Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An evening out (or two)

Not a lot going on these days. Summer has finally passed as I mentioned in my last post. The cooler weather means we have been venturing out more. Always a fun thing.

Recently, Sir took me to a performance at our local symphony house. It was Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Very enjoyable evening. He got us box seats close to the stage so we could look out over the balcony and see the performers. For the evening I wore my blue metallic gown, gloves, hood and burqa. Sir insisted that I wear the 6 inch platform boots under the evening gown. They make walking a challenge, but do give me much desired height and keep my hem from dragging too much.

The hood was a silencing hood so I could not speak or make any noise. I was also bound around my upper arms to the sides of my dress so I could not raise my hands and they barely exited the slits in my blue burqa. This was just for the fun of being bound up in rubber while out and about.

While I enjoy the sensation of restricted arm movement and having my stride limited by the over the top high heeled boots, it is the fact that I am silenced and in public that excites me the most. People nodded at me and Sir sent me over to buy him a coffee during intermission. The fact I could barely grasp it (thank goodness the serving counter was low) and that I could only silently nod at the young lady who served it generated a ridiculous amount of adrenaline, I must say. Walking back with his coffee held in both my tiny, gloved hands, barely able to clear the sides of my waist, was quite a challenge and did generate a few looks. But I made it, sat it down in front of him and then sank into my own chair. What I really wanted to do was collapse into a kneeling position ext to his chair and issue a "whew!" of relief. However, both actions were denied me.

Sir wore all black; blazer, trousers, shirt, and gloves.

I was not the only veiled person at the performance. There were two other women I saw in veils although not burqas like mine. They were with men and wound up seated in boxes across the auditorium from us. It was fun to watch them also lean out to see the performers as I was doing. Their niqabs occasionally fluttered over the rail.

The performance was excellent. Pictures is always a treat, being such a visual and aural piece. I sat through it happily. At intermission Sir struck up a conversation with the couple in the next box. They eyed me most curiously, but the subject of my attire, demeanor, or existence never came up.

We stopped at our favorite steakhouse afterwards and Sir enjoyed a good meal while I sat and watched. Of course, the silencing hood prevented me from joining him, but he had the waiter prepare a nice meal for me in a take home bag and I was allowed to eat later after we arrived at home. Sir had offered to remove my silencing hood under the burqa so I could join him at dinner, but I signaled that I would prefer to remain sealed if he did not mind. Sitting watching him eat while i have nothing to do, nothing to eat or drink, and no movement is such a strong symbolic gesture of submission, particularly in public, that I find I crave it and seek it out when possible.

A few weeks later we were invited to a party and went out this past weekend to attend. It was several hundred miles away and we were guests of our hosts at a sort of sprawling ranch house in central Texas. They are a lovely couple with quite a lot of empty rooms since their kids have mostly moved out and away. Consequently, they invited 3 couples to join them for a weekend party and we all got to have a suite each. A bedroom, private bath, and a separate room for the submissive to be kept in if desired...effectively, each bedroom came with its own little dungeon. Mine had a vacuum bed on a massage table, a spanking bench, and a violet wand in addition to a small collection of whips.

The weekend was spent with everyone in rubber, all 8 of us done up in hoods, catsuits, gloves, and serious bondage gear for the subs. We had a load of fun and our hosts put on a great spread including a big Sunday lunch of barbecue before we left for home.

So it has been an exciting few weeks.



Anonymous said...

Hello Lady (or should I say Your Ladyship?)
Thank you for this latest update which, as ever, makes a fascinating read.
Could I ask whether, when you were at the barbecue, you were allowed to unmask sufficiently to eat?
Also you mentioned the provision of various implements of corporal punishment - were you lucky enough to receive attention of this sort?

Anonymous said...

The reviews of the Dallas Wind Symphony's performance that night were pretty good. Wonder if any pics of you are up on Face Book....

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again.

best regards

Latex Lady said...

Anonymous: yes, and yes. I was able to join in the barbecue lunch. I remained masked, as did we all, but was not in a silencing or gagging hood and could take a plate of small bites under my burqa for eating. With regard to the implements: Yes, I was able to enjoy some much desired attention from Sir using them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady,

Glad to hear you've been having fun! I always enjoy reading your posts and I wish my life could be even half as interesting as yours.

-- Angus

elliot_r said...

Hello LadyL, I have been following your Blog for several years now. I had always told myself that I really need to go back and read or your year of TE. Well I ended going back to the beginning of your Blog here and up to the time I first started following you.

I must say that you are quited a Lady. But you have been told that many times over the years. My hats off to you LadyL. You are truely an inspiration in many ways. I someday too hope to be the submissive for a Dominant.

In reading this weekend I saw your anology between that of a nun and yourself and your devotion to submission to your Sir. It really struck me as this was the second time that I had heard almost the same anology from another sub. It is an anology that i shall not forget as it seems so simple, yet complex.

As for those that harrass you for not being true. All i can say is pppfffttttt. In my past training in a previous profession you look for inconsistancies in a story to see if that person is true to their word. You LadyL have been nothing but consistant throughout your Blog all these years. In my eyes you are the real deal.

Anyway, thanks for the Blog and for your words that you tell others. Your philosophy and thoughts are an inspiratioin.

I wish you and your Sir all the best on this upcoming holiday season.


PS One of the hardest parts to read in our Blog was when maid persued her own calling in life. How is she doing now?

Take care and be well

Anonymous said...

I only discovered this blog a few weeks ago and found it truly inspirational. My strong physical and emotional reaction to reading about how you had pursued your latex dream made me realise that I could not deny the rubberist side to my character any longer.

Please keep writing!


Veiled Wife said...

I too love it when Master/Husband decides to eat in public. Strictly corsetted, posture collared & gagged under my burqa all I can do is sit there in silence. (Actually I would much rather kneel at his side!) Some people may say it shows how downtrodden & pathetic I am, but I prefer to think it shows what a good & respectful wife I am.

Best wishes to Latex Lady.

Anonymous said...

Any progress on the story appearing on the yahoo 'Confining Clothing' group?

Anonymous said...

Hi,don't know if you're aware but someone on E-Bay is using your photos..


I think they are Chinese merchants.

Kairy Salazar said...

As an adult of course you are free to live as you like, but do you honestly believe exposing children to this kind of lifestyle is healthy? You speak of your wish for grandchildren, but can you not admit that exposure to anything extreme, no matter the content, does not make for well rounded children?

Unknown said...

My wife has been trying to build, and I have been trying to purchase, some hoods as yours but the results are not good. They do not fit perfectly. She cannot manage the pepers pots hole to stay in right position neither the breathing holes. The final appearance is bad because the zip or the lace used to closed them are not well designed. We would be very tankfull if you could post some images of your hoods showing details as the closing device and the holes. We leave in Brazil and here is quite difficult to buy these garments. Thank you very much!

Latex Lady said...

@Kairy ...I disagree that exposing children to an extreme lifestyle is necessarily bad for them. Many children, if nor most, are exposed to certain extreme elements in their family lifestyle. Much of the time this is wrapped up in religious practices which the parents, of course, do not consider extreme, but which outsiders may find so. Growing up I went to Catholic Mass every day and was expected to perform all sorts of rituals such as genuflecting, crossing myself, confessing my sins, attending funerals for strangers, and many other such things. Most of my schoolmates have not ended up distorted in any way. Many do still follow the Catholic religion.

Other religions have similarly slanted practices and rituals which set them apart as a congregation, a religion, a population within the larger demographic and typically their children are raised to believe, to uphold, and to deeply honor these rituals.

'Exposing' children to a family member who chooses to veil, wears unusual clothing or fabrics, or even one wo does not speak does not damage a child. if anything, by making children deeply aware of the fact that there are different cultures, lifestyles, and practices, we help broaden their minds.

Of course there are still very adult things which children should not be exposed to or expected to participate in. But how we dress and act in private or public should not fall into this.

George Washington was corseted from the age of 3. He seems to have turned out alright. HP Lovecraft was dressed by his mother as a girl for much of his formative years. While he turned out a bit odd in his thinking and writing, he seems to have led a functioning adulthood.

I was sent to catholic boarding school where i was educated by very strict nuns. I do not feel that exposure to their discipline was at all detrimental...and my personal kinks were largely established by then.

So, no, I do not think letting my son see me dressed in rubber dresses and the occasional hood was damaging. The burqas, by the way, came later after he was out of college and on his own.

Nor do I think having my grand nieces and nephews (and someday G-children) see me in latex will be damaging. Rather, it will teach them that the world is broader, more complicated, and much more diverse than they might have thought. And that tolerance for peoples' eccentricities in an important part of a free culture.

@Unknown ... you can probably find some of the best hoods at DeMask, Rubbers Finest, Simon O, and HW Design. Mine are made as a part of the Burqas and they are sewn, not glued. This makes them fit nicely, but is harder to do.

In terms of making your own,curved seams in multiple panels are the key to a perfect fit. Peter Leth at peterleth@mail.dk makes mine. Demask is well known for its multi-panel hoods which fit wonderfully.

Pepper pot eyes are also hard to do well and I frankly do not know how they are done. Peter does them well, however.

Good luck

gummitaucher said...

Just wanted to wish you a happy new year !


JustinLatex said...

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Anonymous said...

In a past post, you were pretending to go watch movies with a double layer of peperpot holed latex (hood+burka), and now you pretend to go listen to music with a double layer of latex over your ears?

Just more proofs that this blog is pure science fiction... as anyone who ever wore full body latex (and several layers of it) must know.

Latex Lady said...

With regard to watching movies with a double layer of pepperpot viewing mesh or listening to symphony with multiple hoods: you miss the point.

As a submissive, I am required to do this. Whether I can see the film or hear the concert is not the issue...whether I obey and submit to my Dom husband is.

So, I may miss out on the nuances of a cultural experience because I am restricted, sealed, and otherwise removed from the world. But my submissive acceptance of this is the point of the exercise...not my indulging in the cinematic or symphonic experience.

Sir could require me to sit with a completely obscuring hood with earplugs where I experienced none of a public performance or outing. He can do that if he wishes because he is my Dom.

Generally, however, I am able to capture most of the nuance of a public experience because I have been learning to do so for a long time. And, of course, there are those times I am much more interested in being inside myself rather than focused on the world. Being in multiple layers then is quite a benefit.

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