Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Year ... My Holiday Time

Some of my readers have begun to comment most vociferously on my 3 month hiatus from writing in this blog. My apologies. Three month intervals do seem to have become my norm, although it is without intent. There has just been either so little or so much going on each time that I have procrastinated on the writing. I should be more consistent and frequent; one might even say I should be more regular, but there are such connotations to that term at my time of life.

I shall endeavor, as always, to post ore often. I take it people would rather see short, pithy postings frequently than have to wait until something has occurred which I deem write worthy. I shall attempt to accommodate.

Here we are, at the end of January. Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas and Hannukah have passed, and the New Year is underway. Heavens, yesterday we had an  inauguration! it has been a busy quarter year.

It does seem strange to think of it as a quarter year since I last posted. I definitely shall have to focus more.

Well, my adventures in the intervening quarter:

Thanksgiving was spent with Sir's family, specifically, his sister. We have done this before. Although it was expected to be a small gathering of just 5 or 6, by the time we were seated around the table, there were 13 people enjoying the day and the dinner. Sir and I flew down and rented a car, driving out to the homestead on the day before. I was in white burqa that day with my favorite white latex long skirted dress on underneath. nothing much happened as we made the trip. At the airport i was subjected to the usual private pat down, but it was all very friendly. As usual, i prepared in advance with an open faced hood beneath the burqa so that it would be easy to show my face to the agent and confirm identity.  After clearing screening, I went into a ladies room and slipped a full face, silencing hood in white over that so I was properly covered and unable to speak for the duration of the flight.

One thing I was able to experience was the new scanners, the millimeter wave, not the x-ray-based. These do NOT show an image of a naked body, but rather a stick figure indicating I had nothing scary on under my rubber burqa.

On the plane I sat and read, white gloved hands emerging from white burqa, large print selected on my iPad. Did I mention i have my own iPad now? Sir gave me that a while back. Very helpful for all types of reading and web browsing.

Collecting luggage was fun. I stood as Sir waited for our bags to come up on the carousel. A young boy of about 5 or 6 was goggle eyed looking at me and approached with an intent to touch the burqa. A quick handed mother dragged him back. I feigned ignorance of his approach, but was in fact contemplating the effect a sudden turn and bow might have on him.

We proceeded to our car rental and drove out to his sister's hacienda in the hills. Once there, I was greeted warmly, as usual, by the family. An old friend of his sister's was visiting as well and she was a bit taken aback by my veiled appearance, but had been prepared. I was allowed by Sir to retire to our assigned bedroom and to slip into my blue burqa with matching catsuit and dress on underneath and no silencing hood. This meant I could converse and participate with the rest of the family.

We had a lovely dinner, all white food, seemingly, although I do not think that was the intent. But Turkey, potatoes, marshmallow sauce, cauliflower, and root vegetables seemed to be the orde of the day. No greens or colour. Tasty, however.

I did have an opportunity to chat for a while with Sir's sister's friend who has quite a set of firm opinions about other cultures and people, and things not like her. She is a nice person, but definitely let me know that she considers my lifestyle and Sir's to be weird. She was, nonetheless, accepting;  I suspect his sister got an earful later, however. :)

We went out to the Riverwalk one evening with Sir in his new black rubber burqa/cape/hood combination and I in red. There was a club that was one of the few fetish venues in the area and was having a thanksgiving week party, so we dropped by. They were not doing a fetish night then, but let us in nonetheless...Not much except some fun music and dancing, but definitely made an entrance!

After a few days, we came home. We did do some nice shopping in the San Antonio area, saw a couple of films, including the new one, Rise of the Guardians, which the children all loved. It is a funny take on some old indo-european christmas myths; Jack Frost, Santa, and even the Sandman.

Coming back, I was to wear all white rubber, from a solid catsuit, to a hooded dress, and then a burqa. It was cooler than when we left and this bundling was quite nice. It was, however, a bit more restrictive, particularly when i had to show my face at security. For this, the hood of the dress had not been pulled up and so I had two hoods to juggle with once through security. Took seemingly forever to get everything aligne3d, my mouth properly gagged and smoothed over by the outermost hood of the burqa.

The white burqa is still one of the most dramatic because it is so large and has so much shine to it. I feel like a cloud as I walk down concourses or corridors with meter upon meter of swirling white latex blowing behind me, the pressure all focused on my face, reminding me that I am hooded, gagged, and silenced (there is a difference) as the rubber pulls my posture straight and my head up.

I will end here and post again soon on the actual Christmas holiday which we spent in California. A fun time, but I am slow to write and I know everyone wants to hear more.