Thursday, March 31, 2005

Day 90 -- Learning to be Rubber

Well, this is something of a crossroads.

Tomorrow, April 1, will be my 90th day in total enclosure. I wanted to recap a bit, then proceed a bit to explain the title.

I have now been enclosed fully in latex for 90 days. My head, face, hands, feet, and body are covered at all times except for an hour or so each day when I bathe. During that time I am bathing in a bathtub lined with a latex sheet, so I never touch anything but latex or water. We follow a special protocol that insures that I never see myself uncovered; there is at least a mediating layer of transparent latex between me and the world at all times.

My "skinsuits", as I call them, are transparent, thin latex catsuits with attached hoods, feet, and gloves. These are changed daily and they form the fundamental barrier between me and the world. Over a skinsuit, I wear catsuits, corset, stockings, dresses, boots, hoods, gloves, or anything else my Dom husband, Sir, orders. Typically, around the house, I wear a corset, a second, opaque hood, a second pair of gloves, and a long sleeved, full covering dress, ankle length.

When I go out in public, I am dressed in these multiple layers and then covered with a rubber burqa in the afghani style. I now have a black and a white one. The burqa is a socially acceptable manner for me to appear in public with a covered face. Under it I may be wearing an inflatable hood with nose tubes and gag and I may be restrained in armbinders, hobbles, or chains. It is all up to Sir. I am not allowed to speak in public and this is enforced with gags everytime I leave the house. I am quite often not allowed to speak in the house eiuther and went for a week blindfolded and gagged while Sir was out of town.

We have a live-in rubber maid who has been with us for over two years now and she attends to my needs in aid of this experiment in endurance and enclosure. hse wears latex maid uniforms (english or French) all the time, but does not cover her face with hoods ALL the time and does not have to sleep in latex everynight. She is submissive to both me nd to Sir and we love her dearly. She is a natural female, 26, and experienced in living a submissive latex life. hse has just agreed to stay with us another two years, at least. We call her maid.

maid is responsible for bathing me, dressing and undressing me, insuring I am well cared for in terms of my skin and health and also for doing the laundry, housecleaning, and cooking for us. she is the only person, myself included, who has seen my body and face uncovered in the last 90 days.

So, in 3 months, neither my husband nor I have seen my face or any part of my body without at least one layer of latex covering me. In fact, Sir has not seen my face even through transparent latex in over two months as he decided that I should be covered in an opaque hood at all times except bathing and he doesn't intrude upon me then.

More details of our protocol, how I avoid skin issues, me having a cold in a rubber hood, and my disastrous attempt at cooking in latex, as well as other day to day issues of living a life in rubber can be found in other entries in this blog. I just wanted to bring new readers up to date and to recap where we stand.

I now venture out in public quite often with or without Sir. maid accompanies me and is either dressed in her uniform or is covered by my spare burqa...We need to acquire one for her I suppose. I have actually gone out on my own when I could walk to my destination. A gag sits on a table by our front door and the burqas hang on hooks next to it, so I never forget to cover properly before leaving the house. Our neighbors have grown used to seeing me step out with Sir and maid and climb into the car, fully covered, but they have no idea how boud and restrained I am beneath the latex shroud of my burqa.

Just the other day I was out walking, alone, when I saw four muslim women emerge from a museum with their children in tow. They were all four covered and veiled completely, in niqabs and abayas. I was across the street in my burqa and we just looked at each other for a moment and nodded. Of course, they had no way of knowing I was gagged, but i wasn't heavily restrained that day.

My life has settled into a very comfortable routine of daily care, sessions with Sir and with maid (we share a fairly kinky lovelife together) and simple things like blogging, reading, knitting and embrodering, watching TV, chatting with friends on the web, etc.

Of course, I have also travelled a bit recently and am anticipating more trips soon. sir has determiend how to take me in full cover to other countries and other cities and we've had quite a nice few trips in the past 3 months.

What I realized a while back was that i was learning how to be a normal human being with regular interests, activities, and lifestyle while being covered and almost always silent. It has been a revelation to me. I no longer consider my latex life style to be at all unuusal. I would feel completely naked if i were to even venture out of the bathroom without at least a hood and a long rubber dress on over my skinsuit.

I am loving the submissive nature of this existence and the kinky play that goes with it. But I am also coming to realize that I am losing any sense of novelty about it. I have to force myself to notice the unusual aspects of my life sometimes...they ARE unusual, but they no longer seem so to me. I suspect this is similar to someone who loses their sight or hearing and adapts over a period of time to their new circumstance...someone who reflexively reaches for their cane or their dog's harness thae way I do for my gag and burqa.

Well, those are my thougths for 90 days into the experiment. I hope everyone is having as much fun reading about it as I am living it.


Friday, March 25, 2005

Life in Latex -- With a Cold

What a week.

I have not kept up this blog for several days because I have been in bed much of this week with a head cold. Only today have I begun to feel good enough again to actually spend some time typing.

So how does one live in rubber and have a cold? I am always almost completely covered, often wearing a gas mask, HOW did I ever catch a cold?

I don't know, but let me say it is NOT a pretty experience.

The messy part, of course, was the sneezing. And Sunday and Monday, the sneezing was terrible, frequent, and gross. I shan't go into much more detail except to say that despite the rather elaborate results of sniffles and sneezes in a full enclosure hood, I remained true to my goal of staying covered.

Maid had her hands full, however, since my refusal to give in to a silly virus and abandon almost 3 months of enclosure meant that I had to have my skin suit, the transparent full enclosure suit I wear all the time, changed at least three times a day.

Sir was most supportive. He left it up to me as to whether I would abandon the experiment or continue to persevere. He also made it clear that if it looked like developing into something more serious we would quit. But this cold never even moved all the way into my chest.

As you know, I have several transparent skin suits as I call them and I am put into a freshly laundered one each morning. Well Sunday and Monday I was put into a freshly laundered one three times each day. Maid was a wonder, helping me change, helping me soak myself in a warm, rubber lined tub, then bringing in a suit she had just cleaned and dried and slipping me into it. And she has remained gas masked and filtered during all that so as no tto contract it herself.

By Tuesday, the sneezing and concomitant fluidic ejaculations (not the fun kind you understand) had ceased and I merely felt miserable. I was sore, stopped up, doped up on cough and cold medicine, and generally no fun to be around.

Maid and Sir conferred, and I have spent the last three days in confinement and bondage...again, not the fun kind...I was ordered to stay in bed, still rubbered and covered in latex sheets and duvet, my stuffy head floating on three latex pillows, and to get better.

Maid fed me, Sir held me, they pushed fluids into me and helped me push fluids out and I spent three days virutally a prisoner of my own rubber cocoon.

If I had felt better, it would have been heaven. In fact, as soon as I am recovered I want to do it again...without the aches, pains, cough, and inflated head. Because, when I look back at the last three days, all but chained to my bed, I realize just how nice and comfy and warm and cozy it was being in rubber bedrest for three days!

We did discover that an inflatable hood makes a stuffy head feel long as you can at least breathe. But sneezing into a gas mask is just gross!

So, today, I am still a bit stuffy, but feel 1000% better and have come downstairs for the first time in a while. I am sitting here sipping a nice hot cup of soup (I developed a craving for chili while I was most ill), and blogging this little experience for the rest of you.

In the end, there was little difference between having a cold while encased in three layers of latex and having a cold wearing silk pyjamas. Except for the sneezing. I actually got pretty good at slipping tissues under my hood through the mouth hole and over my nose before I blew. But the pressure changes on my ears were not fun.

I have been un corsetted for three days which felt most odd. But today I am back in my little rubber corset (lavender) and lavender skin suit with a black dress over all that. I feel much better now and do not expect to have to change this suit until tomorrow's bath.

Quite honestly, while my first reaction Sunday was that a cold was going to be hell to bear with latex all over me, I have found that I had very little desire to remove my rubber. It is so second nature to me now that I really only feel comfortable with a couple of layers on. I was snuggling down deep in my little rubber cocoon bed and actually slept quite a lot over the last few days, feelig most protected and comforted.

I'm going to watch some TV now and then go back to bed...even this little bit of typing has tired me, but be assured, I am recovering.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

See at last, See at last

Ah, light

Light is...painfully bright he first time you see it in a week.

Sir returned last night. maid drove me to the airport, took me into the terminal to wait for him and then, per his orders, left me standing netxt to a wall, burqa'd, gagged and blinded by my hoods. The gag for Wednesday's little journey was not just a thin layer of latex over my mouth to remind me not to speak. It was a blowup gag complete with inflator bulb dangling under mu burqa.

I stood next to a wall and just waited. I was in some fairly heavy bondge under there...not able to move much because of a chain from my wrists to my ankles and hobbled by a long tight skirt. It took forever just to walk from the parking garage to inside the terminal.

Maid was dressed in her english maid uniform with no hood, so she looked fairly 'normal' to be guiding someone who probably looked like a frail old woman under a burqa.

I waited for what seemed like forever for Sir to come get me. In reality, maid said later it was only about ten minutes. I felt someone take my arm, and then he said, "let's go" and I knew I was OK. Just a small heart attack.

He walked me back to the car where maid was waiting and then we drove home. Nothing special except me being trembling with fear and excitement. At home he and I went upstairs to our room and got reaquainted for a while :)

When maid announced supper, he led me downstairs and slowly took off my hood and gag. Fortunately, the lights were dim in the dining room. Even the candle flames hurt as I tried to blink vision back into focus. But over half an hour it got better and I was wonderfully pleased with being able to see again.

I'm not sure I want to do that again...a week blind and gagged was tough (although I found I had little to say after a week of silence and mumbled communication with maid). but it was an experience and it was interesting to see how restricting my sight could be a form of bondage too.

I will say that seeing him in his catsuit and hood and gasmask when he first took mine off was about as erotic a moment as I could stand. There is just something so kinky about coming out of the dark to see a tall rubbered man in front of you...whew!

Took me til tonight to feel I could sit and write by myself. So, that's it for now. More later.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Trip to the Zoo

Still hooded with no sight or voice. wearing the thin hood with no eyes or mouth again today, but with a standard full face hood with eyes and mouth over it. A bit tight with three layers on my face, but it's OK. Makes it a bit tougher to communicate with maid.

We went to the Zoo earlier today. It was a fun time. I was in my white burqa, of course, and maid put my black rubber one on after we arrived. She can't drive in the burqa. I couldn't see, but I could hear the animals and maid led me around like a blind friend.

We apparently caused a bit of a sensation, our rubber burqas billowing in the wind. Maid says some people watched us more than the animals. But everyone was polite and we had a nice hour or so out in the warm sun. It felt great on my burqa and my hood and fresh air was good.

Have not done much else this week, obviously. I have to meet Sir at the airport on Wednesday and I am a bit tense about that. Maid will take me to the meeting area, but I'll have to just stand there until he comes up to guide me to the car. Hope there aren't two burqa'd women waiting on husbands...a true comedy could ensue :)

That's about it for now


Friday, March 11, 2005

My Latest Challenge -- Bound and Blind for a week

I am not typing this. Maid is typing what I dictate to her. The reason for this is that I cannot see the keyboard.

When he left for Europe for a week, Sir left instructions for me to be kept hooded, occluded, and gagged for the entire week. In addition, I am in some extensive bondage each day. he is calling home each day and leaving instructions as to my 'wardrobe' for the following day.

A couple of days ago this involved a hood with no eyes and a blowup gag worn all day while I was also in bondage that kept me from using my hands or moving about freely (like I was going to do so when i can't see). That day I could not even dictate entries for maid to type.

Yesterday and today he has allowed me to wear just a thin eyeless and mouthless hood which means that, with effort, I can make enough intelligible noise that maid can type what I say. I actually chatted with some friends like this yesterday and will again later today. But I was tightly bound with my hands behind my back all day yesterday and spent severl hours in our suspension rig the day before.

Yes, I am being fed. And I am not sleeping with a gag down my throat...just this smooth hood.

And I am still following my hygiene protocol so there is about an hour a day when I am not so thoroughly sealed. But let me tell you, being blind for 23 hours a day is quite enough. I don't mind the gagging. I have become quite used to long term gagging. I have not spoken to anyone outside my home for almost three months now. But to spend all my time in darkness makes me certain I will truly appreciate the light when I see it again.

The sense of total helpless ness is extreme. Maid leads me around from room to room and I am spending a lot of time in bondage in our playroom, meditating. she also plays music through the house and this helps pass the time, as do our sessions together.

But not knowing what is coming is very exciting and I love the sense of anticipation. I wonder what I will have to experience tomorrow.

Ataraxia has asked that I discuss my motivations for this experiment. I have procrastinated because it is hard to describe motivation honestly...sometimes we don't really know. But the past few days of enforced mediation has given me time to consider.

I am involved in my lifestyle because of several things
1) I love Sir and he wants me to do this
2) I love submission and want to be in a submissive condition
3) It is terribly sexy and exciting...right up there with roller coasters
4) It is transgressive and I love to shock. I actually do revel in the looks I get out in the burqa
5) I love the feel of the rubber and want to know if I CAN do this
6) I want to experience objectification...being psychologically reduced to a sort of barbie doll
7) I'm almost 50 and having the most intense orgasms I've had in years :)
8) I love the weirdness of it all.
9) I love Sir and he wants me to do this

Ataraxia, does that help?


Saturday, March 05, 2005

Day 60+ - Normal Life in Latex

I have been remiss in keeping this blog up to date because I have been just a bit lazy the past week. Sir has been away on business and I have been, to put it mildly, lethargic and low on energy. But he returns tonight and I am looking forward to that. Hence, I find my energy level improved.

I must say I was very impressed and surprised with the amount of replies and postings to my last entry about privacy being another possible reason to mask. For the record, I was not advocating that everyone do it or that it be mandatory...I was just speculating that a fashion for doing it might arise, partially in response to increased surveillance.

March 2 was my 60th day in full enclosure. Everything is fine and I am still experiencing no significant issues. I am following the protocol Sir established and everything seems well. Had a bit of excitement on Tuesday...finally put a tear in one of my skin suits...knew that was going to happen. So we had to handle that, but the only trauma was that I really liked that transparent blue suit and now I will have to get another.

Wednesday, we were supposed to go out to a movie, but I decided not to at the last minute. Just not interested. Did have a fun evening with maid and we had a wonderful dinner, then Thursday we went out shopping in the mall and for groceries.

We had a bit of fun looking at skimpy bathing suits and short in burqa, she in French maid's uniform. The folks at the local goth shop thought we were a hoot.

Had a session later in the playroom with me in vac bed. maid loves to play with it. Very relaxing and soothing. Then spent Friday just wandering around the house and out in the yard a bit. I get lonely without Sir, even with maid.

He will likely be too tired this evening when he returns to play much, but I've got some ideas on how to greet him. And anticipation is making me feel much more awake.

Closing for now