Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An evening out (or two)

Not a lot going on these days. Summer has finally passed as I mentioned in my last post. The cooler weather means we have been venturing out more. Always a fun thing.

Recently, Sir took me to a performance at our local symphony house. It was Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Very enjoyable evening. He got us box seats close to the stage so we could look out over the balcony and see the performers. For the evening I wore my blue metallic gown, gloves, hood and burqa. Sir insisted that I wear the 6 inch platform boots under the evening gown. They make walking a challenge, but do give me much desired height and keep my hem from dragging too much.

The hood was a silencing hood so I could not speak or make any noise. I was also bound around my upper arms to the sides of my dress so I could not raise my hands and they barely exited the slits in my blue burqa. This was just for the fun of being bound up in rubber while out and about.

While I enjoy the sensation of restricted arm movement and having my stride limited by the over the top high heeled boots, it is the fact that I am silenced and in public that excites me the most. People nodded at me and Sir sent me over to buy him a coffee during intermission. The fact I could barely grasp it (thank goodness the serving counter was low) and that I could only silently nod at the young lady who served it generated a ridiculous amount of adrenaline, I must say. Walking back with his coffee held in both my tiny, gloved hands, barely able to clear the sides of my waist, was quite a challenge and did generate a few looks. But I made it, sat it down in front of him and then sank into my own chair. What I really wanted to do was collapse into a kneeling position ext to his chair and issue a "whew!" of relief. However, both actions were denied me.

Sir wore all black; blazer, trousers, shirt, and gloves.

I was not the only veiled person at the performance. There were two other women I saw in veils although not burqas like mine. They were with men and wound up seated in boxes across the auditorium from us. It was fun to watch them also lean out to see the performers as I was doing. Their niqabs occasionally fluttered over the rail.

The performance was excellent. Pictures is always a treat, being such a visual and aural piece. I sat through it happily. At intermission Sir struck up a conversation with the couple in the next box. They eyed me most curiously, but the subject of my attire, demeanor, or existence never came up.

We stopped at our favorite steakhouse afterwards and Sir enjoyed a good meal while I sat and watched. Of course, the silencing hood prevented me from joining him, but he had the waiter prepare a nice meal for me in a take home bag and I was allowed to eat later after we arrived at home. Sir had offered to remove my silencing hood under the burqa so I could join him at dinner, but I signaled that I would prefer to remain sealed if he did not mind. Sitting watching him eat while i have nothing to do, nothing to eat or drink, and no movement is such a strong symbolic gesture of submission, particularly in public, that I find I crave it and seek it out when possible.

A few weeks later we were invited to a party and went out this past weekend to attend. It was several hundred miles away and we were guests of our hosts at a sort of sprawling ranch house in central Texas. They are a lovely couple with quite a lot of empty rooms since their kids have mostly moved out and away. Consequently, they invited 3 couples to join them for a weekend party and we all got to have a suite each. A bedroom, private bath, and a separate room for the submissive to be kept in if desired...effectively, each bedroom came with its own little dungeon. Mine had a vacuum bed on a massage table, a spanking bench, and a violet wand in addition to a small collection of whips.

The weekend was spent with everyone in rubber, all 8 of us done up in hoods, catsuits, gloves, and serious bondage gear for the subs. We had a load of fun and our hosts put on a great spread including a big Sunday lunch of barbecue before we left for home.

So it has been an exciting few weeks.