Saturday, March 05, 2005

Day 60+ - Normal Life in Latex

I have been remiss in keeping this blog up to date because I have been just a bit lazy the past week. Sir has been away on business and I have been, to put it mildly, lethargic and low on energy. But he returns tonight and I am looking forward to that. Hence, I find my energy level improved.

I must say I was very impressed and surprised with the amount of replies and postings to my last entry about privacy being another possible reason to mask. For the record, I was not advocating that everyone do it or that it be mandatory...I was just speculating that a fashion for doing it might arise, partially in response to increased surveillance.

March 2 was my 60th day in full enclosure. Everything is fine and I am still experiencing no significant issues. I am following the protocol Sir established and everything seems well. Had a bit of excitement on Tuesday...finally put a tear in one of my skin suits...knew that was going to happen. So we had to handle that, but the only trauma was that I really liked that transparent blue suit and now I will have to get another.

Wednesday, we were supposed to go out to a movie, but I decided not to at the last minute. Just not interested. Did have a fun evening with maid and we had a wonderful dinner, then Thursday we went out shopping in the mall and for groceries.

We had a bit of fun looking at skimpy bathing suits and short in burqa, she in French maid's uniform. The folks at the local goth shop thought we were a hoot.

Had a session later in the playroom with me in vac bed. maid loves to play with it. Very relaxing and soothing. Then spent Friday just wandering around the house and out in the yard a bit. I get lonely without Sir, even with maid.

He will likely be too tired this evening when he returns to play much, but I've got some ideas on how to greet him. And anticipation is making me feel much more awake.

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Onij said...

Wow, 60 plus days and continueing, once again Latex Lady you are truly an inspiration. Where did Sir run off to this time? Does your maid wear as much latex as you? I know she would have to wear a small amount when it comes to cooking, and you mam need to stay away from the kitchen lol. Please keep up the great work, Im working on some new latex sketches once I get my new comp up and running, til then your #1, Onij!

James said...

I've been reading your diary with interest, particularly the segment where you commented that Sir had been giving some consideration to extensively prolonging your catheterization. This project of his intrigues me simply because catheters have been a long time fascination for me. However, I have noted in material published by the diaper lovers groups that prolonged or extensive cathetering can lead to a lazy bladder or total loss of control. I would be interested in learning of Sir's thoughts concerning these possible issues should he wish to share them with the blogspot. Thank you.

Latex Lady said...

I have to report that the diaper enthusiasts are correct. I have been catheterized many times and for some extended periods (days). When I returned to a regular lifestyle, I often found that I had trouble holding my water for a few days. I have read that very long term cathing may make one completely dependent on it to have any bladder control. I must say that is very attractvie to me...surrendering a part of my bodily control permanently to an external power is exciting.

However, the real problem with continued catheterization is infection. No matter what you do, having that tube in there is a path for bacteeria. We practice sterile procedures when I am cath'd, but a lot of people practice antiseptic procedures as best.

Consequently, I do not know if (outside a hospital clean room) a person could be cath'd long enough to cause them to lose control permanently. I suspect that in a home environment a bladder infection would make its way in and the cathing would have to be abandoned.