Sunday, September 28, 2008

New friends and the return of the Sun

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post (and I had been doing so well, too). but much has happened and I wish to mention it all.

First, the sun has returned. After 90+ days of rain, everyday during the summer, essentially, The sun has returned and we've had beautiful weather here in the west since about September 16. The temperature is warmer, the wind lighter, and the sky bluer. I am sitting outside as I write this, my blue rubber burqa wrapped around me, the internal hood fitted toghtly against my face and the attached bondage body suit hugging me sensuously. The burqa is draped around my body, the chair I am in and flows over the small table.
I have a very tight blue hobble skirt on as well and black ballet ankle boots of soft rubber. corset and stockings of black and blue latex respectively, complete my undergarments over the bodysuit built into the burqa. Consequently, the burqa is unremovable without fully undressing me.

My arms in the body suit are only restrained to the elbows making typing possible (The sleeves can be zipped to my torso). My hands are, of course, gloved with a pair of matching blue gloves which extend under the sleeves of the bodysuit to my shoulders.

All of this is over a blue tinted transparent skinsuit which also has no mouth. it is, of course, gloved, footed, and fully sealed as well. And for those of you interested, I am fully cath'd and plugged as well in all appropriate orifices.

There is only a light breeze, so the burqa gently stirs and rubs sensuously against my other garments. It is only a bit distracting. The sun is shining brightly on the bay below and the tide is out just now.

I have not spoken to Sir for almost a week, being kept gagged in what he has taken to calling my Doll Mode. However, last week I was allowd to speak as we met my sister who is visiting Ireland and went out and around with her a bit. We went up to Sligo and down to Cork and I was able to chat with her almost all the time except in the mornings when Sir decided I needed to be silent during breakfast.

My sister is most understanding and accepting of our weird (as she sees it) lifestyle and even tried on my red and my black burqas. She did not have the courage to venture out with me to the local cafe, but we did sit around fully veiled for one entire day having coffee and tea and chatting about things while she learned how to live in a burqa. She and her husband traveled to KSA and Dubai last year and she learned to be veiled in the Saudi manner but not, I think, to embrace it fully. She is now, however, much more sanguine with my veiling and no longer feels at all uncomfortable about it. She even remained veiled all evening when Sir came home and we ate dinner sitting on the floor, the two of us swathed in latex burqa with our only view of the world the one as seen through our mesh. We played scrabble unusual exercise through a mesh.

Aside from that, I have been spending a lot of time in Second Life and meeting wonderful people there. Of course I have mentioned Ruri Muni and Alisha Ultsch before and I spent some wonderful time chatting and visiting with them. Sir has not been on much as he has been very busy, but SL makes for a very nice way to meet him and see him when he is travelling, particularly to the US which he did a couple of weeks ago.

A new friend, introduced to me by Ruri, is Asudem who has a latex doll fetish blog here on blogspot. Her blog is at

Asudem has a very comprehensive latex sighting in the real world blog, lots of interesting posts about doll fetish, and writes very nicely. Her blog is much more newsy than mine and is a delight to read...sort of the New York Times of latex fetish. I have, consequently, been spending some time on Doll Island in SL and finding it interesting and entertaining. it is frequented by people who enjoy being dolls, owning dolls, and who, like me, seek objectification and the reduction of my humanity to nothingness.

Many of them also like busty plastic bodies with improbably waists and the name Barbie :-)

But what I have found most interesting is the desire to be boxed, sealed, put on display, and largely kept as a collectible. The island attracts Banes and heavy fetishdolls as well and everyone is very accepting.

Yesterday I also acquired the steampunk lady avatar skin and gown. I had been looking at this for a while. Although I love the bettie paige looking avatar sir got for me, and the rubber one I got early on, there is something wonderful ablout looking so robotic and still immaculately turned out..and it goes well with my runcible steam powered horse!

Alsiha, who has been recovering from an injury in RL and I hope she is feeling better, made me an incredible pair of outfits. The first is an elaborate 500 prim (SL'ers will understand) nun's habit in black rubber. It is so extreme and floaty and billowing, it feels as though I am wearing it. In real life this outfit would probably weigh 60 or 70 pounds...what I would not give to find someone in RL who could make such a thing.

It is, of course, veiled and it is interesting the number of people I meet in SL who ask or demand that I remove the veil to see the face of my avatar beneath it. She also gave me a beautiful blue burqa (not latex) which engenders some odd reactions. I visited Mysteria island in it and was welcomed into the group, but one of the security people made a point of telling me that if anyone gave me any grief over my burqa I should report it to her. In truth the exact opposite has happened and everyone I've met has been lovely and accepting.

Alisha also gave me a venus corset in latex and it is incredible. it forces my arms into a reverse prayer position, reduces my waist far below what is possible with avatar adjustment and looks as kinky as can be. Sir likes me to wear it around the SL house, particularly when I am wearing my RL version as well. A venus corset, for those who are not familiar, forces the wearer's arms behind their back and binds them there so that she appears like the venus de Milo statue, to have no arms.

Such corsets are only, as far as we can tell, custom made and ours was made for me several years ago. it does not force the reverse prayer pose, but it does lock my arms and hands in a rubber monoglove attached to the corset in the back.

Alisha ia working on a rubber burqa for me in SL (but has been slowed by her recovery and I am in no tremendous hurry) and once it is finished, Sir says I will have to wear it often, particularly in his presence. But he has also allowed me to wear mostly any other latex outfit I like and even some non-latex ones. I've just acquired a beautiful red kimono from Milky House. It is an Oiran Kimono, not a Geisha (subtle historical differences...look it up if you want to know) and is very elaborate (and expensive by SL standards).

Finding Oiran hair for it was a day's work, but i did in the end although not as elaborate as I would like. Sir lets me wear it as long as I wear latex benath it ...I visit a teahouse in Yoshiwara sometimes for the Geisha dances.

So that is how I have been spending my time. Sir is most kind and allows me to have this outlet. When he is aroound, however, i am spending more and more of my time gagged and sealed not just in skinsuit and dresses, but benath a rubber burqa or in serious bondage or both. We have been extending my gagged time and my enclosure time more andmore to see if perhaps I could return to the 24/7 total enclosure and take it a step further this time, with breaks only twice a week and less and less contact with the outside world or even with my senses. Not sure where those experiments will lead, but if you don't hear from me for a year .....