Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cold Weather, Warm Rubber

Well it has, I notice, been some time since I wrote...where does the time go?

I have been packing those things we are taking back to the States but we will probably not leave Ireland for another Month or so...perhaps around Easter, Sir says.

Lifestyle wise, I have found three layers of latex, at a minimum, keep me pretty warm in this cold and damp. There were some pretty days with freezing temps recently, but the rains seem to have returned now. Even as I write this sleet is pounding on our patio door. but it will be followed, probably, by a period of clear sunshine.

It is Sunday morning and I am wearing a lavender tinted transparent catsuit under a very cute little short latex nightie in transparent pink and a lovely lavender tinted transparent pegnoir. These three layers or those of a catsuit, dress, and burqa keep me fairly warm in this cold climate.

Many people have been asking about my new suit and I thought I would describe it a bit more. Sir has me wear it a few times a week and I have worn it for a long time (over three days).

There is nothing particularly unusual about it...just a white total enclosure suit with feet, gloves, and hood all attached. It zips up the back and down from the crown and the two zip tabs can be locked at the base of the neck. The back zip only comes to my waist which means sliding into the suit is tight and requires sir to help. it wraps my hips and buttocks with an incredible tightness.

The mods are that at the crotch there is a urethral catheter passing through a small whole in the front and a rectal catheter passing through a small hole in the back. The back tube passes through a butt plug so that I have both a plug and a catheter in me during wear. The cath protrudes beyond the end of the plug and is inflated by sir once inside me.

The plug is glued to the suit and to the cath. There is also a vaginal plug glued to the inside of the suit as well. This goes in which presses against my urethra as the cath is passing into me too. the plug has a tube passing through it so I can be douched or a cath with a bulb on it can be inserted, the bulb inflated, and I Sir can move it back and forth pleasing me. Very strange sensation.

Next the hood has a nasal stomach tube glued into the left nostril and a short breathing tube in the right that keeps that nostril open for breathing. It just goes up my nose a bit.

There is also an inflatable gag built in with an inflation tube that ends just at the surface of the hood. Sir can inflate it with a pump and then seal the inflator and the effect is still a smooth hood.

The eyes are pepperpot perforated like my burqas, but Sir can decide when he puts me in it if an internal shield is folded up or down to blind me.

Once inside I can be kept in it for quite some time. i can be given enemas, douches, feeds, and stimulation. I have to completely surrender myself to the rubber sensations and all my bodily functions are out of my control and in the hands of my master.

It is an extreme suit...Sir fully restrains me and likes to stimulate me while I am strapped down, secured in a lounger, or suspended from the ceiling. The suit is hard to get into and not comfortable at first, but after about ten minutes I love it. And the image of me in a mirror is amazing. I become a glistening white form, inhuman and unfeeling, sealed forever and kept alive only by my owner filling and flushing me. I feel like I could be stored in a time capsule for millenia when I am fully installed into this suit.

Sir seems to like it too :-)

I hope that description answers all the questions I've been getting.

Finally, let me suggest to everyone that they go see Watchmen. We braved the rain and cold yesterday to go see this and it is a wonderful movie. Very complex plot, film noir elements, fascinating characters, great costuming and the perfect soundtrack. Silk Spectre's latex costume didn't hurt Sir's or my eyes either :)

Rather nice to spend three hours in the cinema, fully rubbered and burqa'd (and gagged and restrained under the burqa) with Sir in latex slacks and T and blazer sitting next to me, watching a great movie.