Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Trip to the Zoo

Still hooded with no sight or voice. wearing the thin hood with no eyes or mouth again today, but with a standard full face hood with eyes and mouth over it. A bit tight with three layers on my face, but it's OK. Makes it a bit tougher to communicate with maid.

We went to the Zoo earlier today. It was a fun time. I was in my white burqa, of course, and maid put my black rubber one on after we arrived. She can't drive in the burqa. I couldn't see, but I could hear the animals and maid led me around like a blind friend.

We apparently caused a bit of a sensation, our rubber burqas billowing in the wind. Maid says some people watched us more than the animals. But everyone was polite and we had a nice hour or so out in the warm sun. It felt great on my burqa and my hood and fresh air was good.

Have not done much else this week, obviously. I have to meet Sir at the airport on Wednesday and I am a bit tense about that. Maid will take me to the meeting area, but I'll have to just stand there until he comes up to guide me to the car. Hope there aren't two burqa'd women waiting on husbands...a true comedy could ensue :)

That's about it for now


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