural progression.

Also - with each subsequent material it felt as if a different level of fetish was being delved into further. I love every material and am happiest when hooded and wearing full coverage - however due to society and having to work it is not possible to wear these all of the time.

What was your progression and did you feel as if you were going further each time you moved closer to latex.
Also - how did your friends/family take it. Mine think I am quite eccentric but have learned to deal with it. I am the one who is always wearing leather or vinyl all the time and they seem to just think it is different.

All the best - and please keep writing - I always look forward to reading your updates,
It's nice to know there are other people out there with similar interests....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!!!

Long overdue, but I mean that as a compliment.

FORGET any nasty comments on here, your pics are stunning.

Take care

Patricia C said...

Nice pics.
I start with latex: catsuit, thigh high boots, corset, neck corset/muzzle, long coat, ...

My husband bought a hood with small nose and eyes holes.

My husband likes to see me dressed in latex and wearing the hood as you outside.
Does not it pose too much problems?
How do you live it?
What is the feeling dressed like this ?

Thanks for your help.


alphaxanon said...

I'm genuinely shocked at the rude comments. There's no call for that. You don't have to prove your existence to anyone. In fact the harder you try, the more they'll disbelieve you. Illegitimi non carborundum indeed.

Pepper Morrison said...

So lovely to have another fascinating post to read. Just as I begin to panic that Sir has stopped allowing you to blog you post again.

It's wonderful to see people living the life they want to. And quite frankly I don't see why the possibility of you faking is such an issue. This blog provides inspiration and promise for people who crave lives encased in rubber, and whether you are in fact actually doing so or not, it allows other such fetishists to see that the possibility to do so exists.

Please do try to post more if allowed to do so, I really enjoy reading x

gummitaucher said...

I agree. Just take a look back 20 years ago - how much more difficult was it back then to share rubber fantasies and ideas. It is just marvellous what is possible today so no use nagging about it.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Lots of people here doubt the veracity of this blog. I think the greater question here is how much is too much? You choose to dress up in latex 24/7. Even more so, you go out in public and sort of "exhibit" yourself. I use the word exhibit because the attire and the display of the attire is certainly beyond what is a social norm today. It attracts a lot of attention. So here is the ultimate question. Is dressing up in latex 24/7 the best you can do with your life? Can you tutor or mentor young people in your latex? Can you volunteer in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving and help those less fortunate? Can you do anything to help your neighbor and community? Or, are you too involved with your latex? Do you have anything to offer except your self expression of your love of latex? I understand that we can't save the world individually and that's not what I am asking here. And, there's nothing wrong with enjoying latex and expressing our sexuality in healthy manner. This is not a knock against your fetish. It sounds like you know what you like and that's fine.

We all have our potential. Are you living up to yours?

I know I always fall short of what I could be doing and sometimes it is discouraging. Sometimes my temper flares and my patience runs short. I ask myself if I helped my coworkers as well as I could have or did I blow them off. Did I help my wife well enough and indulge her as I should have? What words of advice can I offer to young college students who are still looking at the world with their bright optimism?

I have no skin in this blog. These are just some of my thoughts

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I speak for all of your readers when I say that we need more pics! Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Cool pics; but maybe you should go further and see if you can put up a video or two or ten...

Anonymous said...

There are many people out there who would truly love to live as Latex Lady lives. I am sure it is a remarkable life for a submissive latex fetishist.

I myself keep my wife/slave gagged and covered in Islamic dress. For me it is such a wonderful expression of our relationship and the way we view the role of women.

We are both latex fetishists and would love to live in the way Latex Lady lives, however it is not possible. Sure my wife has been out in public covered in latex many times. She sometimes wears rubber under her modest dress; but only when it is safe and only items of rubber that will not over stress her and never in the summer or when it is hot. There is nothing remarkable there. But surely anyone who knows anything about latex/rubber and full enclosure must know that 90% of this blog is not true. It simply cannot be true. It is a shame because I would love to do it myself....

Someone said that this blog is a laughingstock among latex people and website where they congregate. This is true. The only people who believe it are those who fantasize about latex but have little experience with it.

I enjoyed the photos. I always like to see veiled females or females covered in public in latex.

Anonymous said...

What kind of gag do you use, and how long does she wear it?

Latex Lady said...

Well, this has certainly spawned a great number of comments. Thank you to all of you who sent kind words and encouragement. I am happy that any of you take inspiration from my writing.

One of the many anonymous comments recently asked why I do not do more with my life. My response to this is one of surprise at such an impertinent question. I may dress in latex but that by no means should be taken as a sign that I do not do much with my life. I choose to document my experience in this lifestyle, but I DO many other things. Can I volunteer at a soup kitchen? Yes, I can..why should wearing a veil be it latex or linen prevent such a thing?

Can I mentor the young? Of course, and I did so as a lecturer for many years, often wearing latex under my business attire. Can i do it in latex only, in a burqa? Why not? A friend of ours has lectured in a rubber burqa to demonstrate a point.

Am I too involved with my latex to think of anything else? No...I think, I write, I publish, I research, I read, I exchange correspondence, I entertain, I take in culture, I give to charity, I travel, I help my husband in business. And that is while I am also retired after a long career.

I choose to document my experiences with this lifestyle on this blog. For someone to be so presumptuous as to as if that is all there is to me is rude and obnoxious. You may feel you fall short of your potential, but I am quite pleased with my lifetime accomplishments which I consider to be ongoing.

Someone else who says they keep their wife as a slave, gagged and in latex, essentially having her live as I do, also said I was a laughingstock in the rubber community, they like the blog and the pictures, and wish they could live as I do.

The self contradictory nature of that comment confuses me. If you are already doing all that you say with your wife in such a state (and i am presuming it is a happy consensual submission) then why not write up a blog about it and let's hear about your experiences and see some photos.

FInally, to answer the type of gag question at the end of the comments, let me say that Sir tends to employ inflatable gags such as a butterfly or, for long term wear, a small, inflatable dildo gag. One of his favorites which neither of us has ever seen again was picked up someplace in Europe and has the inflation valve recessed into the bulb making it possible to inflate the gag, seal it and disconnect the inflation tube. It is then flush against any outside covering with no inflator sticking out to spoil the effect of total smooth enclosure. We do not know where to get another and when it finally breaks, it will be a great is very comfortable to wear and we both enjoy and appreciate the lack of a valve sticking out to ruin the smoothness.

I am often gagged for most of a full day, but usually, when that is so, I am silenced with a tight hood that covers my mouth and prevents me speaking, not with a bulb in my mouth all day...although there have been a few times...

Deity asked about the smell of latex. I love it and associate it with arousal. But this was not always the case...when Sir and I first met many years ago, I thought latex smelled like took significant act of will and some training to get over that. I also think the smell has changed in the last 30 years or so.

Patricia C asked how it felt to be hooded in public, I enjoy it, I feel protected an secure. Some people are disturbed by hoods, but that is a cultural thing since millions of people live in cultures where a hidden face is not considered a worry.

Enjoy, everyone. I will post another entry soon

Anonymous said...

No I said she is kept gagged and in Islamic dress, sometimes in latex too.
I did not say she was kept enclosed in latex.

David said...

Dear me what a little storm you stirred in the blog teacup LadyLL. Mind to be fair all you did was post some excellent images, it was the first of those many anonymous correspondents who threw the first of several stones....?pebbles?....gravel more like.
How does a " man " write? This puzzles me, if it is literate, fluent, effective does that make it masculine? How do " women " write? Deeply puzzling. Perhaps he wants giggles and a lot of " oh I jest let Sir get on with all the hard stuff like thinking and concentrate on being helpful around the house ".
A laughing stock in the rubber community? I am afraid more laughter is directed at anonymous type who profess expertise than LL and Sir. Which rubber community are you talking of? The eraser type rubber community?
Never mind the latin this is not even a bastard who will wear down anything, a mild abrasive who might irritate but nothing more.

Anonymous said...

LL -- thanks for describing your favorite gag. I remember seeing a model like that some time ago but haven't been able to find it again.

Anonymous -- what kind of gag do you use for your wife?

Phone Sex said...

Interesting is the way you have shared this post. Its interesting reading the diary of a latex. I want to see the pictures. I hope her diary would cover all about her fantasies.

Phone Sex said...

I am shocked hearing about her may god help you

Anonymous said...

I do love how the only pictures of you out and about were atributed to a couple days after halloween.

Halloween is always the one day a year I dress in latex to shock the nillas around here, because you can get away with more.

So I ask, why did you chose a day when you could get away with anything to document your professed everyday lifestyle and outfits?

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You really achieved to blow my mind with this tale, but I was a quite intrigued with pictures... where I can get them?